Nymphadora's Curse

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 6, 2021

Chapter 4
Final Chapter

When Dora woke up the next morning, she once again found herself covered in drool. Taking a deep breath, she felt around for the quill, her eyes still heavy from just waking up. When she couldn’t find it, she opened her eyes. Bellatrix was feeding a sleeping Andi. Quill in hand. Dora sat up against the crib rails, her wet, poopy diaper smearing over her ass as she did so. She knew she had gone to sleep with it in hand last night. Yet Bellatrix now held it. It was difficult to imagine her aunt turning on her after getting it back, especially after their emotional talk yesterday morning. She sat there, waiting for Bellatrix to notice her.

“Slept well I hope” Bellatrix said, walking over to the changing table and strapping Andi down to it.

“Like a baby” Dora said, flinching from her sudden ability to speak like an adult again. She glanced over to Teddy, still sound asleep, and then back to Bellatrix. “What’s going on?” she asked, getting used to having teeth again.

Bellatrix opened Andi’s diaper and started cleaning. “Well, I figured we might have gotten off on the wrong foot. Plus, it’s hardly fair for you to always take a backseat to your own body” She wrapped up the dirty diaper, throwing it in the pail and taking out a new one. “So, I undid all of the changes the quill has made to you for 24 hours. 24 hours for you to decide what you want to do”


Dora stared at the woman, now vaguely remembering her wish she’d made before going to sleep. A whole day and night… To do whatever she wanted? She slowly opened the crib side rail, not taking her eyes off Bellatrix as she shakily stepped out of the crib. She was forced to hold onto the crib tightly, her legs feeling a little sore from suddenly having to support her weight for the first time in a few days.


After removing her sleeper, she reached into Teddy’s crib to feed him. A bang startled Dora. Andi had knocked the bottle of baby powder out of Bellatrix’s hand in her sleep. “I’ve already fed him for you, he woke up an hour ago” Bellatrix said. And yet he was asleep again?


Bellatrix picked Andi up and brought her back over to her crib. Carefully tucking her in, Bellatrix pushed a pacifier into her mouth before turning to Dora. “Now, just one more diaper to change” Bellatrix said.


“But why are you putting them to sleep?” Dora asked as she walked over to the changing table. Surely if they got anymore sleep, they’d wake up cranky. Why wouldn’t Bellatrix just let the two play? She hopped up onto the changing table and lay down.


“Well, if it’s going to be a day doing whatever you want, I’d assumed you would want a break from taking care of your son too” Bellatrix said, untapping Dora’s diaper. Bellatrix pushed a pacifier into Dora’s mouth. “Unless of course you’d rather be his sister for the day” she chuckled, taking out a few wet wipes.


Dora removed the pacifier and went to speak but found no words. A whole day to do whatever she wanted? Without having to constantly worry about Andi or Teddy? “But won’t they wake up again when they get hungry? What about their diapers needing changes? Or-” Bellatrix cut her off by gently pushing the pacifier back in with her finger.


“All taken care of. Trust me. I’ve managed to find a babysitter”


Dora squirmed as Bellatrix wiped the poop and pee off her crotch with the cold wipe. She gave the pacifier a few test sucks. It was still kind of soothing, although a far cry from how it felt the last couple of days. “Anything I want?” Dora asked as the dirty diaper was slid out from underneath her. Bellatrix sighed and picked up the quill and paper.


“For the next 24 hours, the two of us are going to do whatever you want Dora” she said, causing the quill to scrawl down her words. Dora just stared as Bellatrix put the quill and paper down, reaching down to get a diaper for her. Did she want to wear a diaper still? A full day to do whatever she wanted, and she was considering staying immature? She could be out of diapers for the first time in months if she wanted.


Yet, as Bellatrix held up 3 different patterned diapers, she found herself brushing the notion aside. One blue with yellow ducks like the one she was currently in, one pink and white diaper with brooms and magic wands, and one white diaper with all sorts of cartoonish animals. Diapers were a much more convenient toilet she decided. She pointed at the broom diaper but seeing the animals diaper caused an idea to form in her head.


