Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 13

Chapter Description: It's feeding time for Daniel and he finds himself in the most humiliting position yet. Laying underneath Emmy's huge pendulous breasts. The situation doesn't become any easier when the massive amount of milk he injests causes his tummy to rumble ominously...

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Daniel didn’t know what to do. He could feel his whole body flushing with embarrassment. He didn’t know where to put his hands or where to look. He felt Emmy shifting his weight so he was laying back until he was almost horizontal. His head rested in the crook of her arm. Daniel was helplessly trapped and looking up as Emmy loomed above him. He saw her reach behind her back and a second later her bra loosened.

“N-No, you do-” Daniel stuttered as he wriggled uncomfortably. He wished he could slip off Emmy’s lap but he was trapped.

The loose bra slipped down Emmy’s arms and before Daniel could react he was left staring up at a fleshy orb that filled his vision. He was left stunned as the giant breasts blotted out the light from the ceiling like an eclipse. From his position he couldn’t even see Emmy’s face.

“Time for breakfast, sweetie.” Emmy’s voice came down from somewhere above those fleshy globes, “Have a nice drink from Aunty.”

Daniel was frozen in shock as he felt the arm underneath his head lifting him up towards the breast. He tried to twist his head away but it was hopeless. Soon his head was being held against Emmy’s boob and he could feel her pointy nipple pressing against his lips. He let out a moan as he tried to pull his blushing face away.

“Come on.” Emmy cooed sweetly as if this was a normal thing to be doing to your cousin, “Open up for breakfast.”

Daniel kept his mouth shut. He felt the arm behind his head pulling him closer until his whole face was engulfed by the skin of the breast. He couldn’t pull away and now he couldn’t even breathe. He imagined dying by suffocation on a breast, it would be so humiliating. He held his breath and squirmed desperately to try and get free. As he twisted he felt his tummy let him know he was overdue for his usual morning trip to the bathroom but that was the least of his problems.

As Emmy continued to gently coo for Daniel to start nursing he was running out of air. He wouldn’t be able to hold out forever, his lungs were already complaining. He couldn’t pull his head away, he only had one option no matter how embarrassing it was to consider. With a moan of resignation Daniel opened his mouth and sucked in air.

“That’s it.” Emmy stroked his hair as she released her grip enough for Daniel to breathe through his nose.

Emmy’s nipple popped into Daniel’s mouth. The diapered young man gasped and his eyes flew open as Emmy’s teat rested on Daniel’s tongue. Daniel froze and didn’t know what to do. He breathed in deeply through his nose and could smell his cousin’s skin. He knew what Emmy wanted but he couldn’t start sucking, it just wasn’t right!

“Let instinct take over.” Emmy said softly, “And have a lovely feed.”

Daniel knew that he wasn’t going to be allowed out of this position until he did as he was told. He felt his stomach cramp a little and knew something bad was coming. He couldn’t communicate his need for the bathroom with this breast pressed right against his face. His only hope, and he realised it was a very slim one, was for him to get this over with so that he could go to the toilet.

Daniel hesitated for a second before sealing his lips around the nipple in his mouth. He felt embarrassed and unsure of what exactly to do but eventually started treating the nipple as if it was his bottle. He started to suck on the breast like a hungry infant.

“That’s it.” Emmy said softly. She chuckled quietly for a second, “Just like a baby.”

Daniel winced but did as he was told. He briefly thought about how insane this all was before his senses were completely enveloped by a sweet tasting liquid on his tongue. His eyes widened and he tried yet again to pull himself away but he was helplessly outmatched in strength. He didn’t understand, he thought women only produced milk when they had a baby. The liquid dripping on Daniel’s tongue certainly wasn’t sweat, it could only be one thing.

The more Daniel sucked the more milk seemed to get produced. He was hopelessly stuck and felt smaller than ever. It didn’t matter that Emmy was so much bigger than he was, it felt like she was normal sized and he was tiny as his head was pressed against her breast.

Daniel was nursing like an infant and now that he was in a rhythm he just couldn’t stop. Every time he swallowed he squeezed the nipple that was invading his mouth causing more milk to squirt. He had to keep swallowing to keep up even as he felt the liquid filling his stomach and sloshing around. He was feeling full but he assumed there was a lot more milk to come judging from the size of his cousin’s breast.

