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Chapter 24
Part Twenty-Four

Chapter Description: It's finally time to head back to the college but that means Anna has to leave the relative safety of her bedroom. What greets her downstairs is a situation right out of her worst nightmare.

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Anna spent most of the next day hiding in her bedroom. Ryan put in appearances but made it clear he would’ve much preferred to stay up with Anna. Unfortunately Anna couldn’t hide away forever and around lunchtime Ryan broke the unfortunate news that she was expected downstairs. At least it was delivered with the caveat that they would be leaving soon afterwards.

With more than a little trepidation Anna came downstairs. She was in a fresh diaper and a pink skirtall as she descended the grand staircase. She clung to Ryan’s arm and didn’t know if he assumed she was just playing up the act or not, in truth she did it to feel safer.

“There they are.” Michael was stood in the Foyer area and looking up towards Anna, “I was about to send out a search party!”

Anna’s parents were also in the Foyer and they burst into loud laughter at the terrible joke. Harold in particular was putting on a show of how funny he thought Michael was. Anna felt butterflies in her stomach as she reached the bottom of the stairs. The front door was mere feet away and how she wished she could just run out of there and not look back.

“We’ll probably be leaving soon.” Ryan said, “We have a long drive ahead of us after all.”

“Of course…” Michael paused for a few seconds. It looked like he was contemplating something, “I actually have a proposition for you.”

Anna didn’t at all like the way her father-in-law looked at her as he said that. A shiver went down her spine as she suppressed the urge to turn tail and run. Ryan seemed to pull her closer as Howard took a few short steps until he was right up in front of Anna.

“I’ve always taught Ryan to share…” Michael practically whispered to Anna as he leaned in closer, “Perhaps I could enjoy your company before you leave.”

Anna’s eyes widened and as what Michael was saying sunk in she felt a hand reach around and roughly grope her padded ass. She reacted almost instinctively, she didn’t think as her eyes went wide and she looked at Ryan’s father. Her arm went back and before anyone could stop her she swung forwards and slapped Howard in the face.

As soon as her hand made contact with Michael’s face Anna knew she had made a terrible mistake. It felt like time and space had stopped for a second, it seemed like everyone was asking themselves if what they had just seen was what really happened. Over Michael’s shoulder Anna saw her mom covering her mouth.

“You bitch.” Michael growled with fire in his eyes, “I knew there was something wrong with you.”

Michael grabbed Anna by her pigtails and started pulling her to the hallway. Anna’s eyes went wide but there was nothing she could do loosen her father-in-law’s grip. She tried desperately to pry his fingers open but he wouldn’t be moved, it was all she could do to remain on her feet.

“Father!” Ryan exclaimed as he ran to get in front of the pair.

“Out of my way!” Michael yelled as he forcibly pushed Ryan aside and continued pulling Anna until they entered the living room.

Anna was pulled across the room as she cried. She knew she had made a terrible mistake in slapping a man but it was a reaction that was entirely automatic. She was thrown roughly at the table as everyone else followed them into the room. Anna looked up at Ryan with pleading eyes though she knew there was little he could do. He had his hands behind his head and looked on the verge of a breakdown himself. A hand came down on Anna’s back making sure she stayed in place bent over the table.

“Ryan, get your mother’s switch.” Michael demanded.

“Father, I…” Ryan started to protest.

“What!?” Michael looked up at Ryan with fury, “Your wife just hit your father! You should be doing this. What’s wrong with you, eh? Can’t control your woman? Maybe Harold was right…”

“W-What’s that supposed to mean?” Ryan stuttered.

“I thought you could handle a wife but maybe I was wrong.” Michael shook his head, “Maybe I should send her off to Finishing School and tame her for you.”

“That’s… not necessary.” Ryan answered. He was trying to stay calm but the sweat on his brow gave up how flustered he felt, “I have her entirely under control. This behaviour is an aberration.”

“Fine.” Michael growled, “Then go get your mother’s switch.”

Anna watched Ryan hesitate for just a second. His eyes darted down to her. She was filled with terror but had the presence of mind to give him a tiny, almost imperceptible nod. She definitely didn’t want to be punished in any way and yet it was unavoidable, the best they could do was limit the damage. She knew Ryan had to show he was willing to keep her in line.

Ryan turned and left the room. Anna watched him go with some trepidation as she tried to steel herself for what she was sure would be her most unpleasant punishment yet. She exclaimed as Michael ripped at the tapes of her diaper and let it fall to the ground. With a gasp Anna closed her legs together and although she was bent over the table and mooning the room at least she wasn’t showing anything else. Her own parents were in the room watching, even Harold looked a little concerned.

There was a tense silence as everyone waited for Ryan to return. Anna was trembling under Michael’s hands but didn’t dare try to get up, she was in enough trouble as it was. When Ryan’s footsteps approached she felt herself freeze up.

“Bring it here.” Michael demanded.

Anna didn’t look behind her but heard Ryan approach. She dared to look to her side to see a thin wooden stick being handed to her father-in-law, she gulped as she looked forwards again. Ryan moved around into her eye line, she could see that the colour had drained from his face. She looked at him with wide eyes that she hoped conveyed her further desire that he not interfere.

“This switch was given to me by my father on the day of my wedding.” Michael said as he held the stick up to his face, “If I didn’t still need it on occasion I would have bequeathed it to you, Ryan. Would you use it?”

“O-Of course.” Ryan tried to sound confident.

“We’ll see.” Michael said.

Anna shuddered as the Michael lowered the stick to her bare skin and rubbed it against her. She could feel how tough it was, she could feel all the knots and protuberances. She was shaking and clutching the table with knuckles that had turned white. She wished Michael would just get on with it. The anticipation was killing her.

