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Chapter 31
Part - Thirty-One

Chapter Description: Anna is taken away to a place she certainly didn't want to be visiting. When Ryan hears about it he rushes to the scene to bring his wife home but finds a nasty surprise as it turns out the punishment isn't a one time affair.

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“Finishing School?” Moe chuckled, “Of course not.”

Anna felt as if a tremendous weight had been lifted. The worst case scenario was taken away but that left her wondering what was going to happen. They weren’t taking her home so there must be somewhere else. If they would only let her contact Ryan this would all be sorted out immediately.

Anna was quickly distracted as she noticed Moe was leading her towards the doors back in to the main shopping area. She dug her heels in and though Moe could likely have dragged her out he stopped when he felt the leash get pulled tight.

“Can… Can we go out a back way?” Anna asked as her cheeks went pink. She was looking down at the humiliating outfit she was wearing.

“No.” Moe replied simply.

Before Anna could continue arguing Moe pulled on the leash and opened the door to the store. With a yelp Anna was pulled out into the busy supermarket. As she emerged into the bright artificial light of the main shopping area she saw everyone’s eyes turning to face her. This was the worst thing Anna could possibly imagine. She looked more like a baby than any of the other women in the store. She dropped her gaze to the ground as her eyes shimmered with tears.

“Come on…” Moe tugged gently on the leash a couple of times.

Anna waddled forwards and felt like crowds were lining the aisles to watch her. It felt like some kind of medieval punishment and she was being dragged to the stocks to be pelted with rotten fruit. Her diaper crinkled loudly, it was loud enough to attract the attention of anyone who wasn’t already staring at her.

Shuffling along the shiny floor Anna followed Moe in silence. Her infantile dress was so wide that she couldn’t help but brush people as she walked past. Whenever she dared to glance up she saw other women, most looked sympathetic but some seemed almost jealous of what she was wearing. The men almost universally found the sight funny. Anna flexed her fists but knew she was already in enough trouble, the last thing she wanted was to get into more trouble.

Moe led the way out through the entrance and Anna stepped outside nervously. There were less people around now which was a small mercy but their destination was still a mystery. She was led past the apartments that held all the married couples and eventually she realised they were going to the administrative building. That made her even more worried. She pulled back on the leash until it was pulled tight. Moe must’ve felt the leash stretching because he turned and saw Anna’s face gazing up at the large concrete building nervously.

“Come on, I don’t have all night. Sooner we get in there the sooner we can all go home.” Moe said tiredly.

Anna’s ears perked up at the word “home.” She followed the security guard up the path and through the sliding doors of the office building. She felt even more out of place dressed as she was since the building was staffed with men in suits and work dress. Anna came waddling in with her infantile dress and thick diapers whilst burning with embarrassment.

“What have we got here?” A man at the nearest desk said as Moe pulled Anna towards him.

“Hey, Bob.” Moe said, “Got a lost one unaccompanied in the store.”

“I’m not lost!” Anna finally looked up. She turned to Bob, “Sir, if you let me call my husband…”

“All in good time.” Bob didn’t even look at Anna as he cut her off. He was still looking at Moe, “Take her through to the nursery.”

“Nursery!?” Anna exclaimed loud enough to turn nearby heads, “Wait, wait, wait…”

Anna felt a tug on the leash and she stumbled forwards after Moe. She couldn’t believe she was being taken to a nursery but with how she was dressed it should’ve been obvious. She was led down a corridor to a door at the end, it looked like all the others except it said “Mr. Kenny’s Nursery.” Anna whined pathetically, she hated the way she sounded but she felt like a prisoner being taken to their cell. Moe knocked on the door.

“Come in.” A voice from inside called out.

Moe opened the door. Anna followed him inside and immediately felt sick by what she saw. It was certainly a nursery. It was like a room taken from a completely different building, it certainly didn’t seem like it fit in at the university.

