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Chapter 11
Part Eleven

Chapter Description: Anna wakes up to a husband who is quickly annoyed by her carelessness. That means it's time for punishment and as if that wasn't bad enough Ryan has more bad news for her.

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It took a while for Anna to fall asleep that night. It wasn’t for lack of tiredness but Ryan’s snoring seemed loud enough to wake the dead. She wasn’t surprised when she felt the mattress springs moving as Ryan got out of bed. He was groaning and when Anna turned her head she could see that he looked very rough.

“What time did I come home last night?” Ryan croaked out.

“A little after twelve.” Anna yawned and curled up under the blanket as she planned to go back to sleep.

Anna was still awake when she heard Ryan’s staggered footsteps leaving the bedroom. He was heading down the hallway towards the bathroom. She closed her eyes and was just drifting off when she was startled by Ryan’s voice shouting.

“What the hell is this!?” Ryan sounded equal parts shocked and disgusted.

Anna frowned. She had used the bathroom last night but he had told her to change herself. Was he really flipping out over water residue in the tub? Anna was just about to close her eyes again when it suddenly came to her.

“Oh my God…” Anna gasped as she slowly sat up.

“Anna!” Ryan shouted, “Get out here!”

Anna desperately didn’t want to confront the situation. She wondered if hiding under her blanket would be appropriate. After hesitating for a few seconds she threw the cover back and stood up. The diaper she had put on the previous night sagged between her legs. It was wet.

“Don’t make me come get you!” Ryan called out.

Anna swallowed as she left the bedroom in nothing but her diaper. She walked down to the bathroom on shaky legs until she was stood in the doorway. She saw Ryan standing in the middle of the room with an angry scowl on his face. On the floor between him and the tub was the soiled diaper from the previous night. Anna felt humiliated but was more worried about what might be coming.

“What’s this?” Ryan asked crossly. His voice was slightly hoarse after the previous night.

“My… My diaper.” Anna replied quietly.

“What’s it doing here?” Ryan asked. He was acting more like a parent than a husband.

“Well, I took it off when-” Anna started.

“Since when were you allowed to take your diapers off?” Ryan interrupted.

Anna looked up from the floor at Ryan. It seemed he had been so drunk he had forgotten that he had told her she could change herself. She bit her lip, it was a tricky situation because she didn’t want to be seen as arguing but at the same time she felt justified in defending herself. She had made a mistake in forgetting to dispose of her diaper but she had permission to change.

“You told me I could…” Anna said slowly, “When you came in I was… Well, I needed a change but you told me to change myself and then fell asleep.”

“I did?” Ryan frowned. It looked like he was trying to remember the previous night. It looked like it was causing him pain to do so.

There was an awkward silence.

“I’m sorry I forgot to dispose of it.” Anna finally added.

“Why’s it in here?” Ryan demanded has he seemed to recover his train of thought.

“I was really dirty and it’s not easy to change myself.” Anna felt so embarrassed.

“I didn’t tell you to have a shower.” Ryan said as he shook his head, “Get dressed, take this diaper to the trash downstairs then…”

Ryan paused. He was looking around as if trying to remember something or work out what else to say. It looked like it was causing him physical pain to use his brain, the hangover he was feeling must’ve been immense. There was a part of Anna that took a little satisfaction at his discomfort.

“Come back up and stand in the corner.” Ryan finally finished.

“In the corner?” Anna asked with a frown. She knew it was a punishment but it wasn’t something she thought she’d ever see Ryan demanding.

“Yes! Corner time!” Ryan waved his hand for Anna to hurry up, “Clearly I’ve been too lax around here.”

Anna opened her mouth to argue back but caught herself. Ryan hadn’t punished her before and when she looked at other women she would have to say she was very lucky. If he was bringing out a punishment now she didn’t want to push her luck and see what he was really capable of. He turned away from Anna and looked in the mirror above the sink, Anna could see his eyes repeatedly looking over to her as she walked forwards and picked up the used diaper. It felt cold and heavy in her hands.

