Nymphadora's Curse

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Dora staggered back towards her mother. Her wand lay in her shirt sleeve, completely forgotten. Bellatrix was smiling and running her tongue along her teeth. Toying with her prey. “Wassa matta Nymmie? Is the itty bitty baby scawed?” Bellatrix cackled. The older woman was moving her wand around haphazardly as she crept towards Dora.

“What did you do to us?” Dora hissed. Bellatrix cackled again, pointing her wand at the tablecloth. The cloth flew off the table and wrapped around her, slowly being transfigured into a dark green romper.
“I’ve not done much babykins, can’t say the same for magic!” her cackling was getting louder. Dora glanced down at her mother, who was now hugging her leg. Andromeda, completely unaware of anything being wrong with Bellatrix even being alive, started giggling like a child with her sisters laughing. Dora bit her tongue. Insulting Bellatrix wouldn’t turn out well.
“Fine, what has MAGIC done to us?” she asked, keeping the erratic movement of the wand away from Teddy as best she could.
“Why don’t you ask it yourself?” Bellatrix answered. Dora took a step back but as she did so, her sense of balance left her again. The table against her diapered butt was the only thing keeping her from hurting herself or her mother. She looked away from Bellatrix again, trying to see where the safest spot behind her was. When she turned back around, Bellatrix was right in her face.
“Well? Are you going to ask magic what it’s done to you?” Bellatrix asked with a Cheshire grin. Dora, now unable to take any more steps back, sat herself on the table in a vain attempt to create distance. Bellatrix placed a hand behind her knee.
Dora by now was shaking from the adrenaline. “I don’t know how to ask magic” she whispered. Bellatrix gave a little giggle before pouting.
“Aw, does the widdle giwl not know how to do something? Want mummy Bella to hewp hers wif it?” Bellatrix wrapped her other arm around Dora’s back and with a surprising amount of strength, Dora felt herself being lifted off the table. Dora had to force herself to not attack the woman. If she were on her own, she probably would have.
Bellatrix broke into another grin as she gently put Dora down on the floor next to her mother. “Dodo!” her mother squealed, planting a big sloppy kiss on Dora’s cheek. Dora flinched away from her, making Bellatrix break out into giggles. “Awight widdle giwl, you wanna hewp mommy Bella tange your baby sis?” Bellatrix cooed as she tickled Dora’s chin.
Dora could feel the fuzziness from earlier creeping back. She wanted to laugh. To shout ‘YEAH!’ at the top of her voice. She bit her tongue again, certain she’d drawn blood this time. The feeling went as quickly as it came. “What do you want?”
Bellatrix frowned, sliding her hand up through Dora’s hair. “Children shouldn’t be concerning themselves with the wants of an adult. Why can’t you just give in like your baby sister? You’d be so much happier” she said, stroking Dora’s hair. Dora felt the fuzziness again, but it wasn’t anywhere near as strong this time.
“She’s my mother you insane bitch!” she snapped. Bellatrix’s hand stopped. Before Dora could comprehend what was going on, Bellatrix’s hand tightened around her hair, giving a small tug just painful enough to make her breath hitch. Bellatrix licked her lips as she roughly rubbed the clutch or hair she had.
“Maybe you’re more of a Black than you’re given credit for” Bellatrix said. Dora noticed a faint flick of her wand, and found her mouth forced open. A spotless egg cup that had been sitting on the table hovered in front of her. Dora could only make gagging noises as the egg cup became the largest pacifier she’d ever seen, strap included. Bellatrix gently pushed the pacifier into Dora’s gaping mouth, the strap fastening itself behind her head.
Dora sat there in shock for a few seconds. Then she felt her mouth begin to move. Against her will, she started sucking on the pacifier. “You’ll give in eventually Nymmie. Nobody has ever managed to resist this magic for long” Bellatrix said.
