Nymphadora's Curse

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 26, 2021

After Narrowly Surviving the Battle Of Hogwarts, Nymphadora struggles with her new disability. Permanent incontinence. A last gift from her Aunt Bellatrix. Or at least she thought it was...

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Her mother had cried for nearly an hour when she woke up in St. Mungo’s. After all, Nymphadora Tonks had just survived ‘The Battle of Hogwarts’ as they were calling it. Even more surprisingly, she’d fought her aunt Bellatrix and somehow lived to tell the tale.

But of course, nothing is ever that easy. Dora lay there in her old bed, old grey shirt and bra still on from last night and a diaper crinkling around her waist with every movement. Bellatrix had cursed her. The healers could not undo it. Nor could the curse-breakers at Gringotts. Her mother had basically forced her back to live with her.

Not that Dora blamed her. With her husband and father both dead and Dora now facing diaper dependence for the rest of her life, neither could be expected to keep a healthy lifestyle alone. Dora herself especially so, given she also had Teddy to take care of. She lifted her head to look down at the diaper. “Fuck” she muttered, putting her head back on the pillow again.

She was leaking into her plastic pants. Only for the fourth time this week. She’d have to get more absorbent diapers for sleeping in. The plastic’s noise at night made sleeping difficult for her.

She scooted over to the edge of the bed and gently lowered herself to the floor. At least when she changed her son, magic could handle all the nasty business. She had to put a towel under herself to stop the pee from going all over the rosewood floors.

The curse was unlike anything the goblins had ever seen. When she’d originally tried banishing her pee, she collapsed to the floor and shit herself.

Trying to use wet wipes magically led to them turning into either piss or shit as well. Any magic, it seemed, would either fail or make things worse. Silencing charms made them louder. Notice-me-not charms somehow made the large bulge and smell more noticeable than before. She was forced to either change it herself, without magic, or get someone else to change her.

Her mother, the saint she was, was more than willing to change her when she asked. Embarrassing at first, sure. But after several sleepless nights with Teddy, she wasn’t going to argue when her alternative was falling asleep and getting a diaper rash.

She opened the tabs of the diaper just as her mother walked in. Neither even gave a glance to the other as Andromeda made her way over to the empty crib to put Teddy in. “You don’t have to, you stayed up with him last night” Nymphadora said. Teddy tended to not sleep well on full moons. He only turned when he looked at it thankfully.

Andromeda kneeled in front of her daughter and gently took the diaper out from under Dora. “I know… But it’s the only time I’ll see you till tomorrow”

Dora gave up. ‘You only have to do this for a few years’ she kept telling herself. ‘Until Teddy was potty trained and didn’t keep either of you up all night’. But she knew that wasn’t likely.

Her mom was a healer at St. Mungo’s. Helping people was her job. Being her daughter would only amplify that. It wouldn’t surprise her at all if her mother outright banned her from changing herself one day.

“Harry’s here… he wanted to say goodbye before he leaves” her mother said. Harry Potter. The young man who saved the wizarding world. Teddy’s godfather. The man who seemed to mostly get everything he didn’t want.

Like the attention that goes along with saving the wizarding world and being the godfather of a ‘half-breed’ as the press insisted on calling her son.

She admitted, she was jealous of him. Jealous that he had remained so strong and determined, while she was wallowing in her room most days, too afraid to show her face. And her diapers.

Her mother helped her up and they tiptoed out of the room as not to wake Teddy. If he wasn’t so used to the sounds of her diapers, she was sure he’d have woken up right then. Along with anyone else asleep in the house.

Harry was waiting in the kitchen, mug of tea in one hand and the Quibbler in the other. “I hear you’ve not been getting enough sleep” he said, smiling at Dora. She snorted and gave him a light slap on the shoulder. “I’d like to see you take care of a baby and get sleep too, maybe you’d be able to show me how” she said. Harry put his tea down and stood to hug her.

He’d grown since going on the run last year, easily being 6 foot now to her 5 foot 6. She felt more like a child in his arms. Not really something she wants to feel right now. “I’m going to be gone for a few days.

