Nymphadora's Curse

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Dora became aware she was awake when she felt a puddle of drool tickling her shoulder as it trickled down. She took her thumb out of her toothless mouth and groaned, taking a second to realize where she was. She looked down at the quill she still held firmly in her hand. “Can you get wid of da dwool pweathe” she whispered .

She turned her attention to Bellatrix as the drool on her disappeared. She picked up the pacifier that had fallen out in the night. She almost looked peaceful asleep. But her breathing was far too fast.

Now what the hell was she going to do? Not only had she willingly slept a night in a crib with her aunt, but she had done so when she had the power to change reality. Sympathy was not something you would expect to feel for Bellatrix. On the one hand, she could hardly blame the woman for wanting a family that loved her when the rest had abandoned her or died.

But on the other, that should hardly mean you go force your sister and niece to be your babies. She looked over to Teddy and Andi, still fast asleep. Her mother hadn't laughed and giggled like she did yesterday in years. She was so much happier like this. Did she take the risk of the quill being able to force her to be that happy as an adult? Was it even a risk at all?

She lay back down on Bellatrix as she put her pacifier back in. As she lay there, hugging her aunt while she sucked her paci, she felt a smile creeping. It felt so comforting to just lay there and cuddle. She wanted to say it was the quill that was making her enjoy it... but she could change that in an instant if it was. Her orgasm in the park yesterday... if she could control when or if she regressed, it didn't seem so bad. She was nearly ashamed to admit the wet diaper made the experience better.

Bellatrix gasped and Dora immediately shut her eyes, wanting to put off the discussion for as long as possible. She could feel Bellatrix trying to sit up. She groaned and buried her face into the woman's breasts, doing her best to pretend to be half asleep still.

For a few moments, nothing happened. Then she felt Bellatrix wrap her arms around her. She grabbed tufts of Dora's hair, roughly rubbing them together. She could feel her breathing on top of her head as she was squeezed tighter.

Then the sobbing started. And a few gentle kisses as Bellatrix fixed her hair, brushing it behind her ear. Dora groaned again, opting to hug the woman as she faked a light snore. They must have stayed like that for a good 10 minutes, Dora now struggling to not fall back to sleep.

Bellatrix pulled her paci out and she felt her mouth on a nipple. She slowly started to suckle as she pretended to wake up. Bellatrix refused to make eye contact, only making a few glances down as Dora fed. Even when she swapped her over to the other breast, Bellatrix stared at the ceiling, the wall, out the window, anywhere that wasn't Dora.

When Dora had her fill, she stopped suckling and just stared at the woman. Bellatrix sighed and closed her eyes. "Why?" she whispered.

"I wanted to wet you ethpwain fiwtht" she said. Taking a deep breath, Bellatrix pushed herself up against the rails of the crib. She turned to stare at Andi.

"I know you've had people taken from you in this war... Did you ever have anyone run away from you?" she asked. Dora could feel Bellatrix roughly rubbing her hair again. "I loved her more than anything else... And she just left... Not even a note to tell me how to contact her"

Dora felt a twinge in her gut as she shifted her weight. She'd seen the memories.Her mother had even told her how she ran away with her father, only seeing Narcissa for her last couple of years in Hogwarts. She'd told Orion Black of her relationship, blackmailing her Head of House into not coming after her.

"I cried so much that night, Walburga punished me with the Cruciatus... 'How dare you cry over a blood-traitor!'..." Bellatrix now had tears flowing freely down her face. Dora looked over as Andi started to rub her eyes.

Bellatrix lowered the rails of the crib and sat Dora down on the ground. Picking Andi out of the crib, she sat down on the crib's mattress and started feeding her. Dora sat there staring at the pair.

"You have no idea how happy I was when I found the quill. I nearly ran straight for her. But I started to doubt it would work" she said, brushing Andi's hair behind her ear as she rocked herself slowly.

