Cousin Emmy

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Chapter 18

Chapter Description: Daniel may have got out of Emmy's house but he still finds himself in a very strange situation. When help finally arrives he is hopeful that it is time to put all of the craziness behind him.

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“You can’t be expected to deal with that all by yourself.” Martina said as she looked down at the diaper, “And there’s no shower or anything available. Don’t worry, it’ll be good practice for me!”

Daniel’s hand was taken before he could formulate any words and he was practically dragged to the changing table. In truth he would never be able to climb up on to the padded surface without showing some parkour skills on the shelves beneath it. He was lifted into the air and sat on the edge of the changing table. The distressingly familiar feeling of his stinky poop spreading all over as he sank into it made him wince and shiver.

“Sorry…” Martina said though she was still smiling.

Daniel laid back and closed his eyes as the tapes on his diaper were pulled at. He had thought this was all over but it seemed like he had to endure this whole routine one more time. He let his head fall to one side and he looked out at the nursery as the front of his diaper was lowered. It was only as he was wiped clean that he thought about the fact that all this baby furniture was the same size as Emmy’s stuff.

“How come you have all this?” Daniel asked with a frown.

“I told you last night.” Martina grunted as she wiped the young man’s skin clean, “I have a little one on the way.”

“But it’s all so… big.” Daniel said.

“I’m a big person.” Martina replied with a chuckle, “Now how about you be a good little boy and let me finish changing you, eh?”

Daniel was so used to being referred to as a child from Emmy that he barely even noticed Martina saying it. He had his legs lifted into the air and pushed back over his head leaving him very exposed. As he was cleaned Daniel couldn’t help but be filled with questions. He was starting to feel very nervous about the situation.

“Will I be able to use the phone after this?” Daniel asked. He jumped as he felt a cold wipe move over his sensitive areas.

“We’ll see.” Martina replied.

“It’s just-” Daniel started.

“I know.” Martina was sounding a little exasperated now.

Daniel didn’t think he was asking a lot and was still looking away when Martina’s hand suddenly appeared in front of his face. He was surprised until he felt the latex bulb of his pacifier get popped into his mouth. He looked up to Martina with a mixture of shock and bewilderment.

“You have to keep quiet.” Martina said by way of an explanation, “You don’t want the other guests to hear you.”

It sort of made sense to Daniel especially whilst on the changing table like this. When a new diaper was slipped under his butt he sucked contentedly on the soother plugging his mouth. It was only as the front was lifted up and over his crotch that he suddenly thought to stop proceedings. His hands shot down to prevent the diaper from being taped up.

“Wait! Why are you putting another diaper on me!?” Daniel exclaimed.

“What else do you want me to do?” Martina replied, “I don’t have any men’s clothing here. The only stuff I have that will fit you is in this nursery. Not to mention the bathroom situation… All the bathrooms are attached to customer’s rooms. There isn’t one in here.”

“C-Couldn’t we ask another guest to borrow something?” Daniel asked desperately. His words were lisped around the pacifier.

“Don’t be silly.” Martina shook her head with a smile, “Come on, I know it’s not ideal but it’s our only choice.”

Daniel felt anxious about the whole thing but he couldn’t think of an alternative. He scowled as he moved his hands away and let Martina tape him into yet another horrible diaper. He had to keep reminding himself that he would soon be free of all this.

“Right, down you get.” Martina said when the diaper was taped tightly closed.

Daniel felt Martina’s hands under his armpits and he was soon in the air. His legs kicked out uselessly as he was lowered to the floor. His diaper crinkled loudly as he wobbled on his feet slightly. Martina turned away from the changing table and went over to the closet, she started moving hangars and looking through outfits until she finally pulled one out.

“I don’t understand…” Daniel gasped as he looked at the outfit.

Martina was holding a navy blue onesie with a sailing boat stitched on the tummy and a little white anchor over the heart. It even came with a little sailor’s cap. Daniel didn’t understand why he would wear such a ridiculously childish outfit. The feelings of unease grew to the point that he could feel the butterflies of anxiety in his stomach. He chewed on the pacifier for comfort without even thinking.

“Like I said, I don’t have anything for you.” Martina said with a shrug, “These are the only outfits I have that will fit you.”

Daniel let out a whine and backed up a few paces. He was getting a very bad feeling about this and even though it seemed impossible it started to feel like he had swapped one prison with another. Daniel forced himself to calm down insofar as that was possible and tried to look at the situation from a rational viewpoint. It was very likely true that Martina didn’t have any appropriate clothes for him.

“If you put this on I will go downstairs and call the authorities.” Martina said as she stepped forwards, “As soon as they arrive you can leave, I’m sure they’ll have more appropriate stuff to change into.”

“Why can’t I call them myself?” Daniel asked warily.

“The phone is downstairs.” Martina said, “And I think it’s best you stay in the nursery. You might… upset the other guests if they were to see you.”

Daniel frowned but knew Martina was right. He had no interest in being seen like this by any more people than necessary. So when Martina advanced with the onesie he compliantly raised his arms in the air and allowed the infantile outfit to be slipped over his body. Martina bent down to push the poppers together under his diaper and he felt the disposable getting pulled closer to his body.

“Excellent.” Martina said as she stepped back, “Now you just wait up here and kill some time. Help will be here before you know it.”

