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Chapter 14
Part Fourteen

Chapter Description: Anna is taking a big risk in changing Jane but she just can't let the poor girl suffer. She hopes Ryan and Paul won't notice what has happened but can she really expect it to stay secret? And what would happen if the men found out that she had acted on her own initiative? Then, as the dinner party comes to an end, Ryan does something Anna wouldn't have expected in a million years.

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Anna pulled out some baby wipes and started quickly but thoroughly cleaning her friend. Jane remained completely limp as Anna changed someone else’s diaper for the first time in her life. She was working so diligently she soon forgot about the smell and when she pulled the soiled disposables away she felt like she had truly accomplished something. She smiled as she felt pride over successfully cleaning Jane.

Anna balled up the used diapers and dropped them into the diaper pail. She was nearly done and thankfully there was no sign that anyone was going to disturb them. She pulled out three of her own diapers from beneath the padded top, she had to try and make it look like Jane had been wearing these diapers the whole time. As Anna looked down at the diapers she froze.

“What’s wrong?” Jane asked nervously when Anna hadn’t moved for a few seconds.

Anna looked at the top of the diaper pail where Jane’s messy disposables were balled up. She saw the infantile designs on the outside of the padding, the teddy bears and baby blocks stood out against the white background. She then looked down at her own diapers that she was about to put on Jane. They were almost completely blank. The fact that these weren’t Jane’s diapers would be immediately obvious to anyone who gave them even a cursory glance.

Anna thought about telling Jane the truth but the poor woman looked on the verge of a nervous breakdown and this news might push her over the edge. Anna thought back to how Ryan had been when he came home the previous evening. As long as Paul had enough to drink maybe he wouldn’t notice the obviously different diapers. Whether he would notice or not Anna decided it wasn’t worth worrying her friend about it since they certainly couldn’t change it now.

“Nothing.” Anna looked up and smiled. She didn’t know if lying to her friend was a good idea but it did seem like the least bad one.

Anna opened the first crinkly diaper and slipped it underneath Jane’s backside. As she pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it closed she prayed no one would tell the difference. If she was honest it seemed obvious to her but maybe Paul wouldn’t look at it so closely. She could only hope. She slipped a second diaper underneath Jane and taped it up and then was just about able to get the third diaper on top. As she pressed the poppers of the onesie together she ran her hand against the stretchy material and sighed.

“All done?” Jane asked.

“Yeah.” Anna said as she stepped back and let Jane sit up.

Anna watched as Jane slipped off the edge of the table. Jane lurched forwards and wrapped Anna in a hug so tight it almost cut off her air. Anna patted Jane on the back.

“This is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.” Jane whispered.

Anna was happy to have been able to do this for her friend and yet she couldn’t help but be sad for Jane. That this was the nicest thing someone had for her was one of the most pathetic things she’d ever heard. She let Jane continue to hug her until she was done. Once they were finished they went back to how things had been before. Anna sat down on the edge of the bed and was belatedly reminded that she had messed herself as well.

Recently Anna had occasionally been changing her own diapers. She knew that Ryan knew she was doing and yet he hadn’t said anything. It had become a small act of defiance for her. She would’ve changed herself that evening but she didn’t want to push her luck. Ryan acted indifferent to her self-changes but she felt sure Paul wouldn’t be so easy going.

For the next few hours Anna and Jane continued in conversation. The only breaks were when they heard footsteps coming down the hallway and they waited for the door to open but it was always just one of the men going to the bathroom. It slowly got later and the women were both starting to feel tired.

“Jane!” Paul’s voice suddenly boomed. It managed to make the women jump even from a distance, “Come on. Time to go.”

Jane jumped to her feet as soon as she heard her voice. The Pavlovian response to her master’s voice was deeply ingrained despite the relatively short length of their marriage. Anna stood up next to her. She walked ahead of Jane and stopped at the door to look back and make sure Jane was ready.

“Just relax.” Anna said to Jane as she put her hand on the door’s handle, “Everything will be fine.”

Anna wasn’t sure if she was talking more to Jane or herself as she opened the door and stepped into the hallway. Jane followed her out and together they walked down towards the living room. As Anna approached the main living area she heard two male voices laugh. She took a deep breath and then stepped out where she could be seen. She could see quite a few empty bottles of beer though they were mostly around Paul’s seat, there were very few next to Ryan.

“Here they are.” Ryan said with a smile that Paul didn’t share.

“What took you so long?” Paul demanded.

“Sorry, Master.” Jane said quickly as she looked down at the ground. She dropped to her hands and knees and crawled like a baby across to her husband.

Anna stayed where she was. She looked around nervously and prayed Paul was too drunk to notice Jane’s obviously different diapers. To make herself useful and to try and act like everything was normal she went into the kitchen and started making some drinks. She could hear conversation in the living room as she got a couple of beers out of the fridge and brought them over.