“The zoo” she said as Bellatrix unwrapped the broom and wand diaper. “Why not go to the zoo? And maybe go to a playground after?” she asked. She’d loved the zoo when her father took her as a child, although she doubted Bellatrix had ever been to one. Even if she had, she certainly wouldn’t know about half the mundane animals there.


“Well if it’s what you want, we’re going there… What’s a zoo?” Bellatrix snickered as she powdered Dora’s crotch. Dora chuckled herself.


“It’s basically a place you can see a load of animals you otherwise would have to leave the country to see” she said, giving her pacifier a few more sucks. Bellatrix looked at Dora as she pulled the diaper up and started taping her in.


“Well then, we’d better get you dressed to go out” she said, pulling out a cute little pink sundress with purple booties. As Bellatrix guided Dora through getting into the sundress, she also picked up the quill again. “Other than myself, everyone who sees Nymphadora Tonks will see her as a toddler and treat her as such”


With that, Dora hopped off the changing table. Her pacifier was attached to a clip on her sundress, which did nothing to hide the surprisingly bulky diaper. It felt more like she’d doubled or even tripled up as she stood there slightly bow legged. She swore they were charmed in some way, not entirely believing a single diaper could ever be this thick feeling yet look like any other diaper. “So, is Mummy’s baby Nymmie ready to go?” Bellatrix teased, grabbing the stroller. Dora glared at her. There was just something about being called Nymmie when she had all her faculties that irked her. She suddenly found herself smiling and shook her head no.


“Not quiet” she said, pulling out two more of the wand and broom diapers, much to Bellatrix’s confusion. ‘High time I got some revenge’ she thought. “If we’re going to do whatever I want and I won’t need to stop for toilet breaks, then neither will you” she said, holding the diapers out. Bellatrix’s confusion lasted just a split second longer as she realized exactly what Dora was telling her to do.


“Y-You want me to put a d-diaper on?” she asked, glancing back and forth between the diapers and Dora. Dora smiled and shook her head again.


“No, I want you to put 2 diapers on at the same time. You said the two of us will do whatever I want. And I want your butt in two diapers!” she giggled. Bellatrix, seemingly against her own will, shakily grabbed the diapers and removed her robes. With her robes on the ground, she hopped onto the changing table herself.


“(sigh) Me and my big mouth” Bellatrix grumbled as she slid both diapers underneath her ass. As Bellatrix was putting her diapers on, Dora peeked into the closet and pulled out a couple of onesies. She snicked at Bellatrix’s defeated look and transfigured the onesies into a pair of jeans and a cardigan.


“Relax, I just think you’d be better off in muggle clothes for the zoo” she said as she unfolded the jeans. They looked rather thin at the waist for a woman who’d be wearing 2 diapers, so she also added a fitting charm so it would fit perfectly no matter how much Bellatrix’s diapers swelled.


And by the looks of it, she’d need them to grow a LOT for just the dry diapers. Bellatrix was standing in front of her, looking rather unsteady in the diapers. She took a couple of steps forward before falling back on her ass. “Looks like you’re the one who needs the stroller” Dora chuckled, pulling Bellatrix back to her feet. She even needed to help Bellatrix step into the jeans, as the woman was too reluctant to bend down and fall over again.


“How the hell do you expect me to walk like this?!” Bellatrix asked, putting the cardigan on as Dora guided both her feet into the jeans leg holes. As she pulled the jeans up, they immediately started expanding to fit Bellatrix’s now massive ass.


“Watch” Dora said, walking over to the stroller. She handed it to Bellatrix and sat down in it. Bellatrix seemed to understand where she was going with it and took a few shaky steps. She was practically using the stroller as a crutch, but it made walking possible. “See? Now one more thing…” she said, grabbing the quill and paper. “Anyone who notices Bellatrix’s diapers will think it to be completely normal for her to be wearing them” she said. Not that they were too noticeable compared to her own. She snickered. Bellatrix’s only stuck a few inches above her waistline and made her jeans look like she had a pillow in them, while Dora’s diaper was on full display.


