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Chapter 28
Part Twenty-Eight

Chapter Description: A bumper update! Anna is chilling at home when there are some unexpected visitors. Paul and Jane are coming for dinner and Anna doesn't feel prepared at all. When the dinner guests arrive Anna is left speechless, she only becomes more concerned as she gets to speak to Jane. With Anna's emotions stretched to breaking point there is a spark that starts a wildfire.

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Anna was sat on the couch with her legs up and her laptop resting on top of her. She wasn’t doing anything particularly “subversive” and that almost felt like a waste of her time online. Instead she was simply looking up some recipes. She and Ryan had made a trip together to the store earlier that day. It wasn’t that unusual for them, women were always supposed to be accompanied when out of the house unless they had permission. It had meant another trip wearing the harness and pacifier as she was led around the store but at least it didn’t take long.

Things with Ryan were going well. Anna didn’t feel comfortable going particularly far with her husband but he seemed perfectly content just to spend time with her. They pretty much cuddled together every evening now. It wasn’t something she ever felt she would enjoy when she had first seen Ryan.

Anna was just watching a video on a new way to prepare steak when she heard a key scratching at the front door. There was something about the urgency she heard that chilled her blood. She quickly stood up and placed the laptop on the table. She stood up and started trying to pretend she was cleaning in case it wasn’t Paul.

The door opened and Ryan came in looking very flustered. He closed the door right behind him and breathed heavily. Anna knew something was going on and it made her nervous.

“What’s wrong?” Anna asked. She made a couple of nervous steps forwards towards Ryan.

“Paul and Jane.” Ryan said breathlessly, “They’re coming to visit.”

“OK?” Anna wasn’t sure what was wrong with that. They visited fairly often. It wasn’t fun to have Paul around but she enjoyed catching up with Jane.

“In thirty minutes.” Ryan continued, “They’re coming for dinner!”

“What!?” Anna exclaimed, “You invited them here tonight?”

“I didn’t invite them at all.” Ryan shook his head, “Paul invited himself.”

Anna let out a groan of frustration as she looked up at the ceiling. Visitors meant their schedule was disrupted, it meant she had to play the role of the good wife again. It meant she had to go and get “properly dressed.” She clenched her fists and tried not to let it get to her, she tried not to let the negative feelings overwhelm her and make her lash out. Her temper was something Ryan had repeatedly told her she needed to get in check. The night at the restaurant could’ve been a lot less stressful had she not lashed out.

“I’m sorry.” Ryan said as Anna took a deep breath to calm down.

“It’s alright.” Anna replied, “We’ll get through it. We always do.”

Anna made her way to the bedroom. She had work to do. Her current outfit of a pair of Ryan’s sweatpants and her pajama top would not be good enough. They were hosting, she would be expected to be little more than a maid. She stripped down including her pull-up until she was completely naked. She reached under the bed and pulled out one of the thick diapers that she absolutely loathed.

Not wanting to waste any time Anna unfolded the disposable and laid it out on the mattress. She sat on it and laid back. It took a few moments to get the diaper lined up properly before she lifted the front and brought up and over her crotch. She was impressed with her tape job, it looked very symmetrical.

Anna would have to be the perfect hostess. The model Sallasian wife. She looked through her closet, pushing aside the more grown-up clothes she looked for something appropriate or in other words something that would be utterly demeaning.

The maid outfit. It was something Anna had been given by her father years ago. She felt a shiver as she remembered him giving it to her and saying this would help put her in place. It was after that gift that Anna had been given more intensive training by her mother in how to look after a house. She quickly came to regard her future with horror after that.

Now Anna was reaching into the closet and pulling out the maid outfit. It was still sufficiently infantile, of course. The black and white dress was obscenely frilly and the ruffled bottom left her diaper on display any time she wasn’t stood still. The white apron had “Spank the Maid” stitched on to it, an invitation she hoped no one took up.

