Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 20

Chapter Description: Daniel is being kept under tighter surveillance than an inmate in prison. After a few days he feels like he's about to crack when Emmy tells him it's time sfor a special trip outside...

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A multi-coloured baby walker sat ready and waiting for Daniel. It had a white plastic ring which surrounded a piece of fabric that acted as the seat. Around the ring were all sorts of babyish activities and learning opportunities. Daniel could see pictures of animals with buttons next to them whilst another section had the alphabet. The bottom of the walker had wheels so that Daniel would be able to wander around in it. It was into this contraption that Daniel was lowered. His diaper-clad bottom resting in the seat which easily supported his weight.

“How lucky are you?” Emmy said with a big smile on her face, “I bet all the other babies will be super jealous when they see what fun you’re having.”

Daniel was cringing as he looked around him. His face was almost as red as the leg sections of his new furniture. His feet just about reached the floor and has he pushed with them he felt the whole contraption roll forwards a little.

“Mustn’t forget these.” Emmy said.

Daniel barely had time to turn himself around and see Emmy before his hands were grabbed in her much larger ones. He felt cloth being pulled over them and then tightened at the wrist but thanks to his cousin’s large arms he couldn’t really see what was happening. He felt his fingers getting forced into a fist shape before the cord at the wrist was pulled tight and put in a knot. When Emmy stepped back Daniel raised his hands and whined.

“It’s for your own good.” Emmy said.

Daniel tried to open his fist but his fingers were completely stuck. For all intents and purposes he didn’t have hands any more, they were more like clubs, he certainly wouldn’t be able to manipulate anything with his fingers. Looking down in front of him he realised the only thing they would be good for was pressing the buttons on the walker in front of him.

When Emmy held out a pacifier Daniel automatically opened his mouth and accepted it. It was only as Emmy stepped back again that he realised how easily he had accepted the soother, like it was a normal thing for an adult to be using. He sucked a couple of times as shame filled his body. He hated how useless he was like this.

“There we go.” Emmy said with a sigh, “Now I won’t need to worry about any little adventures.”

Daniel hated to admit it but his cousin was right. There was no way he could escape like this. He couldn’t use his hands, he was stuck in the walker and even if he wasn’t the onesie made it so that he could only crawl.

Emmy dropped on to the couch and turned on the television. Daniel felt like she was watching him even though every time he looked her way she was staring at the television. He was beyond embarrassed, it was certainly a new low.

Daniel was quick to get bored. He had no interest in the terrible soap that Emmy was watching so he was reduced to the walker he was trapped in. He took a couple of tentative steps and found the walker moved easily with him. The middle part that he was sat in turned independently of the outside so he was able to reach all of the buttons and switches available to him.

It was hard for Daniel to keep track of the time but it must’ve been an hour before he was reduced to playing with the toy. He tentatively reached out one of his hands and pressed the button next to a picture of a sheep.

“Baaaa!” The speaker on the toy let out, “The sheep says baaaaaa!”


Hours passed and Daniel had to endure the walker for a long time. It didn’t take too long for all the milk in his system to have a predictable effect and with Emmy watching television and him sitting dumbly in his seat he flooded his diaper.

Daniel had been doing it best not to show what was happening as he froze up and stared into the middle distance. The heat of his fresh accident seemed to flush out of him and then creep around the front and back of his underwear. He saw Emmy look over to him and a wide smile broke out on her face.

“Is my little Daniel going pee-pee?” Emmy asked in that annoying sing-song voice saved for babies and pets.

Daniel obviously wanted to deny what was happening but it wasn’t easy when he could still feel himself wetting. His face turned red as he rapidly shifted his feet to turn himself away from Emmy. He shivered as he finally finished wetting himself and sucked on the pacifier in his mouth for comfort.

Daniel was left in the walker until dinner time when he was picked back up and taken to the dining room table. He was placed in his highchair and strapped in before being given a very large bowl of warm mushy food. He wasn’t allowed to feed himself and had to rely on Emmy spoon feeding him. The mush wasn’t as tasteless as he feared but that did little to lessen the humiliation of being fed in such a way. He was fed well past the point of being full and by the time the bowl was scraped clean he felt the worryingly familiar feeling of being full to bursting.