Dora felt herself being picked up again. There was something about the pacifier. It… well it did its job. It pacified her. She felt weak. Almost like she had vertigo. Her vision was getting blurry as her head felt increasingly heavy. She allowed herself to rest her head against Bellatrix’s shoulder. She was vaguely aware of Bellatrix rubbing her back and whispering in her ear.
By the time Dora regained her senses, she was strapped to a changing table. Which slowly started to dissolve. Bellatrix snarled as she grabbed Dora’s legs to keep them from falling. Dora looked down as the changing table her diaper had been on was transfigured back into half a sofa. She looked over to the TV. Her mother was sitting in front of it with Teddy, watching some cartoon she hadn’t seen before.
“Quite the curse you’ve got there Nymmie… Where did you get it?” Bellatrix asked, her wand pointing at Dora’s diaper. Dora stared at the woman as she sucked her pacifier. Bellatrix could not be serious. She was surely just setting herself up for praise of her work. “What are you just staring for? Your paci doesn’t stop you talking, out with it!”
Dora flinched at Bellatrix yelling at her. “Y-you did?” she said. Did she not remember? No, the woman who took pleasure in torturing people wouldn’t just forget how she completely humiliated someone. Bellatrix’s snarl grew. Dora’s suckling sped up along with her breathing.
“I never did any such thing. Do you take me for a fool?” Bellatrix spoke much more softly now. Dora would have preferred her shouting. Her jaw began to tremble as she shook her head no.
Suddenly, she felt a tightness in her groin lift. She hadn’t even been aware of it until now. She felt the memory of Bellatrix cursing her being brought to the center of her attention. Tears streamed down past her ears as she recalled the pain she felt before blacking out. The constricting feeling must have been the closest she would, hopefully, ever get to a python squeezing her. Bellatrix snorted.
“Amateur. Probably that Carrow bitch”
Dora was now crying, no longer trying to hold back, not really listening to what Bellatrix was saying as she shut her eyes tightly. She could feel the piss and shit being forced out of her. Some part of her mind seemingly blocked it before. The tears that had been falling were drying up. Opening her eyes, she glared at her tormentor.
“If it makes you feel any better, it wasn’t me” Bellatrix said as she opened the diaper tabs. “The curse squeezes the organs. Supposed to be used on the upper torso to kill the target” Bellatrix started chuckling again. “I would never miss that badly”
Dora lay there for a moment, trying to process what she was hearing. Then it hit her. Her ass was on fire! It felt like she’d just gotten off the toilet after eating Taco Bell when she was in America. Given the mudslide she could see in the diaper, she might as well have. She winced each time the cold wet wipe touched her as Bellatrix wiped her clean.
She could feel down there again. If it had been anyone else, she’d have hugged them. Maybe even kissed them. Instead, she opted to not resist as she was lifted off the changing table. Bellatrix had undone a curse the goblins couldn’t. She could easily re-apply it. And without a wand, Dora hardly stood a chance against her.
Bellatrix changed the table back into a sofa and sat down with Dora in her lap. The fuzziness from earlier returned. This time it was more concentrated. Instead of her whole head, she felt it in her eyes. When she opened them, Bellatrix was holding a page with strange symbols on it. She pointed to the first series of symbols. “Do you know what this says baby Nymmie?” Bellatrix asked, going back to her teasing voice.
Dora shook her head. She didn’t know what Bellatrix was doing. She was obviously the one behind all the changes that happened. But to what end? What did she get out of this? Were the symbols runes? They weren’t ones she recognized if they were. Bellatrix chuckled. Then she started wheezing. “Clearly you’re not entirely resistant to the magic” she managed before wheezing again.
When she finally regained her composure, she rest her chin on Dora’s shoulder. “Take a guess baby Nymmie. What could it possibly be?”
“…Wuneth?” Dora lisped past her pacifier. Bellatrix giggled again, leaning her head into Dora’s.
