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Chapter 36
Part Thirty-Six

Chapter Description: It's Anna's third day in the nursery and things are not getting easier. At least she has Jane who is ready to show just what a good friend she is.

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It was the third day at the nursery and although Anna now had Jane with her she was still having a very difficult time. It was the early afternoon and all the women had just been woken up from their naps. Anna hadn’t been able to sleep though, she had started to experience a problem that hadn’t yet happened at the nursery.

“I’m so stupid.” Anna moaned as she went over to Jane.

“What’s wrong?” Jane asked with concern.

“I forgot to go this morning.” Anna rested her head against the wall and then banged it with her fist, “Stupid, stupid, stupid…”

“Go? Go where?” Jane asked.

Anna winced as she cramped up.

“Oh.” Jane realised Anna’s problem.

“Yesterday I did it in the morning and got changed before coming here.” Anna said, “I was going to do it again this morning but I forgot, we were in a rush.”

“Well… why don’t you just do it?” Jane asked, “It’s not THAT bad and someone will be over to change you sooner or later.”

“I don’t want them to…” Anna winced, “Change me.”

It was a pointless protest and expecting to get through the week without getting changed at all seemed very unlikely. As she looked out across the room she could see the other women. Rebecca and Macy were nearby on the floor whilst Charlie was over by the wall. She looked even surlier than usual.

“Charlotte…” Ronnie said in a sing-song voice, “What’s that I smell?”

“Back off.” Charlie replied.

As Ronnie approached Charlie backed away until they couldn’t anymore. Anna hadn’t smelled anything herself but Ronnie could only be hinting at one thing, it was exactly what Anna was currently struggling with.

“You need a change.” Ronnie growled, “Come on.”

“Piss off!” Charlie shot back.

As Charlie kept backing away they missed that Ed, the other helper, was circling around from the blind side. There was no chance to react as the mostly silent assistant sprang the trap and wrapped his arms around Charlie’s waist. Charlie screamed and kicked out their feet but once Ronnie reached joined in and grabbed their feet Charlie’s ability to fightback was greatly lowered, which isn’t to say they stopped trying.

Anna found herself wondering why Charlie bothered to resist. They were all stuck there. They would be changed sooner or later and the alternative was staying in a messy diaper even longer. Now Charlie was being strapped down to the changing table and no doubt there would be a punishment afterwards. With a start Anna realised she and Charlie weren’t so different. She was needlessly suffering trying to delay the inevitable. It didn’t make it any easier to let go.

“It looks like you aren’t the only one who needs to go.” Jane said.

“Huh?” Anna turned away from Charlie to see Jane nodding her head towards the centre of the room.

Rebecca, completely regressed and babbling to herself, had suddenly stopped playing. She pushed herself up from her hands and knees into a squatting position and almost immediately the rear of her diaper started to bulge out. Even from this distance Anna could just about hear her grunting. No sooner had she finished than she burst into loud tears. With Charlie strapped down one of the nursery assistants, Ed, walked over and took Rebecca’s hand. She was wordlessly led waddling to the changing tables.

“Ugh… You’d never catch me doing that!” Macy’s voice made Anna jump. She was stood just a couple of feet away. She was shaking her head at Rebecca.

“Um, Macy?” Jane said slowly.

“What?” Macy replied.

Anna knew what Jane was talking about. The young woman claiming she would never fill her pants like Rebecca was already in a clearly soiled diaper. Anna could immediately smell the difference when she came close and when she looked down she could see the clearly dark coloring showing the padding was well used.

Anna watched as Macy looked down. She froze up and then reached around with a hand, as soon as she felt the spongy padding she pulled her hand away. Her bottom lip trembled.

“I… I didn’t know…” Was all Macy could say.

Before Anna could say anything or react at all Macy broke into loud childish cries. Anna backed away from the stinky woman whilst holding her own tummy. It wasn’t long before Mr. Kenny himself came over.

“What’s the matter? Do you need a change?” Mr. Kenny asked Macy as he came over.

Macy nodded her head as she sobbed. Anna noticed the person in charge of the nursery look her way as he took Macy’s hand and led her away. Just like that everyone except Anna and Jane were involved in messy diaper changes. It felt like they were in an actual nursery for toddlers with how quickly it had all happened. Anna was hit with another cramp and she bent over until it passed.

“It’s really pointless trying to hold it.” Jane said with concern, “You know you’re going to be here for hours yet…”

“I can try.” Anna said through gritted teeth.

“Do you remember what happened when I first visited you?” Jane asked. It seemed a sudden change of subject, “When I was really worried and you made me feel better. You helped me out, you did something you didn’t want to do just to make me feel better. Do you remember?”

Anna remembered that first visit. When Jane had messed her diaper and been so terribly upset and afraid. Anna had done the only thing she could think of to make her friend feel better she had taken a deep breath, squatted down and…

“Oh no.” Anna shook her head, “No, no, no… You don’t have to…”

“It’s going to happen sooner or later anyway.” Jane said as she pushed her feet further apart. Her cheeks were already going red, “If I can’t help you, I can at least keep you company.”

