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Chapter 33
Part Thirty-Three

Chapter Description: Anna spends her first morning at the nursery. She gets a first look at some of her fellow "inmates" and "guards." Is it as bad as she imagined? And will she be able to hang on to her dignity and pride?

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When Anna reached the door to the nursery she hesitated. There were voices inside and she felt nervous. Now she felt like it was the first day at a new school. There were going to be other women in there like her, ones that were dropped off by their husbands and ones who weren’t just being punished like she was.

Ryan reached around Anna and pulled on the handle to open the door. The door swung slowly open and Anna stepped inside. The room was, of course, exactly the same as it had been the previous time she had been in there but now there was movement, there were other people. It made the room feel more alive.

“Ah, Mr. Manning, we were just wondering when you’d be here.” Mr. Kenny was immediately walking from his desk to the door.

“I’m not late am I?” Ryan asked with a frown.

“Not at all.” Mr. Kenny replied with a deep chuckle. He reached out a hand.

Anna watched Ryan reach out to shake. Mr. Kenny smiled and when Ryan’s hand retracted he still held it out. For a few seconds there was a very embarrassing silence as everyone seemed confused.

“The leash, Mr. Manning.” Mr. Kenny said finally.

“Oh, of course!” Ryan handed over Anna in the most literal way as he chuckled nervously, “My brain doesn’t click into gear until I’ve had my morning coffee.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Mr. Kenny smiled as he gave a small tug on the reins making Anna stumble towards him, “If you could just sign a few more forms for me.”

Anna was led over to the desk but stood apart from the two men as they discussed a few things. Instead of listening she looked out at the room. There were only three other women there, Anna somehow expected more. The room was certainly set up for more. She guessed that the number of men that brought their wives to college was quite small and the ones wanting to leave them here even smaller than that.

“OK, Mr. Manning, don’t worry about Anna, she’ll be safe here.” Mr. Kenny said as he clapped Ryan on the back, “We’ll see you this evening.”

“Alright…” Ryan paused as he looked at Anna. For a second she thought he was going to say something stupid, “Be good.”

Anna nodded mutely and then watched Ryan as he turned and left the room. How she wished she was going with him. She stood awkwardly by the desk as Mr. Kenny came over. She winced as she was jerked around a little as the harness was taken off her body.

“We’re a little thin on numbers this morning.” Mr. Kenny said, “There are four frequent visitors at the moment though one is absent today.”

Anna remained silent. She was looking at the other women. She didn’t know who any of them were and she didn’t much care to find out, they could be the nicest people in the world but she just wanted to find a quiet spot to wait out her time. With the harness removed Anna felt Mr. Kenny’s hand going lower until it was placed over her diaper.

“Right, well, feel free to go and play. If you need anything just let me or one of my staff know.” Mr. Kenny said as she patted Anna’s rear end.

It was only as Mr. Kenny mentioned them that Anna saw some other men standing at the far end of the room. They were obscured by the cribs but there were two men dressed all in white back there. In Anna’s opinion they looked mean, in keeping with the rest of this experience they seemed more like prison officers than caretakers.

“Oh, and take this with you.” Mr. Kenny said.

Anna felt something tapping against her arm and she looked down to see Mr. Kenny holding a large baby bottle. She took it with a sigh and walked across the room. She went past where all the other girls were and sat on a bright pink beanbag at the back of the room. To her embarrassment as she sank into the bag a little her meagre skirt was pulled up a little and her diaper became even more exposed. No one paid any attention but Anna felt embarrassed anyway. She picked up a nearby baby book and did her best to distract herself.

The nursery was both better and worse than Anna had expected. It was better in that for the most part it seemed she was pretty free to do what she wanted but it was worse because she was just so, so bored.

For the first few hours that morning Anna stayed in the beanbag seat and tried to distract her mind. It was a difficult task when everything was designed for a toddler. She even had a difficult time reminding herself she was an adult at times thanks to her surroundings. She kept a pacifier in her mouth as she didn’t want to attract attention and it was a good reminder to her that she should stay quiet.