Dora got up from the stroller and after casting a notice-me-not charm, grabbed Bellatrix. “You don’t mind if I side-apparate you right?” she asked, not even waiting for an answer as they suddenly found themselves standing in a carpark just by London Zoo.


Despite how long it’s been since she’d been there, London Zoo was just as amazing as she remembered. Dora rather giddily started pointing at the Gorillas upon entering. Bellatrix of course had never seen such an animal before, something Dora knew would be a common occurrence. “What are-“ Bellatrix was cut off as Dora turned around. If she was going to be treated as a toddler, she was going to have to act like one.


“They Gowillath Mummy!” she shouted, giggling like any toddler would behind her pacifier. Bellatrix chuckled herself, as did a few other adults around them. At first Dora blushed. She had fully intended on telling Bellatrix what the animals were, but she hadn’t meant to shout. But as the adults turned their attention away from the two, she realised something. EVERYONE saw her as a toddler. Toddlers could be loud, especially when they’re excited. These muggles wouldn’t expect her to keep her diapers dry, so why would they expect her to stay quiet at a zoo? “So many freedoms” she mumbled.


“Still calling me Mummy Nymmie?” Bellatrix muttered as they walked past the Gorillas. Dora nodded, not even giving it a second thought. Maybe that quill wasn’t working very well anymore, or maybe it was the fact that she’s was just legitimately excited to be at the zoo after all these years, but she definitely felt more like Nymmie than Dora. She just had all her wits about her now.


She could hear Bellatrix muttering something behind her as they entered the reptile house, but she couldn’t quite make it out. A few seconds later, Bellatrix walked in front of her, seemingly not needing the stroller for balance anymore. Although she still had a waddle from the diapers. It occurred to Dora they could have just used the quill to make Bellatrix feel more balanced in diapers, and Bellatrix had probably realised that too. Bellatrix undid the straps of the stroller and lifted Dora out of it with little effort.

Now having a better view of all the reptiles, Dora started directing Bellatrix towards each snake, frog and lizard as Bellatrix pushed the now empty stroller along. As they were looking at some form of cobra, Dora began to feel a little uneasy. She started sucking her pacifier harder as they moved to another snake. She heard a little ‘pfft’ as her stomach growled. “Uh-oh” she muttered as she pooped her diaper. And judging by the flinch, right against Bellatrix’s hand too.


“Did Nymmie just make poo-poos?” she asked. Dora sucked her pacifier and nodded as she squinted, pushing out another little bit. It felt less like a solid lump and more like a mudslide. Likely because she hasn’t actually eaten anything solid for a few days. She buried her face into Bellatrix’s shoulder as she gave one last heave, now certain she’d emptied her bowels.


“And a big poo-poo it is! Mummy thinks Nymmie could do with a feeding after making that much room” Bellatrix said, pushing the mess against Dora’s ass a few times before seating her back into the stroller. Dora moaned as quietly as she could as they exited the reptile house and sat down on a bench by a stone wall. Bellatrix quickly cast a notice-me-not charm and removed her cardigan. Dora found herself licking her lips as she stared at the leaking nipples.


Bellatrix removed Dora’s dress and put a bib around her neck, leaving her breasts on display. “Don’t want you ruining your pretty dress with Mummy’s milkies Nymmie” she teased. Merlin that teasing was making her horny. Bellatrix placed the dress on the bench beside her cardigan and picked Dora out of the stroller. She hadn’t even gotten Dora comfortable in her lap before Dora latched on and started suckling. A week ago, Dora would have found it concerning that a grown woman would like the taste of breastmilk, but today? It was practically the nectar of the gods!

She could feel Bellatrix fidget slightly as she sucked away. “You’re really not going to let me use a toilet are you…” Bellatrix said. It wasn’t really a question, she knew the answer. Dora smiled behind the breast and shook her head no. Bellatrix closed her eyes and sighed.


