Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 10

Chapter Description: Taken up to the nursery Daniel gets a little excited during his change. Not to worry, Emmy has just the cure for that...

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Daniel was still reeling from finding he was now locked into his diaper when he was lifted off the floor into Emmy’s arms. He felt one of her long arms wrap around his back and the other went to his butt. As he was forced to lean forwards on to Emmy’s chest he wondered if he should tell Emmy that the thought of taking his diaper off hadn’t crossed his mind. He doubted it would win him any brownie points.

“You’ve been napping so long it’s practically dinner time.” Emmy said as she effortlessly carried Daniel down the stairs.

Had it really been that long? Daniel looked out a window as they passed and the sky was definitely darkening with reds and purples replacing the blue. He had lost track of time in the crib for sure but he hadn’t realised that much time had been lost. It made him feel nervous, it started to feel like he wasn’t connected to the world outside any more. It was as if this house and all the craziness within it was a separate reality inhabited by just himself and Emmy.

After having his belly filled so many times he didn’t feel at all hungry but he knew that once Emmy had decided something she wouldn’t be dissuaded. Instead of the dining room though he was taken into the living room. Being held against Emmy’s chest and looking over her shoulder meant he couldn’t see the room until he was set down on the ground. He turned around with the unfamiliar bulk between his legs and then gasped. He backed up until he hit Emmy who hadn’t moved.

“This should keep you out of trouble.” Emmy said.

Daniel was stunned into motionless silence as Emmy reached over the top of him and opened the gate to a large playpen. She must have set it up whilst he was trapped in the crib, the metal bars were painted red and were tall enough to prevent any possible escape for him. He didn’t think anything should surprise him but he was very wrong.

“In you go.” Emmy said cheerily as she gave Daniel a little nudge in the back, “Remember to crawl. We don’t want you hurting yourself.”

Instead of dropping on to all fours like Emmy wished Daniel backed up against her. He shook his head and before he knew what he was doing he was turning around and waddling towards the doorway. He felt his legs forced wide by the bulky diaper and plastic pants but he hurried as quickly as he could. He knew the front door was out of reach so he had to look elsewhere for escape. His rational mind had disappeared to be replaced by panic.

Daniel ran out towards the dining room. He tripped over himself as he still struggled with the diaper and fell to the ground in a heap. There was a door to the backyard in front of him and he scurried forwards on all fours which, thanks to the diaper, was actually quicker than his infantile waddling. He reached the door and stood up to find the door handle predictably out of reach.

With grunts of frustration Daniel jumped as much as he could but could do little more than tickle the underside of the metal handle. He knew his attempt to get out of the house was doomed when Emmy came walking up behind him. He slumped down until he was sitting on the floor, the new padding around his butt becoming an unwelcome pillow.

Emmy didn’t say a word as she leaned down and scooped Daniel up again. In some ways it felt even worse than if she had chastised him. He was carried back through to the living room and this time placed in the large playpen. He watched forlornly as Emmy closed the gate behind her and then left the room without a word.

The playpen was incredibly bare. There was nothing in there except a blanket, a pillow and his stuffed toy, Arthur. He was just getting used to the surroundings when Emmy came back into the living room and she was holding something very large in her hands. It looked like a thick towel of some kind that had been folded over many times.

“Something for you to wear.” Emmy said as she opened the gate and stepped inside, “Stand up and put your arms above your head.”

Daniel was trapped in a literal cage and the only exit was guarded by Emmy. With an embarrassed sigh he lifted his hands in preparation for being dressed by his younger cousin. He closed his eyes as Emmy stepped forwards and then felt the soft cloth of whatever she was carrying come down over his head.

Daniel was lost in the soft baby blue fabric until it was pulled all the way down over his head. He then saw Emmy crouch down in front of him, she pulled part of the cloth around to the front but as she did so an unexpected mass filled the space between Daniel’s legs. It was clipped together before Emmy took a step back.

“What the hell?” Daniel muttered. He tried to take a step but it was almost impossible and he found himself down on his hands and knees again. He looked up at Emmy for an explanation.

“Isn’t it great?” Emmy said with a big smile, “It’s called a waddler. I noticed you were having trouble remembering to crawl so this will help you.”

Daniel twisted around so he was sat on his diaper and looked down. With a start he realised what he was wearing looked just like a baby’s onesie. The worst part was undoubtedly the section between his legs, it wasn’t just the same elastic material but actually felt like a pillow. With the diaper underneath it he had to keep his legs very far apart.