Daniel nodded his head and gave a nervous smile as he watched Martina walk past him and out the door. He heard the click of a lock as he was left alone and wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or not. At least no one would walk in on him unexpectedly.

Daniel looked around the room and wondered what he was going to do. He had no idea how long the authorities might take so he could be facing hours alone in the nursery and there were only childish toys and games available to play with. He waddled across the room and sat down on a rocking chair he saw in the corner. He sighed and looked around the room with anxiety gnawing away at him.

Daniel had expected to run away from Emmy and find salvation. He didn’t expect to still be wearing baby clothes and diapers, he didn’t expect he would still be doing such humiliating things as pooping his diapers. He folded his arms across his chest and let out a long sigh of frustration. At least it would be over soon, maybe one day he would be able to look back on all this and laugh. He wondered if he could sell the rights to his story and have it turned into a movie. He found himself daydreaming different scenarios about what might happen when he got home.

There were many disconcerting things about Daniel’s current predicament. The one that started playing on his mind the most was the lack of noise coming from anywhere else in the building. He had been told the place was fully booked and that was why he had to stay in the nursery and yet he hadn’t heard a single footstep outside of the door.

Daniel bit nails anxiously. As much as he didn’t want to admit it he kind of wished he still had a pacifier, the rhythmic sucking always seemed to calm him down a little bit. He likened it to have a shot of liquor for courage. As he chewed on the tip of one of his fingers he was struck with an idea. He looked around guiltily before sticking out his thumb and hesitantly placing it into his mouth.

With a sigh Daniel felt himself somewhat calmed though he had no idea why. He suspected it was something to do with the feeling being familiar from childhood. Regardless he decided it was an acceptable way to calm his nerves, it wasn’t like anyone could see him in the nursery after all. It also didn’t make sense to just sit there going out of his mind with boredom if no one could see him either. Daniel slipped off his chair and started looking around the room.

It was as Daniel was using his one free hand to look through a deep chest of toys that he finally heard some footsteps coming to the door. Daniel turned around and faced the entrance with his thumb still planted firmly in his mouth. He remembered it was there just as the door opened and he pulled it out with a wet plop and held it behind his back.

“I have good news.” Martina said as she stepped inside the room and closed the door behind her.

“Oh?” Daniel perked up.

“Yeah, rescue is coming.” Martina smiled, “They’ll be here in a few minutes.”

“Oh thank God.” Daniel sighed heavily.

“Will you need a fresh diaper before you go?” Martina asked innocently, “It might be a long trip…”

“I’m fine.” Daniel blushed as he looked down at the floor.

“Alright, just wait here.” Martina said with another smile.

“Well, actually, maybe I sho-” Daniel started but Martina was already closing the door behind her.

Daniel sighed. The last thing he wanted was to be seen by the police in a nursery although with how he was dressed maybe it didn’t really matter. He would’ve done anything to have a change of clothes, then again maybe they would see him dressed like this and would have no choice but to take what he said seriously. He had to hope so.

The next few minutes were an interminable wait for Daniel. He couldn’t help but think that at any moment Emmy was going to burst through the door and drag him back to her house. When he heard a distant knock on the front door he listened intently. There were loud voices and then footsteps coming up the stairs. Daniel stood in the middle of the room and nervously waited. When the door finally opened he held his breath.

“She’s downstairs.” Martina said as she looked into the room.

“W-Who is?” Daniel asked nervously.

“Your help.” Martina said as she held the door open and stepped aside, “It’s safe. There’s no one else here.”

“What about the guests?” Daniel frowned.

“They’re all out.” Martina answered, “Most people come here to visit places nearby. I barely see anyone except for morning and night.”

Daniel waddled forwards and out of the nursery into the hallway. He felt a palpable sense of unreality, the situation had left him grasping for anything that might be normal and he was coming up empty. He reached the top of the stairs and saw how large the steps were, it was just like at Emmy’s house.

“I can carry you if…” Martina started.

“Not necessary.” Daniel cut her off. He didn’t mean to be rude but he did not want to be carried around like a baby again.

Martina put her hands up and waited patiently. There was only one way Daniel was going to be able to negotiate the large stairs. He sat down on the top step and slowly slipped forwards until his feet hit the next step, he then lowered himself down until he was sitting again. He distinctly remembered going down the stairs like this as a child, it was embarrassing but what was one more humiliation if it meant getting away from this area for good.

It took Daniel a long time to get to the bottom of the stairs and by the time he stood up on the first floor he was out of breath and a little sweaty from the effort. He took a second and waited for Martina to come down, she pointed at the door to the little café area Daniel had been taken to the previous night when he had arrived.

Daniel hurried over and eagerly awaited Martina to open it. As soon as the door opened a crack Daniel pushed through into a room that was completely empty of other people. He looked around wondering where the help was.

“Hello?” Daniel called out, “Martina, I…”

The door behind Daniel closed with Martina still out in the hallway. Daniel immediately felt a sinking feeling as he turned around and banged on the wood of the door. He couldn’t reach the handle and Martina wasn’t answering his increasingly panicky calls for help.

“My, my… Haven’t we been a bad baby.” Emmy’s voice was perfectly calm.


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End Chapter 18

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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