The more Daniel’s tummy expanded with milk the more the pressure on his bowels became impossible to ignore. The pressure was reaching horrendous levels and yet he was still suckling. It didn’t matter if there was a bathroom available for him or not, he knew he was seconds from disaster. Daniel tried to pull his head away but Emmy was much too strong as she cooed her quiet words of encouragement.

A cramp hit Daniel and unlike the previous ones it didn’t pass after a few seconds. This one was grew and grew until his body was begging to let it out. It felt as if there was a brick trying to push it’s way out of his digestive system.

“Mmm! Mmmmmmm!” Daniel tried to pull his head away again but Emmy just pulled him closer.

Daniel felt tears leak out the corners of his eyes as he finally gave in. He pulled his knees up so he was in a sideways crouching position. His face was already red but now he could feel his temperature rising and sweat appearing on his brow. He tensed up as he pushed down and held his breath.

Despite his body being so desperate to empty itself Daniel couldn’t immediately push out the mess. He still had a mental block at using the diaper. After one quick push he passed gas loudly, for just a second he paused his suckling mortified by embarrassment and shame.

“Uh oh, I think little Daniel needs to make a surprise for Aunty Emmy.” Emmy said knowingly. Her spare hand went down and patted Daniel’s padded rear.

Daniel didn’t think his situation could get worse but as he felt his cousin’s giant hand rest on the back of his diaper he realised she was going to feel everything. He couldn’t stop what was going to happen and as he pushed down again he grunted and finally felt his sphincter opening up. All of Daniel’s muscles tensed and he almost curled up into a little ball as his bowels started to empty.

“There we go.” Emmy’s soft encouragement only made things worse for Daniel, “Let it all go.”

Daniel couldn’t have defied Emmy even if he had clamped down again. He was too far gone. Daniel pushed down and felt a solid log sliding out of him. It hit the back of his diaper and paused for a second. He took a deep breath and pushed again. The back of the diaper crinkled slightly as it pushed out against Emmy’s hand.

Daniel could feel the poop bend a little as he pushed it out until it was finally pinched off. The lump dropped into the diaper where it’s slimy stickiness warmed his skin. He was disgusted with himself but knew he wasn’t finished.

Daniel was still sucking on Emmy’s breast on auto-pilot as he concentrated on what was happening in his diaper. He felt the muscles in his tummy squeeze and push. He grunted as he felt two softer poops drop out of his body and smear against the padding. The back of the diaper was bulging out, Emmy would be able to feel everything. Daniel let out a moan as he swallowed the milk filling his mouth.

“Get it all out.” Emmy said as she gently rubbed the back of Daniel’s diaper.

Daniel grunted again as soft waste was squeezed out of his body. It seemed to just go on and on as it filled the space between the diaper and his body. He farted again as a few more turds dropped out of him. Despite his humiliation Daniel felt a relief that he had got everything out of him. As he unclenched his muscles and unfurled from the ball he had been bent into his bladder let go and he let urine pour out over the poop that filled the rear of his diaper.

“Good boy.” Emmy chuckled, “But breakfast isn’t over yet.”

Daniel was panting slightly and his face was burning with shame. The effort of pooping himself had left him a little breathless, he could feel sweat on his face from the constant contact with Emmy’s boob. He cringed as he closed his lips around the nipple again and continued to drink. The knowledge that he was drinking directly from Emmy like a new born was humiliating and made him feel slightly nauseous, well, it was either the shame, his diaper or his increasingly full tummy that was making him a little sick.

Daniel finally felt Emmy’s grip on his head relax slightly a couple of minutes later. He breathed deeply and felt a little of the creamy milk running down his chin. His hands were on his full belly but his mind was torn between the two embarrassing scenarios of having filled his pants and his feeding.

If Daniel had thought it was all over he was sorely mistaken. As he continued to try to recover and allow his mind to catch up to all that had happened he was shifted around. He was too tired to really put up a complaint beyond grumbling but he loudly exclaimed as he felt his mushy rear getting pressed against Emmy’s knee. Daniel could feel the stinky mud in his diaper spreading over his skin as he was manhandled into laying across Emmy’s lap with his head in front of her other breast.

“Please…” Daniel gasped. His hands went back to his belly which he already felt was bulging out.

“Just a little more, baby.” Emmy said. Her voice was as sweet as the milk Daniel’s had been drinking from her.

Daniel was shaking his head when he felt Emmy’s hand reach around and started pulling him closer. It was a repeat scenario of the first boob and Daniel was slowly forced face first into the fleshy orb that hung from Emmy’s chest.