Anna pulled on some long knee-length socks and finished the outfit with a large black bow in her hair. When she looked in the mirror she felt revulsion at the version of her that looked back which probably meant she’d succeeded in her task.

When Anna walked back out to the living room she saw Ryan turn to look at her. His face fell and his shoulders slumped. She understood what he was feeling, he was desperate to make Anna feel equal and seeing her dressed like that just made him feel like he was failing.

“It’s alright.” Anna said. Her cheeks were a rosy red with embarrassment as she went over to Ryan and hugged him. Her poofy dress made it harder than it should’ve been.

“I know we’ll be fine.” Ryan whispered to his wife, “I just wished we didn’t have to do all this. One day we-…”

Ryan was interrupted by the doorbell. He didn’t immediately move and Anna was wondering if after everything he would pretend not to be in. After a couple of seconds he released Anna and started walking towards the front door.

Anna took a deep breath and got into character. She remained in the kitchen and started preparing food, the thing any good housewife would be expected to do. Behind her, at the apartment’s entrance she heard Ryan open the door and loudly welcome their guests. Paul’s voice nearly made Anna drop the plates she was carrying.

“I was starting to think you weren’t in.” Paul laughed as he walked into the house.

“Yeah, sorry, I was just getting ready.” Ryan replied, “I see you’ve… brought Jane.”

Anna couldn’t hold back her curiosity. She turned around and felt her heart drop. Jane was indeed there, she was sitting in a large stroller and tied in so tight she could hardly move. A pacifier was strapped tightly to her mouth and various belts held each of her limbs and her body exactly in place. The only thing Jane could move was her eyes and she looked at Anna with sorrow. Suddenly having to wear a maid dress was put into perspective.

“That’s quite a piece of kit you’ve got there.” Ryan said as he nodded towards the stroller.

“You like it?” Paul laughed. Anna winced as he unceremoniously hit the side of the frame, “It’s brand new. Complete immobilization tech. You put a bitch in one of these and she isn’t going anywhere.”

“Yeah, it looks great.” Ryan replied, “How long as she been in there?”

“What time is it now?” Paul laughed as he looked at a very expensive watch, “Oh, I’d say it’s been about five hours.”

Anna felt horror creeping over her. To be strapped down in one position for such a length of time sounded tortuous. She felt her hands shaking. There had to be a way to get her out of this.

“Ryan…” Anna practically whispered, “I… I could use some help in here.”

“Nobody asked.” Paul replied immediately. He looked at Ryan as if questioning whether he was going to let Anna talk to him like that. As if just by opening her mouth Anna was breaking some law.

“Hold on, she might have a point.” Ryan said. He was clearly picking up on what Anna was thinking, “She’s running behind. Maybe we let Jane help, it gets her out of our hands and we can relax.”

“I was hoping to keep her in the stroller for a full day.” Paul shrugged, “She’s been getting so uppity lately. Did you know yesterday she actually said no to me?”

“Wow, that’s crazy.” Ryan replied as convincingly as he could manage, “But still… Wouldn’t it be better to have her helping Anna? We wouldn’t have to keep an eye on her then.”

“Alright.” Paul said, “But she’s going right back in the stroller later. I paid for it and I want my money’s worth.”

“Sure.” Ryan replied.

Anna watched Paul start undoing the straps and felt relief that Jane was going to get at least some temporary respite. It took several minutes to get Jane out of the stroller because she was so tightly restrained in so many places. When she stood up she looked incredibly stiff, just walking seemed to be painful for her. Anna hurried over and put Jane’s arm around her to help her to the kitchen.

“Hey, Paul, while we wait for them to cook why don’t we watch the game?” Ryan suggested as he walked over to the couch. He pointed at the television that was in the opposite direction to the kitchen.

“Sure.” Paul replied slowly. He was watching the two women, when Anna glanced over her shoulder she wondered if the look was lustful or suspicious. She wasn’t sure which would be worse.