Anna took the diaper out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. She got dressed in an outfit she was certain would meet Ryan’s approval, a pink Hello Kitty top and a short skirt that left little to the imagination over her diaper. She had to try and get on Ryan’s good side since he was in an uncharacteristically bad mood. As she got dressed she heard Ryan walk past the doorway and out into the main living area. The faucet turned on a couple of seconds later.

“Hurry up!” Ryan called out with a croaky voice.

Anna finished adjusting her skirt and picked up the stinky diaper again. It felt even grosser now than it had done the previous night, the way it had cooled made it somehow more nauseating. It didn’t help that the smell seemed to hang around the plastic padding like a cloud. Anna held the diaper out and away from her as she left the bedroom. When she walked into the main living area she saw Ryan in the kitchen and leaning on the counter, next to him was a packet of painkillers and he had a glass of water in his hand.

Looking away Anna headed towards the front door of her apartment. It was a door she hadn’t used since she had first arrived on campus. She was just pulling it open when she was stopped by Ryan’s voice.

“I didn’t do anything else last night, did I?” Ryan asked in a small voice. If Anna didn’t know better she would’ve said there was a fearful quiver in the way that he spoke.

“What do you mean?” Anna asked as she turned to face the kitchen.

“I didn’t… try anything?” Ryan was looking at the floor, “I can’t remember a thing from last night and…”

“Nothing happened.” Anna said, “You came in, told me to change my diaper and fell asleep. That’s it.”

Anna saw a look of relief flash across Ryan’s face as he took a deep breath. He walked out from the kitchen towards Anna who took an instinctive step backwards. He reached into the pocket of his robe and pulled out one of her pacifiers. Anna opened her mouth just in time for the latex bulb to push past her lips.

Ryan turned around to face the counters and started making himself some breakfast. Anna fully opened the door and stepped out into the hallway feeling embarrassed as she held the pacifier between her teeth. She pulled the door closed but left it off the latch so she could get back in.

“Hello.” A female voice nearly gave Anna a heart attack. Her hands flew up in surprise and the full diaper slipped from her fingers and dropped to the floor with a thud.

“Jane? Hi, what are you doing out here?” Anna put a hand over her heart as she saw her neighbor sat on the floor in front of the door across the hall. She reached up to pull the pacifier from her lips but thought better of it, instead her words were slurred slightly as if she had been the one out drinking.

“Oh, well, when Paul came home last night he didn’t…” Jane looked around. It looked like she was scared of being overheard but when she saw that no one else was around she beckoned Anna to come over before continuing in a whisper, “He said he didn’t want to share his bed and kicked me out.”

“You’ve been out here all night!?” Anna asked in shock. Her exclamation was enough to get Jane to frantically tell her to keep her voice down.

“It’s not so bad.” Jane finally continued in her whisper, “This is better than at home where I’d be outside. At least here I have the hallway.”

Anna was shocked. Jane was giving her a smile but it just made Anna pity the poor girl even more. Jane was wearing a thin nightie which didn’t really hide anything that was underneath it, her diaper was soaked. Anna’s felt the rising heat of anger as she balled up her fists. She wanted to knock on the door and tell Paul to get his act together, that Jane wasn’t some dog that he could order out of the house if he wanted to.

“Don’t.” Jane said as if reading Anna’s mind, “It’s really not that bad. It could be worse.”

Anna’s rage was impotent and she knew it. There was nothing she could do, even if she knocked on the door and gave Paul a piece of her mind it would only result in her own punishment getting worse, poor Jane would probably end up getting punished even more as well. The threat of the Finishing School remained an ever present. Tears of frustration threatened to spill over Anna’s cheeks.

“It’s not right.” Anna said as she looked away and tried to discreetly wipe her eyes. Her pacifier nearly tumbled out of her mouth.

“You’d better carry on with your business.” Jane said after a few seconds, “You don’t want to keep your husband waiting.”

It felt like an awkward goodbye. Anna didn’t want to leave Jane on the doormat and yet it was true that Ryan was expecting her back soon. She picked up her loaded diaper and stood up reluctantly, Jane gave her another small smile and a nod. Anna turned away and started walking towards the stairs. She looked back as she reached the stairs to see Jane laying down across her apartment’s doormat.