Even when Daniel felt like he was about to explode the feeding wasn’t finished. Whilst the food had been completed Emmy was determined that Daniel should have to stay hydrated, therefore she gave him a giant baby bottle full of juice.

Daniel’s diaper was absolutely soaked and when he was finally let out of the highchair his diaper sagged dramatically. He could feel the tapes struggling to hold on to the weight of the padding. He wasn’t upright for long though, the bulk between his legs forced him down to his hands and knees.

“Come on.” Emmy said as she walked slowly ahead of Daniel.

Daniel groaned with his belly hanging low as he slowly crawled forwards like a baby. He felt beyond humiliated and looked longingly at the front door as he entered the hallway, he only saw it for a few moments though as he was directed back into the living room. Emmy lifted him and deposited him into the walker. Daniel pressed low into his diaper and he could feel it squeezing below him like a sponge.

“You just wait here.” Emmy said happily, “Play with your toys whilst your big sister goes and adjusts your living arrangements a little.”

“Wait!” Daniel exclaimed desperately as Emmy turned away. He couldn’t believe he was about to ask this, “C-Could you… Could you change my diaper?”

“In a little bit.” Emmy smiled.

Daniel groaned again as Emmy walked across the room to him and reached into his pocket. He saw his pacifier and automatically opened his mouth to allow it inside. Emmy ruffled his hair before turning and finally leaving the room for good.

Alone in the living room Daniel looked around hopefully. Maybe there was something he had missed when trying to escape before. He scooted his restraints forwards and closer to the windows, he looked up but could see they were all closed and firmly locked. Daniel scooted the other way and looked desperately for some other way to reach the outside world no matter how unlikely it might seem.

Wheeling himself over to the exit of the living room Daniel tried to move out into the hallway. He pushed with his feet with every movement forcing his diaper to rub against the seat he was stuck in. He pushed towards the hallway only to find himself suddenly jerking to a stop. The walker was too big. He pushed again and again but there was no way the walker was getting through.

Daniel sank lower in the seat. He was trapped in layers of prisons. The diaper locked up his crotch, the onesie prevented him walking, he was stuck in the seat of the walker and the walker was stuck in the living room. He felt like he was in lockdown in a maximum security prison.

From upstairs Daniel could hear banging and the sounds of something being dragged. He didn’t even want to imagine what was happening because he was certain it would be bad news for him. He wheeled himself back into the middle of the room and did the only thing he could: wait.

An hour must’ve passed and Daniel was both extremely bored and extremely uncomfortable. His diaper was in a bad way. It was soaked and had cooled so much that it was starting to feel itchy. Daniel knew one sure-fire way to warm it up and his bladder was telling him it was desperate to empty after the large dinner he had been fed. He was concerned by how full his padding was but there was nothing he could do.

Daniel froze up and started wetting. The warmth of the fresh urine washed over the diaper and against his skin, he hated to admit how nice it felt to warm his diaper up again. He was still dribbling into the diaper when he suddenly felt a drop of urine running down his leg. He didn’t immediately react but when his brain clicked that it had to be his pee his eyes opened wide and he gasped.

“No, no, no…” Daniel groaned to himself.

Daniel looked down but he couldn’t see his own legs thanks to the walker. He didn’t have to be able to see what was happening to know his diaper was leaking down his legs. He felt completely and utterly pathetic. In frustration Daniel banged on the plastic that surrounded him, all he was able to do was cause a cacophony of noise as he pressed the buttons. The actual structure around him was incredibly sturdy.

“What is going on down there?” Emmy’s voice echoed down from the top of the stairs.

Daniel instantly stopped banging around but it was too late. After a second of silence he heard his cousin’s heavy footfalls as she made her way down. He cringed as he looked around like there was any hope of hiding what he had done. Even then the puddle around his feet was getting larger.

Daniel looked down at the walker and faced the door as Emmy rounded the corner and looked into the room. She remained silent for a moment before walking across to the leaking man and going down to one knee. As she looked at the urine dripping off his diaper and down his legs she clucked her tongue.

“I suppose this is my fault.” Emmy sighed, “I shouldn’t trust a baby to tell me when they need a diaper change. No worries, I’ve finished upstairs. I’ll give you a bath and put you down for the night.”

