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Chapter 5
Part Five

Chapter Description: After a strange first night that doesn't go at all how Anna expected she wakes up in time for breakfast. Things continue to be strange as she tries to start getting used to the idea that her only future is with Ryan... who doesn't seem the most adept at doing things husbands in Sallas need to do.

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When Anna awoke the next morning for just a few seconds everything felt like normal. It was only as she rolled over and saw the folding bed set up that she realised it was anything but. The bed was empty, the cover had been tossed back and Ryan had left the room. Anna realised the bars on her crib had been lowered. They had been locked into place when she went to bed. Still, she was grateful they were down since otherwise she would have to wait to be released.

Anna climbed out of her crib and looked around. With no one to tell her what to put on she went to the wardrobe herself. She considered a shirt and pants, the combination she knew her father hated, but knew that wasn’t what she would be expected to wear. She looked to the side where there were a bunch of dresses she nearly never wore. Picking one at random, Anna unhooked a hanger and pulled the dress off.

Anna pulled the pale pink dress over her head and down her body. She looked into the mirror and saw the soft fabric flow down past her knees. The diaper underneath was silhouetted but was otherwise well hidden.

Anna left her bedroom and went downstairs. The smell of breakfast filled the air and halfway down the stairs Anna heard Ryan’s voice followed by laughter. She walked through to the kitchen and saw Ryan sitting with her parents eating breakfast.

“Ah, Anna, I didn’t want to wake you.” Ryan said as Anna appeared in the doorway.

“I imagine you were keeping her up late.” Harold’s booming laugh made Anna cringe. He really was disgusting.

“Actua-” Anna started before she could stop herself.

“Of course!” Ryan winked at Harold.

Harold’s laughter re-doubled and he reached over to the pat the young man on the back. He couldn’t have looked more like the proud father Anna had never seen. Michelle was sitting opposite her husband and was wearing the same fake smile she seemed to have permanently painted on her face. She looked over to Anna and the sympathy was obvious.

“Good man.” Harold finally said to Ryan, “It’s important to keep them in their place whether it’s in the kitchen or in the bedroom.”

Anna’s fists clenched so hard she was sure her nails were cutting into her skin. The rampant misogyny had always been awful but now it seemed like nothing was off-limits. She didn’t understand why Ryan was lying though, he knew perfectly well what had happened the previous evening.

Anna sat down in her seat but didn’t feel hungry. She stared across the table at Ryan and saw a totally different person from her bedroom the previous night. Instead of the nervous and unsure young man he was acting as if he was some kind of big shot. There was a self-confidence in his behaviour that belied his actions the previous evening.

“So you’re going to take over from your old man?” Harold asked Ryan.

“That’s the plan.” Ryan nodded his head, “I’ve got some great plans. It’s always been my dream to run the business but father insists I get my education and some experience in other roles first.”

“Smart man.” Harold said.

Anna rolled her eyes. Harold revelled in making himself seem more important than he was. She supposed having a future CEO as a son-in-law was his dream come true. Harold was a lifelong middle-manager with delusions of grandeur.

Anna stopped listening to the boring business conversation and instead studied Ryan. It was like Jekyll and Hyde. He was stretching out on the chair, smirking with confidence and making constant eye contact with Harold. Anna didn’t really get it but it wasn’t like she could ask. She wanted to have as little contact with Ryan as possible. She was already counting down the days until he left for college.

“May I be excused?” Anna asked during a natural lull in the conversation. Out of habit she looked at her father.

“Don’t look at me. I don’t own you!” Harold guffawed.

“That’s right. I do!” Ryan added before the pair broke out into renewed laughter. Eventually he calmed down enough to continue, “Sure, you’re excused.”

Anna stood up and walked away from the table. She felt like a rocket just before take-off. There was an explosion going off inside her and it was going to come out sooner or later and launch her into trouble. With few other options Anna went back upstairs and into her bedroom. She clenched and unclenched her fists as she tried to contain the rage. Hearing more laughter from downstairs was just the spark her temper needed.

Grabbing one of her pillows Anna dragged it to the side of the crib. Picturing Ryan’s face on the surface she started punching into it as tears welled up in her eyes. She kept hitting the soft surface until she eventually collapsed into tears. She was unsure what was making her cry more, the humiliation she had suffered or the knowledge she had more of this to go through every single day from there onwards.

Anna sank to her knees and turned around to lean against the metal crib bars. As her emotions spiked from profound sadness to anger she felt like getting back at Ryan in one of the only ways she had possible. A rumble in her tummy let her know it was that time of the day for her and she didn’t even hesitate to push down in her squatting position.

There was a perverse sense of joy for Anna as she felt the contents of her digestive system shift. She sniffed back her tears as a smile spread across her face. The back of her diaper seemed to suddenly explode outwards as she filled it with her waste. The sticky poop sliding down between her legs made her shiver, it was both familiar and unwelcome.

