Teen Cutie

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Chapter 5
Teen Cutie and the odd kidnapper

Chapter Description: Cutie celebrates Guy Fawkes day in a series of weird occurrences. Hilarity ensues, all must learn to play the piano!

Teen Cutie was requested to come to the local police department one day. The chief of police welcomed her and introduced her to a small group of people assigned to a task force. Their reason for being was due to recent kidnappings of Brownie Scouts. The perpetrator had no M.O. other than he would take them to a warehouse and pretend to be a scoutmaster. They would have classes that lasted for a day and then be released safe and sound to their respective neighborhoods. The task force wanted to put him away for kidnapping and emotional distress.

The task force had several volunteers that wanted to be Brownie Scout plants that were equipped with wires and GPS gear. Teen Cutie agreed and volunteered herself to join the team as a Brownie herself. After the six were regressed to second and third grade and dressed up in Brownie outfits, they were dispersed to various boroughs in the city complete with cover stories.

Since they were undercover with no contact available to the police station, they were assigned in pairs to a foster family that would care for them while they pretended to be second and third graders who were also Brownies.

Grace and Barbara were assigned to the Johnson household. The Johnson family was childless and very happy to have a couple of little girls to care for. They showed them around their tidy, little three-bedroom house with great pride and made certain that the girls were settled into the room that they would share for the next week comfortably.

Barbara was a pretty little 7-year-old with a chipper attitude and a gap-toothed grin that was very infectious to any grownup within sighting distance while little Gracie, 8, played it cool and reserved. The girls settled in and prepared for Jamboree week, which would start on Saturday and end on Thursday, giving the participants time to go home afterward.

The two girls stayed up late and had pillow talk about what activities they would like to participate in until the conversation went a little south. “I sure could use a smoke right now,” said Barbara as she experienced a wave of desire for nicotine. “Just ride the feeling out like a wave that crashes on the shore,” suggested Grace “once the wave comes in and peaks, it’ll go out and you’ll find your cravings going with it.” Barbara took the technique to heart and practiced it. Later it would help her quit for good when she resumed her adult age.

A little later that night, Barbara woke up and shouted “OH NO!”, it was too late, she had wet the bed. The Ted and Peggy (Johnson) were immediately on the scene, cleaning up Barbara, stripping the sheets, and thanking the foresight to have put the mattresses in rubber covers. It took less than 5 minutes to return the bed to its formerly dry condition.

Barbara was so embarrassed that she started to cry. All the feelings that she had experienced prior as a little girl a few decades ago came to the surface. Grace, Ted, and Peggy hugged her, reassured her that it was all right, it happened, and Pat offered up a pull-up for “night protection” just in case. The saddened little girl accepted it and went to sleep comforted by the warm feeling it gave her.

The next day, the girls got up, did their morning routine, and dressed for the Jamboree. Ms. Johnson made a big breakfast for them and Mr. Johnson drove them to the Jamboree making certain to turn them over to a responsible chaperon. He told the girls he’d be back by 4 o’clock to pick them up and they waved goodbye as he drove off.

Since Barbara was a beginning Brownie, she vowed to get her Artist, Athlete, Citizen, and First Aid badges by Thursday. Grace decided to finish off her Coding and Cybersecurity badges at level 3, the two went their respective ways and met up with the scout leaders in charge of their activities.

Towards the end of the day, Barbara went to the bathroom and never came back. Grace similarly disappeared as well. The girls went into the bathroom and they blacked out. They found themselves in the same room as the other faux Brownies, tied to chairs and facing a chalkboard. A large man wearing a Scoutmaster uniform and a Guy Fawkes mask walked in and announced himself as Scoutmaster Guy. He was here today to root out fake Brownies who should’ve stuck to their own business and left him to his.

He knew of the task force and the six girls with wires and GPS that he’d removed before they left the Jamboree headquarters. He was also very knowledgeable in brainwashing. By the time they left this warehouse, the six girls would believe themselves to be little girls and beg their foster families to adopt them.

Taking out a metal dome that looked like a colander with various wires coming from it, he approached the first girl and put it securely on her head with a leather strap. He hooked the wires up to a small box with multicolored blinking lights on it that all turned red as he set up its initiation sequence. “In just a few short minutes, my dear, the only thing you’ll remember is your new name and how to be a 7-year-old. All your adult experiences will be erased permanently. Enjoy your second childhood!

He pressed the return button on his laptop and the lights all went from red to yellow to green in sequence over the next 15 minutes. The little girl under the metal dome stared ahead blankly as her mind was wiped and reprogrammed. With the sequence complete, the dome was removed and the ropes were untied setting her free from her chair.

“Ann Smith!” asked Guy “How is second grade treating you?”

“Oh, it’s okay I guess. The teacher taught us how to spell ‘rabbit’ the other day. Arr, ay, bee, bee, ie, tee. That spells ‘rabbit’!” replied Ann with a cheesy grin that was missing a front incisor. She didn’t feel very confident talking to a grownup and stopped talking afterward.

“Very good, Ann! You can go play on the playground over there with the swings and slides. Be careful on the monkey bars though!” said Guy. Ann happily skipped over to the indoor playground and started swinging on one of the swings.

As Guy approached the next girl and started to strap the metal dome on her head, she asked “Why are you doing this?”

Guy said “Because I don’t like police sticking their noses where they don’t belong! Hold still or I’ll over tighten it.”

He repeated the same sequence as before, after 15 minutes, a giggly little girl emerged from under the metal dome. “Hee hee, You’re wearing a funny-looking mask, mister poopy-head!”

“Jane Smith! Do you want a time-out? There’s a corner that I can put you in with your nose up to it if you like or you can join Ann on the swings and monkey bars?” Jane shut up and ran over to join Ann.

Barbara got Grace’s attention, “Why haven’t you zapped that guy to unbirth? He’s brainwashing everyone!”

Grace replied “I can’t do it in a crowd. If I regress him, then everyone else gets regressed!” she hissed back.

“Grace and Barbara, keep your mouths shut and face the front,” said Guy. The two fell silent.

Grace then realized that her invulnerability should allow her to break her bonds. She never relied much on it and kicked herself for not thinking of it sooner. She broke her bonds, grabbed Guy, and moved him away from the group. She then regressed him to a 10-year-old.

“Aw, Lemme go! I din’t do nothing wrong!” said a now scrawny Guy. “Why did you do it, Guy? Last chance before I unbirth you from existence. Come clean and you’ll be in diapers, but at least you’ll be alive!” threatened Teen Cutie.

“All I did was to plant suggestions in their mind to all meet at a certain time and a certain place and do a group masturbation exercise. Can I help it if I don’t like the British Parliament?” asked Guy before he was reduced to a mewling infant wearing a diaper and swaddled snugly with a linen towel. Cutie picked him up and held him while looking over the controls for the brainwashing device.

“Hmm, there’s a store function, I wonder if he made backups? Yep, the process is automatic! Hey, Ann! Would you come over here please?”

After getting the fidgety child to sit still for more than a minute, Cutie was able to successfully reload her mind with her adult memories. She then called over Jane and after much cajoling and a threat to regress her back to diapers, Jane sat down and allowed herself to be reprogrammed.

With all the girls back to normal and the case solved, Cutie aged them back to their normal ages. Barbara immediately went looking for a smoke. Maybe Guy was a Tareyton man? That’d be Kool and just the Lucky-Strike that she needed!



End Chapter 5

Teen Cutie

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 18, 2021


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