Fleur and her family need some help rallying the French wizards and witches to get a move on rebuilding” He said. She could faintly make out her hair turning a shade of blue. Harry chuckled. “I’ll be a week at most”

She sighed and nodded. There wasn’t really a lot she could do about it. Only a handful of people knew her predicament, and Fleur and Bill Weasley were not among them. Harry let her go, grabbing his mug and downing whatever was left in it. “I plan on taking Teddy to a muggle Zoo when I come back… if you’re feeling brave enough to come with” he said.

Dora closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. “We’ll see” she managed to whisper. Harry turned to Andromeda and hugged her too. Just before he apparated away, he turned back to Dora. “Please Dora, take care of yourself”

And he was gone. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but she suddenly felt odd. Kind of like she was off balance. “Do you want some tea sweetie?” her mother asked. Dora blinked and rubbed her temples. “Please” she replied, opting not to correct her mother’s use of a pet-name.

“You should go to bed early tonight, you could do with some rest” her mother said, placing a steaming cup in front of her.

“But you stayed up with him last night” she argued. As grateful to Andromeda as she was, Dora certainly didn’t want her mother trying to be Teddy’s mother too. “And besides, the full moon was last night. He’ll be wanting my milk”.

Just another downside of being half werewolf. Or maybe upside? He’d need to keep drinking her breastmilk for a few more years. It would keep her up at night more, but also save her money on formula.

Her mother held her hand up. “I’ve done longer shifts with more patients since I first became a healer. I’m used to it and you’re not” she said. Dora wanted to argue, but for some odd reason, she couldn’t bring herself to. She instead just sighed, muttering a thank you into her cup and she sipped.

“So… what do you think?” her mother asked. Dora stared at her. “Oh come on, you’ve been stuck inside for over 2 months Dora! A trip to the zoo with Harry and Teddy would do you a world of good”

Dora slumped in her chair. Go… outside? Out in public? Where everybody would surely laugh at the grown woman in a diaper? It’s not like Teddy would even remember it after a week. She shook her head. “So what, you’re going to stay inside with mommy for the rest of your life?” Andromeda hissed.

Okay, so maybe her mother was still a Black. She certainly wasn’t afraid to slap some sense into Dora. They sat there for a solid minute before her mother had enough of her sulking. “Wear a long skirt! Nobody will know” she said, leaving the table and heading to her bed.

Now alone in the kitchen, Dora lightly hit her head against the table. On the one hand, going out terrified her. On the other, Andromeda was right. She couldn’t just stay here forever. She stood from the table, quickly sitting back down as she felt some pressure in her stomach. *PFFT*

Groaning, she checked her diaper for any shit. “Just wind” she said smiling. Her mother wouldn’t be too happy if she changed herself so soon after her morning change. “It’s not my fault a poopy diaper feels so icky” she giggled.

Groaning again, she held her head. Maybe she’d be better off going mad like her aunt. At least then she wouldn’t give a shit about anything. And she probably wouldn’t be talking to herself like she talks to Teddy.

She felt her gaze drawn to the corner beside the fridge. Frowning, she held her wand out. “Homunum Revelio” she whispered. Nothing. “Better safe than sorry” she said. Seeing as there wouldn’t be anything to do for at least a few hours, she took her cup and walked down to the basement. Muggle technology didn’t like magical interference, but the basement was far enough below the wards that the interference was non-existent.

It also meant the room was dangerous. Should anyone know about it, they could easily apparate in and attack her family. So her father, the genius he was, set up a muggle alarm system in the stairwell. Far enough away from the basement that apparition wouldn’t destroy it. The brand new TV had kept Teddy entertained for hours. Her mother hadn’t actually turned it off yet, leaving it on Rugrats.

Dora plopped herself onto the sofa, her diaper softening any impact there might have been. She’d probably have spilled her tea if it wasn’t for her sippy cup. “Wait… didn’t I have… something else before?...” she muttered. No. What else would it have been? Her mother certainly wouldn’t have trusted her with a regular cup. She’d fall asleep and spill tea everywhere.

And her mother wasn’t so distrusting as to give her a bottle. But still there was something in the back of her mind telling her something was off. She grabbed the other handle and took a few sips from it. Not too hot and not cold yet. Just the way her mother made it for her.

“I’m actually going stir crazy, aren’t I?”

She looked back at the TV. Grandpa was bringing the babies to a bingo game. She smiled, curling up in a blanket that was laying next to her. As she watched her cartoon and drank her tea, she couldn’t shake the feeling something was off. It was like something small had changed. Just small enough that it wasn’t obvious to her.

