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Chapter 3
Part Three

Chapter Description: Anna learns what a marriage ceremony looks like in Sallas before meeting her new in-laws. --- If you enjoy this story you can see the next part RIGHT NOW on my Patreon page! My writing is my sole income so I appreciate each and every person who can help me pay the bills and fill the refrigerator. For $5 a month you can see everything I post one full week before the rest of the world. For $10 you can see the updates early AND you get access to 42 stories that are EXCLUSIVE for patrons. I post two updates of 2,000+ words a week. For more information on additional patron tiers and rewards (such as discounts on commissions or free stories) please check out my Patreon page: Thank you everyone who supports me or who visits my page to check it out ❤️

As the other women exclaimed excitedly Anna pulled up the front of her graduating robe to see if she needed a change. Anna, like most girls, wasn’t allowed to change herself unless it was an emergency. There was a teacher standing next to the table and already she had a queue of girls forming for their changes. Anna decided she could wait, this was all embarrassing enough without being exposed to everyone present.

Anna pulled off her gown with her back to the rest of the room. She hurriedly pulled the wedding dress out of her bag and put it on without any real effort to make it look nice. She looked in the mirror with dead eyes. The dress was very basic but then she had basically refused to take part in picking one out. It looked to Anna like it was the cheapest dress her father could find.

Anna was rather rudely elbowed aside by a small group of young women positioning themselves in front of the mirror. She looked on with disgust as they touched up their make-up and adjusted their dresses. Anna was almost envious of the people she saw as brainless drones, at least they weren’t having to suffer like she was; at least they didn’t know better.

“You. Yes, you. Are you ready? Come on.” The woman that was stood just outside the door had stuck her head in and was looking straight at Anna.

“Me?” Anna asked as she pointed to herself.

“Yes, come on.” The woman waved for Anna to come over.

Anna was struck dumb by the suddenness of everything. She obviously knew her time as a single woman was short but to have it ended so suddenly and brutally left Anna feeling cold. She opened and closed her mouth a few times as the woman watched on impatiently. Anna got the impression that if she didn’t move soon she would be forcibly dragged out of the room.

Anna’s knees felt wobbly and she wondered if she might collapse at any moment but she walked across the room anyway. She couldn’t believe the room had been made ready for the ceremonies so quickly and although she knew this was coming it now felt like all her wishful fantasies had been closed off. She felt like she was having an out of body experience as she stepped past the woman and out into the main hall.

“Oh, hold on, you need this.” The woman said impatiently.

Anna turned to see the woman rummaging in her pockets for something. When she pulled out a large pacifier and held it out Anna felt her face flush with heat. Anna was confused but as she looked over the shoulder of the woman at the other graduates she saw them all getting pacifiers out, some looked very fancy. Since Anna’s was back in her bag she was being given a very basic white one that she supposed was to complement her dress.

“What is this?” Anna asked dumbly.

“It’s tradition here.” The woman said as she impatiently jabbed the pacifier against Anna’s chest.

“Tradition?” Anna repeated.

“Just take it and hurry up.” The woman said with another jab, “It’s to symbolise your place as your Husband’s woman.”

Anna knew her choices were limited to doing as she was told or risking a terrible punishment. With cheeks blushing a deep red she took the pacifier. She lifted it to put it in her mouth when her arm was slapped down by the woman who seemed to think Anna was being deliberately difficult.

“You give it to the groom to give to you.” The woman sighed with exasperation, “Honestly, did you not pay any attention in school?”

“Not really.” Anna replied honestly. It felt like sarcasm and being difficult was her default response to the dread she felt.

Anna lowered her hand again and turned to face the stage. It seemed the workers certainly had moved quickly. Most of the seats remained but now the stage had six white wooden arches set up along with podiums and officials. Anna swallowed anxiously, she felt like she was looking up at the gallows. With an extra jolt of horror Anna saw that Ryan was standing at one of the spaces in his suit. There were men at each of the arches and they were all looking towards the changing room expectantly.

“Well, go on then…” The woman nudged Anna in the back to get her to move, “We’ve got a lot to get through.”