Anna managed to get Jane to the kitchen and when she rested her hands on the counter Anna was finally able to let her take her own weight. She still looked very fragile and stiff but Anna was confident enough to go start dinner. Jane was a scary sight, she already looked so different to how Anna remembered. She seemed thinner and haggard, she had bags under her eyes and she generally looked unwell. Anna hated seeing her friend in such a poor state.

“Thank you…” Jane whispered when Anna came back over a minute later.

“Are you alright?” Anna asked, “That looked awful.”

Jane nodded her head but even as she did so her stoicism was falling apart. Her bottom lip trembled and her eyes shimmered with tears. The nod quickly became a shake of the head. Anna ignored the risks as she wrapped her arms around her friend and hugged her. She looked over to see Ryan watching them but thankfully Paul was focused on the television.

Jane’s mental health seemed almost as bad as her physical state. Anna remembered Jane being a lot tougher. Sure she would get scared and anxious but she didn’t collapse like this. Anna wondered just how awful things were across the hall.

“I’m going to take them a couple of beers.” Anna said quietly.

Anna reluctantly pulled away from Jane and went over to the fridge. She took a couple of beers and walked over to the two men, she left the drinks on the table and thought she had got away without any harassment. That was until she felt a hand roughly slap her padded ass. Paul barked a laugh but when Anna turned around he simply waved her away.

Returning to the kitchen Anna was nearly immediately grabbed by Jane. She had more movement but at the same time what remained of her composure was cracking and crumbling away. Anna looked around, she opened the fridge door and pulled Jane behind it, the door meant that the two women were out of sight.

“I can’t take this anymore.” Jane sobbed quietly, “This is hell!”

“I know, I know…” Anna said softly. She didn’t know what she could say or do. As far as Jane was aware Anna’s life was similar to hers. In truth Anna couldn’t imagine what Jane went through behind closed doors.

“You don’t know!” Jane cried out.

“Shush!” Anna quickly said. She popped her head around the fridge door but thankfully the men were still distracted.

“Every day is worse than the last.” Jane whispered, “I knew men could be strict but Paul is the worst of the worst. It’s not like you and Ryan…”

“W-What do you mean?” Anna asked. A jolt of anxiety went through her nervous system.

“Come on…” Jane said as she took some kitchen paper and wiped her eyes, “It’s obvious.”

The anxiety that had been flowing through Anna’s body seemed to suddenly form into a heavy ball and dropped into her stomach. Anna looked around the fridge again to make sure no one was listening.

“Ryan is the dream.” Jane said with a sigh, “It’s clear he isn’t as harsh as most of the men round here. I’ve even heard Paul talking about it.”

Anna was filled with sudden relief. Jane didn’t know she was treated as an equal, she just though Ryan was soft on her. However there was another worrying statement for Anna to agonize over. People knew Ryan wasn’t being harsh and Paul was even talking about it. That could be very bad news for both of them.

“Are you alright?” Jane asked with a sudden look of concern, “You’ve gone pale. Do you need a diaper change?”

“No… no, I’m quite alright, thanks.” Anna said as she tried to pull herself together, “Come on, we had better get this dinner going before the boys get upset.”

Jane smiled and the pair of them got to work. To Anna’s embarrassment it quickly became clear that Jane was much better in the kitchen than she was. Jane was nice about it but it quickly transitioned from Anna asking Jane to help her with things to the other way round. Fortunately the men weren’t paying any attention to what was going on in the kitchen.

Anna couldn’t help being paranoid though. A life spent under the ownership of men, primarily her adoptive father, had taught her to always look over her shoulder and prepare for the worst. She tried to at least look busy in case Paul came over. She also couldn’t help but worry about Jane’s opinion of her. She was apparently already suspicious that Ryan didn’t treat Anna harshly enough after all.

“So how have you been?” Anna asked when they had some downtime. Jane was still trying to stretch her limbs.

