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Anna is a very unfortunate young woman. Orphaned at a young age in a country that turns misogyny and the patriarchy up to eleven Anna has been forced to navigate a world she knows is inherently unfair. Join Anna as she navigates High School graduation, marriage and unexpected surprises.

Chapter 1
Part One

Chapter Description: Anna is a very unfortunate young woman. Orphaned at a young age in a country that believes women are inferior and infantilizes them she is adopted and has to grow up in a society she knows is unfair. Today is a big day. It is her graduation from high school but it also much, much more.

Anna is a very unfortunate young woman. Orphaned at a young age in a country that believes women are inferior and infantilizes them she is adopted and has to grow up in a society she knows is unfair.

Today is a big day. It is her graduation from high school but it also much, much more.


This story is long and has been quite the project. It's been worked on for 18 months!

I just want to make it very clear going in that I do not condone women being treated unequally in any way. I do not condone any group being treated unfairly. This story is set in a dystopian world that isn't meant to reflect on any existing country.


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By Elfy

Anna woke up with a feeling of dread. As she sat up in bed she felt her diaper crinkle wetly and as her eyes adjusted to being awake she saw her childish princess pink bedroom coming into focus. From the princess posters on the wall to the unicorn bedsheets everything was designed to be as feminine and childish as possible. It would’ve been great for a child but for eighteen-year-old Anna it was a reminder of her miserable situation.

It was a big day for Anna but one she was not looking forward to in the slightest. In fact she had every reason to believe it would be the worst day of her life. She relaxed her bladder and wet her already damp diaper. She had desperately tried to maintain her bladder and bowel control which was very much unlike most girls her age. She was eighteen-years-old and today would be the day of both her graduation and marriage along with thousands of other women across the country.

Anna swung her legs over the side of the bed. She was thankful at least that her adoptive parents hadn’t put up the side of the crib, when they did that it meant she was trapped until someone let her out which was beyond humiliating no matter how many times it happened. Her light nightgown went down just past her knees but the embarrassing underwear underneath showed through. She opened the cabinet at the bottom of her bedside table and pulled out one of the only reminders she had of what felt like a completely different life.

The photo album that Anna pulled out was well-worn from how often it was handled and flicked through. She opened the book to a random page and saw a photo of her family from eight years ago, the smiling girl in the picture was unrecognisable to Anna now. She closed her eyes and tried to recall the events that had led to this place.

Anna’s parents and sister had travelled to Sallas on business eight years ago. Sallas was, and is, a very wealthy and powerful country that was also horrendously misogynistic. Women were little more than children in the views of the men that ran the country. As such women didn’t work and had very little rights, many weren’t even potty trained until their marriages which were often arranged by their fathers.

“Why did you bring me here…” Anna whispered under her breath as she ran her finger over the photo.

Anna’s father had business to conduct and had brought the rest of the family for a vacation. Although the society was misogynistic women that weren’t from Sallas were usually treated equally and at the resort the family were going to stay at they would be fine. Anna couldn’t remember much of the vacation at this point but she remembered the day the whole family went for a drive into the countryside, she remembered the truck coming the other way and the next thing she knew she was in the hospital.

Anna was the only survivor. She was too young to memorize contact details and after a cursory check for family back in her home country Anna was sent to an orphanage. She was adopted shortly afterwards and had been living with this family ever since. The photos were all she had left. Not much else had survived the crash. It didn’t take long at all to realise that life in Sallas was very different from home.

“Anna!” The booming voice of Harold Abbott, Anna’s adoptive father, seemed to make the floor shake, “Get your butt down here!”

Anna sighed as she put her photo album away. As soon as Anna had been put in care she had had to learn the customs of Sallas. She still had nightmares over the tantrum, punishment and diapering on her first day in the care home. Even for a ten-year-old it was a huge culture shock and she had never accepted the position all other girls took as inevitable for them.

Anna remembered trying to tell the other girls that none of this was normal. She remembered trying to explain to them that outside of Sallas girls weren’t treated like this. Most of them looked at her as if she was an alien whilst a few openly mocked her desire for equality.

Back in Anna’s former country she had loved going to school. She had enjoyed all her lessons especially science and math, but these weren’t options for a woman in Sallas. The last eight years of her schooling had been about making sure she knew her place, about making her a good wife. It felt like her time at school was let about teaching her things and more about building a brochure that could be presented to men who were interested in her. She hated every minute of it and frequently got into trouble, she just couldn’t accept this state of affairs.

Anna knew better than to make her father wait. Harold certainly didn’t share Anna’s progressive views on women and it felt like Anna had spent half her time in this house being punished for one reason or another. Anna stood up and felt her diaper sag slightly. She pulled her nightie off and replaced it with a loose fitting pair of pants and a shirt.