Anna stared at Ryan. He was standing there in almost the same exact awkward pose as she saw him in earlier. He quickly looked away and then spoke to the official, he was whispering something that Anna was unable to hear. As Anna slowed to a stop before the stage again she heard the door to the changing room open. Several young women came spilling out and shrieked with delight when they saw the stage. They rushed forwards and took to the stage, Anna was nearly trampled as they pushed past.

Anna was the last of this first group to climb the stairs. It felt like she was on the conveyor belt at a marriage factory, she was just pushed along by forces she had no control over. Her diaper warmed again as she crinkled up the steps to the stage, it was certainly getting full now. Her heart was pounding and she looked up to the balcony where her parents were still watching. Michelle appeared to be filming proceedings which was the last thing Anna wanted, it felt like she was having a humiliating moment saved for posterity. She cast her eyes downwards towards the exit, her last chance to escape. She was surprised to see two large security guards at the door, she wondered if people making a run for it wasn’t as rare an occurrence as she had assumed.

As Anna approached Ryan she got her first look at him close-up. He still seemed to find it hard to make eye contact. Anna stood to the side awkwardly, tears started falling from her eyes but unlike the tears of happiness at most weddings, these were tears of sorrow.

“We are gathered here today to join Ryan Manning and Anna Abbott…” The official started.

As the official started to drone on Anna found it hard to pay attention. She couldn’t believe this was real life, she still hadn’t even really spoken to this man that she was about to be married to. She couldn’t look away from Ryan who watched the official intently. She wanted to stop everything and grab the official to tell him how mad this all was. If it didn’t have such dire consequences for her she might’ve found the whole thing so absurd as to be funny.

“Do you, Ryan Manning, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?” The official asked. He sounded almost bored.

“I do.” Ryan replied. He glanced across at Anna and flashed a smile before quickly looking away again.

“Do you, Anna Abbott, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” The official turned to Anna.

Anna hesitated. She opened her mouth and then closed it again. She looked at the official, she looked at Ryan and then she looked across to where her parents were sitting. She saw Harold lean forwards as if he was about to get up.

“I… I…” Anna was fighting her own heart that was telling her to scream that she didn’t know this man, “I… do.”

Anna knew her words sounded disappointed and forced. She immediately started sobbing. Ryan looked even more awkward. Around them there were other couples tying the knot with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Young women being married off by their fathers and family, burdens passed on or pawns to cement new business relationships.

“You may now kiss the bride.” The official said as he closed the small notebook he had been holding in front of him.

Ryan took a step forwards and Anna tensed up automatically. She had her arms across her front as her new husband leaned in. He seemed to go for a kiss on the lips but as he got closer he moved to the side and in the end simply pecked Anna on the cheek. Anna looked away.

“And now for the ceremonial pacifier.” The officiator said, “The bride hands the pacifier to her husband to symbolise giving herself mind, body and soul to him.”

Anna reached out a trembling hand with the pacifier in it. She was trying her hardest not to break down in tears but as Ryan took the soother from her it felt like she was truly giving herself away. If the pacifier truly symbolised everything the officiator had said then this meant she was willingly handing over everything about herself. Giving her individuality and freedom to a man.

“The husband places the pacifier into the bride’s mouth to symbolise the acceptance of his burden and new responsibilities.” The officiator continued.

Anna watched as Ryan raised the pacifier up. The amber teat was facing Anna who was having difficulty not looking at the way Ryan was smiling. As Ryan’s hand came forward Anna reluctantly opened her trembling lips. She closed her eyes and felt a single tear roll down her cheek. She felt the soft nipple get pushed past her teeth and on to her tongue. When the plastic mouth guard hit her lips she closed her mouth. She felt humiliated and wanted to hide her face away from everyone else in the room.

“If you would both like to go to the table over there to sign the license…” The official pointed over to a table set up near the exit. It was staffed by two very dour looking elderly men.

“Right, OK then.” Ryan said rather awkwardly.

Anna wasn’t sure what to do but her dilemma was solved when Ryan unexpectedly took hold of her hand. She hadn’t expected it and her first instinct was to yank her hand back but Ryan’s grip didn’t budge. She was pulled behind the young man until she started walking. Anna growled angrily. As soon as they were off the stage Anna pulled the pacifier out of her mouth and surreptitiously dropped it on to the floor.