At first Dora heard nothing. Then she heard a faint trickle. Even with her ear so close to Bellatrix’s diapers, she could barely hear it. A grunt then accompanied a soft farting sound. Dora’s eyebrows rose. She hadn’t expected Bellatrix to use her diapers for poop. Yet as she was swapped to the other breast, she caught a glimpse of what was definitely a much droopier pair of jeans. Most surprising of all, she could make out the quiet sigh and slight smile. Not only had Bellatrix used her diapers, it seemed she’d enjoyed using them.


Dora continued to suckle the other breast as she felt Bellatrix’s hand creeping under her side. It was a cautious push, but Dora was certain she could feel Bellatrix pushing her diapers between her legs as she lay on her lap. Dora giggled. “Knew you’d love it” she said, unlatching from Bellatrix with a ‘pop’.


“Oh hush you” Bellatrix said, putting Dora back into the stroller. Instead of strapping her in though, Bellatrix put her cardigan on. “I didn’t pack enough for both of us to change, so I’ll need to go back to Grimmauld Place for more diapers. Be back in a few seconds” she said, apparating away.


Dora pouted and stuck her thumb in her mouth to suck. Bellatrix could have at least given her the pacifier from her dress before leaving. She felt a twinge in her bladder as she sucked. In only a diaper, bib and booties, it was getting a little chilly in the shade. Dora sighed around her thumb. Deciding it would be the best way to warm up a little, she started peeing. She pulled her thumb out of her mouth, a line of milky drool latching onto her thumb and lips.


“Ahhh… I could get used to this…” she said. She put her hand on her diaper, feeling the vibrations of her pee hitting the padding and warming her crotch. “I can just play all day, Mummy feeds me and changes my diapies and even carries me everywhere!” she giggled.


Curious of how these diapers felt when wet, she rubbed them a few times. Then another few. Then another few, until she started humping her hand to try to get any more pleasure possible. These diapers were absolutely different to any of the ones she’s previously worn. It was almost like they were amplifying her pleasure. She crossed her eyes and stuck her thumb back in, sucking on it as hard as she could, the waves of pleasure continuously growing. Just as Bellatrix popped back, she climaxed. The orgasm lasted at least a full minute. She removed her thumb, a line of drool once again trailing it.


“Oh Merlin! I am SO getting used to this! That was better than sex!” she moaned, sticking her thumb back in. Bellatrix, who was sitting there on the bench watching the whole of her orgasm, started laughing.


“Aww, did little Nymmie make cummies? You keep playing with yourself sweetie, Mummy will change you when you're done” Bellatrix said. Dora smiled and started rubbing again.


“Fank ‘ou Mummy! ❤” she moaned behind her thumb. Closing her eyes, she rubbed until her fingers got sore, by which point she swapped hands and put her other thumb in her mouth. She could feel drool running down her chin, a few dribbles even reaching her boobs despite the bib being on. Her second orgasm was even better than the first, her whole body quivered and spasmed for even longer.


Dora opened her eyes and removed her thumb from her mouth again. “Am I actually turned on by diapers now?...” she muttered. Just then, she heard the quill writing. Looking at the bench, Bellatrix seemed rather pre-occupied with changing her 2 diapers, not so willing to stay in her mess as long as Dora.


The paper the quill had written on floated in front of her. ‘Yes, Nymphadora Tonks is now sexually aroused by masturbating in her diapers and sucking a pacifier or her thumb without the quill’s intervention’ Dora had to do a double take. She had partly been joking, expecting the quill had something to do with it. Clearly not though.


