Teen Cutie

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Chapter 4
A little snag

Chapter Description: Cutie discovers that one should read all of the contract, especially the fine print!

After arriving at her apartment and chanting “It’s time for a change!” and fully expecting to appear in her newscaster garb to get ready for her work that day. With a small pop, her newscaster garb appeared on her body and she went to adjust herself in the mirror. A twelve-year-old girl wearing a too-large business suit with skirt and panties pooled around her too-large sensible shoes stared back.

“What the F-! It’s time for a change!” Pop! She was Teen Cutie once again, 12 years old and in her old uniform. “It’s time for a change!” Pop! She was Grace Johnson, also 12 years old but this time dressed in a proper form-fitting business suit.

She contacted her producers and was put on hold with elevator music in the background. While she waited, she contacted work and called in a sick day. The elevator music ended and a voice said “We appreciate your interest, call volume is higher than usual, please stand by” and the elevator music resumed.

She conjured her work outfit into a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, sipped a coffee with lots of sugar and milk, and waited for the producers to get on the line.

After 3 hours, the producers answered and she related her information. The producers all chuckled a bit and suggested she use the reset phrase. After looking through the electronic pad, she called out “It’s not time for a change!” Pop! She was Teen Cutie, in uniform, 12 years old. She then called “It’s time for a change!” Pop! She was Grace Johnson, 21 years old, in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. “Thank goodness!” she breathed out with relief.

She thanked the producers and studied the “Effects of personal age change during hero persona on alter ego” chapter on her electronic pad and found that if she aged up, her alter ego would be 12, if she aged down, her alter ego would be 62. “Nice to know!” she thought.

As long as she was home, she decided to have a toddler play set delivered to her apartment. After it arrived and was set up, she changed to teen cutie, regressed to a 3-year-old with diaper and onesie, and marveled at how big everything was. She spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the toddler play set, remembered to return her age to 12, and changed back to her alter ego. Happy memories of being a toddler playing with the playset caused her to change her outfit to an adult diaper and onesie with a pacifier. She made dinner and went to bed afterward fully padded.

That night, she had happy dreams of mommy changing her diapers and putting her in her playpen to play with her toys, after a nap, she was taken outside to the sandbox where she made piles of sand with her plastic pail and shovel.

The producers were ecstatic over her new blockbuster ratings. The other dimension loved the antics, teen sex, and adult baby episodes. They were some of the strongest ratings that any of her shows ever had. As a bonus, the producers gave her the power to change the age of her alter ego to whatever she desired. Grace Johnson was very pleased, shrank herself down to a 1-year-old wearing only a diaper, and crawled around on the floor, happily exploring her apartment for a few hours in celebration.



End Chapter 4

Teen Cutie

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 18, 2021


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