“We should make this a regular thing.” Paul said. He slurred only slightly despite the apparent amount of beer he had imbibed.

“That would be great.” Ryan replied as he looked over to his wife.

“I was wrong about you…” Paul continued as he shifted forwards on his seat, “The guys and me, we all thought you were whipped but you seem to have anything under control.”

“I wasn’t aware I was being tested.” Ryan said with a small smile.

“We’re always being tested.” Paul said with a little smile of his own. He patted his knee and Jane stood up to sit on it, “Our futures depend on more than just grades. You know that, right?”

“Of course.” Ryan replied.

“Good.” Paul said, “Because I would hate to have to…”

Anna had been lurking off to the side trying to remain outside of everyone’s attention when she heard Paul stutter to a stop. She hesitantly looked up to see that Paul’s hand was on Jane’s onesie right between her legs where the poppers were clasped together. Jane’s eyes were wide as she stared across at Anna.

“What the hell!?” Paul suddenly exclaimed.

Anna watched as he suddenly and violently shoved Jane to the floor. Anna stepped forwards without thinking and stood between Paul and his wife, she got down to try and shield Jane who was letting out pathetic little whimpers.

“What’s going on?” Ryan asked as he stood up.

“My damn bitch of a wife disobeyed me!” Paul spat out, “Get your girl out of the way. I have to teach Jane a lesson.”

“Stay away from her!” Anna yelled as she turned to look at Paul. The fact her diaper was still messy had been long forgotten about.

Paul didn’t even hesitate to push Anna to the side. Anna stumbled and fell into Ryan’s arms, he grabbed her and helped her to stay upright. Anna immediately tried to pull free but Ryan held on to her. She looked over to where Jane was lying in a crumbled heap and saw Paul reach down and pull the two halves of the onesie apart. The diapers were exposed confirming Paul’s suspicions.

“Look at this!” Paul said as he pointed down at Jane’s crotch.

“I don’t understand…” Ryan said.

“I told her I didn’t want to have to deal with any diaper changes tonight.” Paul growled.

“You didn’t!” Anna cried out as her emotions overpowered her brain.

“She broke the rules about touching her diapers. So yeah, I do have to deal with it.” Paul continued.

Anna watched helplessly as Paul grabbed Jane by the bottom of her leg and pulled her back to the chair he had been sat on. When he let go he started to undo his belt and Anna gasped in horror. She looked up at Ryan who seemed to have no clue what to do.

“Do something!” Anna hissed desperately to her husband. She resented him for his position but he was, at the very least, better than Paul, “I’m begging you. Please!”

“You’re making me do this.” Paul growled as he pulled Jane up and bent her over the edge of the chair. His arm came back threateningly.

“Maybe this is a little too much…” Ryan said as he reached out a hand to try and pacify Paul.

“Too much?” Paul looked at Ryan with a mixture of disgust and disbelief. He shook his head as he pulled his hand back even further.

Anna was on the verge of hyperventilating. Ryan was still holding her back albeit lightly and she was staring down at Jane who was tensed up across Paul’s lap. She couldn’t let her poor friend suffer this punishment, no matter the risk to herself she had to intervene. It was the right thing to do.

“It’s my fault!” Anna yelled.

The tumult in the room suddenly died down and all eyes turned to Anna. Anna was looking at Jane who shook her head to tell Anna not to get involved. It wasn’t Anna’s nature to abandon a friend though and it had been her idea in the first place even if the game was rigged from the start. Anna couldn’t back down now even if she wanted to.

“I changed Jane.” Anna said, “She didn’t want me to but I insisted. Don’t punish her.”

There was a moment of tension before Paul broke into loud laughter. To Anna’s relief he lowered the belt but he didn’t allow Jane up. Anna looked up at Ryan to see that he seemed even more conflicted than before. He looked horrified that Anna would be so brazen.

“Am I hearing this right, Ryan?” Paul looked at Anna’s husband as he finally stopped laughing, “Is your woman telling me she broke the rules AND what to do about it?”

Anna swallowed hard as Paul stood up straight and started walking over towards Anna with the belt. He stumbled slightly, probably an effect of the alcohol, but advanced until he was inches from Anna. The scared woman felt Ryan hold her slightly more tightly. Paul stared at her for a few second before grabbing one of her arms and trying to pull her away from Ryan.

“If you think that’s going to stop Jane’s punishment you’re wrong but you’ve just talked yourself into one as well.” Paul muttered.

Anna felt like the rope in a tug-of-war contest as she was pulled one way and the other. She looked up at Ryan desperately and could see his mouth hanging open. He looked down to Anna and for just a second their eyes locked on to each other.

