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Chapter 30
Part Thirty

Chapter Description: Anna is in quite the predicament. Caught in the store alone she doesn't know what will happen next, only that she is completely helpless.

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“This is so stupid.” Anna whispered to herself.

Anna’s stubbornness ran right to her core. Despite living in Sallas for so long she had never had that streak stamped out of her. She wanted to buy some food and she wasn’t going to be stopped by a stupid sign with idiotic rules. She stood back and watched the people walking into the store, it was a busy time and she saw an opportunity. Just like on the way there she simply needed to find a guy and tail them close enough to avoid suspicion.

Anna had to wait a couple more minutes until she saw a young man who looked like a good prospective candidate. He had headphones in and was seemingly oblivious of a lot that was going on around him. There was a moment of hesitation where Anna wondered if she was really going to do this, it was certainly a risk. Of course she was going to do it, she wasn’t going to let someone tell her she couldn’t go to the store just because she was female.

When the man walked past Anna turned around and followed him in just a couple of steps behind. She grabbed a basket and walked past the security station, she got stared at but no one questioned her. She chewed on the pacifier that filled her mouth as she hurried followed the man she had walked in with.

It was like being a spy. Anna felt like she was behind enemy lines as she tried to both take the things she wanted to buy and follow the man close enough that no one gave her a second look. Remarkably it felt like she was doing a pretty good job, she had gathered most of the things she needed. It was when she picked up a plastic packet of beef mince that she turned around and saw that she was alone. Very conspicuously alone.

“Thit.” Anna lisped around the latex bulb filling her mouth.

Anna looked around but the only person she saw was a store employee. The young man was looking at her with a frown and Anna’s pulse quickened. She quickly turned away and hurried down a drinks aisle. She’d lost her cool and more people were looking her way as she hurried past. Anna looked over her shoulder for the employee when she nearly tripped over something in front of her. Suddenly the ground underneath her became ice and she fell heavily backwards with her legs flying high in the air.

Anna hit the ground with a thump that winded her. The pacifier spilled from her mouth and tumbled down the side of her face on to the floor. Her eyes were closed and she could feel a wetness underneath her butt, she slowly sat up as she could hear murmuring all around her.

“Are you alright?” The male employee Anna had seen before was now standing over her and looked shocked.

As Anna stood up she saw liquid on the ground between her legs. Her skirt had ridden high enough to show her panties and the harness had visibly slipped down her arms to show that it had never been properly fastened. She looked up at the employee with trepidation.

“You wet yourself!” The employee exclaimed as he pointed to the liquid around Anna, “Why aren’t you in diapers?”

“I… I didn’t!” Anna quickly tried to defend herself. She didn’t know where the liquid had come from but it must’ve been what she had slipped on to fall over in the first place.

“Where’s your man?” The employee asked as he looked around. The people around Anna were all shaking their heads to say they didn’t know her.

“I, erm…” Anna was still breathless from her fall but now she was hyperventilating a little. This was trouble. Really, really big trouble.

The longer Anna failed to answer the more the crowd around her seemed to make up their own minds. She was there alone and everyone was starting to realise it. She was shaking and still sitting in the puddle beneath her.

“Are you here alone?” The employee’s tone wasn’t angry or hostile. It was condescending, like he was talking to a lost child. Somehow that made the situation all the scarier.

“I just wanted to buy some food for my husband…” Anna said. She was too scared to sound like anything except anxious.

“You should come with me.” The employee said as he reached out a hand, “We’ll make sure you’re alright.”


Anna did not want to go with this man, this complete stranger, but she didn’t have many alternatives open to her. She tensed up as the employee’s hand came closer. Her arm shook as she lifted it to meet him, as soon as her wrists came in range the man’s hand grabbed her none too softly. Anna climbed to her feet awkwardly, the wet patch on her behind felt very uncomfortable and she could hear the men around her whispering to each other.

“Everything will be fine.” The employee said. He was smiling which Anna didn’t expect, “My name is Thomas. What’s your?”

“Anna…” Anna replied cautiously, “W-What’s going on? I can just go home and…”

“No, it’s fine.” Thomas said. He was pulling her down the aisle towards the back of the store, “Who’s your owner?”

“Owner?” Anna blanched at the thought.

“You have a husband here, right?” Thomas asked.

“Ryan.” Anna answered. She was bristling from being described as “owned” but she wasn’t going to push her luck when she didn’t know what was going to happen, “Ryan Manning.”

“Just through here.” Thomas said. He clearly wasn’t listening to Anna. It struck the young woman that she was being treated like a distressed lost child, being distracted whilst the adults sorted out the problem.