“You don’t have to pull me so hard.” Anna hissed angrily. She reached up with her free hand to wipe away the tears that were still running down her cheeks.

Ryan didn’t respond. Was this going to be the rest of Anna’s life? Serving a man who didn’t talk to her, barely even looked at her even. It occurred to her that she knew nothing about this man, who knew what he might be capable of. She took a couple of deep breaths to try and calm down her panicking mind.

“Sign here.” One of the old men said when the newlyweds reached the table.

The form was laid out in front of the couple. Ryan took the pen and signed his name without delay, he held the pen out for Anna whose hand he had finally released. It wasn’t like she had a choice in the matter. It almost felt like there was a gun to her head as she put the pen to the paper. There were tears in her eyes as she signed herself into servitude.

“Very good.” The old man said as he took the contract back.

Anna stood silently as the details were checked and then the contract copied. The copy was handed back to Ryan whilst the original was filed away. Anna looked over her shoulder to the stage where she saw all the other ceremonies in progress. One couple was coming down to the table to sign their contract, Anna noticed the woman was smiling but it didn’t seem very natural.

“Time to go.” Ryan’s instructed.

With no choice but to follow Anna walked a step behind Ryan until they left the main hall and were back in the Foyer. Anna wasn’t sure exactly what was happening next. Almost as soon they had left the hall where all the ceremonies had happened Ryan dropped her hand and walked over to where his friends were huddled.

Anna was now alone in her wedding dress. She had been so anxious about the ceremony itself she didn’t really know what was supposed to happen now that it was over. She didn’t know if she should’ve gone over with Ryan or not, the thought of following him around like a little lost puppy made her nauseous. To hell with what everyone else wanted or expected, Anna thought as she folded her arms across her chest, she wasn’t about to become the timid housewife demanded by society.

“It’s all done then, eh?” Harold’s voice made Anna jump and she turned around to see him standing behind her with Michelle next to him. To Anna’s surprise Michelle was dabbing at her eyes with a tissue.

“It was beautiful!” Michelle said as she sniffed back the tears.

Anna frowned at her. There had been nothing beautiful about her ordeal. It had been a rushed administrative procedure, it felt more like a business transaction than anything else. Anna wondered if her adoptive mother was truly so brainwashed or in denial that the meagre service done to hand Anna over to Ryan seemed truly romantic. Not for the first time in her life Anna wanted to reach over to her mom and shake her, to scream at her to wake up.

“You’re a lucky girl.” Harold said, “Ryan will earn a lot of money in the future. I don’t know why he picked you but here we are…”

“He picked me?” Anna repeated with a frown.

“His father told him he needed to get married and he said your name.” Harold shrugged, “I wasn’t about to turn down the dowry.”

“Dowry?” Anna wondered why so many parts of her marriage were kept secret from her. Then she remembered no one was acting maliciously, they just didn’t think she needed to know the details of her own life.

“A percentage of future earnings will be coming to me.” Harold said with a big smile, “A most generous share I must say.”

“I’m so happy I could fund your retirement.” Anna spat out sarcastically.

“There’s no need to sulk, dear.” Michelle said as she reached out a trembling hand.

Anna had to bite her tongue to prevent herself from causing a scene. She had seen the guards earlier and knew they would have no compunction in dragging her off. She turned away from her parents to look back at Ryan who was laughing with his friends. He had apparently chosen her. Anna had no idea why he would pick her when they had barely spoken to each other before, there must’ve been girls that he knew better.

To be fair Anna was surprised anyone at all picked her to marry. She was known as a troublemaker even if she stayed the right side of the line to stop herself getting dragged off. Such a rebellious girl wasn’t usually considered as good wife material. She was the sort of girl others shook their head at and whispered to their friends about and Anna wouldn’t have it any other way.

“If it isn’t my new daughter-in-law!” A male voice boomed loud enough to make Anna jump, “And Harold, good to see you.”

“Michael, hope you’re well, how’s everything going?” Harold asked as he shook the new man’s hand.

Anna turned around to see a squat man with a large belly greeting her parents. His hair was very clean-cut though it was greying around the edges. He was well dressed, clearly he was trying to display his wealth as an act of dominance. Next to Michael was the person Anna assumed was her new mother-in-law. The woman looked half Michael’s age with clearly fake breasts that jutted out almost obscenely. It looked like her face had received a lot of attention as well, to the point it looked like changing facial expressions would be a real problem for her.

