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Chapter 12
Part Twelve

Chapter Description: Anna wakes up to a husband who is quickly annoyed by her carelessness. That means it's time for punishment and as if that wasn't bad enough Ryan has more bad news for her.

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Ryan bought ingredients for a Bolognese and was walking slowly home. He was deep in thought, so deep in fact that he didn’t even notice the lamp post he walked into. As some nearby people smirked at his distraction he walked over to a nearby low wall and sat down. He pulled a bottle of water out of the bag and drank some, his hangover wasn’t making that day any easier.

With half the bottle drank Ryan put the top on and put it back in the plastic bag. He wasn’t used to drinking and he had definitely overdone it the previous night. He had been planning to put in his appearance, have a few drinks and then quietly leave but it didn’t quite work out like that.

Men in Sallas were expected to behave a certain way and not conforming was very ill-advised. The measure of a man’s worth was almost entirely down to how “alpha” he was, in practice this meant being one of the boys and not showing any weakness. Consequently when Ryan was told by Paul that the others were whispering about him he knew he had to squash the rumors before they got out of hand. It wasn’t an overreaction to say his future hung in the balance.

One drink had turned into two which turned into three and so on. Just being there to say hello and then leaving wasn’t going to cut it. Ryan wanted that job as an executive in his father’s company more than anything but he knew certain behaviour was expected of him. If news reached his dad that Ryan was either unable to control his woman or acted strangely with the other guys he knew his career would stall before it even began.

Ryan was sure his father would hear about what was going on as well. Harold was a major donor to the college and Ryan had no doubt he would have people watching him to make sure he stayed on the straight and narrow. Ryan was an investment as far as his father was concerned, at least that was how he felt. He had been brought up specifically to take over the business when his father retired. He wouldn’t ever forget Harold telling him that had Ryan been born a girl he would keep having kids until he got the son he wanted.

With that being the case Ryan had to keep up with everyone else’s drinking and act as obnoxious as they did. In this society sticking out was the worst possible thing you could do whether male or female so Ryan had tried to blend into the group. Most of the night was a blur and there were giant patches of nothingness in his memory but judging from some of the messages on his phone it seemed people enjoyed his company. He wished his drunken self hadn’t invited Paul over for a meal though, of all the men that were drinking Paul was by far the most obnoxious. He was loud, brash and wanted everyone to know he was in charge. In a room full of “alpha males” Paul wanted to stand head and shoulders above everyone else.

Ryan was glad no one could see what was happening in his apartment. He looked up at the sky and stretched his neck muscles as he wondered what to do with Anna. He felt constantly stressed and exhausted by everything and he knew he wasn’t doing enough at home. Walking in on Anna changing her own diaper had certainly been a shock for him. He should’ve punished her and yet…

Despite wanting to stay out all day he knew he couldn’t. Taking all the time he could he walked back from the store towards his apartment. It was halfway through his walk that he almost missed a scene happening right in front of him because of how distracted he was. A woman was walking the way Ryan had come from. She was wearing the harness all women were supposed to wear, the nametag saying who her man was and had a pacifier in her mouth. As this woman walked past a group of young men one of them stuck his foot out and deliberately tripped her up.

“Ugh.” The woman hit the ground hard and her pacifier came spilling out of her mouth. It skidded along the pavement until it was just in front of Ryan.

“You should watch where you’re going, bitch.” The man who tripped her said to laughter from his friends.

The woman got back to her feet slowly but kept her eyes to the ground. She had scrapes on both of her hands but that didn’t stop her from looking towards those that had assaulted her and bowing at them a little. The men just laughed at her subservience. She started gathering up the shopping that had spilled out of the bags she was carrying.

Ryan bent down and picked the pink pacifier up. He wiped off some grit that had attached itself but the butterfly design on the button in the middle was scraped half off. He looked up to see the woman looking at him as if she were an antelope approaching a lion. She looked absolutely terrified.

“I think this is yours.” Ryan said as he held out the pacifier.

The woman reached out with a shaking hand and took the pacifier with a wince. She quickly stepped back as if she was expecting some kind of trick. She looked at Ryan with surprise when he didn’t move.

“Th-thank you.” The woman muttered barely audibly.

Without another second’s hesitation the woman put the pacifier back in her mouth and hurried off towards the apartments as fast her thickly diapered butt would let her. Ryan looked forwards again and saw the men who had been making fun of her looking at him with curiosity. Ryan looked away and started walking past them and back to his apartment. He ignored the whispers he heard as he went by the group of men.


Anna stood over the pan of delicious smelling Bolognese and cursed herself for giving in. She was dressed in one of her nicer dresses which was still ridiculously childish by regular standards. The bottom of the dress didn’t cover the bottom of her diaper which was thankfully dry. The pale yellow garment had frilly white shoulder sections that were much puffier than the rest. Anna had her hair in pigtails, a request from Ryan, and a pacifier between her lips.

“Is everything ready?” Ryan asked as he walked through from the bathroom to the living area.

“Nearly.” Anna replied around the mouth-filling bulb.

“They’ll be here any minute.” Ryan said.

“I know… I can’t make it cook any faster.” Anna mumbled impatiently.

Anna turned around to see her husband standing at the window. He was wearing a smart cotton shirt and a pair of tan pants. He was biting his fingernails and if Anna didn’t know any better she would think Ryan was nervous. As if he had anything to be nervous about, Anna was the one who had to walk on eggshells. Ryan had lectured her extensively on what to do and what not to do. The only reason Anna wasn’t totally freaking out was the expectation of seeing Jane again. She was excited to see her if for no other reason than making sure she was OK.