A set of double doors towards the back of the store was opened by Thomas as he pulled Anna through to a large warehouse like area that was full of stock. There were a few people in luminous vests walking about unloading a large truck. Anna was led to the side and a set of metal stairs.

“Where are we going?” Anna asked.

“We have provisions for lost girls.” Thomas replied.

At the top of the stairs Anna was taken through a door leading to a corridor that looked more like it was from an office block. It was like Anna had gone through a door to a totally different building. There was a room at the end of the corridor and Anna was led inside, the space was quite small and empty except for a couple of tables and chairs.

“Wait here.” Thomas said as he let go of Anna’s wrist.

“But wh-” Anna started. She was cut off as Thomas left the room and closed the door behind him.

Anna felt a shiver go down her spine. Her mind flashed to Jane who had apparently been taken away to that most horrid of places, Finishing School. Was that going to be her fate? She leaned on the table and tried not to panic. She was in a strange place with strange people and had no idea what was happening.

With tentative steps she walked over to the door and pulled on the handle. She found anxiety flooding her system as she found out it was locked. She tried to listen for anything happening on the other side but she couldn’t hear a thing. She tentatively knocked but no one came.

“You’re OK… You’re OK…” Anna repeated to herself several times, “Ryan will find you.”

Anna realised she was trembling as she waited for something to happen. In the end she was only alone in the room for about five minutes before she heard approaching footsteps. She turned around to face the door with trepidation, all of a sudden she didn’t want anyone to come in. There were some voices and the door opened. Thomas walked in with two other uniformed employees as well as a campus security guard who had a bag slung over his shoulder. Anna didn’t like the way Thomas was smiling at her.

“W-What’s going on?” Anna asked as she backed up against the table, “You can call my husband, Ryan Manning. He wi-…”

“All in good time.” Thomas said. He was walking forwards in front of the others, “We need to get you comfortable first.”

“Comfortable?” Anna asked.

Anna was backed up against the table and could only watch as the other two employees walked around to her sides. She was boxed in and like a cornered animal she had adrenaline flowing, she wanted to lash out and escape. When one of the employees reached out to grab her arm she tried to pull it away, when it was clear he wasn’t letting go she swung her other hand at him.

Anna’s open hand slapped the man who had grabbed her arm. If she was hoping for a moment to get her bearings she was left disappointed as the other men lunged for her. She struggled as much as she could but the men were much stronger. One by one her limbs were grabbed and there was nothing she could do except scream and try to inflict damage on her attackers.

“Get off me!” Anna screamed.

Anna was soon horizontal on the table. Her arms and legs were pinned against the wooden top and she started feeling creeping terror at what might come next. Up until now her fear had been of being dragged off to Finishing School now she was realising how vulnerable she was in this quiet room with four men who could physically control her.

“Relax.” Thomas said, “This will be a lot easier if you relax.”

“Just let me go!” Anna hated that she sounded like she was begging, “Please!”

Things were out of Anna’s control. Her skirt was pulled down and her panties followed shortly afterwards. Her top came off a few seconds later leaving Anna naked. She wanted to cover herself up but couldn’t as the employees held her arms down again. Her mind was racing as the security guard put his bag on the table next to her.

“She’s a fighter.” One of the employees holding Anna’s arm said.

“Not well trained at all.” The one holding her other arm nodded.

The security guard took hold of Anna’s legs as Thomas went over to the bag. As she heard the zip being pulled she closed her eyes and turned her head away, she could picture a lot of things coming out of that bag but none of them were good.

Anna heard a rustling noise and then a very familiar crinkling. She froze. Tentatively she turned her head to look at Thomas and saw that he was holding up a large diaper. Her eyes went wide and she started shaking her head.

“I… I don’t need those!” Anna quickly clarified. She flushed red as she continued, “Ryan potty trained me.”

“That’s not what these wet panties say, sweetie.” Thomas replied as he pointed at the soaked underpants.

“That was… I slipped in something!” Anna reasoned.

“Uh huh.” Thomas was smiling and his light tone of voice was getting on Anna’s nerves. He was talking to as if she was a simple child who couldn’t understand anything.

The diaper was noisily unfolded and Anna could feel herself tearing up. This would be devastatingly humiliating for anyone but for Anna, who prided herself on her independence and maturity it felt like the worst thing in the world. She sobbed as she half-heartedly continued to try and fight free. She was completely naked in front of these men and she so desperately wanted to cover up.

Anna looked down her body through her watery eyes and saw the flat diaper being placed between her legs. The two men holding her legs lifted them back over her head bringing her butt off the wooden surface. She had experienced many diaper changes in her past but it had been a while and these were complete strangers.

When her legs were let back down against the table it was with the padding underneath her. She briefly struggled again but she remained as useless in resistance as ever. It occurred to her that this seemed like a routine for these guys, they knew what they doing.

