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Chapter 6
Part Six

Chapter Description: Anna's uneasy new routine is interrupted by a very unfortunate incident in the living room. Ryan decides to take an unusual step with regards to college and Anna can't imagine it'll be good news for her.

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The next week carried on this strangely surreal way. Anna couldn’t work Ryan out. In front of Anna’s parents he was every bit the insufferable male she had thought he would be but alone he was much more awkward. He ordered Anna around but he never had that same self-assurance as he had when Harold and Michelle were there.

Perhaps the strangest thing for Anna was that they still hadn’t consummated their marriage. She didn’t want to of course but the fact that it hadn’t happened confused her. There was a different excuse every night but it always ended with Ryan climbing into his bed and facing away from Anna. Anna was left wishing they could just get it over with because the tension each night as she waited for Ryan was unbearable.

Things changed on the eighth day when the whole family was sitting on the couches in the living room. Anna was squeezed up against the arm of the seat whilst Ryan sat next to her, she was trying to keep as much distance between them as possible. On the other couch Anna’s parents were cuddled up together. Anna felt ridiculous, Ryan had ordered her into one of her onesies earlier that day. It was pink and frilly with a red heart on the chest. It was awful. Anna had been in her diaper for some time when she relaxed herself and wet it. It was already soaked but Anna was loathe to bring that up. She was sucking on the pacifier Ryan had given her, she’d had it in her mouth for hours but didn’t dare take it out without permission.

The diaper warmed around Anna’s waist in a way that wasn’t entirely unpleasant but then disaster struck. She felt the heat creeping along her buttock but instead of stopping it just kept going. Anna’s eyes went wide as she felt the trickle of urine running down her thigh and on to the couch. She was frozen as the pee escaped her diaper and soaked into the cushion underneath her. She knew she should jump up and get help but she couldn’t move, her muscles refused the instructions from her brain even as the wet patch grew larger and larger.

Anna became as stiff as a statue. She couldn’t focus on anything except the patch of rapidly cooling pee she was leaving underneath her. She looked at Ryan and wondered if he would help her out of this situation, she felt like she already knew the answer. She looked at her father and knew he wouldn’t help matters.

“Anna, three coffees please.” Harold grunted without looking away from the television screen.

The fear in Anna’s eyes must’ve been obvious because Michelle’s fake smile disappeared.

“Oh, don’t worry, dear, I’ll-” Michelle had started to stand but was stopped when Harold’s hand grabbed her wrist.

“Anna’s going to go.” Harold said gruffly, “She’s got to learn.”

Anna still didn’t move. Now she felt like she was in an impossible situation, she couldn’t get up and show what she had done but she couldn’t ignore her father either. One by one everyone turned to look at her. The game was up, her diaper had leaked and now she was going to have to face the consequences.

When Anna stood up she immediately knew her leak was clear to the eye. Ryan stared at the stained cushion and when Anna moved away from the couch she saw her father’s eyes go wide and his face almost immediately started going red from anger. Anna tried to act like nothing was wrong and head towards the kitchen but she had barely got three steps when Harold’s booming voice started shouting.

“Anna!” Harold sounded full of rage, “What the hell is this!?”

Anna turned around slowly with her face going red from embarrassment. She followed Harold’s finger and looked at the wet patch, she tried to look surprised but she was a terrible actress.

“I… I must’ve leaked… I had no idea!” Anna explained haltingly around her pacifier. She was already on the verge of sobbing, she hated her emotions for so easily folding.

Anna’s wrist was grabbed by Harold and although she tried to pull herself free she was soon over his lap with her wet butt in the air. She struggled and struggled but with Harold leaning on her back she wasn’t going anywhere. She felt the poppers on her onesie coming undone and the elastic material sprung up revealing the soaked diaper underneath. Anna whined and kicked out her feet.

“Ryan, let me show how to deal with this little girl when she’s acting up.” Harold said.

“Dad, please!” Anna felt anger and the pacifier finally dropped out of her mouth, it dangled a few inches above the floor on the end of the ribbon used to tie it to her clothes. Anger at herself for getting into this position and being so emotional about it. She clenched her fists knowing what was coming.

Anna felt Harold’s hands on the rear of her diaper. He tugged on her waistband and quite suddenly the diaper was pulled down revealing her bare ass to the room. She gasped as she felt Harold’s hand against the skin of her butt. Thanks to how she was laying her head was almost touching her mother’s leg. She felt Michelle’s hand on the top of her head.

“You have to make sure she feels it.” Harold said. Anna couldn’t see his face but it was clear he was directing his advice to Ryan.

Anna felt so humiliated. It was like she was a training dummy. She could do nothing but lay across her father’s lap and let him punish her in front of her husband. When the first spank hit her she hadn’t been at all ready and she yelped as the stinging smack radiated out from the middle of her left cheek and through the rest of her ass. Her legs kicked out as she sobbed. Spankings were never good but they were so much worse when there was no diaper to cushion the blow.