She stuck her thumb back in her mouth and sure enough, she started to feel trembles down there again. She looked over at Bellatrix, now powdering her crotch. The woman who’d essentially turned Dora into an adult sized baby was now also in diapers. “I wonder…” she muttered. Looking back to the quill, she started whispering to make sure Bellatrix didn’t hear her. “Bellatrix will slowly start to love acting like a baby too. Nobody will think it’s weird for her to be doing so and will even speak to her like one while still recognising she’s old enough to take care of herself. If she tries reading this entry, it will be invisible to her and she will never suspect I have anything to do with it”


Just as the quill finished writing, Bellatrix got up and grabbed their clothes. “You want a change now?” she asked and Dora nodded. Once in a clean diaper, she had her bib removed and dress put back on. As they walked back through the reptile house Dora glanced at Bellatrix, keen to see what she would do first. By the time they got to the lions, she was gently sucking her bottom lip.


Dora’s enthusiasm for the zoo had waned, in favour of seeing how Bellatrix would start to act. She doubted the woman would be willing to do much in the open. Maybe a few sucks of her thumb here, or a bit of drooling there. Nothing much. Then an idea sprung. There was an ice cream truck. “Hey Bellatrix… How long has it been since you had ice cream?” she asked, hoping to find a more secluded spot in the shade to eat it and maybe see if Bellatrix would do anything more immature.


“Well I’ve never really had a sweet-tooth… But I suppose it’s hot out. I’d rather not have to cast magic in front of muggles just to cool down” Bellatrix said. She put Dora back in her stroller and walked over to the truck. Dora couldn’t help but drool as she was handed a large mint cone with chocolate syrup and sprinkles. She was so preoccupied with her ice cream she barely noticed Bellatrix had gotten one of her own and brought her over to a bench in the shade.


Dora glanced at Bellatrix, giggling as the woman ate. Ice cream had already started to melt down over her fingers and onto her clothes, and her face was a mess of chocolate too, not that she seemed to care. Dora wasn’t any better off, trying her best to lick some that had somehow gotten on her nose. As they finished up, Bellatrix wiped Dora’s face down with the bib.

Dora couldn’t help but giggle as Bellatrix didn’t bother cleaning herself up. Instead, she started pushing the stroller again. Dora could hear her muttering something, accompanied by the scratching of the quill on paper, but dared not turn around in case it discouraged the woman.

They spent another hour walking around the zoo before Dora got tired of waiting to see the results. She'd heard the quill being used at LEAST 5 times now. “Mummy?” she asked, staring at the Tiger exhibit.

“Yeth Nymmie?” Bellatrix answered. Dora did her best to not laugh at the lisp.

“Can we go to the playground now?”

“Otay!” Bellatrix said, sounding far more excited for it than Dora was. Bellatrix practically power walked to a more secluded location and, after casting a notice-me-not charm, apparated the 2 of them. Dora unbuckled herself from the stroller as Bellatrix stopped beside a bench inside the playground.

She had to bite her lip to keep from even smirking. Bellatrix, the feared right hand of the evilest dark lord to ever live, was the epitome of cuteness. She wore a matching pink sundress to Dora’s, even having a matching pacifier in her now clean mouth clipped to the dress. She’d tied her hair into pigtails with pastel blue ribbons. Her jeans were now white leggings with pink hearts on them and she even had pink baby booties on. Dora reckoned there wasn’t a little girl alive that wouldn’t become jealous at the sight of her outfit.

She noted the sag of Bellatrix’s diaper as she sat down with a muggle girl in the sand box. “Did she make herself shit again?” she whispered to herself before sitting down beside her. Before, the sound of Bellatrix’s mad laughter frightened any who heard it. Yet with her current getup, it was hard for Dora to do anything but coo as the grown woman laughed and made a sand-castle with the little girl.

"Who's your new friends Tori?" a woman asked. Dora turned around to see a tall blonde woman squatting down beside the three. While Bellatrix giggled, Dora swore she recognised the woman. 

"I'm Bewwa! And thith my daughtew Dowa!" she lisped behind her pacifier.

"Oh such cute names you girls have!" the woman cooed. "Are you being a good Mummy playing with your daughter Bella?" she asked. Dora put her paci in to hold back her laughter. Sure the quill had done exactly what she'd asked, but she hadn't anticipated she'd find it so amusing. Bellatrix nodded. 

