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Chapter 35
Part - Thirty-Five

Chapter Description: Anna has met a friend she didn't think she'd see again in the nursery. Through her she learns about the other girls and why they're there.

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Jane looked equally shocked to see Anna but to the latter woman’s surprise she saw Jane react not with happiness but what looked like crushing disappointment. Anna kept her distance as the guards started removing the many restraints from Jane.

“You two know each other I take it?” Mr. Kenny asked curiously as he approached Anna with his head tilted.

“She’s my neighbor.” Anna replied quickly, “But I thought…”

As soon as the last restraint was removed Jane pushed past the guards and ran across to Anna. Anna barely had a moment to react before the other woman was embracing her so tightly she couldn’t breathe.

“I can’t believe he’s sending you away too.” Jane whispered. Her voice cracked with emotion.

“We’ll leave you two to catch up.” Mr. Kenny said. His eyes were cold as he watched the two women unblinkingly.

Anna didn’t like the way Mr. Kenny was watching them. When she was finally able to extricate herself from Jane’s hug she led the near-crying girl across the room to the corner she now thought of as her own. They went past the two women struggling most with the regression and the air had a sudden stinky smell.

“I thought you…” Anna started as they reached the corner.

“What did you do?” To Anna’s surprise Jane sounded angry as she interrupted her.

“Huh?” Anna frowned, “Oh, to be here? I went shopping on my own…”

“Ryan is sending you to Finishing School for THAT!?” Jane asked with wide eyes, “I thought he was more… lenient.”

“Finishing School?” Anna shook his head, “No, no, no… I just have to come here for a week.”

“Oh.” Jane looked down at the floor.

At Anna’s prompting Jane took Anna’s beanbag seat whilst Anna sat on the floor with crossed-legs. This was the last situation Anna had expected to encounter but her relief that Jane was alright almost made the week she had to spend here tolerable.

“But what about you?” Anna asked with a smile, “How did you get Paul to change his mind? I bet he’s all bluster, right? Tells you he’s going to send you away and really-…”

“I’m going to Finishing School.” Jane said. Her voice was emotionless. It sounded like she had come to terms with in a similar way a condemned person watching the gallows being built was resigned to fate.

“But…” Anna started.

“There’s paperwork first.” Jane continued, “And apparently a cooling off period. Finishing School is permanent after all, they have to make sure that it is what Paul really wants to do. Then there are health checks, insurance, Paul has to sign over the marriage certificate.”

Anna was horrified. She had always known Finishing School changed women completely and no one who came out of it was the same as those who went in but she hadn’t expected it all to sound like a transaction. The way Jane was talking it was more like discussing the sale of a car than the future of a human being. She felt her blood run cold as she realised that’s basically what was happening. Jane was having her ownership transferred from Paul to the state.

“But Paul doesn’t want me so I’ve been sent here until I’m taken away.” Jane shrugged.

“I’m so sorry.” Anna could feel herself tearing up.

“There’s nothing to be done.” Jane attempted a weak smile, “Whatever will be, will be. Do you want to play for a bit?”

Anna’s immediate reaction to Jane’s suggestion was of disgust. Of course she didn’t want to play like one of the other women. She had no interest in these children’s toys and even less interest in looking like she was submitting to what the men wanted and expected of her. But then she saw Jane giving her a desperate almost pleading look. It clicked for Anna that Jane was just desperate to take her mind off her future for a little while. Anna was almost certainly going to be the last sympathetic face she saw for a long time.

“Sure.” Anna said as she tried to keep a check on her emotions. It would do her nor Jane any good to get upset.

Jane stood up and Anna followed. As she did so she felt her bladder complaining from the various bottles she had been given that morning. With everything Jane had said it suddenly felt a lot less important to do something like holding her bladder all day. That wasn’t to mention how painful and uncomfortable the previous day had been.

Anna relaxed and accepted what was to happen. She stood still as Jane walked away and wet herself. She sighed as the splashing warmth enveloped her crotch. When she eventually stopped she had a blush to her cheeks, she looked out of the corner of her eyes towards Mr. Kenny’s desk and was mortified that he was watching her. She hurried to catch up to Jane feeling ashamed of what she had done.

“The toys here are actually pretty good.” Jane said in way of small talk as they went over to a large pink princess castle, “I thought they’d be extra cheap but nope.”

“Cool.” Was all Anna could think to say. This was an alien topic for her.