“It says ‘Nymphadora’ in English baby Nymmie”
Dora stared at the paper. She didn’t want to believe it. But if Bellatrix could mess with her head like she’s already done, surprised is the last thing she’d be. She made Dora sit watching cartoons for hours. Made her basically act like a young child, and her mother a baby. Of course she could take away her ability to read.
Dora sat there suckling her pacifier while Bellatrix continued writing on the paper, when her stomach grumbled. She could feel Bellatrix’s smile against her ear. “Can you guess what that means baby Nymmie?”
So she was hungry. Dora really didn’t see the big deal about it. Then Bellatrix started disrobing and she realized what was about to happen. She started shaking her head, leaning forward in a vain attempt to get away but her muscles just didn’t want to co-operate as Bellatrix held her close. She was turned around to face Bellatrix.
No matter how much Dora struggled, Bellatrix just seemed that much stronger. Her pacifier was unfastened and pulled out, quickly replaced by a lactating breast. And just like with the pacifier, Dora found she started suckling against her will. It was unbelievably sweet. More so than her own was.
The more milk she drank, Dora found herself more willing to drink it. The milk made her mouth feel weird. It tickled. Not so much to make her laugh, rather enough to make her want to bite something. But she daren’t do so yet. Some milk started to seep out the corner of her mouth. She had to admit, the creamy milk was filling. Her eyelids started feeling heavy.
Dora looked up at Bellatrix and in her delirious state, she could have sworn she saw her mother in the woman. The two did look very similar. Didn’t Bellatrix just have a grey streak in her hair? She let go of the breast with a wet plop, as she was placed down on her back. Now struggling just to stay awake, she tried lifting her head.
“Shh baby Nymmie. It’s nap nap time”
Did she risk falling asleep? Did she even have a choice? Bellatrix put her pacifier back in. Now she knew she didn’t. Her pacifier started bobbing away in her mouth as she fell asleep.

Dora groaned as she opened her eyes. It felt like she was moving. Her vision was still very blurry but she was certain she could hear people around her. Rubbing her eyes, she came to her senses. Teddy was strapped to her chest fast asleep. And there were in fact people around her. Being a metamorphagus, she was able to somewhat control the blushing. But her embarrassment was strong enough that she could still feel her cheeks turning red slowly.
It helped that nobody was paying her any attention. She sucked her pacifier as she tried looking around. She was in a toddlers stroller. She wasn’t able to turn around from her own straps, so she tried looking up. Bellatrix was pushing the stroller, Andromeda strapped to her the same way Teddy was to her. Although Andromeda was awake and chewing her hair.
“Did sleepyhead decide to wake up?” Bellatrix asked. Dora giggled, before shaking her head angrily. She’d not even thought of what she was doing. She just giggled. Bellatrix smiled and reached down to stroke her cheek. Much as she loathed to admit it, it felt nice. Not the kind of nice feeling that came along with the fuzzy one when she was being changed by that quill and paper. It just felt good. Soothing.
She looked back down and more closely examined their surroundings. They seemed to be walking through a park of sorts. She swore she recognized it but it wasn’t coming to her. Bellatrix had at least brought them to a muggle park judging by the clothing everyone else had. They stopped at a bench. Bellatrix sat down on the bench as she undid the straps that held Andromeda up.
Dora heard the scratching of the quill on paper as Bellatrix removed her robes enough to breastfeed again. She looked around as Bellatrix brought her mother to her nipple. Nobody was paying them any mind still. She looked down at her diaper, now visible after she had been changed into a bright pink t-shirt for the warm day.
The diaper looked bone dry. A cause for a small celebration under any other circumstance. She’d actually gone to sleep and woken up dry. She knew she hadn’t been changed in her sleep because she felt the twinge of a full bladder. It almost made her want to cry. Now she HAD to wet herself. Bellatrix certainly wouldn’t let her use the toilet and she was half afraid to ask.
