Cousin Emmy

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Chapter 5

Chapter Description: Emmy is taking more and more control of the situation. Daniel feels quite helpless against the his domineering cousin as things get weirder and weirder.

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Daniel didn’t know what he was expecting but after walking rather fretfully into the living room and sitting down things could almost pass for normal. Emmy kept up a one-sided conversation which didn’t require Daniel to interject. This was a good thing because Daniel was having enough trouble just making sure he didn’t drool everywhere. He couldn’t get used to the intruder in his mouth no matter how long it stayed there.

“Are you ready to be good?” Emmy asked after ninety minutes of monologue. Daniel was taken aback.

Daniel quickly nodded his head. His jaw was aching a little and despite his best efforts he was increasingly finding drool running down his chin. He was over the initial anger he had from earlier, he wasn’t happy by any means but he was ready to play along if it meant not being punished any further.

“If I take that pacifier out are you going to shout again?” Emmy asked.

Daniel’s vigorous nodding became an equally emphatic head shake.

Emmy considered Daniel for a few moments and then stood up. She walked over to where Daniel was sat and reached behind his head. Daniel felt relief as the pacifier loosened and he was able to pull it out. As Emmy pulled out the pacifier Daniel saw a long, thin trail of drool connecting him to the teat. He eagerly wiped his mouth.

“You know Aunty doesn’t like to punish you but you were getting a little out of control.” Emmy said as she stepped back.

That wasn’t quite how Daniel remembered it. He remembered a little bit of shouting and then trying to leave but that was it. It seemed entirely appropriate for the situation. He started doubting himself a little bit. Maybe his memory of what happened was somehow wrong, maybe he hadn’t realised how obnoxious he was being. He had known Emmy since they were little children, despite everything he wasn’t really ready to accept that she might not be a good person. It was only after Emmy had turned and left the room that Daniel even realised she had referred to herself as “Aunty” again.

“Let me get you a drink.” Emmy said as she took the pacifier away.

Daniel’s legs were hanging over the side of the couch and he kicked them up into the air as he waited for Emmy to come back. When Emmy did finally come back Daniel was unsurprised to see a baby bottle of milk in her hands. He thought about complaining again but he was still getting used to a mouth without a pacifier in it, he didn’t want to give the giant woman a reason to shove it back in again.

Emmy sat down next to Daniel on the couch. She patted her lap and smiled. Daniel brought his legs up so he was on all fours on top of the couch cushions. He really didn’t want to be fed again but he also didn’t want to upset his cousin and risk her wrath.

“You know, I could…” Daniel started.

A single raised eyebrow stopped Daniel from saying anything. His cheeks burned red as he complied with Emmy’s wishes and got closer to her. As soon as he was next to Emmy the tall woman scooped him up turned him over and laid him across her lap. Daniel had just a second to see the ceiling before the bottle was brought up to his face. He was soon sucking down milk again.

Daniel wasn’t too thirsty though. His bottle with breakfast was still heavy in his belly and he soon wanted to stop drinking. He tried to push Emmy’s hands away but she held the bottle in place. A little milk spilled down the side of Daniel’s mouth but he was still forced to drink. He could see that the bottle was still nearly full.

“It’s alright, it’s alright…” Emmy cooed maternally as if Daniel was just being fussy.

“No… Ple-” Daniel spluttered around the teat of the bottle.

With a groan Daniel continued to swallow the milk. He was getting sluggish again, he could feel all the milk splashing around in his belly. His hands went up from his side and cradled his bulging belly. He could feel that his shirt had pulled up over his belly, he felt as if he was expanding like a cartoon character.

Daniel jumped as he felt Emmy’s hand suddenly cupping over his genitals. He whined a little around the bottle as the large hand rested against him. He tried thinking of the least sexy things imaginable, his current situation being one of them, but his body reacted predictably. His face was burning as he felt himself growing hard. Emmy seemed to notice as well because she started rubbing the front of his clothes directly over his straining erection.

All Daniel could think about was not cumming in his pants as he reflexively sucked on the bottle. He tried to focus on the drinking and ignore the manipulation of his most sensitive area and yet it just demanded his attention.

Daniel heard the sound of air coming through the latex nipple and sighed in relief. The milk was gone, he felt as full as he had ever been before. Despite everything he was grateful that Emmy had removed the hand from his now tenting crotch. When the bottle was finally pulled away he tried to sit up but found himself unable to. He scowled up at Emmy who put the bottle back on the table, she was acting oblivious to Daniel’s discomfort. He had no idea if she genuinely had no clue how uncomfortable Daniel was or whether she was just a good actor. Daniel could only sit on Emmy’s lap as his teased dick slowly shrunk back to normal.

The day continued normally from then on. At dinner time Daniel was sat on Emmy’s lap just like the previous day. He had to endure being fed again but he stayed quiet just to get it over with faster. It felt like Emmy was trying to keep him full at all times though and after dinner he was ready to lay down for the night. Fortunately that seemed to be what Emmy planned on as she carried Daniel up the stairs and into the bedroom.

It was amazing how quickly things could be normalised. Daniel was certainly not happy with being carried or fed and yet he was allowing it to happen. Then again it wasn’t like Daniel had much choice. He knew that trying to resist would result in Emmy getting mad and he had learnt that an angry Emmy meant bad things for him.