“Not too bad.” Jane replied. Anna wasn’t fooled. She could see that Jane was on edge, her earlier outburst was enough to show that. Even as she watched she saw Jane threatening to break down again, she twitched slightly. It was eerie to see a smile on her face even as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Anna wasn’t a therapist but she felt like she had to do something to help the poor girl in front of her. She pointed down and crouched to use the counter to hide herself from the husbands. Following her lead Jane also lowered herself. She covered her face with her hands.

“Come here…” Anna said softly. She did the only thing she could do, she wrapped her friend in a hug.

As Jane started crying Anna could only do her best to offer small words of comfort and keep Jane’s crying quiet enough to not attract attention. Anna felt so guilty. More than anything she wished she could get Jane away from Paul.

“I swear I’m going to snap.” Jane said. She didn’t even sound too angry or upset when she said it. It was resignation, it was like she knew it would happen and had accepted it.

“You can’t talk like that.” Anna said, “You know wha-”

“Girls!” Paul’s voice made Anna jump.

Anna stood up quickly and looked over the counter to the living room. Paul had his feet up on the table, the table Anna had cleaned the previous day. When she looked into Paul’s face she only saw the man who was tormenting Jane. She briefly had wild thoughts like wondering if she could somehow poison the man.

“How long until the damn food is ready?” Paul demanded.

“Just a few minutes.” Anna replied as cheerfully as she could.

“Hurry it up.” Paul shouted. He turned away from her but added, “Bring me another beer.”

Out of the corner of her eye Anna saw Jane had frozen up so completely she could’ve been mistaken for a statue. Anna quickly reached into the fridge and got another couple of beers.

“He’s been drinking all day.” Jane muttered, “He’s always demanding more and I try but he’s never happy. I can’t keep up with everything he wants. It’s never good enough, I cook and clean and… my other duties, it’s never good enough.”

“Jane…” Anna knelt down. She was very scared for her friend who seemed on the verge of breaking. She wanted to cry but she had to remain strong.

“You better take him his beer.” Jane’s response was robotic and emotionless, “He doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

“Everything will be fine.” Anna said. She had no way of making that happen though.

Anna stood up with the beers. She felt shaky as she went around the edge of the kitchen counters and into the living room. She felt like a little doll dressed up as she was. She placed the two beers on the table but as she bent over she felt Paul’s hand on her diapered ass. She immediately had flashbacks to Ryan’s father at Thanksgiving.

“She’s a good one.” Paul said as she tapped Anna’s ass a couple of times, “Not like Jane. You know what I mean?”

Anna stood up and walked behind Paul’s chair. She was looking across at Ryan and when he looked at her she jerked her head in a way to suggest she wanted a quiet word. Fortunately it seemed like Ryan picked up on the cue right away.

“Uh, Anna… Come with me.” Ryan said. He had to make it seem like it was his idea. No woman could ever demand to talk to their man after all.

Ryan took Anna rather roughly by the wrist and pulled her towards the hallway that led to the bedroom. From over her shoulder Anna heard Paul give a harsh laugh that made her shudder. Ryan took Anna straight into the bedroom and closed the door, Anna immediately put her hands on the back of her head.

“I know, I know…” Ryan looked defeated, “We just have to get through this.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about.” Anna replied quietly, “Well, it is, but also Jane…”

“What’s going on?” Ryan asked.

“What’s going on?” Anna repeated snappily, “You mean aside from Jane getting rolled in here like a statue being put on display!?”

“That was pretty bad.” Ryan sighed, “Paul treats Jane like crap but there is nothing we can do.”

“She’s going to snap.” Anna shook her head and leaned forwards so her head rested on Ryan’s chest, “She was on the edge and I think that damn stroller pushed her over. She’s acting like a crazy person.”