Bellatrix started undoing Dora’s straps as she swapped Andromeda to her other breast. Dora gagged at the sight of the drool covered nipple. She heard the quill scratching again as Bellatrix lifted her out of the stroller. Her pacifier was taken out and her face shoved against the soaked nipple. She glared up at Bellatrix smiling down at her as her mouth started to suckle against her will.
“You’re a big baby, Nymmie. Bigger babies need more feedings” Bellatrix said with the creepiest smile Dora had ever seen. Creepy for Bellatrix anyway. On anybody else, she'd have thought it to be one of genuine happiness. As she drank the breast-milk, her bladder began to twinge more often. Andromeda stopped suckling and just as easily as she’d moved Dora, Bellatrix strapped her into the stroller. The straps that held Teddy to her were taken off too as Teddy snored just as contently on his grandmothers’ breasts as he had his mothers.
Bellatrix may not have been physically torturing her, as she was known to do, but this wasn’t much better. The condescending baby talk. The pet name ‘baby Nymmie’. The breastfeeding. Only made worse by it being in public. Bellatrix swapped Dora over to the other drool covered breast, Dora continuing to glare at the woman. Her bladder was starting to hurt now.
There was no telling how long it would be until they left. Dora knew Bellatrix would take the opportunity to change her in public if she wet now. But then was it worth it to hurt herself over a little embarrassment? Bellatrix started rubbing the front of her diaper. The extra pressure wasn’t helping her. Dora closed her eyes having made her choice.
It was warmer than she imagined it to be. She hadn’t felt anything in the months she’d been doing it without realizing. “Such a good baby Nymmie. Drinking her milkies and going pee-pee without getting fussy” Bellatrix praised as she leaned down and kissed Dora’s forehead. Dora opened her eyes. Despite how teasing Bellatrix sounded, her smile from earlier had gotten wider. She was legitimately happy that Dora had peed herself.
Bellatrix began rubbing her diaper more roughly. She moaned into her breast involuntarily. She hadn’t gotten off since being cursed either. It's not easy to do so when you can't feel it. She squeezed her legs together and shook her head. Bellatrix smiled and rubbed harder. Dora managed to stop suckling long enough to whimper. “Thtop. Pweathe”
Bellatrix brought Dora up to her face and cradled her head under her neck as she continued rubbing. Dora noted as she spoke, she had no teeth left. Mystery of what the tickling from earlier was solved then. “Now, now baby Nymmie. You know you want to make cummies. It’s been so long. Just relax and let mummy do the work” Bellatrix whispered.
Bellatrix, still cradling Dora, managed to reach around and started gently playing with a nipple. Dora moaned as her pacifier floated back in. She obliged, opening her legs to make it easier for mummy... Bellatrix to rub. She grabbed Bellatrix’s hand and started humping.
Having not gotten off in months, the orgasm happened a little too quickly. Dora smiled behind her paci as her humping turned to spasming. Mummy stopped rubbing her diapee and started stroking her hair instead. Dora snuggled into mummy’s boobies while she made cummies. Mummy was saying... something but Nymmie didn’t really care what, she just wanted mummy’s cuddles.
“Baby Nymmie really enjoyed her cummies, didn’t she?”
Dora looked around. She was now strapped to Bellatrix as her mother had been earlier. She nodded slowly and made a mental note to not get horny again if turning into an adult toddler was the outcome. Bellatrix looked delighted with her. After all, she had basically made Dora think like a child again, even for a few minutes. A battle with herself Dora had lost quite easily.
Dora rest her head under Bellatrix’s chin to avoid eye contact with the woman. They were now leaving the park and came up along a row of houses. Now she knew she recognized the area. The first house had a sign that said ‘1-8 Grimmauld Place’. But why had Bellatrix brought them back here? Surely there would be members of the Order here.
No, she realized. Even if there were, Bellatrix had a quill and paper that could seemingly change reality. It wouldn’t matter if anyone was there. She felt Bellatrix checking her diaper. “Baby Nymmie made a lot of pee-pees didn’t she?”