The shrill noise of the doorbell rang out around the apartment and made both Anna and Ryan jump. Anna turned back to the food as Ryan hurried over to the door. Anna swallowed hard and stirred the food as the door opened behind her.

“Ryan!” Paul’s voice was loud and commanding, “How are you, man? Recovered from last night?”

“Just about.” Ryan replied.

The two men laughed and although Anna hadn’t turned around to see what was happening she heard the door close. She furtively looked over her shoulder to see if Jane was there, she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Anna’s heart sank.

“Is Jane not joining us?” Ryan asked as if reading Anna’s mind.

“She’ll be here in a few. She has a couple of chores to finish up.” Paul replied before continuing with a raised voice, “Hey! Woman! Bring us some drinks!”

Anna swallowed hard but said nothing as she quickly hurried to the fridge. Her disgust at being ordered around like this was less than her fear of the men giving the orders. She got two bottles of beer out and walked over to the table to place them down before immediately returning to the cooking. In truth there was little left to do for the meal but she didn’t want to serve before Jane got there.

As Anna absentmindedly stirred the Bolognese she suddenly felt herself wetting her diaper. She licked her lips and reached down to try to pull her ridiculously short skirt down a bit, it didn’t work. There was simply no way that the strip of clothing that constituted her skirt would hide what was underneath.

The doorbell rang again and Anna jumped. The urine which had bent gently flowing out suddenly squirted into her padding. For a second she didn’t move thinking that since the men were closer they could get the door, it didn’t take long for her to realise the mistake she had made. Anna put down the kitchen utensils and hurried out past the table to the door. The men were already in discussion about something business related, it didn’t mean anything to Anna save for the fact that she was grateful their attention was on each other rather than her.

Anna opened the front door with a smile. She was fully ready to see a friendly face but what she saw on the other side of the door shocked her completely. Her eyes opened wide as she stood staring at the cringing form of Jane.

“Hi…” Jane muttered quietly.

Jane was dressed in an extreme manner even for Sallas. There wasn’t a hint of adulthood in her outfit. Jane looked like she was triple-diapered with her padding bulging out everywhere to an extreme degree. The pink onesie she was wearing seemed to barely contain what was underneath it and there was an almost comically large pacifier between her lips. Jane’s hair was braided and placed in pigtails that ended in little ribbons.

“Is that Jane?” Paul shouted from the kitchen table.

Anna couldn’t respond. The only person she considered a friend was standing in front of her in the most humiliatingly infantile outfit she had yet seen. Jane must have known she made quite a sight as her head dropped to look at the floor. Anna could see the shame Jane felt about how she was dressed, the shimmering eyes and rosy cheeks betrayed her attempts at remaining stoic.

“What are you doing over there?” It was Paul shouting again. He had only been there a few minutes but he was already acting like he owned the place, “If it’s Jane let them in otherwise tell whoever it is to fu-”

“It’s Jane.” Anna said simply as she stepped back and held the door open.

Jane shuffled inside and then dropped on to her hands and knees. Anna could only stare as Jane’s massive rear pointed towards her showing the straining buttons of the onesie, Jane started crawling into the apartment. As Jane crawled unsteadily towards the table Anna looked up at the two men sitting at it, she saw Paul smirking and leaning back in his chair whilst Ryan’s eyes were just like Anna’s.

“I hope dinner isn’t burning…” Paul locked eyes with Anna for just a second.

Anna looked away and hurried around to the kitchen. Dinner wasn’t burning but with Jane here there was no longer any reason to put off serving the food. She silently dished out the food to four plates whilst trying not to dwell on what she had just seen. Behind her conversation was turning to Jane which interested Anna much more than the business chat.

“So what’s the story there?” Ryan asked. Anna didn’t need to turn around to know he was referring to Jane.

“Oh, the bitch?” The way Paul tossed out his comments made Anna’s skin crawl.

“Yeah.” Ryan said after a few seconds.

“She’s been getting ideas above her station.” Paul said, “I’m just putting her back in her place.”

“I see…” Ryan said quietly.

Anna brought two of the plates over to the table. She was smart enough to make sure it was the two men who were served first. As she put down Paul’s plate he tapped her rear end. Anna had to fight back the urge to swing at him. She had to keep repeating to herself that she had to keep her cool.

“Make sure Jane’s food is in a bowl.” Paul said with another smirk.

“A… bowl?” Anna repeated slowly.

Paul nodded his head and tapped Anna on the butt a couple more times to dismiss her. Anna went back to the kitchen and got a bowl out of the cupboard. After giving it a quick rinse she carefully transferred one of the remaining plates of food into the bowl. She then carried the plate and bowl over to the table.

“Thank you.” Paul took the bowl from Anna before she had the chance to put it down herself. Paul placed the bowl in front of Jane and then took the cutlery away.

“What are you…” Ryan started to say quietly.

“You can’t expect such helpless babies to feed themselves.” Paul chuckled as he took Jane’s cutlery.

Jane looked around the table with a look of hopelessness in her eyes. She looked at Paul once more looking for pity that wasn’t there. Anna was sitting opposite the poor young woman and could only look on as Jane looked down at the bowl with resignation.



End Chapter 12


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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