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Chapter 18
Part Eighteen

Chapter Description: Anna is not happy. Despite her potty training going well she is forced back into diapers as she accompanies Ryan to a dinner party.

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“It’s just for tonight!” Ryan pleaded, “All the other girls will be dressed like it.”

“I don’t care about the other girls!” Anna seethed.

“But-” Ryan started.

“I’ve worked damn hard to be in pull-ups.” Anna said as she pointed down at her crotch.

Anna was stood in her bedroom wearing nothing but a plain white t-shirt and her pull-up. On the bed in front of her was a distinctly childish outfit. A frilly white dress with pink ribbons around the edges and frilly white socks with a pink brim. It was the sort of outfit that heavily babied women wore, it was the kind of thing she had spent all her time trying to avoid. It was the sort of thing she had thought she could forget about forever after Ryan had proven himself to be an ally.

The pull-ups were a mark of pride for Anna. They were a symbol of how far she had come with her potty training. It had been a few weeks since she had started but now she was able to reliably keep herself clean and dry to the point that diapers were only needed for bed. During the day she was in the much thinner pull-ups and even those were very rarely needed.

Anna’s head and shoulders slumped as Ryan walked over to her. She knew he was right, she knew that she couldn’t be seen living as she was otherwise it would all be taken from her. Despite knowing this it was still a big ask for her to give up the little perks that she had earned. After being allowed out of her box it was difficult for Anna to stuff her back inside if only for one night.

“Things will be fine.” Ryan said. He reached out and put his hands on Anna’s arms. There had been more physical contact between the two of them recently although absolutely nothing even remotely intimate.

Anna nodded her head. Ryan stepped back and then said he was leaving the room to give her some privacy. Once she was alone Anna pulled off her shirt leaving her almost naked. With reluctance Anna tore the sides of her pull-up and held it up, she smiled when she saw she was still dry. There wasn’t a spot of moisture anywhere to be found.

The hated diaper laid on the bed and Anna would’ve much preferred to keep it there. Unfortunately she had to do two of her least favourite things in the world, put a diaper on and then be with other people.

It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world Anna tried to tell herself as she laid on the crinkly disposable. It was a posh party and she would be able to hide behind Ryan the whole time, she was sure he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. They just had to make their appearance and then leave at the earliest opportunity.

Anna understood Ryan’s desire to be seen as a “normal” man. He wanted to have a career and she was very supportive of that, it was the only thing that made evenings like this tolerable. One day she was sure Ryan would be able to more than pay her back for her discomfort. He might even be able to get her out of the country.

As soon as she was diapered Anna stood up again. The bulkiness between her legs was a very unwanted reminder of her past. She pulled the dress over her head and let it fall down over her body. Looking in the mirror Anna could see she looked like an oversized doll. She shuddered but put her socks on and left the bedroom.

“You look…” Ryan started as Anna waddled out into the living room.

“I look ridiculous.” Anna said. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment as she went over to the couch and sat down with her arms folded across her chest. Anna looked even more infantile next to Ryan who was in a smart shirt and jacket.

Like everything else involved with the college the party was happening on campus. Anna held Ryan’s hand as she left the house, it was either that or where the harness. After getting so used to regular clothing and pull-ups it was very embarrassing to be reduced to this. The sun was already setting as they walked down the main drive in silence.

Unlike the apartment Anna and Ryan stayed in the party was taking place in a full-sized house. Anna could only imagine how much it cost the occupants. The apartment was expensive enough, she had only a rough idea how rich Ryan’s father was, but to have the full house must’ve cost a fortune. Ryan led the pair up to the front door and pressed on the doorbell.

“Just relax and stay with me.” Ryan muttered, “We’ll be fine.”

“Hello! Come on in!” A man opened the door in a suit with a bowtie and a small glass of some kind of cocktail in his hand. He was much older than Anna, balding and what hair was left was very obviously dyed black.

The house itself looked very fancy to Anna though she had to admit she hardly had much to compare it to. It certainly didn’t look like student housing, it was richly furnished in classy furniture. They were stood in the hallway but the noise of conversation was coming from a large room at the back of the house.

“This is a nice place.” Ryan said.

“Thank you.” The man who answered the door replied, “It’s mine.”