Jane knelt down in front of the large castle and opened it up to show the rooms inside. Anna sat down next to her. She had to admit this was something a little girl would love. The castle was big and detailed, it came with a few little dolls and lots of outfits to dress them up in. She felt awkward though, she had always studiously avoided “playing” like the men wanted her to. She had to do it for Jane though. They sat together in silence for a couple of minutes.

“So what’s the deal with the other women?” Anna asked.

“They’re nice.” Jane said with a smile.

“I can’t say I’ve spoken to them.” Anna admitted, “Kept to myself mostly.”

“Well, that one over there is Rebecca.” Jane nodded towards the blonde woman who was acting more like a baby than any woman Anna had ever seen. She was currently lying on the floor on her tummy with her limbs splayed out beside her as she drooled and stared into the middle-distance.

“I take it she didn’t tell you that.” Anna commented.

“She can talk!” Jane chuckled, “A little bit anyway… It’s not easy to understand her. I think she’s basically been kept like that her whole life. She’s a daughter of one of the professors and is left here every day. I don’t think she ever went to school or was allowed to grow up at all.”

“Jesus.” Anna replied, “That sounds like hell.”

Jane looked down at the ground and it took Anna’s brain a moment to process why she might be upset. Suddenly it came to her that the drooling adult baby in the middle of the room could well be a portent of Jane’s future.

“I mean…” Anna started.

“It’s OK.” Jane replied. She didn’t look OK, “The girl next to her, that’s Macy.”

Anna looked back over to the two women who were playing. Macy was the one who seemed in a constant fight between acting like an adult and acting like a baby. She was currently watching Rebecca and sucking on a pacifier.

“She’s someone’s wife, one of the other students.” Jane continued, “Poor girl is struggling. She’s an interesting person if you can catch her in her more… lucid moments.”

“How come she keeps acting like Rebecca?” Anna asked.

“From what she’s told me that’s her husband’s doing. She’s being conditioned. Hypnosis tapes whenever she’s at home, positive reinforcement for infantile behaviour… That sort of stuff.”

Anna nodded slowly. That would explain why she would lapse into long periods of being like Rebecca only to seemingly shake herself out of it again. It looked like her brain was at war with itself because it WAS at war with itself.

“Smells like someone’s stinky…” Ronnie’s gruff voice came from where the other girls were.

“You touch me and I’ll bite your fucking fingers off.” The rebellious woman Anna still didn’t know said.

The woman had been standing near the other two girls and leaning against the wall. She had been so still Anna had almost forgotten she was there. She now had Ronnie advancing towards her causing her to try and back away.

“I just want to check you, baby.” Ronnie said.

“Check this!” The woman replied as she grabbed a wooden block at the floor and threw it at Ronnie’s shiny head. The block hit him square on the forehead and as he exclaimed Rebecca almost immediately burst into loud tears.

“You little… Come here!” Ronnie roared.

The woman tried to run away but as Ronnie chased her she ran straight into the other assistant, Ed. She was still struggling like a wild animal as Ronnie came over.

“That’s Charlotte.” Jane said to Anna, “But don’t call them that. They go by Charlie. They remind me of you actually.”

Anna watched as Charlie’s diaper was forcibly checked and apparently found to be messy. She was lifted off the ground and carried towards the changing tables. As she passed by Anna and Jane she was still struggling and yelling as if she was feral.

“How come they doesn’t like being called Charlotte?” Anna asked once Charlie had been placed on a changing table and restrained into a star shape. When they tried spitting at a guard she had a pacifier strapped into her mouth.

“They want to be a boy.” Jane replied simply. “Apparently they’ve been a real handful for their husband. Getting in trouble all the time, demanding to be treated like a guy, when Charlie cut their hair they were sent here until her husband comes back for them… If he comes back.”

“He can just leave Charlie here?” Anna asked.

“From what I understand the contracts the men sign say that if they don’t come to collect their girls after a little while they just send them away.” Jane said, “So who knows. Charlie’s been here a couple of weeks already and there’s been no sign of anyone coming to pick them up.”

“Shouldn’t we be using male pronouns?” Anna asked, “If Charlie wants to be a guy and all.”

“Not if you want to avoid trouble.” Jane answered, “The men here really don’t like women who get ideas above their station and since men are above women. If you think you might be overheard don’t in any way suggest Charlie is anything but like one of us.”

“Got it.” Anna replied. How sad she felt for Charlie. They were all trapped here but it sounded like Charlie was doubly trapped.

“So if they hear you using male pronouns for Charlie you’ll get in A LOT of trouble.” Jane said with emphasis, “I normally go for gender neutral terms. Charlie seems to appreciate it and the caretakers haven’t noticed.”