There was no clock in the nursery but after a few hours the men started walking around the room. One of them came over to Anna. He was at least a foot taller than Anna and very wide, it looked like he must live in the gym. He was completely bald and grunted a little as he went down to one knee.

“Hello, my name is Ronnie. Let’s see if you’ve been a little piddle pants.” His voice was gruff but he spoke as if talking to a child.

Anna bit down on her pacifier as she felt the older man press the diaper against her. He frowned when he found her completely dry. Anna supposed that was unusual and looked away, she had been deliberately trying not to use her diaper and the last thing she wanted was to be changed here. The man reached around to the bottle she had been given that morning but remained untouched.

“You must be thirsty.” Ronnie said. His smile only seemed to move one side of his mouth.

Anna shook her head quickly but that just caused Ronnie to laugh. He reached out to the ring on the pacifier and plucked it out of her mouth. He held the bottle up with the nipple pointing at her. Her immediate instinct was to refuse it, she was thirsty for sure but she didn’t want to accept a bottle. At the same time she knew she had to be “good” at least to a certain extent.

“Good girl.” Ronnie smiled toothily as Anna opened her mouth.

The bottle was pushed between Anna’s lips. She reached up to take it herself but Ronnie slapped her hands away, he was really intending to stay there and feed this whole bottle to her. With a reddening face Anna looked away from Ronnie and into the room at large. As she sucked on the baby’s bottle and drank the milk she watched the other inmates at the nursery.

One of the women was already getting her diaper changed. She was lying on the changing table with the other assistant attending to her. Anna felt a mixture of shock and disgust at how the woman was acting. She was giggling and reaching for her feet, when the attendant looked away for a moment the woman even tried to get her foot in her mouth. She appeared to have no shame and it was like watching an actual baby. Watching them felt like seeing a possible future Anna could only hope to avoid.

The other two women were in the middle of the room at a table. One was doing some finger painting and watching them was a curious experience, it was almost like watching someone with multiple personalities fighting with themselves. She would be painting away happily, giggling and playing with the woman getting her diaper changed, then all of a sudden she’d have a moment of lucidity where she realised what she was doing. She’d look away and seemingly cursed at herself. She’d go back to her activity but without the joy, within a few minutes she’d be acting like a toddler again.

The last of the women was perhaps the most striking. Just like Anna she was sitting quietly and refusing to be involved in anything. She occasionally looked up to stare at Anna but would avert her eyes when she saw that Anna had noticed. She was dressed in an infantile outfit but it didn’t suit her at all. The thing that drew Anna’s attention the most though was the woman’s haircut. In a society that valued femininity and infantile behaviour from their women it was very unusual to see a woman with short hair. This woman was sat at the table with uneven hair that was very short and in places almost all cut off, if Anna had to guess it was something she had done herself.

“You’ve finished all your yummy milk.” Ronnie said as he pulled the bottle out of Anna’s mouth, “Now you be good and play with the others, OK?”

Anna simply stared in response. She had been so intent on watching the other women she hadn’t realised quite how fast she had drained her drink. As Ronnie turned and walked away she let herself sink into the beanbag a little. She wasn’t doing anything and yet she felt exhausted, it was like she was in a constant state of vigilance as if she expected someone to leap at her at any moment.

At lunchtime four highchairs were brought into the room. One by one the women were strapped into the seats. Anna was the last to climb into one of the highchairs, she had been sitting on the beanbag the whole morning and was hoping she’d disappear into the background. As Mr. Kenny pulled the straps across her tummy and clipped them into place he took the chance to press his hand against Anna’s diaper.