When the first blow came it was a total surprise. Anna had felt the stick rubbing against her and then within a slit-second it was pulled back and brought forwards again. It cracked through the air and then bent as it hit her. It stung like nothing she had ever experienced.

“Watch and learn, Ryan.” Michael growled, “You have to make sure she knows her place. If you give these women an inch they will take a mile!”

Anna screamed as she felt the thin strip of stinging pain blazing across her rear end again. The pain was unlike any other punishment she had ever suffered through. Tears filled Anna’s eyes as she clenched her teeth. No sooner had she managed to get her composure back then there was another whip-crack and another fresh line of stinging pain erupted like an explosion. Anna screamed again and immediately started sobbing, she looked up at Ryan and could see he was desperate to intervene. He had his hands behind his head and was grimacing as if he could feel every blow.

“Spare the rod, spoil the bitch!” Michael exclaimed.

Another hit and another set of nerves screamed in protest. Unlike a regular spanking it didn’t feel like the stinging was subsiding. She was kicking her legs out behind her desperately, she didn’t know how many hits she could expect but she regretted lashing out desperately.

“I’m sorry!” Anna screamed as the switch flew through the air again.

Anna’s mind could only register the pain that was lighting up her butt. She almost found herself wishing she had accepted Michael’s advances to begin with, she was reaching out for anything that would avoid this punishment.

By the time Anna had received the eighth hit she was a sobbing mess. She had laid her head on the table and accepted that this wouldn’t end. It felt like she had been bent over the table for hours. She couldn’t take much more, her whole rear end seemed to be in a blaze of agony. She knew she her ass must be so red, she wondered if she was bleeding.

“You might want to slow down.”

The first voice to speak up since the punishment began was from an unexpected source. The spanking stopped and all eyes turned towards Harold. Anna opened her tear-filled eyes and looked around shakily. Her parents were in the corner of the room and looked almost as shocked as Ryan did. Anna’s head laid on the table again and she felt two puddles on the side of her face, one was her tears and the other was drool and spit.

“I’m just thinking you don’t want to hurt your swinging arm before that golf tournament next week.” Harold continued. He smiled but it was a nervous one, like he half-expected Michael to turn on him with the switch.

There was more silence. A pregnant pause as all eyes turned to Harold. Anna was tensed up expecting the punishing beating to continue. It seemed like the silence seemed to stretch on into eternity.

“You’re probably right.” Harold finally said, “Can’t let those bastards at Simmons show me up!”

Anna felt Harold’s hand leave her back and she breathed a sigh of relief. She heard the two older males laughing and discussing golf as she tried to calm herself down, she didn’t dare move and draw attention to the fact that she was still there.

“Let me show you to the car.” Michael said to Anna’s parents.

Anna stayed against the table as she heard everyone leaving the room. She turned her head just as the footsteps reached the door. She saw Harold look over his shoulder quickly just before disappearing out of sight. The living room door closed and as soon as the footsteps had gone out of hearing range Ryan dashed forwards.

“Are you alright?” Ryan asked urgently.

“Not here…” Anna whispered.

“Just hold on a second.” Ryan said. He ran out to the Foyer leaving Anna alone in the living room.

Anna reached out behind her and hesitantly touched one of the areas on her rear end that was stinging badly. As soon as she came in contact with her skin she rapidly pulled her hand away whilst wincing. Ryan came back in shortly afterwards.

“Here, let me…” Ryan said as he carefully took hold of her arms and started to pick her up.

Anna slowly straightened up. Every small movement hurt her and she leant on her husband for support. She saw him unfolding a fresh diaper and moaned, it was necessary but she was under no illusions as to what this padding would do to her bruised skin.

To Ryan’s credit he was as careful as he could possibly be and taped on the diaper incredibly lightly. Anna felt useless as her diaper was fixed in place and her clothing smoothed out. Almost as soon as the last tape was carefully placed Anna almost subconsciously relaxed her bladder. She freely wet her diaper even as Ryan was still adjusting things. She was too out of it to really care even when Ryan felt the diaper warming and looked at her.

“Come on.” Ryan said in barely a whisper.

Anna felt like a zombie as Ryan took her arm and started steering her towards the foyer. She barely registered that her parents were gone, she barely saw Michael who was still standing by the door. Putting one foot in front of the other was about as much as she could manage as tears continued falling down her face.

“Don’t be strangers.” Michael said as the couple shuffled past him.

As Anna was helped down the steps of the large porch she saw Ryan’s car being pulled up. Ryan hurried forwards and opened the door before freezing. When Anna eventually reached him she saw why. The rear seat was now largely taken up by a big booster seat.

“Do you like it?” Michael called down from the top of the porch, “I noticed you were lacking a seat for Anna. Safety first, Ryan!”

“Yeah…” Ryan turned with a pained smile, “Thanks.”

“Ryan…” Anna whispered.

“I know.” Ryan replied equally quietly, “Just get in it for now.”

The toddler seat was exactly the same as the ones babies would use but was scaled up. The plastic sides had a rough texture and was multicolored in geometric patterns, they were crisscrossed by the black restraints that were draped over the sides. The padding of the seat was a dark red. Anna was helped towards the seat and loathe as she was to get in it she knew that if they gave the game away now everything she had been through would’ve been for nothing.

Anna carefully stepped up and into the car she positioned herself above the new seat and lowered herself gently. She winced painfully as her bruised and beaten butt pressed against the seat. This was going to be an agonizing trip home.



End Chapter 24


by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2023


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