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Chapter 13
Part Thirteen

Chapter Description: The dinner party is underway and Anna is on edge. She is very worried about Jane but with Paul and Ryan there she can't do anything. Eventually she is able to get away from the table but things hardly get any easier and Jane is forced into a difficult position to try and keep Jane safe.

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Anna heard Jane let out a small sob as Paul started feeding her like a baby. She opened and closed her mouth almost mechanically as the fork came towards her all whilst Paul made snide comments about how hopeless and useless she was. Anna could only watch as Jane chewed and seemingly swallowed the food with difficulty. She would then have to wait until Paul deigned to feed her some more and instead ate his own food.

Anna watched with disgust, not at her friend but at Paul for forcing this situation. Paul didn’t seem nearly as worried by it though, he was laughing heartily. He even brought out a phone for a picture. The pacifier that had dropped from Jane’s mouth before the first mouthful of dinner now bounced awkwardly on the front of the pink onesie.

Anna’s appetite had deserted her but she forced herself to pick up her cutlery and start eating. The conversation was yet again picked up between the two men as Anna ate quietly and tried not to look across the table to where Jane was occasionally fed like a helpless infant. It didn’t help that Paul deliberately missed her mouth a few times and smeared food all over her face. After only a few mouthfuls sauce was spread around Jane’s mouth and she didn’t dare wipe it away.

“We’ll have to get you a bib.” Paul said gruffly but with clear amusement, “Something that says “Daddy’s Messy Eater” am I right, Ryan?”

As Paul laughed Ryan choked out a not too convincing laugh of his own. Anna looked across to him and could see he wasn’t much more comfortable than she was, if Paul had even an ounce of self-awareness she was sure he would’ve noticed that. She wondered exactly why Ryan was uncomfortable.

Anna felt so helpless but desperately wanted to help her friend. All she could do was reach her foot under the table and gently touch Jane’s leg. She just wanted Jane to know she wasn’t alone. Jane gave her a weak smile but it did little to disguise her humiliation.

The meal seemed to take an age when all Anna wanted to do was leave the table. When the plates were finally empty she was grateful to take them away but a little fearful of what was to come next. When Ryan said that the men had things to talk about and the women could go off elsewhere it wasn’t a moment too soon.

“M-May we go to the bedroom?” Anna asked Ryan as she looked down at the floor.

“I suppose so.” Ryan said. He looked a little unsure about why he was even being asked

“Why’d you want the privacy? You two going to kiss?” Paul laughed heartily. Anna forced a smile on to her face as if what he had said was actually funny.

“No.” Anna answered shortly. She knew her attitude could get her into trouble but Paul was too busy laughing at his own little joke to notice.

“Alright, you two girls have fun.” Paul gave both Jane and Anna more pats on their diapers as they turned away from the table.

Anna took Jane’s hand and pulled her as quickly away from the table as seemed prudent. She had tears in her eyes as the two of them walked away from the living room and over to the master bedroom. Anna pulled Jane inside and then shut the door behind them. She leaned back against the wood and slipped down to the floor in emotional exhaustion.

“You’re allowed to close the door?” Jane asked quietly. She seemed in awe, as if she had witnessed some fantastic act.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Anna replied.

“Paul says he wants me to be able to check on me whenever, make sure I’m not scheming or something.” Jane said, “I thought that was normal…”

“Jesus Christ…” Anna muttered under her breath as she looked down, “Are you alright?”

“Sure.” Jane replied suddenly and brightly. It seemed well-rehearsed but Anna wasn’t buying it.

“He makes you dress up like that a lot?” Anna asked, “Please, sit down, make yourself at home in here.”

“Thanks.” Jane perched on the edge of the mattress. Like a prey animal she seemed ready to spring up at a moment’s notice, “And only when Master says I need to be punished. Which is… quite often recently. I can’t seem to make him happy.”

“That asshole.” Anna growled.

“Anna!” Jane looked shocked and horrified, “What if they hear you!?”

“You’re safe in here.” Anna said. She stood up and came across to the bed, “I’m not going to let anything happen to you here.”

Jane smiled but it was entirely superficial. Anna could see that the young woman in front of her didn’t believe her at all. She could hardly blame her, if the men decided to burst in there wasn’t really anything she could do. It seemed like the right thing to say though and she certainly wished it were true.

Anna invited Jane to talk about herself. It was like getting blood out of a stone though, she was clearly not used to having someone be interested in them. Slowly but surely Anna managed to get Jane to open up a little. She learned that Jane had been born in Sallas and had never left her hometown until she got married, coincidentally she was married on the same day as Anna in a similar ceremony at a different school. Jane faltered when asked about her aspirations, like most women in Sallas she didn’t have any other than to be a good wife and mother.

Anna genuinely liked Jane. She was extremely shy and withdrawn but the more they talked the more Anna started seeing the real Jane. The timid woman could be funny, sweet and a wonderful conversation partner. If circumstances were different Anna could see the two of them painting the town red, instead they were trapped at the mercy of their husbands.

For half an hour or so it almost felt like everything was normal. They talked about anything and everything but after the first enquiries they avoided the topic of their current situations.  Anna noticed after a little while that Jane, whilst still smiling and joining in the conversation was wincing slightly.

