Annie and Penny Book Deux Deux

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Chapter 2
Everyday life

Chapter Description: "Life is but a stage"

In an aisle of a supermarket, a mother figure pushed a shopping cart with a little girl in the child seat. The little girl was looking around at the items on the shelves as best as she could with the limited view provided by her position. As Penny looked at the items on her shopping list and compared prices, Annie hummed a kiddie tune and pumped her legs back and forth enjoying the bulk between her legs as it pressed up against her privates.

Mommy, can we have the Frosty Coated Sugar Bombs?” asked Penny innocently playing the part of a chatty 3-year-old. “No, dear. Too much sugar is bad for you” replied Annie enjoying her role in the play-acting. “Awww! You never buy them for me!” pouted Annie as she crossed her pudgy arms across her chest.

Maybe later, honey” replied Annie “How about some oatmeal with raisins instead, we can put brown sugar and a pat of butter on top. You like that, don’t you?” she continued and grabbed a box of Quaker oats from the shelf. Annie didn’t respond, instead just looked at the oats and remembered the flavor combinations as they flashed across her mind. Annie handed the box of oats to Penny pretending it was a big deal. Annie, pretending to relent, took the box and hid a shy smile as best she could.

Can I be the grown-up next time we shop, Mommy? I’m curious to see what it’s like.” Annie thought about it and answered back “Sure, why not? Being a baby in a shopping cart might be fun!”

Mrs. Jones the neighborhood gossip came down the aisle and greeted the pair. “You two really get along, right down to the pretend play with Penny. I imagine if a mother and daughter could swap ages for a day, there’d be fewer misunderstandings in the household, that’s for sure!”

Since the two were caught unaware, Annie laughed nervously and replied “Um, yeah. That would certainly solve a problem or two, no doubt!” while Penny pretended to not understand what the grown-ups were talking about while fidgeting in her seat. Inspiration took hold and Penny asked to go to the bathroom allowing Annie the chance to end the conversation. A grateful Annie took Penny to the supermarket bathroom where the two engaged in a small life-play concerning a mother and a daughter in a public restroom: The “Couldn’t you have held it for a bit longer” game was heard by the other occupants who also enjoyed the show. By the time the two got back to their cart, Mrs. Jones had left to finish her shopping.

That was close! Guess we’d better stick to the script in public places, eh, Penny?”

Okay, mommy!” quipped Penny with a grin and a wink. Annie shared her smile back.

While in the nursery aisle, Annie considered whether a Disney princess would be preferable to the more childish Sesame Street characters while she slept at night. Penny, still preferring cloth over paper, grabbed a tube of A&D from the shelf by standing up in her seat and bracing herself by pushing against the display.

Penny!” yelled Annie as she ran over to the cart and grabbed Penny before anything bad could happen.

“Sorry, mommy! I guess I wasn’t being careful, huh?” she said distractedly.

Is your bum hurting, dear? Is that why you grabbed the ointment?” worried Annie. “No, mommy, I just like the slick, warm feel of the stuff, you know?”

With the small crisis averted, Penny back in her seat with the seat belt fastened around her waist and both princess and puppets in the basket, their shopping was complete. Annie wheeled the cart into the waiting queue for the next available register.

To Penny, the waiting seemed forever and with a bored expression, began to feel her freshly changed diaper lightly and then with a bit more rigor as the pleasant sensations began undulating over her body. Annie stopped her in mid-stroke, shook her head, and said “Manners, my dear! This is a public place. We wouldn’t want to offend anyone, would we?” Penny snapped out of her pleasant stupor, realizing that she wasn’t behaving, and gave a “sorry, mommy!” to Annie with a guilty undertone.

Upon further inspection by Annie, Penny had regressed a year and was now a 2T sized toddler in a 3T sized outfit. With a difference of only a year, her clothes and diaper seemed oversize and baggy on her. The contract that she had signed with Natasha was still in effect! No matter how old she was aged to by Annie, it eventually ended up with her as a 2-year-old as stipulated in her contract. While this situation didn’t affect her intelligence, her body had a mental maturity all its own. Oh, well! Nothing to be done about it out in public, she’d tend to Annie after they returned home.



End Chapter 2

Annie and Penny Book Deux Deux

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 10, 2021


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