The spanks rained down on her backside and soon it felt like she was bruising up. She tried to remain stoic but her composure cracked with every hit. She cried out that she was sorry but nothing stopped Harold’s hand. She could only imagine how red her butt was. She quickly lost count of the hard spanks but it felt like more than she had ever received in one go before. When they stopped it took her a few seconds to even realise she could get up. She scrambled off her father’s lap and fell to the floor whilst still crying.

“Go upstairs.” Harold ordered coldly, “Ryan will see to you shortly.”

Anna rolled on to her front and thought she heard a gasp as her ass stuck out for all to see. With her diaper halfway down her legs and her onesie flapping open Anna awkwardly stumbled to her feet. She wanted to get out of the living room as soon as possible and she awkwardly waddled towards the door. She risked a glance at her husband and saw Ryan staring at her, it seemed that his face had drained of blood. He looked almost ghostly white.

Anna quickly left the room as she continued to cry in humiliation, pain and anger. She wanted to go back and punch Harold, see how much he liked being hit but she knew that wasn’t an option for her. She went up to her bedroom and ripped off the diaper that was hanging on by a thread. She could see it was soaked and the bottom of her onesie was damp as well.

Soon Anna had stripped off the onesie as well which left her completely naked. Feeling her blood boiling she grabbed the pillow from her crib and punched into it repeatedly. She had to do something to relieve the frustration before she exploded. She had meant only to give the soft pillow a couple of whacks but she just kept going. When she heard her bedroom door close she jumped and dropped the pillow to the floor.

Ryan stood at the door still looking pale. He nodded towards the changing table and Anna went over. She winced and let out a soft groan when she hopped up and landed on her butt on the padded surface. She carefully laid back feeling the stinging in her butt the whole time. Ryan still hadn’t said a word and that made Anna nervous. He didn’t often talk to her much but there was a very charged atmosphere in the room.

Anna watched Ryan come over and stand between her legs. He rolled her legs back to slip a new diaper underneath her and visibly winced when he saw the damage. Anna sniffed and felt the new diaper slip underneath her.

“That bad, huh?” Anna asked grimly.

“Does he… Do you get punished like that often?” Ryan asked.

Anna worried that Ryan was finding out he could be much more hands on with her than she had been up to this point. She hesitated in answering and instead looked away as the diaper was pulled up between her legs and taped closed. It seemed that Ryan didn’t expect an answer or at least he was alright with not receiving one.

“I think you should have an early night.” Ryan said as he stepped back and let Anna sit up.

Anna nodded. She wasn’t prepared for another punishment and she wasn’t keen on going back downstairs anyway. She dropped off the changing table and gingerly felt the back of her diaper. Ryan looked at her for another second and then nodded himself as if he had just made his mind up about something. He then turned and left the room.


Everyone was sat in the living room. Anna shifted in her seat uncomfortably as they all watched television together. She was sat next to Ryan though there was no contact between the two, she may as well have been sitting alone. Ryan seemed distracted.

It had been two days since Anna’s spanking and her butt was still sore. Each time she had her diaper changed by Ryan she saw him wincing, it annoyed her because whenever he drew her attention to her bruises the pain seemed to get worse. He didn’t say much to Anna in private and still avoided any kind of sexual contact with her. There was always an excuse though most recently it had been that Ryan wanted to wait for the bruising to heal up. Anna felt pretty sure that once her ass was healthy he would find another reason.

When around the rest of the family Ryan seemed like a different person. He was confident, cocky and completely obnoxious to be around. Anna was looking forward to him going away to college, at least things would go back to some sort of normality whilst he was gone. It was just delaying the inevitable though. Ryan was her husband and de facto owner, her whole life would be spent with him.

“Here we go.” Michelle walked in with a tray in her hands. She placed it down on the table, “A couple of beers for the men…”

Anna rolled her eyes as Michelle handed out the drinks as if she was some servant girl.

“Apple juice for the girls.” Michelle smiled as she held out a little yellow sippy cup.

Anna shifted forwards and crinkled loudly. She was red in the face as she took the infantile drinking vessel. Ryan stared at her as she lifted the plastic cup to her mouth and tipped it up. She wished Ryan would look away, this was all so embarrassing.

“Harold, could I have a word in private?” Ryan suddenly said as he stood up.

“Sure.” Harold replied as he put his drink down.

Anna watched her father and husband stand up and walk out of the living room together. It left Anna and Michelle alone for pretty much the first time since their awkward conversation about marriage consummation. Michelle watched the door as it closed and then waited a second to make sure it wasn’t opening again.

“Have things been alright?” Michelle asked conspiratorially.

Anna shrugged.