Dora sighed, nodding again. Bellatrix turned and started climbing steps. They were here. At the Black family home of London. Bellatrix opened the door. And Dora’s jaw dropped, her pacifier falling between hers and Bellatrix’s breasts. The place was completely unrecognizable. Gone were the drab, dimly lit halls and the creaky floors. The walls were pastel colors with well lit lamps hanging from them. The floors looked brand new and didn’t creak at all.
The entrance of the house looked like she’d walked into a daycare. Every step on the stairs was a different color, and there was even a gate at the bottom to stop young children from wandering. Bellatrix giggled as she picked the pacifier from between their breasts. “I’ve been very busy recently” she said, putting Dora’s pacifier back in.
As they walked through the rooms, Dora noticed more and more changes. The dining room had 2 adult sized high-chairs and Dora swore she also saw pots and pans laid out in the corner, ready for a toddler to play with. The portrait of Walburga Black was the biggest change. The old hag looked like a kindly old woman who hadn’t raised her voice in all her life.
“Why hello dearies. Did Nymmie, Andi and Teddy enjoy their walk?” the portrait said. Dora wasn’t sure she’d ever see Walburga smiling, let alone heard her so soft spoken and kind.
“They did auntie, now if you’ll excuse me, I have some diapers to change” Bellatrix answered, levitating the stroller up the stairs. The Elf heads were also gone. A collage of photos of what looked like her mother and Bellatrix as children hanging there instead. Bellatrix entered the first bedroom. She had quite clearly planned this all out, rather than deciding on the spur of the moment.
Three cribs, one small enough for Teddy, squeezed together at the edge of the room. The walk-in closet filled to the brim with frilly dresses, onesies and any other clothes a young girl could want. Stacks and stacks of different diapers beside a changing table. Boxes overflowing with toys next to a giant playpen. The only box that was closed was labelled ‘Big Girls Toys’.
Andromeda and Teddy were both laid out on the changing table. Bellatrix, despite having magic, changed them both without it. She never stopped smiling as she cleaned, powdered and changed both their diapers. Dora was still strapped to her torso as Bellatrix carried Teddy and Andromeda to the playpen.
As Bellatrix unstrapped her and laid her down to be changed, Dora watched as her mother play with Teddy. She’s often played with him being his grandmother. But never has she seemed so… Happy. Pure, innocent, unfiltered, childish happiness. The grown woman on the ground, playing with toys meant to teach babies about shapes and colors, wasn’t her mother.
Her mother was a depressed widow that cried herself to sleep for the loss of her husband. Who despite her own losses, comforted her daughter as she dealt with losing her father as well as her own husband. Her mother had far too many wrinkles for her age. This woman was Andi. Andi wasn’t even old enough to walk yet. Andi wasn't even old enough to be trusted to keep her panties dry. She was stuck as an adult baby, but she had her family and she was happy. Bellatrix was forcing her into it, but was that really such a bad thing?
Bellatrix fastened the last tape and set Dora down next to the stroller as she picked up the three diapers to dispose of. Dora turned to the stroller to see the quill and paper just laying there on the seat. She glanced over to Bellatrix as she reached out and touched the quill. "Pweathe hewp me" she whispered behind her pacifier. The quill and paper shot out from the stroller, scribbling wildly.
Bellatrix turned around, jaw hanging as she reached out to it but she seemed to moved as if she were drunk. She collapsed just as the quill finished writing. Dora gasped as she found herself standing in an unfamiliar room.
There were healers surrounding one bed. She turned around to see a young girl nervously hiding behind a man. She was carrying a baby despite her size indicating she wasn’t much older. The girl couldn’t have been any older than 4. The man walked over to the group of healers as a babies cry filled the room. “We’s got a new sistew Andi!” the young girl whispered excitedly.