The diaper was pulled up between Anna’s legs and taped tightly closed around her waist. The feeling of thick padding underneath and around her crotch was something she hoped she would never experience again.

“See? It’s not so bad.” Thomas said as he gently patted the front of the diaper, “Now we’ll just get you dressed and you can be on your way.”

“Dressed?” Anna asked.

Looking to the side Anna could see the security guard reaching into the bag again. He used both hands to pull out a ball of vibrantly pink fabric and frills, it took Anna a moment to realise they were actually clothes. As the guard held them up and they unfolded she felt her mouth drop open. It was like the bag had been her mind and the security guard had reached in and pulled her worst nightmare out.

“You… You can’t be serious!” Anna struggled again, “You can’t make me wear that! Just call Ryan!”

“Very prone to tantrums, this one.” The security guard said with a chuckle as he brought the dress over.

Anna couldn’t resist no matter how much she wanted to. She pulled against the grips on her arms and legs without being able to free herself. The dress was brought over and Anna was pulled off the table and on to her feet. She was sniffing back tears in a desperate attempt to not let the men see how upset she was.

“Be a good girl.” Thomas said simply.

Indignation fought with fear to be the dominant feeling in Anna. Her arms were lifted up and the dress was pulled over her head. She felt it get pulled down until her head emerged from the pastel pink collar.

“A perfect fit.” Thomas said.

Anna hated every part of this dress. There were frills all over the cuffs and the hemline, the bottom of the dress ballooned out from the level of frills. Perhaps the worst thing was how short it was. Anna couldn’t see exactly how far down it went but she was sure the bottom of the thick diaper was poking out underneath it. This was exactly the kind of thing she had always desperately tried to avoid.

A pair of pink knee-length socks were pulled on to Anna’s feet. Thomas held out a pacifier but Anna resolutely kept her mouth closed as she stared daggers at the men around her. Thomas sighed.

“Am I going to have to get the gag?” Thomas asked as he tilted his head and raised his eyebrows, “I don’t want to…”

Anna knew there was no choice. If she resisted things would only be made worse. With a reluctance which she hoped conveyed how little she wanted to do this she turned back to Thomas and opened her mouth. Thomas popped the pacifier in and Anna bit down on it aggressively.

“OK, Moe, you can take her away.” Thomas said once Anna was dressed.

“Wait, what?” Anna wasn’t sure she had heard the store employee correctly.

The security guard, Moe, stepped forwards. He was a large guy and his arms showed the bulging muscles underneath. He reached out and grabbed Anna’s arm. Anna had thought, or perhaps hoped, that after this embarrassment they would let her go home but that now seemed a lot less likely.

“Get off!” Anna cried out. Panic gripped her at the same time as the security guard’s hand.

The security guard had no trouble pulling Anna closer to her. Anna’s arms were held to her side as she struggled. She could feel the guard lean down behind her.

“Listen… we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” Moe threatened, “Are you going to come quietly or will I have to get the stroller?”

When Anna thought of strollers she thought about Jane and the horrible contraption she had been strapped into. She shivered and froze up.

“Good girl.” Moe said.

Anna wasn’t able to leave the room right away. A harness, much thicker and sturdier than her one, was slipped on to her. She had to stand there as the straps were tightened around her shoulders and between her legs. Her diaper was pushed up closer to her body so the padding rubbed against her distractingly. A leash was clipped on to the back of the harness, the burly Moe held the other end.

“Alright, Moe is going to take you to a place where you’ll be nice and safe, alright?” Thomas said. His voice was still soft and almost parental in its tone.

Anna knew she didn’t have any choice. She swallowed hard and tried to stop anxiety from spilling out of her. She didn’t know what was going to happen next but she also knew it didn’t matter what she thought about it. She was shaking as she nodded her head. Surely they couldn’t send her off to Finishing School without speaking to Ryan… Right?

There was a yank on the leash and Anna stumbled backwards. She turned around and followed the guard with more than a little fear. She looked back over her shoulder to see Thomas give her a wave goodbye.

Anna felt like she was stunned as she was led back down towards the supermarket. The diaper between her legs was thicker than any she had worn in the past and her legs were forced further apart than she was used to. She felt like she was waddling like a penguin, the diaper crinkled and no matter how much she pulled down the diaper was poking out underneath the dress.

“Where are we going?” Anna asked nervously.

“You’ll find out soon.” Moe replied, “Honestly, I don’t know why they let people bring their wives here, it’s nothing but trouble. You girls just can’t help it, I understand, you’ve got smaller brains and…”

“Are you taking me to Finishing School?” Anna interrupted. She swallowed hard and felt like she was about to throw up.



End Chapter 30


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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