Teen Cutie

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Chapter 2
Teen Cutie finds her groove

Chapter Description: After a period of time as a superhero, Teen Cutie learns how humor is a powerful tool.

Teen Cutie flew through the sky to intercept a failing airliner. The aircraft had lost two out of its four engines and the remaining ones were failing as well. She was able to get on board by using the wheel-wells and an access hatch. Wrenching open the front entrance door to the aircraft, she motioned the passengers to come towards her. She changed their clothing into parachutes and pushed them out into the open sky.

As she got to the last passenger, a middle-aged businessman, he refused to jump. She didn’t argue and changed him into a three-year-old wearing a diaper and a parachute and jumped out the open door with him. The flight crew was able to land the aircraft at a local runway with only minor injuries after jettisoning the aircraft’s fuel.

On the scene, a smoldering aircraft sat on an emergency runway and several reporters stood in front of it, speaking various languages, Grace Johnson, (she had changed her name from Frump), was speaking for the English-speaking Networks.

“And so, a tragedy was averted as Teen Cutie evacuated the aircraft and lessened its payload allowing the pilots to land her on this emergency runway with impaired landing gear and two failing engines. This is Grace Johnson, reporting. Back to you in the studio, Ted.” She purred professionally.

“Okay, Andy. Let’s wrap it up and go back to the studio” she said to her cameraman. Andy grunted and lugged his camera and its large battery back to the van while she got in the passenger seat. The life of a news reporter wasn’t as semi-glamorous as she thought it’d be, but she had hopes that her alternate universe producers would rectify that. 

Once, at a pool. The tween changed a bratty girl’s bikini bottom to a swim diaper and watched the other kids poke fun at her for a few hours. When she changed it back, she discovered that the bratty girl had used it which raised her ratings even higher due to the accidental mischief it had caused. There was just no accounting for taste in any dimension it seemed.

"It's time for a change!" she chanted as she changed into her regular uniform.  With a glance at a mirror, to make any last-minute adjustments, Teen Cutie took to the sky to get back to her apartment. On the way, while flying over a local park, she was spotted by an elderly lady.

“Teen Cutie! Teen Cutie! I’m being bad, regress me!” cried the grey-haired old lady as she kicked over a heavy litter basket with great effort and kicked its contents around to spread them on the ground.

Teen Cutie landed and pretended to admonish the old woman while regressing her to a dimple-cheeked little girl with a matching cute Shirley Temple dress and curls.

“Oh, you bad old hero!” exclaimed the pouting little girl “You didn’t have to make me this young! And why am I wearing training pants? I’m a big girl!”

“You didn’t say how young you wanted to be,” said Teen Cutie “so I figured a little time-out would be in order. Pick up the litter and I’ll turn you back to a more proper age.”

The little girl did her best to pick up all the litter, her Shirley Temple dress affording several wholesome peeks at her cute cotton panties and butt while she toiled. Afterward, she felt a strange compunction to dance a tap number on the sidewalk and sing "The good ship lollypop". A small crowd gathered and enjoyed the performance then dispersed after she had finished with a series of thrown kisses, a charming dimpled little girl smile, and a polite dip or two to the audience while holding the sides of her short skirt.

After enjoying the show, Teen Cutie rewarded her with an age that left her in her mid-twenties wearing a tight tie-dyed cotton top, flared jeans with a pair of sneakers while a red bandanna and small star-shaped sunglasses adorned her head.

“Far out, man! Thanks for the groovy outfit!” said the hippy and happily ran off to become a beach rat.



End Chapter 2

Teen Cutie

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 18, 2021


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