Teen Cutie

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Chapter 3
Cutie finds romance (sort of)

Chapter Description: Cutie is working on her falling ratings. Altruism rears its ugly head! WARNING: Explicit Sex Scenes Ahead! Shield your eyes!

Teen Cutie was in a bind. Her popularity ratings in the other dimension were tanking and the producers were working on getting her a jump start in the ratings. They said they’d get back to her when they had something.

She was in costume, idly feeding bread crumbs to the pigeons in the park, regressing them, growing them up when she had a stray thought go through the back of her mind.

“I never tried my powers on myself,” she thought “maybe I can age up a few years and give a little fan service to get my popularity back on track.”

She concentrated on herself and aged up to fifteen. At fifteen, she had the start of some curves, and her current breast size compared to her twelve-year-old self had a much better definition. Admiring herself in a chromed surface, she fondled her perky size 34 breasts. “Hmm. Not bad! Now for a slightly more revealing outfit…”

She replaced her shirt with a cropped halter top that emphasized her assets more cleanly and put her crest on the left breast in a logo style. Ditching the yellow skirt, she shortened her spandex pants to a set of hip-hugging shorts and left the top button unbuttoned revealing a white laced set of panties underneath.

Putting a set of stiletto heels on her boots and changing the design to a calf-hugging set emphasized her lithe figure. “Great! Now for just one more thing…” she thought as she materialized a lollipop and licked it in a sultry manner. “Operation Jail bait is a go!” she said aloud and struck up a pose with an innocent smile on the chromed surface then began to strut her stuff around the lightly populated park.

Stopping off at a vendor’s stand, she ordered a hot dog and slowly ate it while catching the eyes of the passer-byes. Several couples experienced no small measure of strife that day as their male compliment got caught up in ogling the innocent but sultry figure enjoying her hot dog. She even turned up the heat a little bit with a bit of eye contact and a happy smile to a lucky few.

One lone male took the tease she gave as a go signal and introduced himself. Cocky and full of self arrogance, Buford believed himself to be a gift to the world of women. He swaggered up to the sexy teenager and asked if she would be interested in a cup of coffee at a local shop. She felt it was time to move on from the hot dog stand anyway and accompanied him.

Buford was all gentlemanly, polite but not subservient with just the right touch of respect. This gave him several points on Cutie’s scorecard. The pair sat down and engaged in polite conversation talking about such things as weather, surroundings, their interests, and whatnot.

After a while, a few coffees with a few pastries thrown in, the two finished their conversation and he noted that it was happy hour. She decided to see how far he would go and lied about her age stating that she was eighteen and too young to drink. He said no problem and whisked her into a local haunt that he knew and a bartender that with the right amount of tips could slip something into her cola drink stronger than cherry juice.

The pair enjoyed their drinks, more light conversation and Cutie became just tipsy enough to be buzzed but not have slurred speech. Buford offered her a nightcap at his high-rise apartment, and she felt emboldened enough to accept his offer. She walked with him, hugging his arm for support as they entered the building and caught the elevator to his apartment.

Once inside, Buford made stronger drinks and started moving a tad more aggressively towards what he had chatted her up for in the first place. Cutie played along with the game and enjoyed the attention while thinking about what reward she would bestow upon the charming Buford, ladies man extraordinaire.

Buford made a classy move and kissed Cutie lightly, cautiously, asking her with his soft lips if she wanted to go further. She responded with her tongue by probing his teeth and receiving a hello from his own. The pair began to move on to heavy petting and ground their bodies together, kissing more passionately now.

Cutie was long-starved for real love or lust, she couldn’t tell the difference at this point, felt herself melt in Buford’s loving embrace. Buford started to unclothe her with perfectionist grace and she concentrated on shrinking his penis and testicles back to five years old. The effect was immediate as Buford lost his mojo entirely and disengaged from their lovemaking cold turkey.

“What’s the matter?” she asked “Why did you stop?”

“I don’t know!” squeaked Buford as his voice gained a higher pitch. “I just lost all my will to make love with you, all of a sudden and now my voice sounds wrong as well!” He anxiously got up and looked in the mirror at himself. He was still the same old Buford, but he felt that there was something wrong with underwear. Mr. Stiffy was diminished somehow!

Ignoring the fact that there was a lady present, he jammed his hand into his pants and felt the smoothness of a pubeless crotch and a tiny little penis and ball sack. Horrified, he squeaked “Something has happened to my penis! It’s not all there anymore!”

Cutie just laughed and fully introduced herself: “I’m Teen Cutie, rating buster and sometimes friend to humanity! Nice to meet you.”

“Umm, likewise?” said a confused Buford.

“Here, let me just shrink you out of that outfit,” said Teen Cutie as the rest of Buford’s body caught up to his privates and he ended up as five-year-old swimming in his now way too large business suit. “There, I’ll bet that feels more appropriate.”