Knowing that fighting it was pointless and with the desperate need of a diaper change Daniel opened his mouth voluntarily and his tongue searched for the nipple. When he found Emmy’s teat he wrapped his lips around it and started flicking it with his tongue. In his haste to get things over with he grazed the skin with his teeth and felt Emmy pull back a little.

“Careful, little one.” Emmy said with a small chuckle.

Daniel’s instinct was to apologise but with a hand holding his face to the breast he couldn’t say a word. After thinking about it for a second he didn’t want to say sorry in any case, it wasn’t his choice to be doing this.

Daniel was incredibly bloated but as he started sucking on the breast he felt the thick milk letting down into his mouth. He was rhythmically swallowing as the milk squirted into his mouth like a robot, he was on cruise control as he tried to switch his brain off and drift away from this embarrassing situation. A part of him thought it was odd that Emmy’s milk was so thick, he had always heard breast milk was thin but Emmy was anything but a normal woman.

The room was practically silent except for Daniel’s sucking. The smell from his diaper was leaking out into the room now and despite desperately trying to deny that he was a baby he couldn’t deny feeling like that now. His tummy rumbled and gurgled as he kept drinking until he thought he might burst. With his belly bulging out obscenely Daniel finally felt himself getting separated from Emmy’s breast, almost as soon as his sweaty lips broke contact with his cousin’s skin he let out a milky burp.

“You really were thirsty!” Emmy said with a smile. Her spare hand went down to Daniel’s stomach, “You emptied me out!”

Daniel laid back with his head still supported by Emmy’s hand. He looked up at the ceiling feeling exhaustion weighing heavily upon him. For several minutes he was cradled by Emmy who stroked his hair and rubbed his belly. Daniel’s diaper felt like a swamp pressing up against his crotch but it was several minutes before he felt able to speak.

“Need… change…” Daniel blushed as he made the embarrassing request but after the effort he had expended and with his tummy so full it was all he could manage to say the words.

“Of course.” Emmy smiled, “Let’s get you a fresh diaper. We can’t have you going out in that stinky old one.”

Daniel froze up. Surely he had misheard Emmy, surely she wouldn’t take him out like this. How could she when he was in such an embarrassing state? Daniel knew he shouldn’t complain because maybe it would actually give him a chance to escape, he could call out for help from the first person he saw.

The fantasies that were suddenly flashing through Daniel’s mind were quickly forgotten about when Emmy stood up and shifted him into a more vertical position. He felt one of her arms around his back and another under his ass. Daniel tensed up as he felt himself sinking into the mess he had made and with every one of Emmy’s massive strides he felt himself sink a little deeper. The poop smeared all over any areas that hadn’t already been covered.

When Daniel was laid down on the changing table it wasn’t a moment too soon. He felt like he would never be clean no matter how much he was wiped. As the diaper was opened up the smell inside was unleashed and Daniel’s eyes started to water. He glanced at Emmy but she didn’t seem even remotely fazed by what she was doing.

“You made a big stinky one didn’t you?” Emmy said as she worked.

It was pointless for Daniel to comment and he was so filled with shame he wasn’t certain he could verbalize anything anyway. He stayed quiet as his legs were lifted and he was methodically wiped clean inch by inch. It took several long minutes for Emmy to clean Daniel and all that time all he could do was lay there trying to imagine he was in any other situation. When Daniel finally felt cool air on his skin he knew the ordeal was nearly over. Emmy seemed to take extra time to clean his balls and even after he was sure he was clean he could feel her rubbing them. It was only as he was starting to get hard that she stopped.

“It’s a good job we put you in these.” Emmy said as she pulled the used diaper out and started balling it up.

“I could’ve used the toilet…” Daniel muttered.

“Don’t be silly.” Emmy said with a soft chuckle and a small shake of the head, “That hasn’t been going well at all. This is just a lot safer.”

Daniel grumbled but as Emmy pulled out a fresh diaper he had little choice but to quietly accept what was happening. The padding was unfolded on the table between Daniel’s legs and then slipped underneath him. Daniel was angry that this was happening but powerless to change anything. Even if he had the mental strength to challenge Emmy right then his full belly would’ve made it very hard. He was expecting the diaper to get pulled up but Emmy had other ideas, she reached up to a shelf above the changing table that was much higher than Daniel. She lowered a box which she placed on the padded edge of the table.

“What’s that?” Daniel asked warily.

“You’ll see.” Emmy said cheerily as she opened the top of the box.


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End Chapter 13

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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