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Chapter 22
Part Twenty-Two

Chapter Description: Anna has a huge challenge ahead of her. Going to the in-laws for a holiday can be difficult at the best of times but in Sallas it can be especially difficult. For Anna it promises to be a true nightmare...

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Anna couldn’t stop her foot from tapping on the floor of the car as they pulled up outside a simply massive mansion. Just getting to the front of the house had been a mission. Ryan had to stop at an armed checkpoint where they searched the vehicle and luggage, there had been a huge gate and intercom system along with verification that they had to pass through and then a mile of gravel driveway.

“We’re going to be fine.” Ryan said, “Just try to blend in with the background and we’ll get through this.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to have to put this act on for two whole days.” Anna replied nervously.

“The big meal is tonight.” Ryan said, “Other than that we can hide away. The mansion is huge, we can get lost without it looking strange.”

“This is just… exhausting.” Anna slumped in her seat, “When you told me you wanted me to be equal I pictured having fun, whilst still being careful of course. Instead it’s been non-stop stress. I didn’t know it would be like this…”

“It’s better than the alternative though, right?” Ryan said with a small smile as he looked at Anna.

“Of course.” Anna replied with a sigh, “I just need some time where it doesn’t feel like we’re on the edge of being discovered.”

“We’ll get there.” Ryan said, “You’ve done brilliantly so far. Look how quickly you potty trained yourself!”

“Fat lot of a good that’s done me…” Anna sighed as she looked down at her crotch. The diaper underneath bulged under her childish dress.

“I’m doing my best here.” Ryan said sadly. Anna looked across and saw he looked a little despondent, “You know that we have to do things my father’s way whilst we’re here though.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, you’re doing great!” Anna quickly said. It was true, Ryan was doing everything he could for her but even he had to be careful, “I mean it… It’s just difficult.”

The car rolled to a stop and Ryan switched the engine off. Anna swallowed as she looked out the window and saw her father’s car. Thanksgiving was being used to celebrate the two families being joined together, Anna wasn’t looking forwards to seeing her parents almost as much as she was dreading seeing Ryan’s. The possibility of humiliation or getting caught was so high.

The couple got out of the car and retrieved their luggage from the trunk before lugging it towards the large concrete steps that led to the front door. Ryan pressed the doorbell and after a minute the door opened.

“Ryan, my boy!” Michael immediately wrapped his son in a tight hug, “And Anna, looking even more beautiful than I remember.”

Anna bristled at the comment as Michael came over and hugged her. She jumped as she felt the older man’s hand slipping down to her backside. He seemed to have no compunction about openly groping his daughter-in-law right in front of his son. Anna’s eyes were wide as Michael finally pulled away.

“Hello father.” Ryan said, “Is it OK if we go straight up to our room? We’re pretty exhausted after the journey.”

“Of course, you’re the last to arrive.” Michael said as he held the door open, “Your mother will show you where you’re staying.”

Anna stepped inside the huge house and looked up from the floor just in time to see Ryan’s mom. Annie was just as horrifying as Anna remembered. She tottered over on heels that were far too high, her huge chest jutted out in front of her and her face, full of plastic, seemed almost immovable. Her huge lips forced her mouth into a permanent “O” shape that made her look permanently surprised. Anna couldn’t stop herself from backing away slightly, Ryan’s mother was truly her worse nightmare.

“Hi Mom.” Ryan said. He tried to smile but it came across as more of a grimace than anything.

“Annie, be a dear and take these two to their room.” Michael said without even looking at his wife, “Good girl.”

Annie took the lead on her impossible heels. Anna was terrified that she would topple over with every step but she seemed pretty adept at getting around despite her clear imbalance. Ryan followed next and Anna brought up the rear. They went up the stairs in silence and then down a long hallway lined with massive paintings. Annie held a door open and Anna followed her husband inside. She was going to turn around to thank Ryan’s mom but she was already gone and the door was swinging shut.

The horror of Annie’s situation and how close Anna could be to that sort of life herself crashed upon her like a wave at a remote lighthouse. She covered her face as she tried to stop the tears that threatened to roll down her cheeks. That anyone could be reduced to such an extent felt like an abomination.

“I prefer to remember her from when I was a child.” Ryan said as he walked over and locked the door, “Back when she was…”

Ryan trailed off but Anna knew what he meant. She sniffed back the tears and took a deep breath, it was important that she play her role for the next couple of days. She turned away from the door and looked around the room. It was massive for a guest room and even had things like its own television. Her family had never been overly poor but this sort of wealth was obscene.

“This is why I so desperately want the job at my father’s company.” Ryan said as he walked back over and sat on the double bed, “I adore business for itself but if I could get a fraction of the money my father has we could live comfortably and privately. We wouldn’t have to worry anymore.”