“I mean, Ryan’s treating you alright in private, right?” Michelle continued. Her urgent whispering was not something Anna was used to.

“He doesn’t hit me like Dad does, if that’s what you mean.” Anna spat out. She couldn’t keep her anger pent up completely, it needed an outlet occasionally.

“That’s good.” Michelle sat back a bit and looked very relieved.

“And what would you do if he was treating me badly?” Anna asked accusingly, “You’d just sit there smiling your fake smile like a good little girl.”

Michelle looked taken aback and her smile almost immediately became a very genuine frown. She seemed hurt by Anna’s words but Anna didn’t care. As far as she was concerned her mother was nearly as bad as the males for going along with everything. Deep down she knew it wasn’t fair to expect her mother to buck a system designed to stop exactly that but she was angry and upset.

There was a period of tense silence between the two women with the television quietly droning on in the background. Just as Michelle was about to open her mouth the door opened again. As quick as a flash Michelle’s smile returned. As Harold sat down she draped herself against his arm like the good wife she was. Anna remained on the opposite side of the couch from Ryan.

It wasn’t until dinnertime that Anna found out what the conversation between the two men had been about. Her mother had prepared dinner and the four of them were sitting around the table eating. As usual it was Ryan and Harold making up the conversation whilst the women sat quietly. Anna tried to occupy her mind by trying to remember different passages in her Jane Eyre book upstairs.

Anna had retreated so far inside her own head she didn’t notice as Harold tried repeatedly to get her attention. She only realised they were talking to her when she was given a rough prod from her father.

“Anna!” Harold was shaking his head as Anna looked around and blinked a couple of times. Harold was turned to Ryan, “Are you sure you want to take this airhead?”

“She has her uses.” Ryan chuckled in reply.

As Harold joined in the laughter Anna felt herself flushing red from a combination of embarrassment and indignant anger. It was rich for Ryan to make such allusions to what they did in their private time when he had barely touched her outside of changing her diaper. She wanted nothing more than to embarrass Ryan the same way he had embarrassed her but she kept her mouth shut.

“I contacted the college dean and he said it would be fine as long as I kept her on a short leash.” Ryan said.

“Literal or metaphorical?” Harold grinned.

“Both!” Ryan laughed along with Harold for a few seconds but stopped laughing soon after looking at Anna.

Anna was clenching her fists. Everything about this conversation seemed to be about degrading her. She didn’t even know what they were talking about but she wasn’t about to buy in to the conversation by asking. She just looked away and sipped from her sippy cup whilst trying to maintain what dignity she still had.

“But seriously…” Ryan finally continued, “He says its fine and I figure you don’t want her getting in the way here.”

“She’s your problem now.” Harold said as he sipped his beer, “Whatever you want to do with her is your business.”

“I’m right here!” Anna couldn’t contain her anger any longer. She glared at the two males, “Maybe you two could stop stroking each other for one minute and tell me what’s going on?”

“You little…” Harold started to get up but Ryan put a hand out to stop him.

Ryan stood up and walked over to Anna. Anna stared up at him wondering what he was going to do. She watched as Ryan used his finger and thumb to pinch her ear, she immediately winced in pain as she was pulled to her feet. Her eyes were closed as she was practically pulled across the room.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Anna exclaimed. She narrowly missed walking into the table as she was led to the corner.

“You can stay there with your nose against the wall until you learn to behave.” Ryan said. He spoke loudly, it felt almost like the words were meant for Anna’s parents as much as the woman herself, “I’ll let you know when you can come back out.”

Anna’s nose was pushed against the corner as her eyes watered with anger and frustration. She felt utterly humiliated as Ryan let go of her ear and returned to the couch. She was left feeling like a naughty toddler for wanting to know what was going to happen to her.

“You should spank her or something.” Harold said gruffly, “Girls like her only know one thing.”

“Maybe.” Ryan was back at the couch. Anna couldn’t see anyone but she could certainly hear them, “But I want to try things a little differently.”

Anna had tears streaming down her cheeks but she was doing all she could to hold in the sobs that threatened to escape her. She wiped her eyes and sniffed, she simultaneously wet her diaper. The warmth splashed against her and actually felt a little comforting, the familiarity an embarrassing comfort.

“Anyway, yeah, I’m going to take Anna with me to college.” Ryan said as if they were discussing a piece of furniture.

“As long as she doesn’t distract you from your studies.” Michelle advised as if her opinion was wanted.

“Hmm, you don’t want to mess up your grades and lose out on Daddy’s money.” Harold chuckled.

“I’m sure we’ll be fine.” Ryan replied politely, “Won’t we, Anna?”

Anna just pressed her nose further into the corner and wept. She didn’t know if life at home or with Ryan would be better, neither seemed like attractive scenarios. Yet again her life had been upturned by someone else and all she could do was try to prepare for what was to come.



End Chapter 6


by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 19, 2023


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