Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 4

Chapter Description: Waking up, it doesn't take Daniel long to remember what happened the day before. He immediately wants to leave but Emmy has other plans. When he is left an embarrassing choice he tries to show that any special treatment is unneeded... Unfortunately it just gets him into even more trouble.

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Daniel slowly stirred back to consciousness. He felt sleep a difficult cover to throw off and his brain seemed determined to not to let him wake up. He slowly forced himself to roll over and had to shield his eyes from the light streaming in through the window. Everything felt so foggy, his mouth felt like it was full of cotton, and he was desperately thirsty.

As Daniel turned away from the window he saw the size of the bed he was in and he remembered where he was. His memory felt foggy, his brain was reluctantly awake but seemed to refuse to click into gear. He saw a baby bottle next to his pillows and he frowned, he was so thirsty he wasn’t going to turn down a drink no matter how it was delivered to him.

Daniel picked up the bottle and stuck the teat into his mouth. As he did so his memory suddenly clicked and he remembered laying across Emmy’s lap as she fed him the previous night. As he started drinking he felt his cheeks blaze with embarrassment. He was just so thirsty he didn’t care how he looked as long as he got some liquid into his system. He thirstily drank the bottle, sucking down the milk as fast as he could.

It didn’t take many swallows for Daniel to notice that the milk tasted a little strange. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what was wrong as he continued to slurp up the milk, a small amount trickled out the corner of his mouth.

Daniel pulled the bottle out of his mouth only when he had finished it. He dropped the plastic contained where he had found it and yawned. The strange aftertaste remained but now, as his brain belatedly woke up, he started remembering more of the day before. Like a movie playing in his head he recalled the feeding, he recalled being carried upstairs and then taken to the bedroom. He remembered being undressed and then…

Daniel sat up and stared directly ahead through eyes that were threatening to pop out of his head. Everything that had happened the previous day annoyed him but having Emmy jerk him off at the end of it was the final straw. He remembered consenting to it, he remembered Emmy telling him to tell her if he didn’t want it. He was as angry at himself as he was at Emmy, this was a ridiculous situation to be in. He should never have agreed to stay after the first time he wanted to leave.

As if sensing Daniel was now awake Emmy opened the bedroom door. She didn’t bother to knock and was smiling widely as she came in. The white robe she was wearing left the view of bare skin going down her chest almost showing the large breasts that sat on her large frame.

“You have to knock!” Daniel said angrily.

“This is my house.” Emmy chuckled as if the idea of Daniel having privacy was humorous.

“You were out of line yesterday!” Daniel continued crossly. He wanted to stand up to Emmy but he was unable to leave his bed since he was naked under his covers.

“Out of line?” Emmy replied innocently.

“Feeding me, carrying me, undressing me… everything else.” Daniel was trying to keep his angry tone but as he thought about the orgasm he was given last night he found his voice faltering, “I’m not some baby for you to order around!”

“I didn’t hear you complaining about any of it.” Emmy replied. Just like the previous day when Daniel had tried to open the front door Emmy’s face showed a mixture of hurt and betrayal. Daniel cursed his softness but he found himself instinctively feeling sorry for his younger cousin.

“Maybe I should go.” Daniel sighed, “Maybe this was all a mistake…”

“No, don’t be silly.” Emmy smiled again as she opened the drawers, “All friends have falling outs. No need for us to stop having fun.”

Daniel privately wondered when the fun was so supposed to begin. He rubbed his eyes and started shifting himself towards the edge of the huge bed. He looked up at Emmy who was now going through his underwear. He reached out his hand and was going to say something but stopped himself, he knew it wouldn’t make any difference. Emmy seemed to find what she was looking for as she tossed clothes on to the bed. The underwear was first but the rest of the outfit followed shortly afterwards. There seemed no reason to make a big deal out of it.

“I’ll wait for you downstairs.” Emmy said when she had finished selecting clothes for Daniel.

“I kind of… Well, I need the bathroom.” Daniel said.

“No problem, I’ll get you your potty.” Emmy replied sunnily.

Daniel cringed. It wasn’t his potty! Anyone who wasn’t Emmy’s size would surely struggle to use the toilet in a house where everything was so big. This time felt even worse than the first one as he needed to do more than pee. He prayed he would get some privacy this time.

