Annie and Penny Book Deux Deux

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Chapter 5
Natasha and Mrs. Jones

Chapter Description: "Me and Missus -- missus Jones! We got a thing..."

The trio withdrew to the living room. Natasha seemed to be in an entertaining mood, so the girls went with it and let him tell his tall tales, enjoying his brand of fiction for a while. As seven o'clock rolled around, Penny yawned, pooped, and started to nod off. Annie took the little girl to the bathroom and gave her a quick wash down in a bassinet. Penny just went with the motions and let the warm water lull her further into sleep. Annie dried her off, diapered her up with extra layers for nighttime, pulled on her Gerber pants, put her in a quick-change bodysuit, and tucked her in. Penny peacefully slept with her thumb in her mouth, dreaming of feeding on Annie's teat, her feet kicking rhythmically in the air, her tiny hand slapping Annie’s breast to the same beat.

Coming back downstairs, Annie and Natasha talked about little things. Annie wished that the demon would go, she felt he’d worn out his welcome. Natasha’s lack of empathy kept him there, probing Annie for a weakness he might exploit. The doorbell rang, Annie opened the front door to see Mrs. Jones.

Why, Mrs. Jones, what can I do for you at this hour?” asked Annie.

“Um, well it’s a kind of a personal thing, may I come in and discuss it?” replied Mrs. Jones.

Annie relented, Mrs. Jones came in and spotted Natasha preening himself on the couch with the attitude of a proud jungle beast in control of all he surveyed.

Oh! You have company. Maybe I should come back later” said Mrs. Jones as she moved to leave.

No, my dear, please stay! Natasha was just leaving. Weren’t you, Natasha?”

Natasha got up to leave, thought about it, then asked “Mrs. Jones, my name is Natasha and my business is solving people’s problems for a small fee, would you be interested in making an appointment to see if I might have a solution to your problem?”

Mrs. Jones stood and stared at Natasha, considering the proposal, then choked back a sob and started to cry.

You poor dear! Whatever the problem is, I’ll help you with it. Please sit down and tell me about it”.

Mrs. Jones was guided by Annie to the couch, whereupon sitting down Annie looked into Natasha’s eyes as if asking him "what he was still doing here?" Natasha ignored the jibe and instead sat back down, comforting Mrs. Jones by gently holding her hand and making little “there, there” motions and noises.

As Mrs. Jones related her woes concerning her husband’s philandering, drinking habits, and the gambling debt that she’d just been hit with. “I just don’t know what to do!” she cried.

“You should at a minimum, go live with some relatives until he either wants to continue your marriage or end it,” said Annie “my husband, while not a saint by any means, didn’t do any of the truly horrible things that yours is doing”.

Natasha interrupted at that point, excitement filling his perfect blue eyes making them seem electric, “I believe I can help you, my dear, for the merest pittance, of course!”

Annie stopped him right there: “She doesn’t need your services and the price is too high! Back off!”

Natasha smiled and replied “That’s not for you to decide, my dear. It’s for Mrs. Jones to do. I’ll just leave my business card and say my farewells for now. And remember, Annie! Even though our score has been settled, you still have the non-disclosure portion of the contract to obey!”

Off he went, perfectly satisfied that soon, very soon, he’d have a new client in Mrs. Jones.

Annie reasoned with Mrs. Jones for the next few hours. Try as she might, even offering her a safe haven on her premises to get away from her husband if need be, Mrs. Jones was interested in seeing what Natasha had to offer. It wasn’t reason that motivated her, it was the lust in her heart for the fine-looking devil coupled with a childless, non-romantic union that she shared with a man who wasn’t capable of feeling anything for her, not even hate or pity.

Mr. Jones was indifferent and that’s the worst thing that another can do to anyone.

She picked up the business card and put it in her purse, excusing herself from Annie’s care, bid goodnight, and went on her way; back to the misery and suffering that was her “happy” home, (but hopefully, not for long).



End Chapter 5

Annie and Penny Book Deux Deux

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 10, 2021


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