Nymphadora's Curse

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 6, 2021

Chapter 5
Secretary or Babysitter?

Nymphadora sighed as she wrote her signature for the thousandth time today. Nobody could have prepared her for the boring monotony of being the Head of the Department of Law Enforcement, but it paid way better than being an auror. She slipped the last paper into the pile. “Finally” she muttered, before putting her pacifier in and taking out a page and crayons. Okay, so MAYBE she’d abused the power of the quill a little too much. But she needed some sort of activity to do while she was at her desk all day. Colouring was just the most relaxing.

She quietly sucked her paci as she doodled, drawing a large pink house first. She swung her legs back and forth. She was vaguely aware she was in a wet diaper. Only because it was starting to get cold and clammy. 20 years of wearing diapers had completely taken away her continence. Sure, she could use the quill to get it back at any time. But why would she? Diapers were just adorable, not to mention convenient. She was in the middle of drawing some stick figures when there was a knock on the door. “Come in” she said, not looking up from her drawing.

In walked her secretary, Merula Snyde. Honestly, Dora would never have guessed she’d run into the girl ever again. After their 7th year, she’d moved to the states to get away from her reputation as a Death Eater’s child. Then about 5 years after the war ended, Dora got a letter from her asking if she was free to grab a coffee and that she had something important to speak about. Dora had heard her out and after revealing she was looking for work, Merula Snyde was offered her current position to the then recently promoted Dora.

“You need a change Nym?” Merula asked. Well, Secretary AND babysitter. Dora just nodded and walked over to the changing table in her office. What could she say, this job was stressful. She didn’t want to be worrying about changing herself on top of that. It helped that Merula had grown into a very motherly woman. She constantly checked in on Dora, making sure she wasn’t hungry, and that she was in a clean diaper every hour or so.

Dora closed her eyes as she relaxed on the changing table, savouring the feeling of the dried piss being wiped off her crotch. “So, I hear Cass is studying to become a potions mistress. Are you sure you’ll let her grow up that much?” Merula asked, chuckling. Merula didn’t know about the quill, but she could still see a clear discrepancy in Dora’s family.

Cass, or Cassandra, had just turned 17 in the Spring and would start her 7th year in a few days. When Teddy had grown out of diapers, she found herself longing for another actual baby to take care of. Bellatrix had even worked up the courage to have a baby herself as well. 2 sperm donations in the muggle world later, Cassandra Druella Black, and Evelyn Hestia Lupin were born.

Of course, living in a house where all 3 women were diapered 24/7 meant neither girl wanted to potty train. Figuring they would eventually change their minds, Dora and Bella didn’t press the issue. They even made sure when both girls started Hogwarts that they had lots of diapers to choose from. While Eve basically stayed the little diaper girl she always was, Cass had started to lash out at them.

“She can grow up whenever she feels like it” Dora said, still sucking her paci. Thank Merlin for the quill, otherwise that might not be possible. Merula laughed and gave Dora a kiss on the forehead.

“You want me to feed you or does your Mommy have something special for you?” Merula asked. Dora thought about it for a moment. It was basically a question of ‘Do you want whatever Andromeda makes you, or do you want my boobie milk?’

“Boobie milk please” she said. Merula removed her robes and blouse to reveal 2 E cup breasts dripping with milk. Dora licked her lips as she was picked up and brought over to her chair, which Merula sat down in. Dora latched on and started guzzling greedily.

“My, such a good eater” Merula said, rubbing the front of Dora’s diaper. Dora moaned into her breast, her hair changing from its usual purple to a light pink. “Does baby Nymmie wanna make cummies in her fresh diapie?” Merula asked. Dora nodded desperately. She barely gets time to herself with her job anymore. If she didn’t release stress on the job, she wouldn’t get much family time. 

She moaned again as Merula reached into her diaper and started fingering her. She felt a small spurt of pee come out. “You’re such a naughty little girl Nymmie. Tell Auntie Merry what you want”

Dora huffed as she suckled. Merula didn’t give it to her easily. “Pweathe wet baby Nymmie make cummieth Auntie Mewwy! Nymmie jutht a howny widdew baby” she did her best lisp. Merula immediately picked up the pace and Dora moaned loudly into her breasts as she came.

Dora sighed happily and continued to drink. “Such a good baby for Auntie Merry. What do you say?” Merula asked.

“Fank ‘ou fow wettin’ me make cummieth Auntie Mewwy. I wuv bein’ a howny baby giwl” Dora said. They both sat there, only moving when Dora had to be swapped to Merula’s other breast. Her stomach had a slight bulge from how much she drank by the end of it.

“So now that baby is fed and made her cummies, how about a nap?” Merula said, brushing Dora’s hair behind her ear. Dora yawned. A nap sounded like heaven right now. Merula waved her wand and from Dora’s desk, a crib popped out. And just like every day for the past 15 years, Merula climbed in with Dora, pulled the rail up, and gently soothed her to sleep. Dora’s last thoughts before falling asleep were of Cass.

In an hour, it would be off to some bs political theatre in the ministry. But for now, she could sleep like a baby. I just hope she doesn’t hate us for keeping her like that she thought, drifting off to sleep. 



End Chapter 5

Nymphadora's Curse

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 6, 2021


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