Anna heard Ryan sigh and he wrapped his arms around her. She understood, he didn’t need to say anything. Whether Jane was going insane or not there was nothing that either of them could do. The pain Jane must’ve experienced with that asshole as a husband made Anna want to weep.

They must’ve stood like that for a couple of minutes. Anna was trying to get her emotions under control because she knew if she went back out there like this she was liable to say or do something she would regret. As she took some deep breaths she let her bladder go. It had been some time since she had wet herself like this, her potty training was a source of pride but she was never going to be able to get through the whole evening without using her diaper. The spreading warmth was familiar, it might even have been considered a little comforting in some strange ways.

“We should head back out there.” Ryan eventually said, “Come on, we can keep things together.”

Anna nodded and took a step back. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and watched as Ryan left the bedroom, she wanted to wait a few seconds before coming out herself. As she waited she rested her hand on the front of her dress where her diaper was warmest. When Anna finally left the room it was to find Jane in the kitchen finishing up the cooking.

“Jane…” Anna started as she placed a hand on the other woman’s shoulder.

“I’m fine.” Jane replied, “Where ware your plates?”

Anna didn’t believe that Jane was alright at all but she went to the cupboard to get the plates anyway. As soon as she had put the plates down on the counter Jane started serving the food. She remained silent but Anna could see one of her hands trembling.

“You should take a couple of drinks over.” Jane said as she picked up the plates.

Anna nodded her head and retrieved a couple more beers. She followed Jane out towards the dining room table feeling very uneasy. Jane put the plates down and Anna placed the drinks next to them. Unlike the men Anna and Jane had glasses of water and noticeably smaller portions.

“Dinner’s ready.” Anna called out to the men.

Anna sat down opposite Jane and tried to keep her nerves under control. When Ryan sat down next to Anna he discreetly reached under the table and gave Anna’s knee a quick squeeze of support. Anna could see Jane was not getting the same support from Paul who clearly seemed worse for wear.

“Well, you can tell Anna must’ve helped with this.” Paul said. He was slurring his words slightly.

“Why is that?” Ryan asked.

“It isn’t burnt to shit!” Paul barked his loud and obnoxious laugh.

Anna watched Jane but she remained almost completely unmoving. As soon as Ryan started eating she felt it was safe to start herself. Jane was the last to pick up her fork. As expected the men dominated the conversation which Anna was more than fine with, she had no interest in talking to Paul. The one constant during dinner was Paul’s snipes at his wife.

“She’s lazy. I ask her to clean the apartment whilst I’m in class and usually she hasn’t finished when I get back.”

“I would potty train her if I thought she was smart enough to do it. I’d just be wasting my time!”

“I have to punish the stupid bitch almost every day.”

Anna watched Jane feeling helpless to do anything. The other women seemed outwardly unmoved by everything that was said. This was an agonizing position to be in and Jane was aching for a way to help her friend. Her legs were shaking, she didn’t think she’d be able to keep a lid on her emotions for long.

“Hey, Ryan, why don’t you send her to get us another couple of drinks?” Paul said as he tapped his empty beer bottle and nodded at Anna.

The meal was nearly over and it was obvious, to Anna at least, that Ryan was keen to get the other couple out of his apartment as soon as possible. Ryan looked at Anna for a second.

“Actually, I think I’ve had enough.” Ryan said. It was the politest way he could’ve told the guests to leave.

“Fine, just one for me then.” Paul replied. He leaned back in his chair as if to make a show that he wasn’t going anywhere.

Anna looked at Ryan. After a second of hesitation he gave her a little nod and she stood up again. The maid uniform she had been wearing was no longer comfortable at all. Her legs were cold and it was just a little too tight around her waist. The material wasn’t as soft as it may have looked. She made her way around the table and back into the kitchen.

“I wish I could take her back to be honest.” Paul laughed loudly again as he nudged Jane, “Return her as damaged goods.”

