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Chapter 34
Part Thirty-Four

Chapter Description: Anna's first afternoon at the nursery isn't better than the morning. When she goes into the nursery the next day she is expecting more of the same... but she's in for a big surprise.

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Anna didn’t get any sleep that nap time. It wasn’t long until she heard soft snores coming from the other cribs but she couldn’t sleep. She would’ve liked to say her opposition to napping was ideological but in truth it was purely because of uncomfortable she felt physically. Her bladder wouldn’t let her relax until she emptied it and she was not planning to do that any time soon.

As the assistants came round the cribs and lowered the sides like guards letting inmates out for recreation time Anna sat back up. It wasn’t Mr. Kenny or Ronnie that came to her crib but the other assistant. He had a nametag that read “Ed” and he didn’t say anything as he stepped on the release and let the bars drop to the ground.

Anna scooted forwards warily when he indicated for her to do so. Just before she dropped off the edge and on to the floor Ed pushed his hand against her crotch. When he felt the still-dry diaper he frowned. Once his hand had moved away Anna dropped out of the crib and went back to her quiet corner. She was desperate for the toilet now.

“Here.” Ed walked over with a bottle a minute later. His voice was surprisingly light but it was clear he didn’t use it much.

“I’m really not-…” Anna started.

The bottle was pushed forwards between Anna’s lips and just like earlier in the day Anna was forced to drink. She winced as she swallowed even more liquid knowing where it was all going to end up. She wasn’t allowed to push the bottle away until she was finished with it. She looked up at Ed with loathing.

Things only got worse as time seemed to get slower the fuller her bladder became. She didn’t know how long it would be until Ryan came to pick her up but it felt like too long. Every now and then Ed, Ronnie or Mr. Kenny himself would come over and check her diaper, each time they found her dry they would feed her another bottle.

Anna was practically writhing. She’d watched the other women get taken for changes whether they were happy to do so or not. Her resolve was tested and she wondered if her stubbornness was just making her miserable. She couldn’t expect to go through the full week without using her diaper at the nursery at all. It was entirely her stubbornness that held her back from wetting the diaper.

Despite a growing portion of her brain wanting to give in and wet herself Anna still held out. It was a point of personal pride for her, a way of rebelling and a way to tell the system that she wasn’t giving in without a fight. All her lofty ideals did little to help her as she doubled over on the beanbag though.

“I’m here to pick up Anna.” Ryan’s voice made Anna look up and she wondered just how long she had been on her seat with her head down between her knees.

Anna looked up to see Ryan at the desk and looking over at her. She couldn’t help but smile, she hoped it was interpreted as the smile of a good wife ready to go serve her husband rather than someone who knew things would improve the moment she left the nursery. She stood up and immediately placed her hand across her belly, she was about ready to burst.

“Ryan, you’re fifteen minutes early.” Mr. Kenny had a smile on his face but it didn’t reach the coldness of his eyes.

“Class let out early.” Ryan replied, “Didn’t think it would be a problem.”

“Not a problem.” Mr. Kenny bowed his head a little, “But don’t make a habit of coming here early.”

Anna waddled up to Ryan and stood behind him. As she waited to leave Ryan had to sign yet more forms and then she had to get changed back into the outfit she had arrived in, she had been wearing the onesie given to her before bedtime until now.

“We’ll see you tomorrow.” Mr. Kenny said to Anna when she was ready to leave.

Anna was so ready to leave she walked ahead of Ryan to the door. Normally she wouldn’t be so bold in public but she simply couldn’t wait. She heard Ryan following her as she went all the way down the hallway, through the reception area and outside the building. She stopped dead just to the side of the entrance.

Anna had barely come to a stop when her bladder relaxed. She sighed maybe a little too loudly as she felt the relief of her emptying bladder. The urine poured out of her like a waterfall and she closed her eyes as the warmth rapidly spread around the padding. She spread her legs just a little to give the diaper more room and felt it sag slightly as it dealt with the deluge.

Despite the humiliation of helplessly wetting herself like that Anna had a smile on her face. It felt like a victory against the system that wanted to keep her down.

“It looks like you needed that.” Ryan said as he walked up next to his wife.

“Is it that obvious?” Anna asked. Her cheeks flushed red but she found it hard to care too much bearing in mind she still felt like she had won.

The torrent finally stopped and it wasn’t a moment too soon. Anna had been holding on for so long that just this one release had completely flooded her disposable. Anymore and she would be have pee dripping down her legs in the middle of this public space.

“Let’s get home.” Ryan said when Anna tried to close her legs and found the padding made it very difficult to do so.


Anna woke up the next day with the same dread she had experienced the previous morning. At least she knew what she was in for this time. Spending a day desperately trying not to use her diaper and sitting in the corner trying not to be seen was exhausting. It made the minutes stretch into hours and that wasn’t mentioning the humiliation of being treated like an infant.

It was terrifying the way that women were seen by those people. It wasn’t an act. When they talked down to her it was because they literally thought she needed to be treated like a child. After getting home and taking off the soaking diaper Anna had ranted at Ryan about the way they spoke to her, not that she expected much else. She had just needed to vent.

To Anna’s irritation and horror she found that whilst Ryan sympathized with her he also told her she would have to expect that a lot more.