“I… I need to use the potty before bed.” Daniel blushed as he muttered his request.

“Of course.” Emmy replied.

Daniel was placed on the floor with the potty still sitting in the centre of the room from that morning. He looked at Emmy hoping she would leave the room but she just waited expectantly. Daniel sighed and turned the potty around so at the very least he wasn’t face his tall cousin.

“I’m not leaving the room after your exploration this morning. Besides, I’ve seen it all before…” Emmy giggled, “You boys and your modesty. So silly!”

Daniel was reminded of the embarrassing previous evening. He still didn’t know what to think of Emmy masturbating him but like so many things it was better to keep his concerns quiet. He pulled his clothes down and briefly mooned Emmy as he sat down and tucked his private parts into the potty. It took a couple of seconds to relax before Daniel’s bladder released into the plastic bowl.

Daniel shuddered as he heard the tinkle of urine splashing into the training potty. It was embarrassing but still preferable to getting stuck in the toilet. He just wished he could have some privacy, it seemed like Emmy wanted to be around him at all times. After all the milk he had drunk he was sure this wouldn’t be the last time he needed the potty that evening.

“All finished?” Emmy said cheerily as Daniel finally stood up again, “What a good boy!”

Daniel pulled his clothes back up and walked over to the bed. It was embarrassing but the only way he was going to get up and on to the high mattress was if Emmy helped him. With reluctance he lifted his arms as Emmy reached down and lifted him up, he was placed on the mattress and scurried underneath the covers as soon as he could.

“Sweet dreams.” Emmy said. She leaned down and gave Daniel a kiss on the forehead before leaving.

Daniel was left alone but he watched the door for several minutes as if expecting Emmy to come back at any moment. When it seemed she had left and gone downstairs Daniel finally relaxed a little bit and stripped off his clothes. In the dying light of what was still quite early evening Daniel could see the silhouette of his bulging belly.

Daniel rolled over and after staring at the wall for a little while he finally fell asleep. He didn’t notice that his little teddy bear, Arthur, which had been sitting next to the pillows, had slipped down. The soft fur rubbed against his bare skin as his breathing softened and he fell into dreamland.


Daniel’s eyes fluttered reluctantly open. The room was pitch black now. Daniel had no way of knowing how long he had been asleep but it seemed like the middle of the night, there was no other sounds from the rest of the house. He rolled over to face the rest of the room, he belatedly realised Arthur was now in his arms and as he turned over in bed he brought the bear with him. With a snort he let go of the bear and pushed it off the edge of the bed.

As Daniel closed his eyes he suddenly realised what had woken him up in the first place. His hand went down to his lower belly, it hovered over his bladder which felt achingly full again thanks to all the milk he had drunk. He knew he would never be able to get back to sleep like this.

Daniel sat up sleepily and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He hadn’t completely woken up which led to him forgetting just how high off the floor he was. He slipped forwards and then felt a lurch in his tummy as he didn’t immediately touch the floor. His arms flailed and he let out a sudden exclamation as he toppled over forwards and fell to the floor with a loud bump.

Daniel laid still for a few seconds. He felt winded and his sudden fall had him confused about where he was and what was happening. He heard heavy footsteps on the floor and was just picking himself up when the bedroom door suddenly opened. He barely had time to cover up his privates before Emmy flicked on the light.

“What happened!?” Emmy exclaimed in concern as she hurried across the room, “I heard a bang!”

“I fell out of bed…” Daniel said with no small amount of embarrassment.

“Fell out of…” Emmy looked to the bed and then hit herself in the forehead with her palm, “Of course! I’m sorry, I tried to prepare for your visit but I knew I’d forget something.”

“Forgot something?” Daniel frowned but then shook his head, “I kind of need to use the po-… toilet.”

Daniel hoped Emmy missed him nearly slipping up and talking about using the potty. Emmy moved out of the way but for some reason she stayed to watch as Daniel lowered himself on to the training device. Having done this several times Daniel found it scarily easy to relax and start peeing. He stood up as soon as he was finished and climbed back into bed. Emmy took the potty and left with a yawn.

Daniel closed his eyes and quickly went back to sleep. He didn’t give Emmy another thought as unconsciousness slowly descended on him and sent him off to dreamland.

When Daniel woke up the next morning he was facing the wall. He had gone to bed early so the sun was still only beginning to rise as he opened his eyes. He stretched in the spacious bed and rolled over to look into the room. He suddenly sat up feeling fully awake as he saw Emmy leaning against the wall next to the head of his bed.

“Wha-” Daniel looked around as his brain suddenly woke up, “H-How long have you been standing there?”

“Did you have a good sleep?” Emmy asked, she pointedly ignored Daniel’s question, “I already have your clothes ready.”

Daniel dropped down from the bed. Unlike in the night he could see where the floor was and he dropped down safely. Before getting dressed Daniel walked over to use the potty yet again. As he peed into the plastic training toilet he realised there was more that wanted to come out. He looked up at Emmy nervously. Was he really expected to go number two in the potty? He already knew the answer…


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End Chapter 5

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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