Annie and Penny Book Deux Deux

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Chapter 9

Chapter Description: We are gathered here today to honor...

Penny took on the lawyer position in heaven’s court. This of course means that she had to pass on her earthly body in order to do so. The funeral was a splendid affair, with colleagues from all walks of life, government, and even a bigwig or two. Penny was the last of her line, so Annie was called on to make a speech for her remembrance. Annie talked about how bright and engaging Penny was in her final days living in Annie’s household, her experiences (excluding the unbelievable stuff of course), and bid her friend a fond farewell. They buried the coffin that day and Annie, saddened and a little depressed returned home.

Waiting for her there was a 15-year-old wearing a light pink blouse with Peter Pan collar, plaid pink poodle skirt that ended just after her knees, white ankle-length cotton bobby socks, and a pair of black and white boxer shoes.

She was also wearing a bra with plain white granny panties underneath (if you just had to know).

Her teeth were done up in braces and her freckled face showed light signs of acne. Running up to Annie, she threw her arms around her in an “A” embrace and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. “How’s it going, mom?” She asked.

We just buried you. How do you think I feel?” replied Annie. “So how’s it upstairs? Is it everything the rumors say it is?”

I can’t really say what it’s like other than it’s certainly not earth and it’s rather a lot like earth. That’s the best analogy I can come up with, anyway,” said Jennie.

You know what? You should take a load off and relax a little bit. Let me play the mommy for the weekend and give you some stress-free time, okay?” continued Jennie.

Well, at your age, you could be the babysitter at least. Yes, I’d like that!” so saying, Annie reverted to a 3-year-old and stepped out of her funeral clothes. “It’s so much faster when I take them off this way!”

Jennie scooped up the little girl and gave her a raspberry on her stomach. Annie was feeling better already. “Let’s get you all dressed up and go to the grocery store, Annie! It’ll be fun to see if anyone reacts to us, eh?”

Yup, can we put on the 'got to go to the bathroom' play while we’re there?” asked little Annie smiling a gap-toothed grin.

You bet, sport! Supermarket theater, here we come!

And they did.



End Chapter 9

Annie and Penny Book Deux Deux

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 10, 2021


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