Dora struggled to her feet, holding onto the crib to pull herself up. "And why wath I dwagged into dith?" she asked. Her whole gut ached. She'd gone used to not feeling when she needed to go and now suddenly being able to feel it again made the aches worse.

"I didn't want to take her away from you. I wanted... I wanted to avoid putting you through what I went through"

Dora bit down on her paci, clenching her ass cheeks in an attempt to not let loose. Clenching one side only led to taking her attention away from the other. She smiled as she felt the diaper start to warm up and sag. Hopefully Bellatrix wouldn't notice yet. "And da baby tweatment?"

"I... I don't really want to talk about it" Bellatrix whispered. She swapped Andi over to the other breast, refusing to look up at Dora again. It took all her discipline to not stick her hand down her diaper. The warm pee was making her horny. "Am I under arrest?" Bellatrix asked.

Dora sighed, staring at Andi as little dribbles of milk ran down her cheek. She was kneading Bellatrix's breast and Dora swore she saw her diaper bulge out a bit more. "No"

Bellatrix's head shot up. Her mouth was going through the movements of saying something, but she remained silent. Dora looked back at her mother. "She giggled yethtewday... I bawely eben wemembewed what hew waugh thounded wike" she said.

A loud fart came from Andi. Dora was certain her diaper bulged out this time. She could feel her own bowels cramping bad now. She squat down and gave up trying to hold it. "If bein' tweated wike a baby maketh hew happy, eben if she doethn't know what'th goin' on, dat'th bettew dan befowe" she said as she let her own toots out as she pooped her diaper.

It felt a lot better than she was expecting. Granted, she wouldn't want to be spending hours and hours in it, especially not when she'd be sitting in it, but she was sure she could stand a few hours in a messy diaper. Dora got on her hands and knees. "And I'm goin' to hewp anyway I can" she said, plopping her butt down against her feet. The mess she made sent shivers down her spine.

Bellatrix stared for a few seconds. Then she started to laugh. "Ok" she whispered, getting out of her chair and sitting Andi on the ground. She walked over to the smallest crib and picked Teddy up.

Bellatrix handed him to Dora, giving her a small kiss on the forehead and whispering 'Thank You'. Dora giggled and held Teddy to her breast to feed him. The stinky mess she was sitting on tickled her as it made its way from the back of her diaper to the front. Bellatrix picked Andi up and brought her over to the changing table.

Dora could feel the hazy fog rolling over again as she started sliding back and forth on her diaper. Gripping the quill as tightly as she could, she whispered 'I can contwol dith feewing'

The fogginess subsided immediately and she sighed. She didn't entirely trust Bellatrix yet and it wouldn't do to wake up the next morning at her mercy again because she'd humped the day away with the mind of a toddler.

She looked behind her and saw Andi kicking her legs as Bellatrix tried grabbing them. Maybe a few hours of it wouldn't hurt. It felt as natural as her metamorphagus changes did. It started off slow, as she noticed her attention span declining as it was drawn from one box of toys to the other.

She giggled when she saw a set of stuffed versions of the Hogwarts House animals and crawled over to them. Quill still in hand, she grabbed the badger out from under the nasty snakey. She started playing with the badger, showing Teddy her cool toy.

It was a surreal experience. She might still be mostly thinking like her adult self but like her mother, she couldn't really say she WAS her adult self. Nymmie was in control. And she'd be damned if she didn't have fun with her toys. She suddenly saw a pair of arms reach under her and swap Teddy over to the other breast.

"Is baby Nymmie being a good girl?" Bellatrix asked as she picked her up. Nymmie giggled and nodded her head as fast as she could. As far as Dora was concerned, she was a spectator in her own body.

"Is baby Nymmie being a good girl?" Bellatrix asked as she picked her up. Nymmie giggled and nodded her head as fast as she could. As far as Dora was concerned, she was a spectator in her own body.