As Anna walked downstairs she could heard her adoptive mother, Michelle, bustling around in the kitchen. Like a good housewife she was preparing breakfast for everyone. Anna walked into the kitchen and slumped into the chair opposite her father. Harold was leaning back in his seat and reading the newspaper. She felt so many emotions for what was to come that day but they were nearly all negative.

“You know I don’t like when you do that.” Harold grunted as Michelle put a plate of toast down in front of Anna.

“Huh?” Anna looked up from her food.

“Pants are for men.” Harold said as he lowered his newspaper.

“I’m just wearing it here.” Anna said quietly, “I’m not going to wear them outside.”

“You better not.” Harold warned, “You don’t want to be sent to Finishing School…”

Anna shivered. For once she agreed with her father. The “Finishing Schools” were basically brainwashing camps. Women and girls who didn’t toe the line were sent to these secretive places and were never the same when they came back. No one really knew what happened inside those walls and it was a good reminder to Anna what could happen any time the men in her life wanted. Anna’s small teenage acts of defiance would stop as soon as that scary place was mentioned.

“Is your dress ready? Your gown? Oh you must be so excited! Can I get you a drink?” Michelle buzzed around Anna like a bee.

Anna felt bad for her mother who had always grown up in these oppressive conditions but she felt even worse for herself. She had an arranged marriage planned for just after her graduation. What should’ve been the happiest day of her life felt like little more than being signed over from one master to another. She only vaguely knew the person to whom she was betrothed, he had been in her grade at school but boys and girls didn’t often interact thanks to their vastly different curriculums.

“Yes, I spoke to Ryan’s father this morning.” Harold said as he drank some of his coffee, “He’s very excited.”

“I bet he is.” Anna muttered quietly, “He’s basically getting a free slave.”

“You’ll be delighted when you see him.” Harold continued as if he didn’t hear Anna, “He seems like a very nice young man. Super ambitious too. He’s going to take over his Dad’s business one day. ”

Anna had seen pictures of Ryan. He was taller than she was and was admittedly good looking even if his smile came off as a little insincere. She didn’t know too much else about him except his father was very wealthy and Ryan would be getting fast tracked up the company ladder once he had finished college. It was hard to believe that these were the only things she knew about the man she would be marrying in just a few hours’ time.

For men business and power meant everything. In the rigid gender defined society of Sallas a man’s worth could be defined by how much was in his bank account and how many people he had underneath him. All men aspired to climb the corporate ladder as far as possible.

“Oh, of course, before you start!” Michelle hurried over again. Anna saw something in her hand and immediately grimaced.

“Oh, mom… come on.” Anna complained though she knew it was pointless.

“You’ll have to get used to it.” Harold grunted as he flicked his eyes over to look at Anna, “I’ve been too lax with you.”

As a bib fluttered down over Anna’s head and she rolled her eyes. The white cloth designed to keep her clothes clean was completely unnecessary. She couldn’t help but shake her head with an ironic smirk. Lax was not a word she would use to describe Harold’s style of parenting, though in truth she knew most girls wouldn’t have got off so lightly with some of the things she had done growing up.

Anna looked at the food without appetite. She pushed the plate away from her and looked up at her father. It was an embarrassment to her that every morning she had to wait for Harold to decide to change her diaper so she could get ready for the day. There was something she needed to do before her change though. She hated doing this with people present but it wasn’t like she had a choice.

Anna put her hands to the seat underneath her and lifted her butt off the seat. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in the same way she had done thousands of times before. With her cheeks blushing red she pushed down with her straining tummy muscles. It was like an explosion in her diaper as soft lumps were pushed out of her in quick succession.

The poop quickly piled up in the seat of her diaper. It’s slimy warmth a familiar if unwelcome feeling for the eighteen-year-old. She kept her ass off the wooden surface of the seat as Harold looked up from his newspaper. He checked his watch and sighed with annoyance before folding the newspaper up.

“I suppose you’ll want that sorted out before we leave.” Harold said as he lifted himself up, “Come on. I look forward to not having to do this anymore.”

Anna bit her lip before her mouth got her in trouble again. Bred for generations to be unquestioning, most women in Sallas didn’t give their men much trouble, Anna didn’t have that same unquestioning obedience. She stood up and started to follow her adoptive father out of the kitchen. She looked over her shoulder to see her mother standing by her seat and watching her go. Michelle had a troubling look on her face.

“Of course you’ll be coming back here after the wedding.” Harold continued as they went up the stairs, “Ryan will need to go to college and he won’t need you there.”