Daniel was lifted out of the walker. As usual his legs kicked out helplessly as he hung in the air, it was so strange to be carried at arm’s length with Emmy’s hands holding him under the armpits, her strength surprised Daniel even considering the size difference.

Emmy carried Daniel all the way up the stairs in that fashion. Daniel could feel his diaper hanging so low that there was a gap between the leg guards and his skin, the cool air of the house invaded the warm confines of his diaper and made him shiver. He was still dripping as he was taken down the landing to the bathroom.

Daniel was finally put down upon entering the bathroom. He didn’t try to stand, he knew that was against the rules and it had been in this room that the rule was first made. He dropped to his hands and knees and then pushed himself back so he was sat on the squishy diaper. It was like sitting on a sponge and it seemed he was squeezing more urine out of the saturated padding. He took a perverse delight in it, he knew he was creating work for Emily so as she started running the water he rocked side to side and forwards and backwards to try and squeeze as much on to the floor as he could.

“Having fun?” Emmy asked with a large smile.

It was only as Emmy brought attention to what he was doing that Daniel saw what he must look like. Sitting on the bathroom floor with a pacifier in his mouth and rolling around in his diaper, he looked like a baby entertaining himself whilst his mommy’s back was turned. He stopped and blushed as he looked down at the floor between his legs feeling very silly indeed.

Emmy turned off the water and faced Daniel again. She took both his hands to help him stand up. She undressed his clothes which were significantly soggy at this point and then un-taped the diaper. The disposable fell to the tiled floor with a splat. When Daniel looked down at it he could only be amazed that he had peed that much.

“In you go.” Emmy said as she picked up Daniel and then lowered him slowly into the hot water.

The water was very shallow. It was like a proper baby’s bath and Emmy immediately leaned over the side of the tub and held Daniel’s head as if there was a risk he might slip under the water otherwise. It was embarrassing but he wasn’t allowed to do anything himself, Emmy took the washcloth and started dabbing it on Daniel’s skin. He didn’t even try to complain and the pacifier still sat in his mouth, it was quickly becoming an ever-present accessory.

“My leaky little baby.” Emmy said as she soaped Daniel up.

Daniel wanted to complain but he already knew the pointlessness of doing so. It wasn’t like saying anything would result in Emmy suddenly realising how crazy this all was and letting him go. He did the only thing he could do, let it happen and close his eyes as he was cleaned. He couldn’t help but wonder how he had ended up in such a mess.

Daniel’s reverie was broken when he felt Emmy’s soapy hand suddenly rest on his penis. He opened his eyes and looked at his cousin just as she started rubbing up and down. His body was by now well-accustomed to Emmy’s wandering hands and it quickly responded. Daniel sucked on his pacifier in embarrassment as he felt his tool soon twitching to life.

“Got to make sure baby is clean all over.” Emmy said as if she wasn’t noticing anything unusual.

Daniel was soon panting through his nose a bit. He could feel his exhales moving around the plastic of the soother as Emmy’s hands moved up and down. He twisted and turned as a moan of pleasure, muffled only slightly by the pacifier, escaped him. Emmy’s hands picked up the pace whilst the heavily diluted soap provided great lubrication. It wasn’t long until Daniel was bucking his hips and gasping.

Daniel’s mouth opened and the pacifier tumbled down his chest as his dick exploded. He felt Emmy hold his penis still as an orgasm erupted out of him, Daniel was looking up at the ceiling and so didn’t see where she was aiming his thick and ropey ejaculation.

“Oops, looks like a little got on your pacifier.” Emmy said.

Daniel felt Emmy let go of his dick and pick up the pacifier. He felt it get brushed across his tummy right where he felt the warmth of his cum resting. The pacifier was then pushed back into his mouth. Daniel could taste the salty liquid and his first urge was to spit it out but Emmy made sure he couldn’t.

“Be a good baby.” Emmy chided Daniel gently, “Let your big sister finish cleaning you up.”

As the man milk was cleaned up Daniel sucked his pacifier. He could taste himself on the soother, the saltiness seemed to invade his whole mouth. It was a constant reminder of what had just happened. Fortunately it didn’t take Emmy long to finish up and pull the plug to drain the water. Daniel allowed himself to get lifted into Emmy’s hands, a towel was wrapped around him pinning his arms and legs together. He was swaddled like an infant.