Dora realized the girl was Bellatrix as the room changed again. They were in 12 Grimmauld Place and Bellatrix seemed to be coming back from Hogwarts. She looked to be of age, either her 6th or 7th year just passed. “What’s wrong mother?” Bellatrix asked with a neutral face.
“Andromeda has run away with a muggleborn. Your uncle is ordering you to take her place as Lestrange’s bride”
The room faded again to Bellatrix crying on her bed. “She is our sister Cissy! How can you even think such a horrible thing?!” she shouted. Narcissa slapped Bellatrix, knocking the older sister off the bed to the ground.
“She is a blood traitor. Nothing more.” Narcissa said coldly, striding out of the room with a look of contempt.
The room changed again, this time with Bellatrix standing in front of a mirror. Dora walked over slowly to get a better look. Bellatrix was heavily pregnant. She hadn’t even known her aunt was ever pregnant. Bellatrix smiled as she rubbed her belly. “Hush little baby don’t say a word, mama’s gonna buy you a mocking bird…”
The room changed again. It was raining down hard, to the point where Dora could barely see. She could faintly see Bellatrix kneeling on the ground. In front of a tombstone. She sat there, gagging and choking and sobbing. “And if you don’t get... what you deserved... mama’s gonna burn down the whole... fucking... world”
Dora turned to read the tombstone just before the scene faded. She felt a lump in her throat. ‘Cassandra Andromeda Lestrange Oct. 3rd 1971 – Oct. 6th 1971’
Next thing she knew, she was in an attic. Bellatrix was holding a book with a little note on it, looking far older than she did now. Next to the book was a quill in an empty ink well. "Ask of magic and it shall answer" Bellatrix said. "Help me find my loving family" she whispered. The quill jumped out of the well and the note on the book flew to it.
Dora watched as Bellatrix changed 12 Grimmauld Place into what it was now. She wasn't saying a word, yet the rooms were all changing. The yelling of Walburga in the background went quiet. The bathrooms were filled with bath toys, the library with children's books and even the drawing room filled with paint, crayons and paper.
"Show me where they are" Bellatrix said, having finished making the stairs baby-proof. Dora found herself standing beside Bellatrix in front of her mother's house. She watched as Bellatrix slowly changed her mother. She hadn't noticed it earlier but when she had ran past her mother to change Teddy, her mother was already sitting on the ground, only wearing a diaper and a blouse. Andromeda never noticed anything was different.
As Bellatrix took Andromeda down even further, she began to cry. Andromeda giggled, recognizing her sister. "Tixie" she said, holding her arms out. Bellatrix had gotten on her knees and hugged Andromeda.
"I never thought I'd ever hear that again" Bellatrix said, crying into her sisters shoulder. Bellatrix' gaze shot towards the stairs. She sighed. "Why can't everything go right for once?" she asked Andi as she stood up and cast a notice me not charm. Her aunts sniffling was the last thing Dora heard, as she found herself back in the bedroom. She just sat there for a few seconds, staring at the woman she thought she knew as a cold-blooded killer.
She must have been out for a while because both Teddy and Andi were fast asleep in the playpen. Dora looked between the three and the quill. "Can you pweathe put Andi an' Teddy in bed?" she asked. It felt silly asking an inanimate object to do something, but the quill started writing. She looked up and her mother and son were both in their separate cribs, still fast asleep.
She looked back at Bellatrix, now consciously chewing and sucking her pacifier. What was she to do with the woman? Maybe it was Stockholm syndrome, but she felt guilty just leaving her here. "Can you thop Bewwa fwom huwtin' anyone tomowwo pweathe? An' put hew in da cwib wif me"
Dora blinked, and she was suddenly in the last crib next to Bellatrix. She was laid out on top of the woman, nearly straddling her. Dora lay her head on Bellatrix' breasts. She asked the quill to not let Bellatrix touch or use it tomorrow as she closed her eyes. Now she only had to hope she made the right decision...



End Chapter 2

Nymphadora's Curse

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 26, 2021


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