Dora nearly flinched when she felt the woman check her diaper. "Such a good girl keeping her diapie clean" the woman praised before moving to her daughter and Bellatrix. "And two very messy girls here. Would you like me to change you Bella?" 

"No thank you. I tange mythelf when Dowa utheth hew diapie" Bellatrix answered. The woman brought her daughter Katie over to the bench to change her.

"What made you decide to change this much?" Dora whispered to Bellatrix, keeping an eye on the woman. Bellatrix dropped her head and smiled nervously. 

"Weww you wooked wike you wewe having fun… Tho I wanted to thee what it wath wike" she said, idly adding to the sand-castle. Dora chuckled to herself. 

"Well then I know exactly what we're doing next" she muttered. She snatched the quill from the stroller. "People will view me as the adult mother and Bellatrix as my toddler daughter. People won't treat me as a baby, nor will they won't view me as strange in any way" 

Bellatrix's jaw dropped, making her paci fall out. Before she could say anything though, the woman came back with her daughter. "Now you play nice with Bella sweetie while I talk to her Mummy" she said. Dora winked at Bellatrix as she stood up and went to sit with the woman on the bench. 

"She seems very energetic" the woman said. "I'm Daphne by the way. Daphne Greengrass". And suddenly Dora realised why she seemed familiar. 

"No shit? In a muggle park?" she said, still sucking her pacifier. Daphne seemed to stiffen as she watched Bella and Tori play. 

"You're Potter's auror friend right?" she asked. Dora nodded. Bellatrix grabbed a spade and started shoveling sand into it. "I thought you had a son?" 

"I do. He's currently with my mother. I had to hide little Bella because we were afraid she was a squib" she said, hoping Bellatrix hadn't removed all memory of Andromeda from people's minds. 

Daphne nodded in understanding. It wasn't unusual for pureblood families to hide babies that weren't certain to possess magic. Standard practice among pureblood really. "I would have thought you wouldn't want her to have that name" she said. 

Dora took a second to catch on. Bellatrix was still the mass murderer to the witch. Despite the fact that she was currently giggling and playing in a sandbox with a child young enough to be her granddaughter, she was dead as far as Daphne was concerned. 

"My mother running away was what sent Bellatrix over the edge of madness. She still loves her sister. I moreso did it for her" she said. She sucked her pacifier as she realised, Daphne Greengrass had only been out of school since Summer, yet she had a baby easily over a year old. "And what's your story? Last I checked you weren't causing any pregnancy scandal in Hogwarts" 

Daphne closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Have you heard of the blood curse that affects my family?" she asked. Dora nodded, although she was only vaguely aware of it. Her mother had known Daphne's father. His younger sister had been killed by the curse when she was just 20.

"Well my parents were trying to keep my sister from dying… But instead of curing her of the curse, they only manged to turn her into a baby" she said. Dora's eyebrows rose as she watched the girl and Bella play. "It's at least bought us another 2 decades to try to cure it. But now my little sister has to grow up all over again" 

Dora held back a snort. It hardly seemed that bad in comparison to dying a slow, agonising death. "The Black family library has an entire section on blood curses. Some books are older than Hogwarts. I could maybe ask Harry to help you" 

Realistically, the chances of finding the curses cure in the Black family library were slim, despite the truth in what she said. But she felt sorry for the young heiress. The quill could alter reality. It could surely create a book containing the cure for such a curse. Even just get rid of the curse entirely if she worded it properly. 

"I sincerely doubt Potter would be willing to help a Slytherin" Daphne said, her lips thinning. Dora felt her diaper getting warmer as she put her hands on her shoulder. 

"I'm sure he'd be more than happy to help save the life of someone who hasn't done anything wrong" she said, trying to hold back a moan as her pee started to arouse her. Daphne sighed. The two of them just sat there, idly talking about the aftermath of the war while Bella and Tori played. 