Buford began to pout and then to cry. Large tears appeared from his eyes and rolled down his chubby cheeks. Cutie came over to him and hugged him, making shushing sounds. “There, there, now. Why the tears, Buford?”

Buford calmed down a bit and the flow of tears slowed to a trickle as Cutie comforted him. He whined his response with a slight hiccup to his voice: “Why did you, hic, d-do that? I don’t want to be a child, I’m s’posed to be a grownup!”

“Aw, sweetie!” soothed Cutie “You were taking advantage of an underage teenager and I want to show you what it’s like to be on the receiving end. Don’t worry, I’ll make it all better soon, I promise!”

She then turned his clothing into a play shirt with a bulky diaper with Sesame Street characters on it. Buford felt the bulky thickness which spread his legs out and reacted. “Hey, I’m a big boy! I don’t need diapers!”

“It’s okay, Buford. Just bear with me here,” said Cutie as she pulled off her top and presented her breasts. “See anything you like, little boy?”

Buford looked at her breasts longingly and started to suck his thumb. Buford saw something he liked all right! “Uh-huh.” He grunted out over his thumb.

“Think you’re man enough to satisfy me, Buford?” she teased. “Nun-unh!” said Buford.

“Oh, you are so cute!” gushed Cutie “I’ll bet you’ll be a real lady-killer when you grow up! Hmm?”

Buford pulled out his thumb and giggled a little boy giggle. “Yup!” he said enthusiastically with a quick nod of his head and a smile that showed off his baby teeth.

“Oh, you!” she tickled Buford and gave him a raspberry on his stomach eliciting lots of little boy laughter and a guffaw. “I could just eat you all up!” she teased some more.

Cutie Teen concentrated on both the boy and the outfit. Buford was now a 14-year-old wearing a t-shirt that said: “Teen Baby” and a youth diaper. Inside the diaper, a teen’s penis raged and pushed up against its fabric. Buford resisted the urge to masturbate despite his engorged raging penis’ making him feel that he should.

Cutie leaned into Buford, brushing her breast up against the thin fabric of his t-shirt, she cupped her hand on his diaper-covered crotch and massaged it. “So Buford, what would you like to do now?” she breathed into his ear. Buford couldn’t help it, he came right then and there and filled up the front of his diaper with white stickiness.

“Aw, too bad for Buford! That’s called premature ejaculation.” snickered Cutie. “Unless you can get it up again, it’s game over!” She pushed him onto the couch and undid the plastic tabs on his diaper. A moist towelette appeared in her hand and she wiped the sweaty, excited teen’s privates down. Buford pulled the diaper off and looked longingly at her naked breasts. His teenage manhood began to stand tall and proud again.

“Looks like you’re ready for round two, Buford! But…” she flicked the head of his penis hard with her forefinger and it deflated rapidly “It looks like you’re down for the count again!”

“Hey, that’s not fair! I was ready and everything!” wailed Buford. Try as he might, his manhood was knocked out for the moment and wouldn’t respond.

“That’s quite all right, Buford. You know there are other things you can do to satisfy a lady, right?” She hinted and pointed down to her crotch area.

“OH, RIGHT!” chirped Buford he clumsily pulled off her shorts and panties lacking the charm he displayed as an adult, he went straight for Cutie’s clitoris with his tongue. After several awkward licks, he looked up at Cutie’s face and asked “Are you ready?”

“You need to stimulate me, Buford, not rush in like a bull in a china shop! Try teasing it with your fingers slowly and then spelling out the alphabet with your tongue afterward.” admonished Cutie.

Buford did as instructed and soon, Cutie’s juices were starting to flow. Getting her excited was also starting to affect his limp member and it wanted to join in on the fun as well. Buford repositioned himself and started to move his member towards Cutie’s pussy.

“Stop!” Yelled Cutie “Yeah, my lady part is ready, but you can’t come in all uninvited. Be creative and give a little kiss on my lips or breasts or other parts of my body! You’re acting like it’s your first time!" then she realized something, "Is it your first time? My bad.”

She pulled him into her, gave him a loving kiss, and guided his member into her juicy cave. There was plenty of lubrication to go around and it just slipped in without the least bit of friction.

Buford did a few quick thrusts like a mosquito and came instantly. “That wasn’t the least bit satisfying, dear Buford. You need to pace yourself and try to come when I come. Let’s do it again with that in mind!”

Buford turned out to be quite the stallion and got in lots of practice. By the end of the evening, Cutie was very satisfied and Buford was resting comfortably with his head on her shoulder and his arms wrapped around her in a loving embrace. “I love you,” He said. It came as easily as breathing.

“Quite the charmer even at an early age,” Thought Cutie.

Her producers contacted her instantly and congratulated her on the new boffo heights that her ratings had climbed to. There was no accounting for taste in any dimension.

Buford had fallen into a deep sleep on the couch, so Cutie aged him back to his normal age and took a shower. She conjured up her new uniform and donned it, then flew back to her apartment on the other side of the park.



End Chapter 3

Teen Cutie

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 18, 2021


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