Everything was, in Anna’s opinion, a sickening pastel colour. Pinks, whites and yellows filled the room. Anna couldn’t remember going to nursery as a child but she was sure it must’ve looked like this. There were six cribs placed along the far wall, each had a little chest of drawers next to it. There were two changing tables fully stocked with diapers and the rest of the large space was filled with toys and baby equipment. A rocking horse, a playpen, training potties, activity centres, art areas and even a quiet corner surrounded by childish books. Anna was horrified.

“Take me home!” Anna exclaimed as she pulled against Moe’s strong grip, “I’m not supposed to be here! Take me home!”

“Hush.” Moe calmly responded.

Anna kept pulling but made no headway. She had visions of being locked away in this nursery like a prison cell, never being allowed to leave as her brain turned to mush. She barely noticed as a middle-aged man walked over to Moe. He was handsome looking though age was starting to catch up to him, his hairline was receding slightly and there were tinges of grey on the edge.

“Good to see you, Moe.” Mr. Kenny said he reached out his hand to shake the security guard’s, “To what do I owe the pleasure.”

“Got another one, my friend.” Moe said, “Was in the store unsupervised. Poor thing got overwhelmed and wet herself before we could rescue her.”

“That’s not what happened!” Anna retorted angrily. With her shock subsiding anger was taking its place.

“It’s a bit late for new intake today.” Mr. Kenny said as he looked at his watch, “What were you thinking? Seven days residency?”

Anna wasn’t sure what was going on. The men were talking about her as if she was a child with no understanding of what was happening and for once it seemed warranted. She just looked between the two men as they discussed what to do with her.

“She apparently has a husband on campus so the residency seems unnecessary.” Moe said, “Seven day visits seems about right though.”

“Has her husband been called?” Mr. Kenny asked.

“Yeah, the manager of the store called him. He should be hear soon.” Moe replied.

“Was anyone planning to tell me about that!?” Anna demanded. She was ignored.

“Alright, I’ll get the forms ready.” Mr. Kenny said as he walked over to a nearby filing cabinet that was behind what reminded Anna of a teacher’s desk.

Anna folded her arms in front of her. On the one hand she was grateful that Ryan was coming to get her but on the other hand she hated the condescension everyone was treating her with. She didn’t know what this nursery was about and she didn’t know what her punishment was apparently going to be but she wished someone would talk to her like the adult she was.

“Could someone tell me what the hell is going on?” Anna asked as Moe and Mr. Kenny fell into small talk.

“We’ll tell your husband when he gets here.” Moe said.

Anna didn’t get a chance to retort. Before she could respond she heard footsteps running towards the door she was still standing next to. There was some rapid knocks on the wood before the door flew open. Ryan appeared in the doorway, he was sweating and very clearly out of breath. Anna had the impression he had perhaps run all the way here.

“Anna!” Ryan gasped as he looked around at the odd scene, “W-What’s going on?”

Anna flushed with embarrassment as she saw her husband stare at her with wide eyes. She knew how embarrassingly infantile she looked and couldn’t meet Ryan’s eyes. Thankfully he seemed to realise what he was doing quite quickly and looked away.

“Ah, you must be Mr. Manning.” Mr. Kenny said, “Please come over here, we have some forms you need to sign.”


Ryan had a lot on his mind. After the disaster of a visit from Paul and Jane he had been constantly on edge, he kept expecting someone to kick down the door and accuse him of subversive behaviour. It hadn’t been helped when he had heard that Jane was being sent away to Finishing School. It had led to a big argument with Anna but he was in an impossible situation, Paul already thought he was weak, he couldn’t go over there and try to change his mind.

As Ryan tended to do when he had a lot on his mind he had gone for a walk and was now sat on a bench watching people walking past. After Anna had stormed off to the bedroom he knew he needed to give her some space, she was essentially grieving for her friend who almost certainly would never be the same after Finishing School.

It had been a few hours but Ryan was still in no rush to head home. Evening was coming and Ryan knew he would be expected home soon for dinner. He stood up and slowly made his way back to his apartment.

“Anna?” Ryan called as he closed the front door behind him.