As soon as Anna had finished she wiped her eyes and couldn’t help but giggle. Mischievously wanting to make the following change as horrible as possible for Ryan she put her hands flat against she floor and then moved her legs out of the way allowing herself to drop to the floor hard and fast. The poop in her diaper practically detonated and covered what felt like every inch of her padding.

The only problem Anna then had was having to wait for Ryan to actually come up and notice. The smell was quickly growing throughout the room and Anna had to waddle over to open a window. She leaned against the windowsill and looked out over the familiar landscape outside. She could see the street that passed by, it was fairly quiet but there were still several people walking past.

Anna saw a woman that made her sigh in sympathy. One was attached to a pair of toddler reigns and being made to waddle in a diaper that was far too thick. On her head was a bonnet and in her mouth an almost comically oversized pacifier, she looked like she was dressed up in a baby costume from a Halloween store but Anna knew there was nothing fun about it. On the other end of the reigns was a young man talking on his cell phone. It gave Anna the uncomfortable feeling like the woman was a dog being taken out for a walk. She imagined herself in the other woman’s shoes and shuddered.

A new problem for Anna started to arise. She pulled herself away from the window and looked over to the bedroom door. There was no sign of Ryan coming up to see her and that left her hanging around in an extremely uncomfortable diaper. The last thing she wanted to do was go downstairs and ask for a diaper change like some toddler struggling to get to the potty on time.

Hours passed and still Ryan hadn’t come up to see his wife. Anna was getting increasingly uncomfortable, she didn’t want to sit down and she didn’t want to do any more to spread the mess in her disposable. As she started getting itchy she realised she would have no choice but to ask for a change soon if she didn’t want a rash. It was like being trapped between a rock and a hard place. She didn’t want to have to ask for a diaper change but she also didn’t want to look so useless that she just sat there and developed a diaper rash.

Eventually Anna could no longer resist. She left the bedroom and went downstairs. She found her husband and father sitting in the living room watching some sort of financial news on the television. She stood in the doorway and looked down at the back of Ryan’s head.

“Hello.” Anna said warily.

Ryan looked around whilst Harold just ignored her. Ryan looked Anna up and down but his expression was unreadable. At least it didn’t appear that she smelled so bad that they knew what she had done. Anna waited for Ryan to say something but he didn’t.

“I need a… change.” Anna’s hesitancy was attached to her embarrassment and she looked down at her feet.

“Ha! Good luck, Ryan.” Harold grunted as he clapped one of his giant hands on Ryan’s shoulder, “Glad those aren’t my responsibility anymore. Changing one girl’s diaper is more than enough for me.”

“I’ll be up in a minute.” Ryan said before turning back around.

Anna noticed that as soon as she had made her request Ryan’s face had betrayed the emotion underneath. Just for a second the stony façade had given way to show a look of fear. It was just long enough for Anna to notice but it had disappeared so quickly she wondered if she hadn’t imagined it. She wanted to press the issue and say how desperate for a change she was but she was wary of upsetting Ryan. Anna turned on her heels and went back upstairs.

It was a long fifteen minutes before Ryan came up to the bedroom. He shuffled in and stood near the door. Anna waited for his instructions but when it seemed none were coming she tentatively took matters into her own hands and climbed up on to the table. She felt a perverse delight as she felt the stinky mess in her diaper squelch around and cover all the skin in her diaper.

“It stinks in here.” Ryan said, “How long have you been like that?”

Anna shrugged. As she laid back on the changing table she could feel the poop moving up towards her back like an avalanche, it fortunately stopped just before breaching the waistband. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ryan lean out of the window. He stayed at the window so long Anna wondered if he had somehow forgotten about her.

“Um, Ryan?” Anna eventually said.

“Yes, yes…” Ryan turned around and walked over to Anna. His face was white.

The diaper change was clumsy but successfully completed. Anna could tell Ryan wasn’t used to messy diapers and the look of revulsion didn’t leave his face even as he left the room carrying the balled up stinky parcel. Anna felt much better in a fresh diaper but stayed on the changing table for some time afterwards. She stared up at the ceiling and contemplated spending the rest of her life like this.

One thing Anna could hope for, now that she was married, was that Ryan might want to potty train her. He certainly didn’t seem to enjoy changing her. At the same time Anna didn’t want to get her hopes up. Whilst it was Ryan’s choice if she was taken out of diapers she knew she couldn’t count on it. She especially couldn’t expect potty training when Ryan seemed so obsessed with his business career. Anna had seen Harold hosting enough executives to know that these businessmen saw their wives as trophies and it seemed the more dependent these women were kept the more masculine the man was seen



End Chapter 5


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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