“How much does this cost you to rent?” Anna asked the question before she even realised what was happening. Her eyes went wide and she looked down at the floor submissively, “Sorry…”

“It’s not rented.” The man sounded annoyed at the suggestion, “I’m Professor Shipman and I own this property.”

Professor Shipman gave Ryan a stern look and then turned to Anna. She looked up just in time to see him look at her with loathing before he turned away from both of them. She mouthed an apology to Ryan before she was taken towards the noise.

“I like to throw the occasional soiree for students of a certain social standing.” Professor Shipman said as he led the way.

Anna had thought this was going to be the regular kind of party college-aged guys had, one of cheap alcohol, raucous party games and constantly trying to one up each other. Ryan had told her it was going to be quite posh but she expected “posh” to have a different meaning for young students freed of responsibility for a night. She certainly hadn’t been expecting something much more subdued. She had taken an instinctual dislike to Professor Shipman from the first moment she had seen him. He certainly seemed like the typical older conservative man who didn’t want anything to change. He was, in essence, the opposite of Anna.

“Help yourself to a drink.” Professor Shipman said, “Once you’ve put your girl away.”

“Excuse me?” Ryan said.

Professor Shipman pointed to an area on the far side of the room. Anna couldn’t immediately see what he was looking at but she could tell from the way Ryan’s face seemed to drain of colour that she wouldn’t like it. She took a step forwards in front of Ryan and leaned around the group of people blocking her view. What she saw almost made her scream.

“Off you go, Ryan.” Professor Shipman said, “And might I suggest you get her under control. Honestly, talking to me like that. Good girls are seen and not heard.”

Anna opened her mouth as she felt anger surging through her but Ryan stepped in front of her. Before Anna was able to get herself in trouble Ryan was loudly laughing and agreeing with the professor before quickly shepherding Anna through the crowd.

The playpen in the corner was large but still looked crowded with women. The metal bars seemed more like a prison cell that everyone could look into than anything else. The interior of the pen had toys scattered around and there were at least a dozen women sitting in there in groups. It looked like Anna’s worst idea of a nightmare.

“I didn’t know.” Ryan muttered into Anna’s ear apologetically.

“I can’t stay in there!” Anna hissed.

“It won’t be long.” Ryan replied, “Just try to grin and bear it, alright? Oh, and I think you’ll need this.”

Anna turned to look at her husband and found a pacifier being pushed between her lips. Her instant reaction was to spit it out and curse at Ryan but she managed to take a breath and remain at least calm enough to not explode.

“A bib for the girl, sir?” A butler had walked up and was holding out an array of brightly colored bibs.

“A… bib?” Ryan replied. He was clearly wondering why such a thing would be necessary.

“We keep the girls refreshed with drinks.” The butler replied, “I’m sure you want to protect her adorable little dress.”

Anna clenched her teeth hard against the bulb of her pacifier. She hated to be talked down to like that. As she was talked about like she couldn’t understand the two men she found that all her muscles were tensed up. She forced herself to relax just a little before she blew some blood vessels.

“Of course.” Ryan said to the butler. He was either ignoring or entirely unaware of the smoldering volcano that was his wife, “I’ll take that one.”

“Very good, sir.” The butler replied as he handed over the bib and walked away.

“Ryan…” Anna started as soon as the butler had disappeared into the crowd. Her speech was muffled by the mouth-filling pacifier.

“It’s just a small thing.” Ryan said as he lifted the bib and put it around Anna’s neck, “It won’t be for long.”

Anna clenched her fists as Ryan opened the gate. She stepped inside and heard it close behind her. When she turned around she saw Ryan disappearing into the crowd. Anna sighed and turned to look back at the women before her. There was a strange mix of women who were keeping to themselves and other women who were excitedly talking to each other, all were dressed in babyish clothes just like Anna herself. The difference was that some had diapers clearly exposed to the room whilst the others were hiding their padded states.

Without any idea as to what she would do next Anna lifted the bib to take a look at it. It was white with a pink trim, she didn’t know if Ryan had intentionally picked the bib because it matched her dress or not. Embroidered on the fluffy cotton surface in pink lettering was “Daddy’s Messy Eater.” Anna was about to rip it off consequences be damned when she was stopped.

“Anna?” A quiet and muffled but familiar voice drew Anna’s attention.

“Jane!” Anna replied around her pacifier.