“H-Hey, Paul…” Ryan said, “I’ll do it.”

“Excuse me?” Paul said as he stopped pulling.

“I’ll deal with Anna.” Ryan said, “She is mine after all. You deal with Jane.”

Paul looked for a bit like he might argue. He was looked to Anna and back before slowly nodding. He finally let go of Anna’s wrist and she rubbed it with her other hand. She looked at Paul fearfully as he made his way back to Jane who hadn’t moved from her place over the arm of the chair.

“Are you sure you’ve got it in you?” Paul asked as he looked at Ryan seriously.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ryan replied.

“I mean, are you going to man up and do your duty?” Paul said. He took position behind Jane but mercifully dropped the belt, “You’re the only male I know who I haven’t seen punish their woman. I’m starting to wonder if you even can… maybe she’s the one that spanks you, huh?”

Anna saw Ryan bristle and clench his fists. He grabbed Anna and pushed her over the side of the couch roughly so her messy rear was poking up into the air. Anna’s face drained of colour, she had never been manhandled like this by Ryan before. She turned her head to the side and saw Jane staring right back at her with a strange look of calmness. She had accepted what was going to happen and had retreated to a safe place within her head.

“Are you whipped?” Paul asked accusingly, “Or are you a man?”

Anna tensed up but was still taken by surprise when she felt Ryan’s hand smacking against the back of her diaper. She was pushed forwards slightly and the mush in her diaper spread out over her skin. She let out a little yelp, the spank was harder than she was expecting. She heard a similar noise from across the room and saw that Paul had spanked Jane as well.

“You call that a spank?” Paul sneered, “No wonder Anna rules things over here.”

The next spank was even harder and Anna exclaimed yet again. Despite the cushioning of her diaper she could still feel the blows hitting her backside hard and stinging her. After every spank Paul would give commentary demanding Ryan to hit harder. She started thinking that this would never end and a wave of hopelessness crashed over her.

“That’s more like it!” Paul laughed manically. This wasn’t just punishment. He was fully enjoying getting to do this, “Show her how an alpha treats their girl!”

Anna tried to hold back the tears but couldn’t. After one particularly hard spank she let out a loud sob as tears started to streak down her face. Through her blurry vision she could see Jane was taking her punishment with a lot more stoicism. Anna wished she could be that emotionless, she felt ashamed for crying like a baby like this.

With every spank the mess inside the diaper was spread further and the padding at the back became more compressed offering less and less protection. Anna could feel the stinging going through her skin which she was sure was turning red. She kicked her feet and flailed her arms but it was all useless, she was going to be there until the men decided she was done. She had no idea how long the spanking lasted nor how many times she was smacked when finally it seemed to stop.

“Your technique could use some work.” Paul said just loud enough to be heard over Anna’s crying, “Come on Jane. If you think this is finished you are mistaken. On your hands and knees like the naughty baby you are.”

Anna was slumped over the arm of the chair with tears and snot running down her face. She was sweating and breathing hard as well. She stayed where she was as she listened to Paul saying his goodbyes, she didn’t see Jane getting on all fours to crawl out but she assumed she did so. As soon as Ryan went towards the front door she finally pulled herself up and ran down the hallway to the master bedroom. She fell face forwards on to the bed and covered her face in despair.


“See you later.” Ryan said as he did his best to keep the smile on his face.

“Yeah, we’ll have to make this a regular thing.” Paul said as he walked across the hallway and unlocked his door, “Are you coming out with the guys tomorrow night? It’s Steve’s birthday and apparently he’s going to have his wife…”

Ryan was distracted as Jane brushed past his legs as she crawled out of the apartment and into the hallway. He had to resist reaching down and seeing if she was alright, he was feeling highly emotional. He had to suppress his feelings though, no one could know how shaken up he was feeling.

As Jane crawled past Paul he gave her a light tap with his foot to get her moving before looking up at Ryan. Ryan attempted to chuckle but it sounded strangely strangled. He was relieved when he was finally able to close the door. He put his head against the wood and took several shaky breaths. He could feel his heart racing and it was like there was a lump in his throat that was choking him.

Ryan had no idea how long he stayed there but he felt like if he moved even the slightest bit his façade of masculinity would crack and fall away. “Keep it together, keep it together…” He kept repeating to himself.

“Erm, excuse me…” Anna’s soft voice came from behind him. It sounded so weak it was a wonder the words travelled across the room at all, “I think I need a change…”

Ryan turned around and saw Anna standing nervously at the other end of the living room. Her face was turned down to the ground and she seemed like she had shrunk into herself. Ryan felt his bottom lip trembling and before he could do anything he dropped to his knees and started crying loudly.



End Chapter 14


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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