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Chapter 39
Part Thirty-Nine

Chapter Description: Anna can only hope and pray that Jane was able to escape. However, when Charlie is unceremoniously brought back to the nursery Anna can only fear the worst.

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Anna had felt like a prisoner before being told she couldn’t leave the nursery but now it felt a lot more literal. She was fed dinner in her highchair and then put in her crib very early in the evening along with the other two women. Both the runaway women’s cribs remained empty which could only be a good thing.

As Anna closed her eyes that night she thought about Jane and Charlie. She wondered how they were getting on. In her mind’s eye she saw them running from the campus and disappearing into a wooded area, she pictured them making food over a small campfire and going to sleep curled up closely for warmth. She felt confident that as long as Jane was with Charlie she was safe. Charlie definitely seemed to know how to look after themselves.

The next morning Anna woke up early. As she stretched out and felt her diaper crinkle between her legs she looked out at the nursery. It took her a few moments to remember where she was. She looked over at the empty cribs and saw they were still undisturbed.

The morning was exactly what Anna expected. She was allowed out of her crib after a little while and given a bottle, unlike when she first came here she didn’t hesitate to drink from it. As she did so she let loose with her bladder, there was no sneaking away to use the bathroom like when she was at home. Of course that wasn’t the end of it. She usually needed to poop in the morning and usually tried to make sure it happened before going to the nursery. That wasn’t an option now.

Without Jane to make her feel better Anna ducked behind one of the changing tables so she was out of sight of everyone whilst she did her business. She crouched down and pushed. It was a well-practiced motion after all these years in diapers so it was all over in a matter of seconds. She held her breath and a second later the seat of her disposable started to bulge out. She sighed in annoyance. How she wished she could be at home doing this in the toilet or at least changing herself to keep a little dignity.

“Finished?” Ronnie’s gruff voice made Anna’s skin crawl.

Looking over her shoulder Anna saw the bald nursery assistant standing behind her and smirking. Anna slowly stood up and felt her diaper sag. Some of the stink escaped as she moved. Ronnie walked up to her and reached around to the filled diaper, without breaking eye contact he pressed his hand against the bulging padding and pressed it against her ass. Anna winced and closed her eyes.

“Need a change, saggy pants?” Ronnie asked with a smirk.

“You know I do.” Anna muttered under her breath.

“I hope it was worth it.” Ronnie continued as he reached under Anna’s arms.

Anna bit her tongue. The nursery assistant was trying to get a rise out of her. After the events of the previous day she had no doubt that both Ronnie and Ed had been given a severe dressing down by Mr. Kenny and they were happy to turn their attentions to Anna since they were as sure as everyone else that she was involved.

“Let’s get that little mush butt of yours changed.” Ronnie growled. The cutesy words sounding even more threatening as they were growled out by this huge man.

Anna was lifted up and before she could even register what was happening she was sat on the edge of the changing table. The depressingly familiar feeling of poop spreading out over the diaper and against her butt made her shiver. She slowly lifted her legs up and turned sideways so the she could lay down.

Whilst she was changed Anna looked out at the nursery. She could see the other two women sleepily playing with each other on the floor. There was only two people less and yet the room felt so much emptier. Anna wasn’t looking forwards to trying to keep herself occupied without Jane here. She looked at Macy, the woman desperately trying not to become the regressed baby that Rebecca was, and swallowed nervously. She was going to spend a lot of time here, she prayed she didn’t somehow end up like her.

Anna closed her eyes as she imagined herself as a baby trapped in a woman’s body. She could picture Ryan’s sad eyes as he had to look after her, she would be a burden rather than a wife. She couldn’t even be sure her husband would keep her. If it came down to it would Ryan really find her worth the hassle when he had his job to worry about as well. She supposed that Ryan could hire a babysitter but...

Anna shook her head. There was nothing good to be gained from going down that line of thinking. The only thing she could do was make sure that she didn’t end up a brainless baby. No matter what happened she had to keep herself occupied even if that meant sitting in the corner and obsessively trying to remember stories, facts and other things that would keep her synapses firing.

“All done.” Ronnie said as he finished taping up the new diaper, “I’m sure there will be many, many more to come.”

Anna was lifted off the table and put back on the floor. She wobbled slightly as Ronnie patted her butt a couple of times and then walked away. After a moment’s hesitation Anna went back to the safety of the beanbag chair in the corner. Since she was stuck there anyway she didn’t feel the need to try and socialize with the others.

All morning she was constantly plagued by a tide of panic that she was only able to keep at bay with a lot of difficulty. She was just trying to get through each minute as it came but if she really was going to be spending all her time here except for weekends for the rest of the semester she was sure she’d go mad.

“Do you wanna pway wif us?” Rebecca shouted to Anna.

Anna was shaken out of her dread as she looked over at the two baby women. Her first thought was, of course, to ignore them but when she saw Mr. Kenny looking on she had second-thoughts. He knew she didn’t want to be here, he knew this was hell for her, so what better way to stick it to him than to not be miserable. Sure playing with the toys would feel humiliating but Anna had to take her wins where she could. Perhaps if she played with the babies she would more easily recognize if she started to become like them.