Anna was still trying to stop Jane as the young woman bent her knees and closed her eyes. She could tell it was happening only from the way Jane moved her butt back a little more and let out her breath through her nose as she pushed. After around half a minute Jane stood up again although she looked rather embarrassed.

“See? It’s not that bad.” Jane said with a pained smile.

Anna felt embarrassed. Not because she knew what was coming but because she now felt like she was making a mountain out of a molehill. Thanks to her pride she was losing sight of the bigger picture. Here she was almost crying about having to poop her diaper, something she had been no stranger to until recent times, meanwhile Jane was going to be sent away and subjected to god knows what and yet was still trying to help her. Anna felt ashamed, her problem was miniscule next to her unfortunate friend.

Anna wouldn’t have been able to keep the fight up much longer anyway. Almost as soon as Anna even thought about giving up her body took over. Before she could even spread her legs she could feel poop almost exploding into the diaper as if every second of holding it had built the pressure up. She swallowed hard as she felt the rush of soft fecal matter fill up the back of disposable and cause it to bulge out. She shuddered as it stopped only to feel her bladder release into the front.

“It’s OK.” Jane said as she rubbed Anna’s back.

Physically Anna felt fine if not a little grossed out by the warm slush that filled her pants. Emotionally she felt defeated. Her head slumped forwards, she had done the thing she had been determined to avoid at all costs.

“We should go over to them.” Jane suggested, “We can get changed right away.”

Anna would’ve preferred hiding somewhere and not coming out until Ryan came to pick her up but that was clearly not an option. Jane took her hand and led her across to the changing tables. It was strange how the tables had turned. Anna had always felt protective of Jane but now it was her friend that was looking after her.

With a sigh of resigned acceptance Anna followed Jane towards the changing tables. She was forced to waddle from the load in her pants and couldn’t take her eyes off the floor. Once at the tables Anna forced herself to glance up just to see the diaper changes for two of the others being finished. She reached around to behind and winced as she felt what she had done. She would not be telling Ryan about this.

“Another two?” Ronnie said with exasperation as he saw Jane and Anna standing nearby, “We need more help… Or a pay rise.”

Anna was having to stop herself reacting. It was Charlie whose diaper change ended first and as soon as the restraints on the table were undone the pouting person sat up and scooted off the side. They looked like they were ready to fight anyone that got in their way. Anna took a step to the side, she had rarely been one to shirk confrontation but there was a time and a place. Charlie looked like she was just begging for someone to step up to them.

“Don’t forget your spanking later.” Ronnie called after Charlie. To which Charlie stuck their middle-finger up at him over their shoulder, “Alright, that’s another ten!”

Anna was still looking over towards Charlie when a hand suddenly clasped around her arm. She was yanked and as she stumbled off-balance she ended up falling down. With the grip on her arm maintained the rest of her went down until she was sat on the ground.

On impact with the floor Anna felt the poop she had so recently pushed out get sandwiched between the floor and her body. She froze up and cringed as she felt the mud bubbling around her. She wasn’t given any time to dwell on the disgusting feelings though as she was lifted back to her feet and then put on to the table.

“About time you were on this table.” Ronnie said, “It’s not good for little cuties like yourself to hold it all in.”

Anna was repulsed by the way the nursery assistant talked to her as if she was a child. She had to resist retorting verbally or physically, she could see the restraints that had so recently held Charlie down, Ronnie would have no compunction in tying her down she was sure.

“Ooh, what a stinky baby.” Ronnie said as he opened the disposable.

Anna’s face was red and she was having to bite her tongue so hard she was almost drawing blood. Jane had been led away by Ed and was presumably being changed as well, Anna couldn’t see because they were behind her. She wished she could see Jane if for no other reason than to have something to distract herself.

All Anna could do was look up at the ceiling and pray that this was over sooner rather than later. She tried to ignore the demeaning comments from the person changing her diaper but it was very difficult to do so.

“We’ll have you clean and dry soon.”

“What a good girl!”

“Lift that bot-bot for me. That’s it.”

Each comment that left Ronnie’s mouth stung Anna like a bee. She closed eyes that were shimmering with embarrassed tears. She didn’t think she’d be able to stop from exploding with emotion, whether that was anger or sadness she wasn’t sure. Just before she reached her limit she felt the used diaper being pulled out from beneath her.

A minute later a new diaper was being tightly wrapped around Anna’s waist before being taped closed. When she was finally allowed off the table it wasn’t a moment too soon. She was just about to hurry away when she felt a couple of little pats to her rear end.

“There you go.” Ronnie said in that sickeningly sweet voice, “Back to playing with your toys.”

It was enough to send Anna over the edge. She spun around and was just about to vent her spleen at the nursery assistant when Jane hurried over. Before Anna could say anything that would’ve got her in trouble Jane was pulling on her arm.

“Come on.” Jane said, “Let’s go play.”

The red mist had descended but Jane’s words seemed to clear the anger. Anna took several deep breaths before turning back away from Ronnie. That emotion had to go somewhere though and as Jane led the way over to Anna’s favourite corner she couldn’t stop the tears streaming down her face.



End Chapter 36


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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