There was silence. Ryan sighed and assumed his wife was still mad with him, he couldn’t blame her. He had been decidedly unwise in what he had said earlier. He walked into the apartment and put his bag down. He moved through his home quietly and went down the hallway to the bedroom. He slowly pushed it open a little expecting to see Anna on the bed, when he saw the bed was empty he was even more confused.

“Anna?” Ryan said.

Turning away from the bedroom Ryan checked the only other two rooms in the house. The bathroom was empty and so was the nursery, not that he had ever expected Anna would go in there of her own free will but this raised the question of where she actually was.

Ryan walked back into the living room. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for but he was hoping Anna had left a note or something. There was nothing that indicated when Anna had gone. He felt butterflies fluttering in his tummy as he ran through possible options. He knew his wife was headstrong and that made him very nervous, he prayed she hadn’t done something impulsive like running away. If she had and she was found by someone else there was little he would be able to do to save her.

Ryan paced around the living room unsure of what to do with himself. He remembered how upset Anna had been about Jane’s fate, maybe she had gone across the hall to try to rescue her. If that was the case then they were completely screwed. Anna and Jane would either be locked in with Paul as he called the authorities or the pair of women were on the run, something that would never end well.

Just as Ryan was steadying himself to go across the hall and knock on Paul’s door the phone rang. He was almost on autopilot as he sat down on the couch and picked it up.

“Hello?” Ryan said.

“Hello. Is this Ryan Manning?” The voice on the other end asked.

Ryan took a deep breath. This voice sounded official. There couldn’t possibly be good news coming from this.

“Yes.” Ryan finally responded. His mind was racing through worst case scenarios. Was Anna already in the hands of the authorities? Was she in hospital? Would he ever see the woman he loved again?

“Hi, my name is Thomas and I’m the store manager here on campus.” The voice at the other end of the line continued, “I’m calling to inform you that your wife was caught alone in our store earlier.”

“R-Right.” Ryan felt a massive conflict of feelings. On the one hand he was relieved to know where Anna was and that she was safe, on the other hand this was a tricky situation.

“She must’ve snuck out when you weren’t looking.” Thomas continued. His voice was light but Ryan could definitely detect some menace behind it. It was like he was accusing him of not being attentive enough, “Silly girl.”

“Yeah, I had just noticed she was gone.” Ryan replied hoping there weren’t going to be more awkward questions.

“Not only that, Mr. Manning, but she was without a diaper and, predictably, wet herself.” Thomas continued. The amusement in his voice annoyed Ryan.

“I’ll come and collect her right away.” Ryan said.

“She isn’t here anymore.” Thomas replied.

“Isn’t there?” Ryan asked, “Then where is she?”

Ryan listened as he was told what had happened to his wife. As he heard about everything that had happened he felt his anger rising. How dare these people strip and diaper Anna!

“Thank you.” Ryan forced himself to say. Thomas was trying to reply when Ryan slammed the phone down.

Gathering his shoes Ryan hurriedly slipped them on his feet and ran out of his apartment. He headed over to the administrative building at near enough a full sprint and after getting directions at the desk he hurried down the corridor to a door that had a sign reading “Mr. Kenny’s Nursery.”

Ryan knocked on the door and could hear voices from within. He didn’t wait to be beckoned into the room and turned the handle to push it open. If he wasn’t already winded from his run he would’ve had his breath taken away by what he was seeing inside the room. The first thing he saw was Anna. He had already been told by Thomas what she had been changed into but seeing it in person was so much worse, he knew Anna would be beyond humiliated.

Knowing Anna would be so embarrassed he quickly averted his eyes and looked around the nursery. He tried to catch his breath as he looked at a nursery any infant would dream of. Finally, he looked at the two men in the room. One was a burly security guard who was very similar to Paul in size whilst the other man was smaller but looked to be in control. He was holding a clipboard with some forms on it. He must be Mr. Kenny.

“Ah, you must be Mr. Manning.” Mr. Kenny said, “Please come over here, we have some forms you need to sign.”

“Forms?” Ryan repeated, “What’s going on?”

“Come over here and I’ll catch you up to speed.” Mr. Kenny said as he walked over to a desk on the far side of the room.