"Me good giwl mummy" she said, dropping her paci between her breasts again. She was sat down on the changing table, Bellatrix having to catch her paci when they parted. Dora could feel Nymmie's impulse to reach out to her mummy but despite her mindset, there was still some sort of maternal instinct keeping Nymmie from hurting Teddy.

Bellatrix showered her with hugs and kisses to keep Nymmie distracted long enough to finish feeding Teddy. When he was done, she strapped him into the stroller until she was finished with her. Bellatrix cooed and made all sorts of noises to entertain Nymmie as she changed her diaper.

As it turns out, Nymmie is a little brat. Dora giggled in her head as Nymmie made sure to make the changing as difficult as possible. She kicked her feet, pressed her thighs together and even as the tapes were being done up, she used her metamorphagus ability to make her waistline shrink so the diaper wouldn't fit.

"Does baby Nymmie not want to make cummies later?" Bellatrix asked, her smile still unwavering with the threat. Nymmie pouted and made her waistline its correct size. How Andromeda had ever dealt with her, she'd never know.

Bellatrix kissed her forehead. "Good girl" she said, taping the diaper up. She sat Nymmie up and pulled a cute little purple t-shirt over her head, clipping her paci to it. She pulled a pink hairband out from the stroller and kept Nymmie's hair back with it. Dora was vaguely aware of her hair moving on its own. Bellatrix had probably given her pigtails, despite the fact she could just make her hair too short for them and grow it back out.

Bellatrix carried her over to Andi, who immediately pounced on her. All of Nymmie's attention was on Andi and their stuffies. Nymmie was enthralled in the story of RoRo the bird and Mr. Honey the badger. The whole thing was nonsensical to Dora of course. One minute they're helping Mommy Cat find her kitties, the next minute they're fighting the bad snake who Nymmie didn't feel deserved a name.

Then something on a high shelf caught Nymmie's eye. A rattle. A rattle she suddenly wanted desperately. She reached out to it, Dora now noticing she no longer had the quill. Before she could panic, the rattle caught her attention as it was summoned straight into Nymmie's hand.

The rattling noises brought a sense of calmness to her. She took just enough control to look around for the quill. She'd dropped it on the changing table. She let Nymmie take back control, continuing her imagined adventures now with a rattle/sword to defeat the evil snake.

Bellatrix might not be able to use the quill, but that didn't mean Andi or Teddy couldn't. Who knows the kind of things a child might wish for on impulse. Dora lost track of time as Nymmie and Andi played together. She was sure it had to be a few hours at least when she felt Nymmie letting go of her pee.

She held onto Mr. Honey as straps wrapped themselves around her. Dora decided to take control as she was strapped around Bellatrix as she had been yesterday. "Whewe we goin?" she asked, holding Mr. Honey tightly to her chest.

"We're going to the park sweetie. You can't play inside ALL day" Bellatrix said as she waved her wand to strap Andi and Teddy together into the stroller. Dora, closing her eyes, snuggled up to Bellatrix and stuck her thumb in her mouth. Every step Bellatrix took made her wet diaper rub against her.

She let a soft moan out every few steps. She had no idea how close they were until they were already there. Bellatrix waved her wand and a small fleece blanket grew several times its size as it was set out on the freshly mowed grass. Dora looked around as she was sat on the blanket next to Andi. There were a lot more people out today.

Andi suddenly leapt on Dora and hugged her. Then she started humping. Dora, shocked by the behavior, tried to distance herself. She heard Bellatrix laugh as Andi was given something. "Somebodies a little too eager for cummies" she said. Bellatrix had handed Andi a vibrator. And she held one out for Dora too.

Dora stared, slack jawed, as Andi managed to turn it on and shove it into her diaper. She turned to Bellatrix who was still holding the vibrator in front of her. "Would you like mummy to help you Nymmie?" she asked.

"Buh... wha' abou' aww da peopwe" Dora muttered behind her thumb.

"Honestly sweetie, a little notice me not charm goes a long way. You do still want cummies right?" Bellatrix giggled as she picked Dora up into her lap. Dora nodded nervously. She WAS horny, but the embarrassment of all these people being around was a lot to handle.

