Annie and Penny Book Deux Deux

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Chapter 7
Chapter 6 – You win some, you lose some.

Chapter Description: I am Sam. Sam I am!

On the floor of the living room in Annie’s house, a playpen had been erected. Inside were a small host of baby toys and a small 2-year-old girl wearing cloth diapers with a Gerber diaper cover over them. Penny had her hand down there rubbing the slick warm A&D, evoking wave after wave of ecstasy along her entire body. Exhausted from her efforts, she lay back and let the pleasurable after-tremors wash over her body.

Annie came in and wiped the excess goo from her body and hands with a wet-wipe. The soft, cool cloth-like texture of the cleaning implement evoked secondary spasms in Penny’s endorphin-drenched brain. “Thank you, mommy! I feel nice and clean now!” said the little girl as she cheerfully thanked her care provider.

Annie stuck two fingers down the front of Penny’s diaper, couldn’t tell if she was wet from pee or sweat, shrugged her shoulders, and changed Penny into a fresh one. Penny’s endorphins began to crash and serotonin began kicking in, making the little girl sleepy. She curled up in a sideways fetal position on the floor of the playpen holding a plush stuffed teddy bear and went to sleep. Mommy Annie pulled a fleece blanket over her and tucked it around her sleeping body.

Sleep tight, little one,” said Annie as she walked back to the kitchen project she was working on.

A ring of the doorbell stopped her in mid-stride, she hoped that the loudness of the bell wouldn’t wake the baby and hurried to answer it.

Mrs. Jones stood there. Was it Mrs. Jones? She looked like someone in their twenties, full-bodied shoulder-length blond hair, perfectly sculptured aquiline nose adorning a Greco-Roman ideal shape of a head with perfect shoulders atop a set of breasts standing at the attention that would put a marine to shame. A perfect hourglass figure wearing Prada gave her a look of a sexy businesswoman.

Hi, Annie! It’s me, Cynthia Jones! Guess they got a little taken away with the plastic surgery, eh?”

Annie stood there staring at the too-perfect body a moment too long before asking what she could do for Cynthia?

Cynthia pulled her hand from behind her back to bring out a small boy, 4 or 5 years old, very shy, and not very happy. He was clothed in a light yellow toddler shirt with the snaps on the side to allow for his large had to pop through and just a plain white overnight diaper.

Say hello to Annie, Sam.” she gently pulled him towards Annie. Sam, looking glum and downwards at his toes, muttered a shy hello.

Annie squatted down to eye level with Sam and lightly brushed her finger under his chin, causing him to look up and reveal a pair of neon green eyes, a shy smile, and then a little giggle of embarrassment.

I know it’s short notice, but do you think you could look after Sammy tonight from 7 to 11 O’clock? I’ve got a hot date and no babysitters are available.” Cynthia asked, “If you can do this for me, I’ll make it worth your while, I promise!”

Sure thing! What do you think, Sammy? Would you like to play with Penny tonight?” queried Annie.

Who’s Penny?” asked Sam

Penny is my little girl,” said Annie taking Sam by the hand and gently leading him to the playpen where the little girl slept peacefully.

Aw, that’s just a baby!” Said Sam “She’s not a big kid like me!”

As Sam finished the sentence, he looked up to see a small storm of emotions crawl their way across mommy Cynthia’s face, and most of them weren’t of the good kind.

Cynthia muttered something under her breath and Sam lost his height and balance at the same time falling backward on his now oversize diaper. Baby Sammy started to cry, revealing one or two baby teeth in the process. Mommy Cynthia muttered “Who’s the baby now, Sammy?” and before Annie could object, muttered again returning Sam to his prior age of 5.

Sammy, I told you that diapers aren’t for playing with! Let’s put that back where it belongs!” said Cynthia as she laid Sam on the floor, popping and reattaching the tapes of his diaper around his waist.

Sorry about that, Annie! Boys will be boys, after all. Can I bring him over tonight?”

Sure! Don’t forget a diaper bag!” said Annie as the pair departed.

As they walked further away down the street, Annie heard “I don’t need no diapers! I’m tired of wearing them!” from Sam followed by “Wanna bet?” in a threatening tone by Cynthia.

Well, Mrs. Jo-, Cynthia had gone and done it now, hadn’t she? Annie decided that the best course of action would be to wait it out and let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully, it wouldn’t end up with another intervention as she didn’t want to press her luck with her heavenly boss upstairs.



End Chapter 7

Annie and Penny Book Deux Deux

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 10, 2021


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