“I’ll prepare dinner.” Emmy said. She continued after a short pause, “Be good.”

Daniel waited for Emmy to leave the room before he did anything. He waited for a minute until he could hear the sounds of cooking and then prodded the huge bulky mass between his legs. The padding had some give in it but it was also very stiff. He tried to climb to his feet but the onesie made it almost impossible. With a red face he crawled to the edge of the playpen and used the bars to pull himself upright. He wobbled as he let go and when he tried to take a single step he found himself back on his butt.

Now sat in the playpen Daniel had a second to think about everything that had happened. He felt panic running through his system like cold water as he thought about his situation. Now sat on the floor in clothing that made him unable to walk, with a diaper that was locked on to him and surrounded by a playpen he didn’t know what could possibly be worse. He pulled Arthur to him and held him close to his chest.

“At least I’m not restrained anymore...” Daniel muttered to himself bitterly.


“Still dry?” Emmy sounded somewhat surprised.

“Of course…” Daniel replied in annoyance, “Look, can we just stop this stu-”

“Ah, ah, ah.” Emmy chided Daniel, “You know better than that. Come on, it’s dinner time.”

Daniel watched as Emmy opened the gate of the playpen. He flopped on to his front and tried to bring his legs together, the waddler made it impossible, he was just about able to bring his knees close enough to lift him off the floor. Emmy smiled down at him and nodded towards the door.

Daniel wanted to shout and swear. He wanted to refuse but he knew he couldn’t. Emmy held all the cards and all Daniel could do was play the game and hope for some kind of opening to escape or get help. He lifted his body on to his hands and knees and started crawling. His face flushed with heat as he childishly crawled towards the dining room. Emmy stood aside as Daniel went past, the size difference between them had never felt so pronounced.

Once in the dining room Daniel was unsurprised to see only one chair at the table. It looked like Emmy was giving up even the pretence that Daniel might feed himself. Emmy stepped over Daniel and sat on the only seat, she reached down and Daniel was soon lifted up and sat in her lap. He felt more embarrassed than ever. He heard the diaper taped around his waist crinkle as his body sunk slightly into the padding. Emmy bounced him a couple of times and chuckled.

The food was already on the table. Daniel saw a plate with a delicious looking lasagne and felt his mouth watering but it didn’t take him long to realise his dinner was actually in the bowl next to the plate. It was the first time his meal was different from Emmy’s and he assumed that was not a good sign for him.

“Ugh…” Daniel couldn’t hide his disgust when Emmy lifted up a spoon loaded with a thick viscous mush.

“I’m sure it tastes better than it looks.” Emmy smiled as she blew on the spoon to cool the steaming food.

“Why can’t I eat the same as you?” Daniel asked sulkily before scrunching up his face in disgust.

“Just be a good boy for Aunty Emmy.” Emmy replied as the spoon came towards Daniel’s mouth.

Daniel closed his mouth tightly. It didn’t smell very nice and he was sure it would taste just as bad. He knew he was defying Emmy by refusing to eat but he still couldn’t bring himself to voluntarily open his mouth and allow the food to come into contact with his taste buds. He closed his eyes as Emmy scowled down at him.

Daniel felt Emmy’s arms moving and wondered if he was winning this battle of wills until he felt two fingers pinching his nose. Suddenly unable to breathe Daniel flailed until he was eventually forced to open his mouth to get some air. He was barely able to gasp and get some air before he felt the warm spoon pushing into his mouth. The utensil was upturned and the sloppy, lumpy food was poured over Daniel’s tongue.

Daniel’s eyes opened wide as the foul tasting food seemed to cover every inch of his mouth. He swallowed it down just to try and get rid of the awful taste. He saw a bottle of milk on the table and, like a baby, reached out for it even though it was well out of reach. He could feel the slimy food go down his oesophagus. He made a disgusted face even as Emmy started to gather another spoonful of baby food.

“It’s not that bad.” Emmy said as if Daniel was making a fuss over nothing.

“Please…” Daniel coughed out as he reached for the bottle. He didn’t even care that it was for babies at this point, he just needed something to wash the taste away.

“You can have your bottle after you finish your dinner.” Emmy said as she brought the spoon forwards.

Daniel whimpered. He didn’t feel like he had a choice. He had to get rid of this horrid taste and the only way was the bottle of milk that waited just out of his grasp. With trembling lips he opened his mouth and soon felt the spoon pressing against his tongue. He swallowed as quickly as possible but it wasn’t enough to prevent another wave of revulsion washing over him.