Anna bit her bottom lip so hard she thought she was about to draw blood. She didn’t know how Jane could have the patience to sit there and take the abuse she was getting, she hated to think what might happen in private. It was a horrible reality of Sallas and she was aware she was extremely lucky to avoid it. For all the awful things she saw in public whatever happened in the privacy of people’s homes must be worse.

“B-Broken?” Ryan asked, “She seems OK to me.”

“You’d think she’s alright from looking at her but there must be something wrong under the hood…” Paul said. Anna was standing with the beer, she was popping the top off beer and looking to the dining table.

As Anna watched Paul poke and prod at Jane like a schoolyard bully she felt red mist descending. The control she had so desperately tried to maintain was slipping and as if to emphasize that point she let her bladder relax and flood the thirsty diaper between her legs. The urine soaked into the padding causing it to swell.

“Why do you say that?” Ryan asked.

“Well, you think she’d be a decent fuck by now.” Paul exclaimed, “I’ve given her enough practice!”

Anna’s whole body was trembling as she waddled back towards the table.  Her composure was gone, she was going to do something she would regret and she knew she couldn’t stop herself. She didn’t want to stop herself. She walked up until she was next to Paul, he completely ignored her.

“You think she’d at least give good head by now!” Paul continued seemingly oblivious to how horrified the other three were, “I guess she must be reta-…”

Anna turned the bottle upside down. She was so angry she had tears in her eyes and she deliberately poured the beer over Paul who wasn’t looking her way. It felt like it was only a tiny amount of the pain Paul deserved to suffer.

“Fuck!” Paul exclaimed as he pushed his chair back and stood up.

As Paul looked down at his soaked clothes Ryan quickly slapped the bottle out of his wife’s hand. Anna stared at Paul with pure loathing but already the thoughts about consequences were starting to come up. Her moment of madness had created a very dangerous situation.

“Anna!” Ryan chastised his wife. When she turned to look at him she could see he was spending more time looking at Paul than her, “You dropped the beer. How could you be so careless!?”

“Sorry.” Anna mumbled recognizing that Ryan was trying to rescue the situation

“That was on purpose!” Paul practically screamed.

Anna felt her blood run cold. She’d messed everything up, she’d lost control and now it could cost her everything. She didn’t know what to say or do, she looked at Jane who was just staring back at her open-mouthed and with a pale face. It seems everyone knew just how much trouble Anna was in. She just couldn’t stand the way the man talked about her friend!

“N-Now… hold on a second…” Ryan stuttered. He reached out to grab Anna’s arm but Paul was quicker.

Anna squealed as her arm was grabbed by Paul. He was practically frothing at the mouth and spitting with rage. She was yanked forwards so that she hit the edge of the dining table, she gasped as she fell over it. The table was pushed to the side and the glasses and cutlery clattered around. Jane jumped back in fright.

“You’re going to regret that!” Paul screamed at Anna.

Anna was trying to get up but she was easily held down. The diaper between her legs was viciously ripped at until the tapes gave way and the wet padding fell to the ground with a thud. Anna was left naked under her short dress.

Without a moment for Anna to brace herself she felt a hand slap across her butt. There was no holding back and she screamed at the sudden painful strike. Before she could even fully register what was happening a second spank hit her, it was just as hard as the first and she felt sure she was already bruising.

Anna burst into tears as she tried fruitlessly to wrench herself free from Paul’s grip. She scratched at the table as blow after blow landed. Paul was only using his hands and yet it felt like she was being beaten by a paddle or something. Snot ran down her face as she tried desperately to get away from the madman behind her.

“This is only just the start!” Paul yelled as he continued his assault.

“Paul, she’s…” Ryan started. Anna could barely him over her own cries.

“Shut up!” Paul replied back only briefly breaking his rhythm to point angrily at Ryan, “Everyone knows you’re too lax on the bitch!”

“W-What do you mean?” Ryan stuttered.