The building’s dumpsters were in a little space to the side of the building where they were hidden from sight. Anna walked around holding her shameful package and averted her eyes whenever she passed someone which was thankfully infrequently on that early morning.

Once Anna had dropped her stinky diaper in the dumpster she went back up to the apartment. She expected to see Jane and have another awkward encounter but she wasn’t there anymore, Anna hoped she had finally been allowed inside. Walking back into her own apartment she saw that Ryan had got into his dressing gown and stretched out on the couch. He gestured to the corner when she had closed the door.

Anna wanted to argue against the punishment but she didn’t. After seeing Jane that morning a little time spent in the corner seemed much more tolerable. She still felt humiliated as she traipsed across the living room and to the corner. She was next to the television so knew Ryan would have his eye on her. With her pacifier pressed into the corner of two walls she let out a huff and waited.

Anna had no idea how long she was supposed to stand there but she faced the walls and sighed. She was thankful that the TV was on quietly, it meant she wasn’t quite left alone with her thoughts. She was bored within a couple of minutes and after five it felt like torture to remain in place. She shifted her weight back and forth impatiently. It wasn’t like she had a lot of things to be doing but having to stay in one place quietly like this was against Anna’s nature.

Anna didn’t dare turn to look at Ryan but when she heard snoring coming from the couch she couldn’t help but glance over her shoulder. Ryan had fallen asleep. This presented a problem for Anna who hadn’t been told to leave the corner and had no idea how much longer she was supposed to stay there for.

“Unbelievable…” Anna muttered to herself.

Anna loudly cleared her throat hoping that Ryan would wake up but he was snoring loudly and didn’t react to her. She leaned forwards so her forehead rested on the wall and wondered what she should do. After a minute of thinking she decided she really had to stay in place, seeing Jane had shaken her and she was desperate to avoid antagonizing her husband.

Anna felt her diaper warming. She hadn’t really felt the need to go all that strongly as the pee splashed out of her and against the padding. She had nothing to do except think as she flexed her muscles a little bit, it was already getting uncomfortable to stand in one spot like this.

Time stretched on interminably. Anna couldn’t stop herself from thinking, she had nothing else to do after all. Her mind went to the same place it always did in times like this and that was what life was like everywhere else. Anna wondered what she would be doing right then if she was anywhere but Sallas. She could see herself as a student at a college rather than a glorified maid, she would be studying something that would lead to a career, something like medicine. She would be experimenting, maybe she’d have a boyfriend, hell maybe she’d even have a girlfriend. She really had no idea what she would be doing but she was sure it was better than this.

There was no way for Anna to easily tell the time from here but it felt like at least half an hour had to have passed. She found herself bending and flexing her legs just to try and stretch them a bit, even her jaw was starting to ache from the pacifier in her mouth. Ryan was still fast asleep so she decided to take a risk and lowered herself down until she was sitting on the floor. She was still facing the wall and hoped that would be enough for her husband. The expanded padding of her diaper provided a nice pillow.

Anna leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. She was still a little tired herself and it wasn’t long before she was dozing off in the corner herself. It was just as she was properly falling asleep that a loud ringtone made her jump. Ryan’s snoring ended suddenly and Anna heard him grabbing the phone.

“Hello?” Ryan’s voice sounded rough. A combination of the hangover and sudden wake up.

Anna managed to contain her curiosity and prevent herself from turning around. She stayed exactly where she was though, she didn’t want to stand up and draw attention to the fact she had changed position.

“I did? Right… No, it’s no problem… Yeah… Cool.” Ryan said into the phone, “Yeah, about six? Alright, see you then.”

Anna heard a tone as Ryan hung up the phone. The couch creaked slightly as Ryan sat up and although Anna couldn’t see anything she knew her husband was staring at the back of her head.

“I must’ve fallen asleep.” Ryan eventually said, “How long was I out for?”

“I don’t know.” Anna replied truthfully without turning from the wallpaper in front of her.

“You’ve… You’ve been in the corner the whole time?” Ryan asked.