Emmy returned with the training potty a minute later and set it in the middle of the floor. She nodded and smiled before leaving again. Daniel listened as she made her way downstairs. He only slid out and dropped to the floor when he heard Emmy walking around downstairs. He looked at the potty and felt anxious. It was weird enough to use it yesterday but when he needed to go number two… he just wasn’t sure he could do it.

Daniel shook his head and walked to the exit of his room. He felt strange to be going out into the rest of the house naked but he wasn’t going far. He could see a door at the end of the landing half-open, it was clearly the bathroom. Daniel crept down the hallway and into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him but couldn’t reach up to engage the lock. That was fine, his target was behind him.

The toilet was very big. The top of the bowl with the seat down was around nipple height on Daniel, the bowl itself had a massive circumference. Daniel took a deep breath. He put his hands on the seat and tried to lift himself up. It wasn’t easy but Daniel managed to clamber up and on to the edge of the seat. He panted slightly as he turned around.

To say Daniel’s position was precarious was an understatement. He was perched on the edge of the toilet seat but to get himself over the bowl properly he had to push his way backwards. He felt ridiculous though he justified himself by thinking about how much more ridiculous it would be to use the potty again.

Daniel managed to get over the bowl and although his position was awkward he was able to do his business. He sighed with a mixture of relief and victory. Once he was finished he cleaned up with some toilet paper that was mercifully nearby and looked around for the flush. He reached up behind him and had to strain to reach the handle. Once he had managed to get his fingers to the metal he had to give it some pressure to push it down. Try as he might he couldn’t quite get the leverage needed.

“Come on…” Daniel muttered as he leaned back just a little further to try and give himself a better angle.

Thinking he needed to give the handle one firm yank and be done with it Daniel put all his effort into pulling the handle. As he pulled down he heard the flush come to life but he was dangerously unbalanced. He tried to reach out and grab something but he toppled backwards, backside first, into the bowl. His arms and legs were left sticking up and out of the toilet leaving him helpless and trapped.

“Help!” Daniel yelped.

The situation was incredibly embarrassing but Daniel just couldn’t free himself. He could feel his butt getting wet and tried not to think about the sorts of things that happened in the toilet for fear of making himself nauseous. He wriggled desperately, he could grab the edge of the seat but there was just no way to pull himself up.

“I… I need some help!” Daniel shouted louder this time.

The embarrassment of being found like this gave way to fear as Daniel imagined a scenario where Emmy couldn’t hear him. How long might he be trapped in this very uncomfortable position laying back against the porcelain and losing the blood flow to his extremities. When he heard hurried footsteps on the stairs he felt a wave of relief before the embarrassment returned. Daniel heard Emmy check the bedroom before coming back on to the landing and pushing the door open.

“What on Earth…” Emmy frowned and put her hands on her hips.

“Can we save explanations for after you get me out?” Daniel offered as he felt his face burn.

Emmy walked forwards and wrapped her large hands around Daniel’s wrists. With little effort she pulled Daniel out of the toilet and stood him in front of her. Daniel quickly grabbed a towel for his wet butt.

“This is why you have a potty.” Emmy said with a shake of the head.

Daniel hung his head and looked at the floor. He felt intensely embarrassed. He had tried to save himself from some humiliation but had only served to create another problem. He wished the tall woman would look away, Daniel could feel her gaze burning a hole through him.

“Go and get dressed.” Emmy finally said with a sigh of exasperation.

Daniel didn’t need a second offer to leave the scene of his crime. He covered himself up despite knowing Emmy had seen him naked and practically ran back into his bedroom. The bright red potty sat in the middle of the floor, empty and acting like an obelisk of his mistake. He walked past it and started pulling on the clothes Emmy had selected for him. When he started to leave he found Emmy stood in the doorway.

“Come on.” Emmy said as she reached down and picked Daniel up.

Daniel was sat on Emmy’s hip and carried down the stairs. He felt embarrassed but after remembering his struggle with the stairs before he supposed this was the safest way to do things. He didn’t know what to say after being found stuck in the toilet like he had been. What are you supposed to say to someone after they find you like that?

Breakfast was sat on the table. Toast that had already been buttered and, worryingly, another baby bottle full of milk. Daniel noticed both plates were sat in front of the same chair and was unsurprised when Emmy sat down with Daniel on her lap. At the very least he was allowed to reach out and grab his own toast, a small victory amongst the embarrassments.

As soon as the toast was finished Emmy picked up the bottle. Daniel waved his hands in front of his face to try and tell the tall woman he didn’t want to be fed but the bottle was pushed towards him anyway.