Anna nodded as she went to the two suitcases. She opened Ryan’s first and started to pull out the change of clothes he had brought as well as a couple of books and his toiletries.

“I can do all that.” Ryan said softly.

“No, it’s my job, remember?” Anna smiled at her husband, “If we’re going to keep up this charade we should stay in character. Just in case.”

They stayed in their room for most of the rest of the day. They didn’t even pretend to try to socialize and, true to her word, Anna made sure to stay in the subservient role she had been forced to keep up in the early days of their relationship. She even went so far as to soak her diaper and have Ryan change her. It was strange, it was obviously something he had done before but it seemed more embarrassing now somehow, she supposed it was because they both knew she was capable of keeping herself dry.

Not long after the sun had set there was a knock on the door. It was time for dinner. Anna felt her stomach drop, she wasn’t at all hungry and wondered if she could get away with saying she was unwell and hiding in her room. She was dressed in a very frilly and infantile cream dress, she detested it but apparently Michael had requested it. The thought of wearing something just to satisfy her father-in-law made her feel unwell.

“Come on.” Ryan said, “You’ll be OK.”

Anna knew the reality of their situation meant that Ryan couldn’t really say that for sure but she still felt somewhat comforted. She stood up and took Ryan’s hand as they left the room and made their way back towards the main Foyer area. When Anna could hear her father-in-law’s deep voice she felt her knees buckle slightly. Without even realising she was doing it she clutched herself tighter to Ryan’s arm.

The door to the dining room opened and Anna was confronted by the two sets of parents already sitting down and talking. At the head of the table Michael was seemingly very smug as he listened to Harold telling him some story about a golf trip he had been on. Harold, Anna’s adoptive father, was as loud and boisterous as ever and Anna felt herself tense up. Next to Harold was Michelle, Anna’s adoptive mother, she was smiling politely but her face lit up when she saw Anna.

“Here they are.” Michael said gruffly as he looked over to the room’s entrance.

All eyes turned to Anna and Ryan as they walked inside the dining room. Hall might’ve been a better name for the cavernous space. Above the table, hanging from a high ceiling was a chandelier that sparkled in the light. The large oaken table was laden with platters of food, cutlery and table decorations. The places set for Ryan and Anna were opposite Anna’s parents.

Ryan led the way around the long table. He was about to sit down in the seat to the side of his father but Michael loudly cleared his throat.

“That’s Anna’s seat.” Michael said.

“Alright.” Ryan replied uneasily. He moved down a seat before sitting down.

Anna nervously sat in the seat that had been left for her. She ducked her head down as she felt her adoptive father and Michael’s eyes travel over her. She swallowed hard, she was doing her best to do what she had practiced with Ryan and act as submissive as possible.

“Hello Anna, I hope you’ve been a good girl for Ryan.” Harold said. Anna shuddered subconsciously.

“She’s been great.” Ryan replied, “I’ve barely had to correct her at all.”

“That’s great to hear.” Michael chuckled, “She could be a bit of a wild mare at times…”

Anna clenched her hands under the table. Yet again she was on parade like a piece of meat and all she could do was sit there and take it. It was a long minute before Annie walked in with a tray. The rest of the food was already laid out on the table but Annie placed the centerpiece carefully in the middle. Anna looked up to see the lid of the tray lifted and reveal a magnificent looking turkey. Annie lifted the carving knife and placed it on the top of the meat.

“That’s my job!” Michael suddenly yelled as he jumped to his feet. He continued in a hiss, “Get to your seat.”

Anna jumped at the sudden burst of anger from right next to her. She was tensed up as Annie placed the knife on the tray and quickly retreated. The room was eerily silent as she sat at the bottom of the table separated from the rest of the group as if she was simply an afterthought.

“Stupid bitch…” Michael muttered as he moved around the table and started carving the turkey.

Anna looked at Ryan and could see in his eyes that he was seething with rage but holding himself together. She couldn’t imagine how hard it must be to see the mother you love treated like that, not even Harold treated his wife so badly.

Slowly the atmosphere returned as food was served. Anna continued the submissive role she was forced into and allowed Ryan to dish out her food. She had to admit it looked lovely even if she had no appetite and wished she could be anywhere else. She kept sneaking glances down the table at Annie who had her own plate with no turkey on it.

Anna picked up her knife and fork as everyone began eating. She remained quiet whilst Ryan joined in with the other two men. She didn’t feel hungry at all and was counting the seconds until she could leave the table. As she was pushing the vegetables around her plate she suddenly felt something touching her leg and jumped backwards. She looked down to see a hand holding her knee. It was Michael’s. She looked up and saw her father-in-law leering at her. She had to fight the urge to throw up there and then.

“I… have to go.” Anna stood up and pushed her chair back, “I just need some fresh air.



End Chapter 22


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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