Ryan looked again at Anna. He really wanted to just take her home as soon as possible but he had his part to play. If he wanted any chance of having a good future the last thing he needed was to have more rumors spreading about how he was some kind of woman loving deviant. He just nodded his head and followed the other man across the room.

“Hi Ryan.” Mr. Kenny said once they reached the other side of the room, “You can call me Mark.”

“Mark.” Ryan repeated, “What’s going on? I got a call from the supermarket manager and the next thing I know I’m here. Can I take my wife home?”

“Ah, straight to the point.” Mr. Kenny chuckled, “Well, the good news is you can take Anna home and punish her however you wish. The bad news is that you will have to bring her here every morning for the next week.”

“What!?” Ryan blanched, “Why?”

“This is a serious matter, Ryan.” Mr. Kenny replied sternly, “You’re wife was out of the house, I presume without your consent, and broke the rules in the supermarket. The poor thing was so scared she wet herself.”

Ryan nodded her head but felt certain there was more to this story than he was being told. The Anna he knew wouldn’t wet herself in fear. That didn’t matter though, the truth could wait, yet again he found that he and Anna were in a very sticky situation. If he somehow let slip that he didn’t have Anna “under control” and that he had genuinely no idea that she was at the store then the trouble Anna was in would be magnified a thousand times.

“Cut to the chase.” Ryan said. He was trying to project an alpha male. To his internal shame he was trying to act like he thought Paul might.

“You are going to have to bring your girl here every day for the next week.” Mr. Kenny said. He had an infuriatingly condescending smile on his face, “If you drop her off here at, shall we say, eight in the morning and then you can pick her up at six in the evening. Just in time for her to cook your dinner.”

“And if I say no?” Ryan asked.

“Well that would be a problem.” Mr. Kenny nodded his head solemnly, “You see, she was caught breaking rules and if you refuse the recommendation from the supermarket then we will have to escalate things to the Dean…”

Ryan felt a small shiver go down his spine. Going in front of the Dean could be disastrous. He could already imagine the school’s administrator asking why he disagreed with the punishment, he could imagine what might happen next and none of it was good. If he tried to say the punishment was too harsh the spotlight of suspicion would be right above his head, if he said it was too lenient he would have to do something worse.

“I understand.” Ryan said, “Alright, starting tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Mr. Kenny smiled, “Of course we’ll expect her to be dressed appropriately. We’ll also need to put this tracker on her.”

“Tracker?” Ryan frowned.

“An ankle tag.” Mr. Kenny opened one of the drawers next to him and pulled out a small black box attached to a strap, “its waterproof and very sturdy, you don’t need to worry about that. It just allows us to keep an eye on her movements.”

“Is… Is that really necessary?” Ryan asked. He could already imagine what Anna was going to be like when they got home.

“Mr. Manning, Anna was wandering around campus alone. We’re lucky she didn’t get hurt.” Mr. Kenny was talking as if trying to impress upon Ryan how serious the situation was, “Put it on her and switch it on this evening.”

“Understood.” Ryan finally said, “Anything else?”

“Just need you to sign this form. It’s just to say she will be under our care between the listed hours. It’s a waiver, essentially saying you give us permission to change and punish Anna, yadda yadda yadda.”

Ryan looked across at Anna who was still looking halfway between a toddler about to have a tantrum and a vulnerable woman desperate to get out of there. Without hesitation Ryan took the pen and signed the paper.

“Excellent. You may take her home and we’ll be ready for her in the morning.” Mr. Kenny said as he signed the form himself. Ryan was just about to turn and walk away when his arm was grabbed, “And do be more careful with her in future.”

“Thanks for the advice.” Ryan said through a clenched jaw.

“A husband that can’t keep his girl under control can’t be expected to keep his place here.” Mr. Kenny raised an eyebrow.

Ryan stared at the head of the nursery for a couple of seconds before turning away.

“Come on.” Ryan said as he walked over to Anna. He took hold of his wife’s hand and pulled her away from the childish room.



End Chapter 31


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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