“Everything’s great!” Michael’s voice seemed to be permanently raised as if he thought every word he said should be heard by everyone in the room, “Even better for seeing Anna. Aren’t you just the prettiest little thing?”

Anna didn’t respond.

“You’ll have to forgive Anna.” Harold quickly said when it became clear Anna wasn’t going to say anything, “It’s been a big day. You know what women are like, all emotional and everything.”

“Of course, of course!” Michael laughed loudly and slapped Harold on the back.

Anna felt very uncomfortable and wanted to leave but no one cared. There was a loud laugh form the group Ryan was with. She turned her head to see one of them doing a stupid little dance. Great, she thought, not only am I married to a stranger but he’s an immature ass as well. Anna kept looking at her new mother-in-law with disgust. The poor woman seemed more plastic than flesh at this point, had any of the surgeries been her choice? Anna doubted it.

After a few minutes of small talk Michael and Harold agreed to play golf together soon and then the in-laws walked away. As Michael went past Anna he reached down and gave her butt a quick pat. Anna felt her diaper get pressed against her skin.  Anna jumped and only just stopped herself from swinging a punch at him.

“Don’t touch me!” Anna growled at her father-in-law.

“Excuse me?” Michael looked affronted that Anna had dared speak up.

“Just… leave me alone.” Anna continued, “I’m not your piece of meat.”

“No.” Michael stepped up to Anna and looked her up and down. His leering gaze made Anna shiver, “You’re my son’s piece of meat, and if he listens to me he’ll soon get that attitude out of you.”

Anna swallowed hard at the threat. Michael stayed in her face for another few seconds before finally backing away. His hard features suddenly melted into a loose approximation of a smile. He linked arms with his Barbie-doll wife.

“Call my secretary, Harold. Arrange that golf game.” Michael turned away and swaggered off with his wife tottering along beside him.

Anna was still glaring at Michael when she felt her arm taken. She was practically dragged to the side of the room where they were away from prying ears. When Harold stopped Anna forcibly pulled her arm free and rubbed at where she had been grabbed, the skin there was turning an angry red.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Harold hissed, “Do you know who that man is? Do you know what he could do?”

“He grabbed my-” Anna started to protest. She willed the tears that were threatening to spring forth from her eyes away.

“I don’t care what he did.” Harold continued angrily, “If you want to get yourself thrown into an institution be my guest but you will not risk the money I’m getting from this.”

“You are a bastard.” Anna muttered before she could stop herself.

What happened next was so quick Anna was unable to even try and resist. She was pulled closer to Harold who bent her over at the waist. Her arms flew out in front of her but she couldn’t stop what was happening. Anna could feel the back of her dress getting flipped up revealing her wet diaper to the room and everyone in it.

“You will respect men.” Harold growled threateningly.

The first spank caused Anna to exclaim loudly. The sound echoed around the high-ceilinged hall and ended the conversations going on around her. She became the centre of attention as tears sprung to eyes. She tried to push herself away from her father but his grip on her was secure.

Anna was spanked five more times in rapid succession. She was openly sobbing more from the humiliation than the pain but it didn’t seem to matter. The only sounds in the room were her whining exclamations and the echoing hit of each smack. She bounced on her legs back and forth until finally the punishment ended.

“The sooner you understand your place the less of this you’ll have to face.” Harold said quietly as he let go of Anna and then leaned into her ear, “I’ve tried to be patient. I’ve tried to understand this doesn’t come as naturally to you as it does for other women but you aren’t under my control anymore. You have to start playing your role for Ryan.”

Anna nodded her head tearfully as she wiped her eyes. She would’ve agreed with whatever Harold said to make sure she wasn’t humiliated again. Harold walked away and back over to Michelle who had stood by during all of this with a pained smile on her face. Anna stood back up straight and felt the back of her dress slowly fall back down to cover herself. She looked up at the room and whilst some people had gone back to their conversations others will still watching. Ryan was in the corner still and whilst his friends continued to laugh and joke his eyes didn’t leave Anna until she looked away.


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End Chapter 3


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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