“Is everything OK?” Anna asked with a concerned frown.

“Yeah, I just…” Jane looked nervous. She sighed and continued bashfully, “I just need to poop.”

“Oh, well…” Anna muttered.

“Master told me not to do anything that might mean I need a diaper change.” Jane moaned as she cringed again, “He doesn’t want to be bothered. He doesn’t want me to embarrass him.”

“But he put you in this situation.” Anna frowned, “He can’t expect you to pause your bodily functions for him.”

“He’ll get mad.” Jane replied. She shook her head, “He’ll punish me if I fail him.”

“But if you need to go…” Anna started.

“I can’t!” Jane suddenly looked very fearful, “I have to hold it!”

“Alright, alright.” Anna said with a sigh.

The conversation rather petered out as Anna didn’t know what to say or do. Jane eventually got up and started pacing up and down in front of the bed, it was clear she wasn’t going to make it much further. Anna was growing increasingly mad at Paul for everything that was happening. She was doubly annoyed because she was just starting to see the real Jane that was hidden beneath so much fear and control. As soon as a situation arose where Jane might disobey an order, however stupid Anna found that order to be, she reverted straight back to the timid little housewife Paul had created.

“Look, Paul probably knew you wouldn’t be able to last.” Anna said. She was practically begging for Jane to just use her diaper so that she wouldn’t be in pain anymore, “It’s going to happen…”

“Master wants me to-” Jane started.

“Stop calling him Master!” Anna stood up now. She wasn’t angry at Jane but she was exasperated, “He’s just a person like you.”

“I… I…” Jane looked like she was short-circuiting. It was like there was too much going on for her mind to handle and she was grinding to a halt.

“Look, my changing table is in here.” Anna pointed to the padded table she had been changed on so many times already, “Use your diaper and I’ll change you. Paul will never need to know.”

Jane was looking at the table and biting her bottom lip. It was obvious to Anna that the other woman was extremely tempted but her need to follow the rules, even unfair ones, was holding her back.

“If Mas-… Paul catches us we’ll be in so much trouble.” Jane gasped. The cramping must’ve been causing her so much pain, “He could send us for to a re-education camp…”

“He won’t.” Anna said with authority she had no reason to have, “He won’t catch us. They’re in the living room drinking and whatever, it’ll be over before you know it and no one will even know.”

Anna watched Jane sink down to her knees and bend over forwards. Regardless of what she was going to do afterwards it was clear she wouldn’t be able to hold on forever and as she audibly took in a deep breath Anna knew what was happening. Jane quietly grunted as she filled her diaper. With the thickness of the padding it was impossible to see what was happening but Anna was certain. For several seconds Jane remained on the floor pushing and softly grunting.

“I… I think…” Jane whispered when she was finished and she started getting up to her feet. Her bottom lip was trembling.

Anna put her hand gently on Jane’s back causing the guest to jump. Out of nowhere Jane turned around and suddenly pulled Jane into a hug. Anna was shocked at the sudden display of affection but as she heard Jane sniffing and her body shaking she knew her friend was very upset. She wrapped her arms around Jane who was now shaking all over.

“It’s OK, everything will be fine.” Anna whispered, “Look, you don’t have to be alone.”

Anna pulled herself back from Jane and acted before she could even think about what she was doing. She didn’t want Jane to be alone in a messy diaper, she wanted to make the poor woman remember that she wasn’t the only one suffering these hardships. That Anna was her sister in suffering.

With nary a second thought Anna closed her eyes and crouched slightly. She pushed down with all her tummy muscles and for a couple of seconds nothing happened. It was true she felt no burning desire to poop and she certainly didn’t want to fill her disposable but it felt like she should show some kind of solidarity with her friend.

Anna pushed down and after letting out a rumbling fart she felt soft poop squeeze out of her and into her diaper. She felt the stickiness spread out over her skin but there wasn’t a lot there. When she straightened back up she could feel the back of the padding stick to her butt. She opened her eyes and despite a grimace she shrugged towards Jane.

“Now… how about we change you?” Anna asked Jane.

“Are you sure?” Jane replied anxiously.

“I can get it done in just a minute or two. Ryan and Paul will never know.” Anna said with confidence.

Jane still seemed unsure but after a quick look to the door she nodded her head and let out a nervous little laugh. The women went over to the changing table. Anna unsnapped Jane’s onesie since it would be difficult for the woman to do herself thanks to the bulkiness of the diaper she was wearing.

“You’re a good friend.” Jane whispered as she climbed up on to the table and laid back.

“I’m just doing what any friend would…” Anna replied as she took her place at the food of the table.

Anna wasn’t sure that was true but it was what she would do. She glanced over to the door and hoped Ryan could keep Paul occupied. She carefully pulled on the diaper’s tapes and slowly removed them. She had to take it slowly to stop from making too much noise. There were three layers of diaper to get through but Anna knew immediately when she had lowered the final layer as the smell got much worse.

“I’m sorry.” Jane was wincing and looked on the verge of a panic attack.

“It’s fine.” Anna said as she lowered the front of the diaper between Jane’s legs, “It’s not your fault. Let’s just get this done.”



End Chapter 13


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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