Anna was so happy to see a familiar face and she hurried over to Jane who was still sitting on the floor. She was one of the most babyish looking people in the playpen. Anna could see she was extremely thickly padded and had a onesie which showed the diaper bulging out either side of the stretchy clothing. She had mittens on her hands that seemed to make it impossible for to do much more than play with the oversized baby blocks in front of her but it seemed like even those were a struggle to pick up.

Anna sat down next to her friend and they smiled at each other. Like all the other girls Jane had a pacifier in her mouth though hers appeared to be attached to a leather strap that was done up behind her head making it irremovable. It didn’t look at all comfortable.

“Are you alright?” Anna asked.

Anna heard Jane reply but she couldn’t make out many of the words thanks to the pacifier in her mouth. She gave her friend a pitying smile and then looked around at her surroundings. It would’ve been interesting to be detached from everything that was happening and looking in as an observer. Being in that playpen like an animal at the zoo made the whole situation most humiliating.

There was shrill laughter from the opposite side of the pen and Anna turned to see a group of three girls laughing together. She couldn’t believe how accepting and comfortable with the situation they were. She was disgusted by them and had to look away with a scowl on her face as if she had smelled something exceptionally unpleasant. It was usually hard to tell at first glance how brainwashed most women were but some were so infantile in behaviour Anna could only assume they had either lost their minds or bought into the power imbalance completely.

Jane held a block out towards Anna awkwardly between her mittens. Anna looked at it but couldn’t bring herself to be the good little girl who sits quietly and plays whilst the men conversed. She shook her head and folded her arms across her chest. She looked out at the men and caught glimpses of Ryan who looked as awkward as ever as he hung around the fringes of the groups. Several times he looked nervously over to Anna.

Ryan was far from the only person who looked over to the fenced in girls. As Anna watched the men around her they would sometimes leer in to laugh or examine them as if they were slabs of meat at the butchers.

“Drinks.” A man dressed as a butler said as he walked up to the edge of the playpen. He had a tray and on top of it was a whole load of baby bottles.

Anna rolled her eyes and turned her nose up at the drinks even as most of the women around her scrambled over for one. Even Jane had got up and walked over and when she returned it was with two bottles which she put on the ground in front of her. One of the bottles fell over sideways and Jane rolled it over to Anna.

“I don’t want it.” Anna said.

Jane just shrugged. Anna watched as Jane struggled with her own drink. It seemed that there was a tiny gap that she was able to squeeze the top of the bottle in and reach her lips. Though it looked like she could only let tiny amounts of the milk inside drip into her mouth and took an exhausting amount of effort for such a small reward.

“I really don’t know why we should bring them at all.” A very snobby man said from nearby, “The college has a nursery, you know. For women abandoned by their husbands. These young men sometimes rush into marriage without thinking what having one of these girls actually means. Some even think they should be treated equally.”

“Surely not!” Replied his friend.

“They soon come to their sense of course.” The first man replied, “I always try to tell them “a girl is for life, not just for Christmas” but you know what young men are like. They rarely think with the correct head.”

Anna had looked out at the men when she first heard their conversation. An older man was standing with one of the students. They were both dressed up in tuxedos and were looking down at the assorted women in the pen with a detached curiosity. They made no effort to keep their voices down and Anna shuddered with every word. As they walked away she let out a deep breath and, as if sensing her anxiety, Jane reached over and put a comforting hand on her knee.

Firstly, Anna hadn’t known that there was a nursery at the college though it did make sense that there would be some service like that available. What chilled her about it was the inference that the nursery wasn’t always a temporary visit. Some of the women were simply… abandoned. What happened after that Anna could only guess but she could safely assume it wasn’t anything good. It didn’t help that the man had described her situation completely. Ryan was doing his best to treat her equally but now she was finding out that it wasn’t as rare as she thought for men to do that… for a while.

Panic started to surge through Anna as she pictured all the young women like herself given a chance to be equal only until their husbands grew bored of them. Her mind raced as she saw Ryan getting annoyed or just tired of her and throwing her out like yesterday’s garbage. She had started to shake as she struggled to pull herself out of this imagined future.

“Pway.” Jane lisped around her pacifier. She pushed some blocks towards the panicking girl.

“I… I can’t…” Anna gasped as she tried to fight back the anxiety that felt like it was overfilling her.

“You can.” Jane smiled as best she could, “It helpth.”



End Chapter 18


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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