After an hour, Daphne decided to leave. "I come here with her every day. I'd rather not risk divulging the location of the Greengrass' at the moment. Neutral families aren't exactly held in high regard right now" she said as she picked up her sister. Dora nodded, putting Bella in the stroller. They went their separate ways. 

"Whewe we goin'?" Bellatrix asked, pouting that she didn't get to play longer. 

"Well first off, if I'd known you'd enjoy being the baby instead of the Mummy this much, I'd have started the day off like this" Dora said, causing Bella to blush. "Secondly, I want to see what you had planned for Andy and Teddy, Plus we could both do with diaper changes and you only brought enough for one change for each of us" 

Bellatrix crossed her arms and dipped her head. "If I'd known it wath thith fun, I'd have jutht made me and Andy youw daughtew'th" she muttered behind her paci. Dora chuckled at that. But it got her thinking. Why or how had she even managed to realise reality was being altered? Bellatrix paci fell out as she gasped and Dora could hear hissing. When she looked at Bellatrix crotch, she could see her diaper was leaking. 

"How the hell did you leak through two diapers?!" she whispered harshly. Bella was completely red, sticking her thumb in her mouth. "Did you seriously use the quill to make yourself go more?" 

Bellatrix nodded, making Dora groan. It wasn't that big a deal that Bellatrix had leaked. Even without the quill, a quick cleaning charm would solve that. She was more worried about Bellatrix becoming dehydrated from all the peeing. After all, would the quill just make pee or would it just speed up her system to make her pee more. 

Once they got back to Grimmauld Place, Dora was greeted by a rather unexpected sight. Her mother was in the kitchen. Arms crossed with a wicked glare aimed at the two. She was still dressed like a baby, but she definitely wasn’t acting like one. Andromeda turned around. "... You both have a LOT of explaining to do" she said. Dora nervously bit her lip and pulled Bella out of the stroller. "Like how the fuck are you alive? Why does this place look like a damn daycare? And why are we all dressed like damn toddlers?!" 

Dora took the quill out. "Bellatrix will only tell Andromeda the truth" she said. Her mother seemed confused but Bellatrix gulped. "It'll be easier if we explain one at a time I think. And since you started this, you're going first" she said, planting Bellatrix on a chair in the kitchen. She pulled the pacifier out, pocketed it, and turned to her mom. "I'll be upstairs changing" 

Her mother didn't object, instead looking to Bellatrix. Dora snickered as she heard her start to stutter her story, although she was hardly looking forward to her own interrogation. The only logical explanation was that she'd accidentally undone Andromeda's changes, likely while Dora was asleep. 

Teddy was in his playpen in the corner as Dora hopped onto the changing table. She'd changed herself many times before, but this was the first time she was actually looking forward to it. She tried to strain her hearing to listen to the conversation downstairs but the distance was just too much. The constant crinkling didn't help either. 

She bit her lip and moaned as she wiped herself down. "A bit tender" she mumbled, gently massaging herself. "But I can't keep Mum waiting too long" she grabbed another one of the white and pink broom and wand diapers and changed into it. 

“Oooh! With these things I might never have sex again!” she whispered harshly. She’d have to ask Bella about them. Maybe she could even add to the pleasure. Dora didn’t even bother putting anything on over them. When she got back downstairs, Bella was waddling her way up. She had her head down like she was a child being sent to her room as punishment.

“You know, I thought I was already babying you by helping with your diaper changes. Didn’t think I’d need to start helping with everything else” Andromeda said. Dora snorted again and took a seat. Andromeda stared at her for a moment, then sighed. “A reality warping quill? Really?” she said. Dora just nodded. “And you’ve had full control all day but chose to stay like this?”

Dora leaned forward, licking her lips in thought. “Honestly… these last couple of days have been the most fun I’ve had in years. No worries, no responsibilities, hell Bellatrix even gave me back the feeling in my body” she said. She stared Andromeda in the eyes. “When was the last time you laughed?”