“Still dry?” Mr. Kenny raised his eyebrows, “I’m told you haven’t been changed this morning. Well we don’t want any dehydrated little girls…”

Anna didn’t say that she needed to pee quite a bit but was deliberately holding it in. Mr. Kenny retreated from the highchairs and when he came back it was with bowls of indeterminate mushy food for each woman. A bottle of milk was placed on each tray as well. As Anna looked down at the food with disgust a large bib was brought down in front of her, it was big enough to cover her whole front. When she looked to the side she saw the other girls were getting similar treatment. Anna noted no one seemed to have any cutlery.

“Tuck in, babies.” Mr. Kenny said with a smile in front of them.

Anna was still looking sideways and she saw wildly different things happen. The woman who seemed to be totally regressed immediately thrust both her hands into the mush and then brought them up to her mouth, she seemed to get much more of her lunch on her face and down her front than in her mouth. She giggled gleefully as she licked her fingers.

Next along was the short-haired woman. She had her arms folded across her chest and was glaring at Mr. Kenny as if she could kill him with her mind. Finally there was the woman that seemed to be trying to fight off regression. As soon as the bowl was placed in front of her she stuck her hands straight in but as soon as they were fully submerged her expression went from joy to confusion as she slowly pulled them back out.

“What am I doing…?” The woman asked herself as she stared at her food covered hands.

“Eat up.” Mr. Kenny said when he saw only one of the women eating.

Anna really didn’t want to have to sloppily eat her mushy food like a baby. She looked down at the food and wrinkled her nose. She was just about to push her fingers in when she heard a sudden clattering.

“Screw you!” The short-haired woman shouted.

Anna looked up to see the bowl on the floor and the food smeared across the carpet. The regressed woman immediately burst into tears and the two nursery assistants stepped forwards. The short-haired woman wasn’t going quietly though. She tried to throw punches until her arms were pinned to her side and she was pulled from the chair whilst spitting and cursing.

Anna couldn’t see what was happening as the woman was dragged off behind her. She tried to twist around in the seat but the restraints and tray prevented her from seeing anything. She could only listen as the woman struggled.

“Be good girls and eat your lunch.” Mr. Kenny called out over the noise happening behind them, “You don’t want to get a black mark on your record.”

Anna looked down at the food again. As she slowly dipped her hand in she tried to ignore the sounds of what was very clearly a paddling. The sound of wood hitting skin and then a scream was all Anna needed to hear to know that the woman’s impudence was being punished. She pushed her hand into the mushy food and lifted them up to her face. There was a rhythm to the noises behind her. A swish of an object moving through the air, a thud as the object his the woman’s behind and then a yelp or curse as a result. Each time Anna heard a thud she winced.

The best thing that could be said about the food was that it was bland. It didn’t really smell of anything, it didn’t taste of anything and it didn’t even really look like anything. No matter how hard Anna tried she couldn’t avoid getting the food everywhere just like the other two women. By the time she had finished she could feel food plastered around her mouth and she could see it all staining her bib.

The assistants came back with wet wipes and started cleaning the women’s faces. Anna tolerated it but when the wipe came away she found that she was holding on to the tray so hard that her knuckles were white. If she wasn’t doing that she was sure she would find herself getting taken for a spanking.

“Right.” Mr. Kenny said as he watched the women drink their bottles, “Nap time.”

The women were let out of their high chairs and led over to the cribs. Anna could see the short-haired woman had already been put in one of the cribs. She was facing away from the rest of the room.

Anna and the others were stripped unceremoniously. Anna was red in the face as she tried to cover herself up but noticed the other women weren’t bothering. A plain white onesie was slipped over her head, it had the college’s logo on the chest but was otherwise completely bare.

The women were put in different cribs and then the lights were dimmed and windows covered by curtains. Anna hadn’t had a nap for a long time, she didn’t feel tired at all. She laid down anyway but her attempts at sleep were somewhat thwarted by the ache in her belly which was getting worse, she could practically feel every drop of urine that dropped into her bladder.



End Chapter 33


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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