Anna didn’t get a chance to hear more as the spanks started up again. Her legs were kicking out behind her as she desperately tried to free herself. It was futile. Anna looked to the side where Jane was stood, she was staring at the scene with horror. She had endured so much of Paul’s behaviour without complaint but seeing Anna being punished seemed to be pushing her in a completely different way. She was looking from Anna to Paul and then back to Anna.

Desperately trying to protect her friend Anna shook her head towards Jane. She tried telling her not to get involved, to stay quiet and to let Anna get through it. She wanted to talk to her but any time she opened her mouth she could only sob or exclaim in pain.

“P-Paul…” Jane said quietly, “M-Maybe that’s enough?”

“I’ll deal with you later.” Paul said to his wife, “Did you put her up to it? I’ll put you in that stroller for a full week!”

Anna was in a world of pain and turmoil. Despite the situation she still knew it was unfair for Paul to threaten Jane over this. She had nothing to do with Anna’s actions. Questions of fairness, always superfluous in modern day Sallas, were the furthest things from her mind though. She wasn’t sure if she could take much more.

“That’s enough!” Ryan shouted.

Anna turned her head and saw her husband stepping up to Paul. He put his hands on Paul’s arms and tried to push the bigger man away. It succeeded in that Paul stopped the beating to turn to Ryan, he put his hands on Ryan’s chest and shoved him so hard that Ryan ended up splayed on the couch behind him.

“You’re completely pussy whipped!” Paul yelled. His words were slurred, “You think you can be an executive like this? You’re nothing! You’re pathetic! What are you even doing here!?”

Anna turned to see Paul pulling his hand back to spank her again. It felt like it would never end, that Paul would spank her until she passed out or worse. A roar turned everyone’s heads in the direction of Ryan. Anna only saw a blur as Ryan launched himself at Paul, this time he tried to push Paul away but the larger man barely moved.

Anna screamed as she saw Paul suddenly ball his hand into a fist and swing at Ryan. He connected with the side of his head and Ryan fell to the ground. Paul turned back to Anna but before he could spank her again something happened that seemed to stop time.

“Leave her alone!” Jane screamed. She looked wild as she ran forwards.

Anna could only watch in shock as Jane slapped Paul in the face. For once Paul seemed completely taken aback. He stared at Jane and slowly brought his hand up to the side of his face. Anna felt Paul’s hands leaving her, she slipped away and went over to Ryan who was sprawled out on the floor and watching everything with as much shock as Anna was.

It seemed like Paul had broken completely for a few moments. He was frozen in place as Jane seethed at him, she looked like a woman possessed, a wild animal barely contained by her skin.

“That’s your last mistake.” When Paul spoke it was eerily calm. It would’ve been less terrifying if he had screamed.

With a sudden move like a viper striking at its prey Paul reached out and grabbed Jane by the hair. Jane’s hands went up as she yelped but Paul was easily the strongest person in the room. He pulled her back towards the stroller. She was pushed into it with force and it looked like it winded her. Paul quickly fastened a couple of the straps to keep his wife in place.

“You’re going to Finishing School.” Paul snarled. He starting rolling the stroller to the front door.

“No!” Anna exclaimed. She was still next to Ryan and aching herself. She reached out a hand in desperation.

“If Ryan had any sense he would send you with her.” Paul said to Anna as he opened the front door, “Or maybe he should go himself.”

Paul pushed Jane out of the apartment and slammed the door behind him so violently a picture frame fell to the floor. Anna immediately burst into tears and leaned down against Ryan who still seemed a little dazed from the punch he had taken.

“Are you alright?” Ryan asked as he raised an arm and draped it around Anna.

Anna looked up at Ryan and nodded her face. She fell on to him in a long cuddle as she cried into his shoulder. Her ass felt like it was throbbing after all the punishment it had received, apart from the bruising she was sure was going to appear she felt fine physically. Most of her tears were for Jane.



End Chapter 28


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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