Anna knew all this. She knew the plan was to be married to Ryan and then whilst he goes off to college she would stay at home cooking and cleaning. Her further education would be an intensive course on being a good housewife. Then she would be sent off with a man she barely knew to turn into a good little Sallasian woman.

Anna followed her father back to her bedroom and walked over to the changing table for a process that had happened countless times in the past. She pulled down her pants without a modicum of shame. She then turned so her back was to the changing table and put her hands on the edge. She jumped and lifted herself up. When she landed on the table in a sitting position she winced, the mess in her diaper was compacted between her butt and the table spreading it all over her skin. That was a feeling she would never get used to.

Anna laid back and looked up to the ceiling as Harold gathered a fresh diaper, some baby wipes and baby powder. There was little care in the way he pulled at the tapes on the front of her disposable. This was just a necessary task for the patriarch of the family, something that all men were obligated to do, an unpleasant but unavoidable chore.

As Anna felt the cool wet wipes rubbing on her skin she felt a sudden feeling of panic flood her system. There was something in the casual way this was happening that made her shiver, the reality of this being her whole life hit her like a brick.

“Please don’t make me marry him…” Anna whimpered as she felt herself tremble.

“Anna, we’ve been through this.” Harold replied impatiently.

“I want to go back!” Anna yelled now. She felt tears fill her eyes though she tried to rapidly blink them away. She cursed herself for not being stronger, “Just send me back! I’d rather be homeless back home than live here!”

Harold had just finished wiping her clean and now Anna knew she had made a mistake. The used diaper was balled up and dropped in the pail at the end of the padded table. Instead of putting her straight into a fresh disposable Harold instead roughly pulled Anna off the table and went over to the bed.

“No!” Anna cried out, “I hate this place! I hate you!”

Harold said nothing. Anna was pulled by her wrist and as her father sat on the edge of the bed, she was pulled forwards and across his lap. Anywhere else in the world an eighteen-year-old girl getting a spanking would be exceptionally unusual, in Sallas it was very common. Anna kicked her legs out to try to escape but Harold was very practiced with this and his leg tucked around Anna’s to prevent movement.

The first spank was enough of a shock to the system that Anna yelped like a puppy with its tail trodden on. Harold didn’t hold back when punishing the women in the house and Anna could do little but pray for mercy as he spanked her rear end repeatedly.

“You. Do. As. Your. Told!” Each of Harold’s word was spat out angrily and was punctuated by a spank to Anna’s butt.

Anna sobbed as she felt the stinging and heat of her punishment warming her buttocks. Combined with the humiliation she just felt awful. She shook her head from side to side as if saying no to a question.

“Your. Insolence. Will. Get. You. In. Trouble!” Harold continued.

Anna obviously couldn’t see her butt but she was sure it was bright red by now and probably even had her father’s handprint on it. She wailed loudly like a toddler being punished. She hated crying, nothing made her feel more like the child the men of that cursed country treated has as like crying. She took great hiccupping breaths in between each smack of her bottom which made her exclaim.

“You. Will. Treat. Men. With. Respect!” Harold had to shout over the increasingly loud crying.

“I will! I will!” Anna desperately cried out. In that moment she was completely earnest but she would’ve agreed to anything if it stopped the punishment.

The final spank hit harder than the rest but Anna knew it was over as the hand lingered on her skin. After a couple of seconds she was stood up and facing Harold. He looked disappointed with her.

“Do you realise how good I’ve been to you?” Harold asked crossly, “Many men would have had you sent to the Finishing Schools for less than you’ve done over the years.”

Anna looked at the floor and sniffed loudly. Her tears rolled down her cheeks unchecked. This was often how punishments ended. Harold would remind her of everything he had done for her. How he had taken her in and given her a place to live and found her a good husband. Anna was supposed to be grateful just because he hadn’t sent her to be brainwashed. Sometimes Anna wondered if it would’ve been better to get re-educated, at least then she might not be so miserable with her place in life.

“Do you realise the damage you could’ve done to me and my career?” Harold asked, “Do you ever think about anyone but yourself?”

Anna remained silent. It was hard to let the man believe he was the victim in all of this but he didn’t expect nor want to be contradicted. The truth was that Anna could’ve done significant damage to Harold’s position in society. In the competitive, exclusively male world any perceived weakness could be fatal to any aspirations. To allow a rebellious woman in the house was to risk other men thinking you were weak or even sympathetic to them, it was hard to know which would be worse for the man in question.

“Get yourself cleaned up, dressed and put some make-up on.” Harold finally said after a protracted silence broken only by Anna’s tearful sniffling, “It’s your big day.”



End Chapter 1


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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Miles · Jan 1, 2023

Just wondering, will this story have any AR elements at any point? Thanks!

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