She heard a slight hissing sound. Maybe that was it? Maybe she had felt some faint twinge from her bladder… No, she dare not get her hopes up. The curse wouldn’t just go away surely. She twirled her hair between her fingers as the episodes went by. Her sippy cup, long empty, had now been tossed to the other end of the sofa. She took her wand out from her sleeve. “Tempus”. It was already 12PM.

“Better go get changed” she said, hopping up from the sofa. For a moment, part of her couldn’t believe she actually spent 4 hours watching cartoons. But then, she smiled. She’d ONLY spent 4 hours watching cartoons.

She had at least another 2 before she had to wake Teddy up. She couldn’t have him completely ruining his sleep schedule, so she needed to wake him up more like he’s had a long nap rather than a nights sleep.

She lay down on the changing mat her mother put down there for her and Teddy. Or was it just for Teddy?... But her diapers were here too, so it must have been for the 2 of them.

She frowned the whole way through her changing. “Something’s definitely wrong… I hope that curse doesn’t have any other effects” she said, tossing the dirty diaper in the pail.

She looked down at the diaper. The last one was boring. Plain white with a dumb blue line on it to show her she was wet. These ones were much more vibrant. Her mother had gotten the plain white diapers and figured out how to change the patterns on them.

She probably just missed one. Not a big deal. At least she’d used it and gotten rid of it. Now she had the cutest drawing of a dancing Hippogriff just like the song by the ‘Weird Sisters’ her favorite band!

She poked the front of her diaper. The Hippogriff was doing several dance moves she knew well. After all, she dances along with it every time she hears the song. “Dora, Teddy woke up early” her mother called down to her.

Dora pouted. She’d have to miss the next episode of Rugrats. She ran up the stairs, feeling a sudden burst of energy as she stumbled past her mother.

“Don’t run sweetie, you’ll fall and hurt yourself” her mother said. Dora just smiled and ignored her. The lack of sleep seemed a distant memory as she opened her bedroom door. She didn’t think it was possible to change Teddy as fast as she did. Even with magic.

She pulled her shirt off, tossing it to the ground and brought Teddy up to nurse. She wanted to run back down to watch the cartoons but her maternal instincts prevented her from behaving so recklessly with her son.

Her eyes wandered around the floor as she went to pick out something for him to wear. Sleeping in the same room as her son meant she had to be careful not to step on his toys.

Sharing a closet with a baby was a lot easier than she thought it would be. For all the different outfits he had, they were still so small that she hadn’t even needed to expand her wardrobe to fit them in.

She decided on a bright blue Thomas the Tank Engine t-shirt and jeans. She was about to close her wardrobe, but something caught her eye. Or rather something didn’t. She had no bras. She looked back to her shirt on the floor. “But… I was definitely wearing one earlier…”

She sat down on the bed, sticking her thumb in her mouth. Her mom had been telling her to stop doing it lately, but sucking her thumb helped her think. She started going over in her head everything that happened that day.

She woke up. She leaked into her plastic night-time pants. Her mommy changed her. Harry came over and gave her lots of hugs… No… he gave her 1 hug. Harry left for France. Her mother gave her tea in… a regular cup? But her sippy cup…

Dora groaned as she swapped Teddy over to her other breast. What was she thinking again? Oh right, she got her sippy cup of tea. Then she went downstairs to watch cartoons while mommy took a quick nap. Then when she finished her baba, she threw it…

Dora suddenly felt her mind racing. She pulled her thumb out with a wet plop. “What the fuck!?” she whispered aggressively. She remembered everything. Now she was sure something was terribly wrong. She cut Teddy’s feeding short and dressed him.

If she was affected, her mother probably was too. She needed to help her fast. Not bothering to put her clothes back on, she power walked to the kitchen.

“Mom! Something happening to our…memories” she said. Sat on the floor in front of her, her mother was dressed in nothing but a diaper. She had a baby bottle in one hand and a stuffed raven in the other. Drool ran down her chin as she put the bottle in her mouth. Dora just stared at her mother slack-jawed.

“I’m impressed you resisted it baby Nymmie” a voice behind her said. Dora turned around, holding Teddy close to prevent her would be attacker from getting to him. She stood there paralyzed.




End Chapter 1

Nymphadora's Curse

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 26, 2021


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