“Stop being so fussy.” Emmy chided.

“I’m not-” Daniel started but the latex teat was pushed past his lips. He reached out his hands to grab Emmy’s wrists but she was too strong for him.

As Daniel tried to resist the urge to suck on the artificial nipple filling his mouth he glared at Emmy. This was too much and Daniel didn’t see any way to justify what his younger cousin was doing. He tried to squirm but only ended up more horizontal, the milk started to drip into his mouth whether he wanted to drink it or not. As he swallowed the sweet liquid he accidentally pressed his tongue to the teat causing more to spurt out. Before he knew what he was doing he was having to reflexively swallow as his mouth continued to fill.

Daniel’s belly felt incredibly full. He remembered the previous evening and the huge meal he had consumed, this time it seemed to be nearly all liquid. When the bottle was finished Emmy pulled it away. As she focused on placing the bottle back on the table Daniel saw an opportunity, he was finally able to pull free and he dropped to the floor.

“That is enough!” Daniel exclaimed crossly, “No more!”

“Whatever do you mean?” Emmy asked politely.

“All of this.” Daniel held his hands up, “This isn’t how you treat a friend!”

“Don’t be silly.” Emmy rolled her eyes as if Daniel was being unreasonable, “Why don’t we go thro-”

“No!” Daniel angrily started storming towards the front door.

“Where are you going?” Emmy asked. She sounded exasperated rather than concerned.

Daniel reached the front door and was once again met by a handle he couldn’t reach. He looked around and saw a trash can nearby. It was still much larger than Daniel was used to but he tipped it upside down and spilled the contents everywhere. He pushed the upturned can to the door and scrambled to climb on top of it.

Success! Daniel could now reach the handle and he pulled it down. The door didn’t budge. Daniel yanked on the door a couple more times but still it didn’t move. His hands dropped to his side and he looked around at the door to try and work out why it wouldn’t open. At the top of the door, right up near the ceiling, there was a bolt that Daniel had no hope of ever reaching.

“You can never be too careful.” Emmy said from the other end of the hallway, “You never know who might be trying to get in.”

Daniel hung his head. He climbed down from the trash can and tried to convince himself he was overreacting. That what was happening wasn’t outlandish. He tried not to think about how he was effectively trapped in the house with his cousin. Emmy was smiling as she started walking down the hallway, it was very disconcerting.

“Are you ready to come watch some television?” Emmy asked. Her voice seemed to betray no negative emotion. It was as if she hadn’t just watched her guest trying desperately to leave.

Daniel, wondering exactly who his cousin was, looked down at the ground. Things had changed, in that moment he felt like a prisoner and with everything that had happened he had no idea what else to expect. He didn’t know if Emmy was dangerous. He didn’t even know if he wasn’t just overreacting. Could it not just be that Emmy was a little strange and lonely? Could it be that she was just very happy to have a guest?

“I know you want to be good.” Emmy said as she walked down the hallway and stood in front of Daniel, “But I can’t have you shouting at me like you’ve been doing this morning.”

Daniel looked up as Emmy rummaged through her pocket. Daniel kept looking down the hallway as Emmy walked around and behind him, he assumed she was checking the lock or cleaning up the mess from the trash. He was therefore caught by surprise when he saw something quickly descend past his vision.

“Mmmm!” Daniel exclaimed as he felt something enter his mouth. Whatever it was had a strap that was now pulled against his cheeks and buckled behind his head.

As Daniel spluttered and gasped his teeth bit down on to a strange rubber-like appendage coming from whatever had been pressed over his mouth. His hands went up to the plastic shield pressing against his lips but found the strap was attached tightly enough as to prevent him from being able to remove it.

“Let me out!” Was what Daniel tried desperately to say but it was muffled and distorted. His tongue flicked against the latex in his mouth preventing him from properly enunciating.

“You need to learn that shouting is wrong.” Emmy said as she slapped Daniel’s hands away from the buckle on the back of his head, “The sooner you calm down the sooner I will let you take your pacifier out.”

The word “pacifier” made Daniel freeze. Suddenly everything made more sense, everything he could feel in his mouth, Emmy had essentially gagged him on a soother. With his hands slapped away from the buckle on the back of his head Daniel crossly stared up at Emmy. She smiled but didn’t take her eyes away from her guest.

“Come on.” Emmy said as she patted Daniel on the back and pointed towards the living room, “We’ve got more catching up to do.”


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End Chapter 4

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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