“Let’s get you a nice fresh diaper and then put you down for bed.” Emmy said as she rubbed Daniel down to dry him, “I know you were probably scared when you were out in the big world but I promise I won’t let it happen again.”

Daniel supposed Emmy thought she was being nice and protective rather than evil and sinister. He was still tasting himself as he was carried into his room. The swaddling was so thorough around his upper half that he could see nothing but the ceiling as he was placed on the padded table. His lower half was uncovered leaving him completely exposed.

As Emmy bent over and pulled out a fresh diaper Daniel wriggled but the towel was not coming free. Emmy was truly living up to her word in terms of making sure he was well protected. It didn’t seem like he was going to be given any freedom to move around on his own anymore. The diaper was slipped under his slightly damp skin.

Daniel was so used to diaper changes at this point that he barely paid any attention until he felt Emmy manipulating his dick and balls again. He whined and wriggled a bit more but Emmy’s large hands would not be denied. He knew what was happening and as he felt the dreaded plastic pussy sex toy wrapping around his testicles and penis he let out a complaining whine around the mouth guard of the pacifier.

“Don’t whine.” Emmy said with a chuckle.

Daniel thought that was easy for her to say. He jumped when the toy buzzed briefly as Emmy tested it. The vibrations stopped shortly afterwards and the front of the diaper was pulled up and over Daniel’s crotch. It was taped closed and then his legs were wrapped up again. He frowned as he was lifted up again, he had assumed he was being taken to his crib but instead Emmy took him to the bedroom exit.

“I’ve made a little change to the sleeping arrangements.” Emmy stated as if she could sense Daniel’s confusion.

The pair went through the doorway to the master bedroom. Daniel was carried around to the far side of the room and then was lowered. He could see bars rising on all sides of his sight until he came gently to rest on the mattress. He was finally let out from the towel swaddling and as soon as he was able to he looked around to see his crib was now at the foot of Emmy’s bed.

“Isn’t it great?” Emmy asked with a big smile, “Now we never have to be apart. I can make sure you don’t accidentally end up outside again.”

Daniel reached up to pull the pacifier out of his mouth and complain but Emmy pressed a button on the screen of her phone. The buzzing started and Daniel’s words became a mess of moans as his hands went down to his padding and he brought his knees together.

“I think I’ll have an early night as well.” Emmy stated as she went over and closed the bedroom door.

Daniel watched Emmy as she got undressed and climbed into bed. Daniel saw her wolfish smile point his way as she sat up slightly and looked at him. She then briefly fiddled with her phone before laying down. Daniel was about to ask what she had done when he felt the toy in his diaper come to life again. He reached down and whined before the vibrations suddenly stopped again. He laid down on the pillows and sighed in frustration. He had to admit he was tired, he just prayed everything looked better when he woke up the next day.

Closing his eyes Daniel resolved to sleep. He could reassess his options the next day and try to find a new way to es-

“Ah!” Daniel suddenly exclaimed as the vibrating in the toy started again. He looked over at Emmy but she hadn’t moved. He was soon breathing heavily and using his hands to press the diaper closer to him.

Just as Daniel was sure he was going to orgasm the vibrations stopped again. He was a mixture of confused and frustrated. It soon became clear what was happening. Whatever toy Emmy had attached to Daniel clearly had an intermittent vibration mode because it kept happening. The vibrator would turn on to excite Daniel and then cut off before he could finish. It was maddening and it kept up for the entire night. Daniel was barely able to get any sleep as he was constantly woken up leaving him even more frustrated.

By the time the sun came up Daniel was drooling on his pillow and his mind was a haze. Throughout the entire night the vibrator had started and stopped not letting him relax but not allowing him to orgasm either. As Emmy woke up and wiped her eyes Daniel wasn’t sure what was real life and what was a dream. At some point during the night he had started dozing between the vibrating sessions and it left him feeling disorientated.

“Good morning, baby.” Emmy said with a yawn as she got up and wrapped a dressing gown around herself, “Ready for the day?”


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End Chapter 20

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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