Anna looked back over to the changing table. Charlie was still pulling at the restraints but they were powerless to resist the change that was now happening. Charlie’s diaper was already open and the cleaning process was well under way.

“Quite a colorful bunch.” Anna said.

“The other day Macy called us all the misfits and that makes sense.” Jane sighed, “Anyway, come on, let’s play.”

Keen to let Jane forget about the horrors that awaited her Anna agreed and did her best to become immersed in the fantasy world of princesses and castles. She didn’t feel like she was doing a good job but it seemed to be enough for Jane who started to genuinely smile.

As they played Anna kept looking up and over to Charlie. Once they were taped into a fresh diaper they were unrestrained and carried over to one of the cribs. Anna watched in shock as the poor soul was essentially hogtied with arms and legs behind their back and left there. They remained like that for the rest of the afternoon. At no point did anyone go over to check on them and Anna remained with Jane until the door opened and Ryan walked in. She was shocked at how much time had passed. Talking with Jane had really helped the time fly.

Anna had even managed to avoid having her diaper changed and as she stood up she felt it sag below her waist. Jane sadly looked on, unable to hide her dejection that she was going to be left alone again.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, OK?” Anna said to Jane.

“Sure.” Jane smiled in reply and then looked back down at her dolls.

Anna felt awful for leaving Jane again but she didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. She walked across the room and just a few steps away from Ryan she was stopped by Ed who didn’t say a word. He reached down to Anna’s crotch and pressed the obviously wet padding against her. He took her arm and started pulling her away from Ryan.

“Erm, what are you doing?” Ryan called out. Ed stopped and looked back with a kind of confused scowl.

“I believe my assistant here has discovered that your girl is wet.” Mr. Kenny said as he stepped between Ryan and Anna.

“And?” Ryan asked.

“We wouldn’t want your little girl leaving here wet. We wouldn’t want you to think we were negligent in our care.” Mr. Kenny chuckled.

“It’s fine. I’ll do it when we get home.” Ryan replied quickly.

“Mr. Manning, I really must insist that you-…” Mr. Kenny started.

“I said I’ll do it.” Ryan was clearly losing his patience, “She’s my girl.”

Anna watched as her husband went around Mr. Kenny and grabbed Anna’s other arm. She suddenly felt as if she was a toy being fought over by two dogs. Ed looked confused and turned to Mr. Kenny. After a couple of seconds the nursery boss subtly nodded his head and the assistant let go. Anna quickly stepped away from the quiet assistant and into Ryan’s arms.

“Come on.” Ryan said as he hurriedly attached the toddler harness to her.

“We’ll see you tomorrow, Anna.” Mr. Kenny said with a courteous little bow as Anna went past.

Ryan didn’t stop until they were both outside the main administrative area. He looked annoyed but Anna was sure it wasn’t at her. She couldn’t help but feel a tug on her heartstrings as she realised the source of her husband’s annoyance was in the way the people at the nursery were treating her. He was on her side, of course, but it was easy to forget that she wasn’t in this fight alone.

Anna was forced into a slight waddle by the wet diaper which only made the walk home all the worse. That evening she talked to Ryan about seeing Jane and found that he was as surprised as she had been.

“I just wish there was something I could do.” Ryan said with a sigh.

“I take it Paul isn’t likely to come around?” Anna asked rather hopefully.

“I wouldn’t bet on it.” Ryan said, “It’s not like he’d tell me either way. Since the dinner party pretty much all the guys are keeping me at arm’s length.”

“It’s my fault.” Anna said as she closed her eyes, “It’s all my fault.”

“Anna…” Ryan started.

“No!” Anna said loudly, “It’s my fault.”

“It isn’t your fault.” Ryan put his hand on Anna’s knee, “It’s this damn country. Look, it’s a rigged game, you know that. If it hadn’t been the dinner party it would’ve been something else. You saw the way Paul treated Jane, one way or another something was going to happen. He’s just bored of her.”

“But if I was normal and could just… I don’t know, accept things…” Anna sniffed.

“First off, accepting this god damned system shouldn’t be considered “normal” but I love you precisely because you don’t accept things.” Ryan said.

“We should just leave.” Anna said quietly as she slumped down in her seat and looked up at the ceiling, “Go somewhere else. Another country.”

“Good luck with that.” Ryan couldn’t help but chuckle, “Getting out of Sallas is A LOT harder than getting in. They don’t want a brain drain after all. Maybe if I get a good job and rise through the ranks we’d be granted a way out but I wouldn’t count on it.”



End Chapter 35


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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