Bellatrix cradled her in her arm and turned the vibrator on. She teased Dora, touching just enough of her diaper to let her feel the faint vibrations. She slowly increased the pressure, moving the vibrator in a slow circular fashion as she did so.

Dora decided the embarrassment of cumming in public was worth it over not relieving herself and grabbed the vibrator herself. She was rather uncoordinated with her movements. She would have used two hands to hold it, but her other hand was currently in her mouth. Bellatrix cooed and spoke baby-talk the whole way through.

She looked at Andi, who was now humping the vibrator against her stuffed raven. Seeing her in such a compromised position sent Dora over the edge. This orgasm felt even better than yesterday. Her arm went limp as she curled up from the pleasure. Bellatrix though, didn't seem to think she was finished as she grabbed the vibrator.

She tried to tell her she'd already 'made cummies' but Bellatrix cut her off. "Come on Nymmie, you could go at least another three times"

Another THREE?! Dora giggled as Bellatrix started to pick up the pace again. She noticed Teddy was just sitting there, staring at them. "Mummy, wha' abou' 'Eddy?" she asked, not wanting her son to be bored while his family was being naughty. Bellatrix looked at him and with the flick of a wand, there were all sorts of toys in front of him.

Once he began to play with the toys, Dora happily started humping the vibrator again. Bellatrix was right, She did have at least another three orgasms in her. She was dripping with sweat and her pussy was sore from the constant spasming, but she was quiet happy to just curl around Bellatrix as she was strapped up.

She hadn't even realized she's passed out until Bellatrix started running the bath water. She looked around the bathroom and was confused when she didn't see Andi or Teddy. "Someone really enjoyed her cummies earlier. You slept right through nap time and feeding time! I was tempted to use a stinging jinx to wake you to feed Teddy! You were out cold even when he was feeding"

Dora blushed. Looking out the window, she could see the sun was starting to set. She had her first go of multiple orgasms since before she had Teddy and she'd actually passed out from it. Maybe Bellatrix was wrong about how many she could get through.

Bellatrix started to undress her when she heard giggling from the adjacent room. It actually sounded like Teddy. "He's warmed up to the idea of his grandmother being just another play-mate" Bellatrix said. Dora had noticed he hadn't been as cheerful as usual, but had just chalked it up to the full moon making him restless.

She looked into the tub, which was just high enough she had to stretch to see inside it. There were bath toys everywhere. And bubbles. So. Many. Bubbles! She decided Nymmie would enjoy this much more than she would.

Dora watched on as Nymmie splashed about with rubber ducks, doing her best to drown Bellatrix too. Bellatrix just kept smiling, unfazed by her bratty behavior. She felt her whole body being washed so delicately, for fear of making her skin the tiniest bit rougher.

Nymmie sobbed a little when Bellatrix cleaned her pussy folds. They were still tender from earlier. Bellatrix handled it masterfully, cooing and telling Nymmie what a brave girl she was and even encouraging her to play to distract from the soreness.

The towel Bellatrix used to dry her with was probably the softest she'd ever felt. It certainly didn't feel natural. More like it had been charmed to be softer. Bellatrix led her back into the bedroom, completely nude.

Dora took back control as she was laid down for a fresh diaper. This one had little rubber duckies on them too. She grabbed the quill from where she left it that morning. Bellatrix quickly had her fed and dressed for bed in a footed onesie.

She lay in her crib, watching Bellatrix getting Andi and Teddy ready for bed. She hadn't had as much fun as today in a long time. Well, Nymmie had most of it technically but that didn't change the fact that she enjoyed the day. She put her paci in and put her head on her pillow.

Just as she was dozing off, she whispered to the quill, "Can you make tomowwow da pewfect day pweathe?". She hugged the quill and Mr. Honey tightly as a small tingling feeling brushed over her.



End Chapter 3

Nymphadora's Curse

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 26, 2021


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