“What a good boy.” Emmy said as she dipped the food in the bowl again.

Daniel was red in the face and knew this wasn’t going to end any time soon. He looked to the side to look at the bowl and moaned in resignation. Just like everything else the bowl was huge, there would be no respite from this meal any time soon. The third, fourth and fifth swallows were no easier than the first two. It felt like this bland but unappealing mush was all Daniel would be able to taste forever.

Daniel was soon filling up but had to keep opening his mouth robotically. Soon the taste didn’t bother Daniel quite so much. With his taste buds covered in the food it became less foul as it went down into his rapidly filling belly. He hadn’t been that hungry when he started but Emmy didn’t seem to care, it seemed that as far as she was concerned he was going to eat all of his dinner no matter what.

Daniel’s hands rested on his belly and he felt almost like a balloon with every mouthful of food pumping him up even further. He already knew that Emmy wasn’t going to be happy until he had finished the whole bowl. He could feel his tummy pre-emptively gurgling and growling in protest.

One of the worst parts of this feeding was not knowing how much food was left in the bowl. Daniel slumped down a little more with each mouthful and he couldn’t see how much there was left. All he knew was that there was more coming as the spoon approached his mouth and tipped the mushy food in. He was practically horizontal after what he estimated was half the bowl with Emmy’s arm behind him holding his head up.

After another of the countless mouthfuls of mushy food Daniel felt a sudden pressure on his bladder. His eyes went wide as he tried to work out why the need to go came on so suddenly. As he heard his bloated stomach groan he wondered if it was so full it was putting pressure on everything around it. He could picture his poor little bladder struggling to hold off the stomach which was full to bursting.

As Daniel concentrated his thoughts inwards towards his bladder he robotically opened and closed his mouth every time the spoon was brought near him. He kept eating despite being well past full. With the meal still going Daniel eventually felt a small slip of his control and a small amount of pee squirted out. With the spoon in the bowl he had to take his chance.

“Emmy, could I please you the potty?” Daniel asked through his embarrassment. He never thought he would be asking, practically begging, to use a little training potty.

“Don’t be silly.” Emmy replied with a small chuckle as she took a bite from her own meal, “Why do you think you are wearing that diaper?”

“I know but…” Daniel started. He couldn’t stop himself from sounding like a whiny toddler. As he spoke his hands went down to his crotch and he crossed his legs.

“Enough.” Emmy said with a finality that scared Daniel, “Be a good boy for Aunty Emmy or you’ll get put back in your crib after dinner.”

Daniel was still desperately trying to find the combination of words that would get through to Emmy when she started feeding him again. Daniel squirmed as much as he could but it wasn’t helping and more food was being shovelled into his mouth making his body even more desperate to relieve the pressure.

Daniel held on for as long as he could but there was no winning this battle. The scraping of the bowl gave him some hope but as soon as the last of the food had been swallowed into his bulging stomach Emmy picked up the bottle.

“Wai-” Daniel started.

Daniel was cut-off by the latex nipple that pushed between his lips. As he started sucking down the liquid he felt his bladder finally slip beyond his control. He shuddered as he felt urine trickling down his penis, it burst out into the diaper causing him to gasp around the bottle he was sucking from. Once the dam was cracked there was no way to repair the damage.

Daniel fought until the very end but there was never a way for him to win. He groaned as he was forced to swallow the milk and whilst that liquid poured into him another, much warmer, liquid poured out. The diapered man closed his eyes in resignation.

Urine seemed to spray out of Daniel like a hose that had just been untangled. All the holding on Daniel had been doing resulted in a huge build-up of pressure and when he released it the urine pushed out of him with force. The piss splashed off the inside of his disposable and washed against him, the heat spreading out over Daniel’s crotch and padding. He had the irrational fear that his pee would go everywhere because he was so unused to the diaper taped between his legs.

As Daniel realised the diaper was holding he relaxed a little bit. The hot urine was now hitting the padding and soaking in all over the disposable. Daniel could feel the warmth pressing against his skin, it felt like he had absolutely soaked his underwear by the time the stream came to an end. Daniel had been feeding from the bottle mindlessly whilst his concentration was focused on his diaper. He blushed as he heard air coming through the bottle.

“What a hungry baby.” Emmy said as she pulled the teat out of Daniel’s mouth and placed it on the table.


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End Chapter 10

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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