Nymphadora's Curse

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 6, 2021

Chapter 6
Mummy or Baby?


“Aw come on Mum” Dora pleaded. In the 3 months since the incident with the quill, Andromeda had done her best to stay as normal as possible. Which meant she never regressed like Dora and Bella did. She never tried anything even remotely infantile. Dora had only convinced her to stay in plain white diapers because of their convenience, and even that was only when they left the house.

“Dora I can’t understand your fascination with asking me to act like a big baby with you and Bella” Andromeda said, washing the dishes by hand. In truth, Dora was only asking because she’d caught her Mum sucking her thumb in her sleep. Not that she was about to let Andromeda know that.

“Just with Bella then?” she asked. Andromeda glared at Dora, who felt her diaper become a little damper. Andromeda was still a Black, so she could look quite menacing when she wanted. Her Mum glared at her for at least another 10 seconds, before shoving the last of the dishes into the drying rack.

“Fine. I’ll give you half a day of it. And I don’t want to hear about it again because I promise you I won’t like it” she said. Dora grinned. “BUT!” she stopped smiling. “No letting Bellatrix anywhere near that quill. I trust you not to abuse it, but definitely not her”

Probably for the best if Dora was honest, Bellatrix seemed to enjoy being the baby more than the Mommy these days. “When?” she asked, excited at the prospect of babying her Mum while she had her adult mind. She pulled out a pacifier. Andromeda sighed and snatched it out of her hand, placing it in her mouth. Without warning, Dora picked Andromeda up and carried her to one of the many changing tables in Grimmauld Place.

Making herself strong enough to easily hold a few hundred pounds in one arm with the quill was probably the best thing she’s thought of. No need to cast any magic in front of muggles. She laid her Mum down on the table and pulled out the first diaper she saw. The same one she’d first worn to the zoo 3 months ago.

She waved her wand and her Mum’s clothes shimmied their way off her, leaving Andromeda blushing and butt naked. “Dora!” she said, covering her breasts. Dora just snickered and got to work putting her Mum’s new diaper on.

She waved her wand again and a set of dungarees and a bright pink t-shirt floated towards them. She figured her Mum wouldn’t appreciate being TOO infantile. After getting her dressed, Dora pulled the quill from her pocket. “It’s 8:30 right now, so 12 hours is fine with you?” she asked. Andromeda sighed and nodded.

“For the next 12 hours, Andromeda Tonks will enjoy all the babyish things I put her through, but will still keep her adult mind. After the 12 hours, she will return to her current state of mind”

The first thing Dora noticed was that Andromeda started to actually suck her pacifier. She picked her back up, eager to see how Bellatrix would react. Bellatrix hadn’t even noticed them when Dora walked into the nursery. She was far too caught up in playing with Teddy.

“Oh Bella! Look who I have” she said. Bellatrix turned around and started giggling at seeing Andi. Her paci fell out, making her dribble down her chin.

“Ickle baby Andi!” Bellatrix said, pointing at her blushing sister. Dora sat Andi down beside them and Bellatrix hugged her. “Wanna pway?” she asked, giddily bouncing. She didn’t even wait for an answer as Bellatrix handed her the Raven she was using months ago. Andi glanced up to Dora.

“Go on Andi, you’ll love playtime. I’ll be here if you need me” Dora said. Andi took a few minutes to get comfortable with it, but soon she was playing along with Bella and Teddy as she had with Dora months ago. Dora smiled as she hopped up onto the changing table.

While she would usually just change herself without magic, she also didn’t want to miss anything. So with a wave of her wand, her diaper untapped itself and wrapped itself up, and all the other changing supplies got to work. Dora stuck her thumb in her mouth as she watched her Mum playing. Part of her was a bit jealous. They’d all made a ground rule that there had to be at least 1 adult in the house. Today’s the first day that’s been needed in a while. So she couldn’t join in, as much as she wanted.

Resigning herself to sitting back and watching, Dora grabbed a book that was on her nightstand and started reading. She would glance up every now and again to make sure they weren’t getting themselves in too much trouble. “Mommy! Andi made poopy!” Bellatrix giggled.

Dora looked up to see her Mum hiding her face in her hands and crying. She rushed over and picked her up. “Aww don’t cry Andi sweetie. Let’s get you into a nice fresh diapie” she cooed. Andi stuck her thumb in her mouth, still quietly sobbing as Dora changed her diaper.

Dora removed her dungarees, leaving her in just a messy diaper and a pink t-shirt. She cooed and praised Andi for being a good girl as she cleaned her up. Once the change was finished, Dora brought her over to where she had been sitting and removed her own t-shirt, exposing her lactating breasts.

Andi shook her head. “Come on Andi, you’ll love it. Milkies is very nummy” she said, gently holding Andi’s head closer to her breasts. Andi didn’t take much convincing as she latched on. Dora whispered and cooed at her as her Mum fed. Andi surprised Dora when she started to moan.

Her free hand shot down to her fresh diaper and started rubbing. “Is baby Andi horny?” Dora asked, full on laughing. Andi just nodded as she humped her hand. Dora brushed her hand aside and started massaging the front of Andi’s diaper for her. Andi let out a loud moan from behind her daughter’s breast. “Did baby Andi make sticky cummies?” she asked. Andi just nodded again.

“I have a feeling I’m going to be diapering you a lot more than you thought” Dora said, chuckling. It was just a shame that neither woman had noticed Bellatrix using the quill as Andi got her diaper changed...



End Chapter 6

Nymphadora's Curse

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 6, 2021


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