She seemed a little taken aback by the question. Before she could answer, Dora spoke again. “Because it was actually you that made me decide to stick with it. Hearing you laughing at the littlest things, like playing with stuffed animals or even getting your diaper changed… I don’t think I’ve seen you that happy since I was in Hogwarts” Andromeda blushed a little at the mention of HER diaper change.

Dora lifted her dress so Andromeda could see her diaper. “I know it sounds ridiculous but… All this baby treatment, the diapers, the playing, the breastmilk… I love it. And that’s not even the quill’s fault. I’ve been aware of everything these past few days, and I can safely say that it makes me happy”

Andromeda scowled. “This quill is dangerous” she said. Dora nodded. Hard to argue that.

“And at the end of the day Mum… I care more about being happy with life than some hypothetical situation that could happen. I care more about your happiness than my own after the hell you went through losing dad and nearly losing me too… Fuck, even seeing the shit Bellatrix went through made me try give her some happiness”

Andromeda sat there motionless. Dora sat back in her chair, feeling she had nothing more to say on the matter. Andromeda tapped her fingers on the table a couple of times. “I never knew she had a baby” she said, glancing over to the stairs. “Kind of explains the behaviour I guess”

She looked back to Dora. “I… I didn’t think me running away had such a horrible effect on her… She was always the prized daughter. The student that got all O’s. The great duelist. I thought she’d be fine without me” 

Dora squirmed a little as she felt a few drops of pee come out. Andromeda sighed, rubbing her eyes. “Alright” she said. Dora perked up. “I feel fucking ridiculous in this getup, and I still have the stale taste of milk in my mouth… but if it means I get my sister back, I’ll try it. But YOU’RE keeping that damn quill”

Dora sat still for a moment. Then she laughed. “You know this thing can solve any problem you have right? I can make you love everything about it if you want” she said. The glare from her mother shut her up quickly, although the idea of being her own Mum’s Mummy was a bit of a turn on.

“You could also get rid of all the baby crap, but I get the feeling that’s not gonna happen” she said. Andromeda leaned back in her chair. “Did.. did we really masterbate in public?” she asked. Dora giggled.

“Yeah we did. But I’m not personally in a hurry to do it again” she said. She got up and walked over to Andromeda. “Trust me, you’ll love it. With or without the quill” she said, hugging Andromeda.

Andromeda hugged her back and sighed. “To be honest, I can’t even be sure the damn thing is the only reason I’m entertaining the idea” she said. Dora pulled Bella’s pacifier out of her pocket and stuck it in Andromeda’s mouth. She didn’t seem to appreciate the gesture.

“Thanks Mum, love you” she said, running upstairs to escape any berating she might get. When she got upstairs, Bellatrix was just laying on the changing table. Her diaper was clearly already changed, but she was just lying there staring at the ceiling. 

“How did my life get so fucked up that acting like a baby and treating my sister and niece like babies makes me happy?” she asked. Dora bit her lip, neglecting to mention how she came to love acting like a baby.

“If you’re happy, then what does it matter? It’s not hurting anybody else” she said. Dora started to take off the rest of her clothes. Her sense of privacy must have completely disappeared in the last few days. Oh how Remus would scold her if he ever walked in on her in the nip. She walked over to Teddy to check on him. “Mummy’s so sorry she ignored you all day sweetheart” she whispered. He was clean at the very least. Andromeda must have been aware the whole day then.

Bellatrix sighed. “A week ago you’d have tried to kill me” she said.

Dora picked Teddy up and brought him over to her. “And now I understand why you were like that. So I want to help you be happy again. Just like you’ve helped me. Whether that means playing the baby for you,” Dora surprised Bellatrix by putting her exposed nipple into her mouth. “Or even if I have to be your Mummy. Because everyone deserves a bit of happiness” she said.

Bellatrix smiled a little. She closed her eyes and started suckling Dora’s breastmilk down. Dora gently rubbed her head, resting her cheek on Teddy. Of all the possible results that curse could have had, she certainly hadn’t expected to have an adult baby family by the end of it.



End Chapter 4

Nymphadora's Curse

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 6, 2021


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