“I have.” Anna replied.

“Alright, I only meant to give you five minutes… You better come out. We’ve got some preparations to do.” Ryan stood up and scratched his chest.

Anna stood up and twisted side to side. She felt her back complaining as she stretched it out. She saw Ryan looking at her a little guiltily. She wasn’t worried about that though, she was focusing on one word that Ryan had said in particular.

“Preparations?” Anna asked.

“Apparently I agreed to host Paul and Jane this evening.” Ryan said with a shrug, “I don’t really remember it but then most of last night is a blank.”

Anna bit her lip. She didn’t know which part sounded least appealing to her. Hosting a small dinner party sounded daunting, she certainly wouldn’t have chosen Paul as a guest either. She found herself wondering what she was going to wear and cook and…

Anna chastised herself. “Don’t be so pathetic.” Anna thought, “Immediately falling into the role of housewife, where’s your fight?” Anna walked out of the living room and back towards the bedroom. She was resolved not to care, she didn’t want guests, she didn’t want to be a wife and she certainly didn’t want to have to worry herself over these things.

“I’ll go out and get some stuff for dinner.” Ryan called out, “Is there anything you want to cook?”

Anna didn’t reply. She got into her side of the bed and faced away from the door. She expected Ryan to come down the hallway demanding an answer or punishing her but instead she heard movement in the living room. There was a metallic jangling as Ryan scooped up his keys and then the front door opened and closed. Anna was pleasantly surprised and used the time to open her bedside cabinet and pull out her old photo album. She sighed as she started leafing through the pages.

Whilst Anna laid down and looked at the old photos of her smiling parents she felt another warming inside her diaper. She reached down with her free hand and felt the wet padding. She sighed, she needed a change but she didn’t want to wait again.

“Screw it.” Anna said as she sat up and put her book down.

After everything that had happened from the previous evening spent in a messy diaper to today’s punishment Anna felt like she deserved to change herself. She stood up and marched over to the changing table. She got the supplies out and hopped up on to the padded surface.

“I doubt Ryan would even notice.” Anna muttered to herself, “I’ll just put this in the trash and he’ll never know.”

Anna pulled at the tapes of her diaper before she could change her mind. This felt very different to the previous night when she had been desperate for a change and could justify that she had permission, she could’ve waited and she could’ve asked for a change. This was an act of defiance and she knew it.

As Anna lowered the front of her diaper she pulled out some wipes and started to clean her diaper area. The smile that spread across her face from her act of rebellion disappeared when she heard the front door again. Anna froze with her old diaper still open between her legs and holding the new one. She looked to the bedroom door as footsteps came closer.

“Anna, do you know if-” Ryan had pushed open the door and was looking over at the changing table. He froze as he saw Anna in the middle of a change.

Anna didn’t know what to do. She felt like a child who had been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. She looked over at Ryan with eyes the size of dinner plates. Anna expected an explosion of anger at any moment, she tensed up and the longer Ryan remained silent the more she was sure he would explode in a fury.

“Do you know if Jane has any food allergies?” Ryan asked quietly.

“What?” Anna was so surprised she wasn’t being shouted at it took her a moment to process what she was hearing, “Oh, erm, no. I don’t know.”

“Right.” Ryan looked conflicted.

Anna could see Ryan looking all over the room. There seemed to be a deep conflict raging in Ryan and Anna could only look on as she awaited her sentence. She would almost have preferred him to be shouting at her than this silence that kept her on tenterhooks.

“I’ll be back soon.” Ryan finally said quietly. He left the room and closed the door behind him.

Anna was shocked. She was sure this must be some kind of trick and didn’t move a muscle until she heard the front door open and close again. She dropped back against the padded table and took a deep breath. She had been married to Ryan for weeks now but she still didn’t think she understood him in the slightest.

After a couple of minutes Anna realised she should probably finish her change before she had an accident and gave yet another reason for Ryan to punish her. She reached down and pulled the diaper up and over her crotch before taping it closed. She hadn’t changed her diapers before and yet now she had done it twice in two days. Strange things were happening.



End Chapter 11


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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