With more than a little trepidation Anna joined Macy and Rebecca. She certainly wasn’t getting into the games as much as the other two but it was enough to occupy her time at least. She would have a lot of time to occupy since it was only Wednesday and although she was apparently allowed to go home with Ryan for the weekend that felt a long way away at that point. With a jolt of dread Anna remembered the party she was going to have to be a part of that evening when all she wanted to do was relax and enjoy some time away from the nursery.

It was a couple of hours later and with Anna’s diaper getting wet enough to soon need a change that the phone on Mr. Kenny’s desk rang. She didn’t pay any attention until she heard excitement and laughter. She looked up from the doll she had half-dressed to the desk. Mr. Kenny was smiling widely and talking animatedly. After a couple of minutes he hung up the phone and immediately called Ronnie and Ed over. Anna couldn’t hear what he was saying to them but they looked happy and the two assistants left the room together. That was unusual and left Mr. Kenny the only man in the nursery.

Anna had a bad feeling about everything that she was witnessing. An hour later her fears were realised. The door to the nursery opened and the assistants came back in… they weren’t alone. Charlie was led in on a chain. Her upper-half was in a straitjacket as she waddled in behind the two large men.

“Charlotte.” Mr. Kenny walked over and stood in front of the returned prisoner, “It’s good to have you back with us.”

“Bite me.” Charlie replied without missing a beat.

“Take her to her crib and leave her there.” Mr. Kenny spoke to the assistants but was still looking at Charlie, “We'll discuss your behaviour later.”

Anna watched as Charlie was pulled over to the cribs. Even now they were resisting as much as they possibly could. Anna expected the assistants to leave the room and come back with Jane but they didn’t. There was no sign of her. Anna had no idea whether that should be considered good news or not, it certainly left her feeling anxious.

Suddenly the thought of playing with dolls was repellent to Anna and she quickly dropped them. She didn’t think the other women even noticed as she moved back to her corner. She looked over to where Charlie was being manhandled. Ronnie and Ed had taken off the straitjacket and were working on restraining them to the crib. Even after everything Charlie was still putting up a fight. Anna wanted to go over and question Charlie but she didn’t want to risk being seen by the men. She had to wait.

In the end it wasn’t until the evening when Anna finally got a chance to talk to Charlie. They had been left in the crib all day but with things winding down after dinner Anna found a moment where she could sneak amongst the cribs until she was standing next to Charlie’s cell.

“What happened?” Anna whispered.

“Oh, hey, it turns out you were right.” Charlie said with a wry smile, “It isn’t easy getting out of this country.”

“Where’s Jane?” Anna muttered urgently. She was praying that Jane had somehow avoided capture.

Charlie’s expression darkened and Anna immediately knew that her friend wasn’t still on the run or safe. She felt her stomach sink and thought she might throw up. Even Charlie, someone who seemed to only ever display anger, looked like she had tears in her eyes. She worked to blink them away.

“We were caught on the outskirts of town.” Charlie muttered, “Government people in a van suddenly pulled up on us. Someone must’ve seen us and called them. They grabbed Jane before we could even react. I tried to run but didn’t get far.”

“But where is Jane?” Anna asked breathlessly.

“Finishing School.” Charlie replied, “They took her away. Anna, I’m sorry I know you were-…”

Anna wasn’t listening. She dropped back away from the crib bars. Her worst fears had been realised. There was nothing she could do anymore, Jane had been taken and was perhaps already at the Finishing School. A crushing overwhelming guilt fell on her like a boulder.

“I should’ve been there…” Anna said. She thought she would break down but instead she just went numb, “I should’ve gone with you… Helped you.”

“There was nothing you could do.” Charlie said simply before continuing in her no nonsense manner, “Don’t start with that “it’s all my fault” bullshit.”

“I could’ve helped watch out for danger.” Anna shook her head, “I might’ve seen them coming, I might’ve been able to fight them of or…”

“Anna, there was nothing anyone could do.” Charlie’s voice had dropped to a more considerate tone as she looked at the grief-stricken Anna, “Nothing. If you were there you’d just have been caught as well.”

“But…” Anna started.

“I’m serious, Anna.” Charlie said as she laid her head back down, “Now go back to your corner. If they catch us together they’ll punish us both and I’m already in enough trouble as it is.”

Anna was on auto-pilot as she walked away from the crib and made her way back over to the beanbag she had made her own. Her mind still felt frozen. She had experienced a lot of things but few had hit her on such an emotional level as this. Poor Jane, her one friend, was essentially gone. Her body would remain but whenever she came out of Finishing School she wouldn’t be the same woman. Anna would probably never even see her again.

The last realization, that she would never see Jane again, finally shocked her brain back into life. The fogginess that had prevented her absorbing the terrible news lifted and she was faced with crushing despair. She started sobbing and no matter what she did the tears became stronger and more numerous until she was crying loudly. She buried her face in her hands and couldn’t stop thinking about poor Jane’s fate.