“In college everyone is competing to be top dog.” Ryan explained, “Same thing at school. Everyone wants to be the biggest guy around so they act overly macho. Outside of academia most guys are going to treat you like you have child’s mind. That you have the emotions, temperament and mental capacity of a toddler. Most men in Sallas truly believe that you’re a child.”

At that Anna had gotten very mad and thrown the television remote against the wall. A couple of buttons popped out it left a small dent in the wall. She knew he was telling the truth, she had grown up in Sallas so she knew that men automatically thought she was stupid. More than once she’d had a random man working the cash register pat her on the head. She was just supposed to smile and like it. Well, she refused. She was determined to never end up like the girl’s in the nursery succumbing to the wishes of the men who wanted to keep her down.

Anna rolled over in bed and looked at the clock. She had to get up. Technically she should’ve got up five minutes ago but she decided to skip breakfast for a little more alone time. One of the reasons the previous day had been so tough was that she had so desperately tried to avoid using her diaper. She had a plan to perhaps make that a little easier this time around.

With a sigh Anna finally rolled out of bed. Instead of standing up she stayed in a squatting position with her arms on top of the mattress. She hesitated but she could already feel her digestive system complaining that she hadn’t emptied her bowels for a couple of days. She had her butt pointing towards the door and slowly pushed it out a little more.

Anna took a deep breath and then pushed down. She felt the pressure build until some gas was forced out. She didn’t stop pushing and soon she felt something shifting within her. She took another breath and braced for the inevitable. Almost as soon as she started pushing again she began pooping. The back of the diaper pushed out as the log was forced against it before spreading out over the padding. After holding everything in for so long it felt like there was a lot to come.

“Anna, you’re going to be-…” The door opened. Anna turned to look over her shoulder as Ryan stood in the doorway.

Having started Anna couldn’t stop. Even as she saw Ryan standing behind her she was forced to bear down and fully empty her bowels. She heard faint noises coming from her diaper as it bulged out at the rear. She could feel the warmth spreading out as she continued to push down. When she was finished her bladder released and she shivered as she soaked the front as much as she had dirtied the back.

“Oh.” Ryan said.

“Well, you’re the one that we had to do this “properly.”” Anna said with a bit more anger than she intended.

“I’m sorry. I just didn’t expect…” Ryan was saying.

“No, it’s fine.” Anna winced as she stood up straight and felt the load in her diaper shift with her, “Just… bad timing.”

Anna and Ryan both stood awkwardly for a few seconds. Neither was able to look at the other and neither knew what to say to break a silence that was quickly becoming stifling.

“If you want to jump in the shower and… stuff.” Ryan suggested, “Just be as quick as you can. We can’t afford to be late.”

Anna nodded. She walked past her husband and tried to pretend that she couldn’t very clearly smell herself. She knew Ryan was being polite in not mentioning the stink but there was no way he could miss it.

After her shower and once in a fresh diaper it was time for Anna to pick out her outfit for the day. She went for a white onesie with yellow ducklings all over it. She popped the two flaps together between her legs and then took some shortalls to wear over the top. It was denim and came up her chest to her breasts, two straps went over her shoulders and connected with the back.

At least Ryan had the good grace not to comment on how Anna looked when she came into the living room. Anna sat on the couch in a sulk that she thought was totally justified. After a few minutes Ryan informed her it was time to go and she reluctantly got to her feet. She opened her mouth to accept the pacifier and then lifted her arms so Ryan could attach her harness.

“You do look cute.” Ryan said. As she tightened the straps.

Anna looked daggers at her husband.

“I’m sorry.” Ryan lifted his hands in pacification, “You do though.”

Anna wasn’t in the mood for a fight so told herself Ryan was just trying to be helpful. She waited for Ryan to get ready and then left the apartment. The walk to the nursery was just as embarrassing as the previous day but at least Anna was somewhat used to it. When the reins were handed over to Mr. Kenny all Anna could do was watch Ryan leave and start counting the hours before she could go home again. The fact that this was only day two made it feel like she was never going to get through it all.

“Well, Anna, I hope you’re in a more playful mood today.” Mr. Kenny said as he started taking off the harness, “Because if you don’t behave properly I may have to extend your stay.”

Anna’s eyes bulged but as the harness was slipped off her shoulders and the head of the nursery walked away she was left wondering if he had the authority to do what he threatened. He had been the one who had originally given her this punishment after all.

“You’ll be able to meet our other guest as today.” Mr. Kenny continued as he sat at his desk, “Maybe you’ll get along with her better than the other girls. Now run along.”

Anna was only too happy to turn away from Mr. Kenny and face the room. She walked straight across to the same beanbag she had been practically attached to on her first day. The other girls looked at her strangely but she didn’t as much as glance in their direction.

The morning was almost identical to the previous day. Anna stayed away from everyone and everything unless she had no choice but to interact. It was shortly after lunch that the routine suddenly changed. From where she was on the far side of the room she could only see Mr. Kenny and the two handlers leave the room momentarily. That was strange in itself as it meant the women were unsupervised but when they came back Anna’s heart stopped and she loudly exclaimed.

Mr. Kenny walked in first and behind him was the two burly assistants. In between them was a smaller huddled form in not just the standard harness but with extra cuffs around her arms, wrists and ankles making sure she was completely under control.

“Jane!” Anna could’ve cried as she awkwardly got off the beanbag and stood up.



End Chapter 34


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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