Anna had heard what Charlie had said but she didn’t agree with them. She should’ve been there to help. She should’ve thrown caution to the wind and made a break for the border. If she had been there everything would’ve been different. They would’ve made different decisions. Who knows how things might’ve gone? Maybe Anna was the missing piece that they needed to make it all the way.

Lost in her own little world of misery Anna didn’t see nor hear Ed walking across the room to her. She was crying loudly when she felt a hand suddenly grab one of her arms and pull her to her feet. She squealed as she stumbled forwards. She didn’t even have a chance to look up when she felt another hand cupping the bottom of her diaper and pressing it up against her.

Anna’s brain was overwhelmed by everything and only slowly realised it was Ed and that he thought she was crying because she needed a change. She was wet but not enough to need a change and even if she was leaking down her legs she wouldn’t have been pathetically crying like a baby.

After a couple of seconds of prodding and poking Ed turned without letting go of Anna’s arm and started towards the changing tables. Anna stumbled forwards behind her feeling like a ragdoll. Ed represented everything she hated about Sallas. A man who felt like he could do whatever he wanted and didn’t even need to talk to her. Her desolation turned to an explosive anger in a heartbeat.

“Get off me!” Anna screamed wildly.

Ed just pulled Anna forwards again. He didn’t say a word and Anna stumbled forwards as his strength proved difficult to resist. Anna twisted her arm in an attempt to pull it free, she only managed to get Ed to look at her with confusion.

“I don’t need a change!” Anna shouted into his face as fresh tears ran down her cheeks, “I don’t need you to help me! I don’t need any of you to do anything!”

Ed just stared at Anna and the tearful woman wasn’t even sure he understood her. After an awkward couple of seconds he turned towards the changing area and started pulling her again. All rational thought had left Anna. She didn’t care anymore. She couldn’t take what was happening, she refused to quietly go along with everything.

Anna pulled her arm and yet again Ed stopped. This time when he turned to look at her he seemed frustrated. His mouth was open and he may have been about to say something but Anna would never know.

There was no conscious decision made. Anna was simply a woman at the end of her tether and she lifted her arm into the air. She let out a loud scream as she swung forwards and slapped Ed in the face. Ed didn’t react even as a red patch appeared on his cheek. Anna slapped him again but when she went for a third one Ed grabbed her arm.

Ed bent down and Anna yelped as he found herself over the much stronger man’s shoulder. Her legs kicked and her hands beat uselessly on Ed’s lower back as she was carried over to the padded tables. Her face was red from crying and embarrassment.

“Put me down!” Anna exclaimed, “I’m an adult!”

Ed did indeed put Anna down but only on to the changing table. Anna continued to struggle but Ed ripped at her diaper until he could pull it out and throw it to the floor. Anna tried to sit up but her legs were lifted into the air and rolled back until her feet were over her face. Her hands tried to hit Ed but she couldn’t reach any part of him.

“You… Bastard!” Anna screamed.

The first spank landed directly on her left cheek. The next one landed on the right. These weren’t soft either, almost immediately Anna felt stinging pain radiating throughout her ass. Here tears had never stopped but now they became desperate as Ed methodically punished her. She didn’t want to let him know how much his spanks hurt, she grit her teeth and balled her hands into fists as she tried to absorb the blows.

The spanking kept going and Anna’s desperate attempts to appear composed started to fall apart. Her whole butt felt like it was ln fire as she started letting out little moans with each spank. It felt like her flesh was being tenderized and she started kicking her legs in desperation to get away.

Soon Anna’s moans became louder. Then they became pleadings. Then they became a garbled mess of crying and screams. She could feel nothing but pain and she was completely incapable of coherent thoughts. Soon she was just screaming as she begged for the spanking to end. She had no idea what she was saying but she was apologizing and begging for forgiveness, the exact words were lost amongst her screams and cries.

“Ed.” Mr. Kenny’s voice came from very close by. Anna had no idea how long he had been there, “That’s enough.”

The spanks stopped but that barely helped Anna. The residual pain and stinging was terrible. Her legs were lowered but the fight had been beaten out of her. She cried out in pain as her battered butt laid on top of a fresh diaper which was swiftly taped on to her. She was so limp that she had to be carried to her crib and dumped inside.

For Anna everything was pain. Physically, mentally and emotionally she was in agony. The one thing she wanted more than anything else was Ryan. She wanted her husband to hold her and tell her it would be alright, to assure her things would get better. But she couldn’t have him. She was staying in the nursery until Friday evening.

Anna reached behind herself and gingerly touched the back of the new diaper. She winced and sharply inhaled, even the slightest touch caused a renewed burning pain. She was exhausted and started to wonder if she hadn’t had everything wrong. If she just gave in and did as she was told she wouldn’t have to experience such agony. If she just became like Rebecca she wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore…

Anna curled up into the fetal position as she tried to recover from the most traumatic half an hour she had ever experienced.



End Chapter 39


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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