Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 7

Chapter Description: Daniel spies a chance to escape the increasingly bizarre situation. Will it work? Or will things only get worse?

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“A phone…” Daniel slapped himself on the forehead. Of course! How had he not thought of trying to use a phone? Come to think of it, he didn’t remember actually seeing Emmy’s phone or even a landline.

Daniel flopped forwards and scampered across the floor. He saw his chance and didn’t feel like he could afford to miss it. When he reached the phone he pressed the button the side, he saw the screen light up asking for a four digit passcode. Daniel cursed loudly as he looked at the numbers on the screen. He let his head hang low and he closed his eyes. He considered putting the phone back and retreating to the couch but then a surge of frustration and anger made him change his mind. He couldn’t just give up, he had to at least try to unlock it.

Daniel pressed four random numbers only to be inevitably told it was the wrong combination. He tried to think if there were four numbers that meant something to Emmy. He thought he remembered her birthday so tried that, it didn’t work. Daniel started feeling desperate and started putting in all sorts of random numbers.

“Come on!” Daniel exclaimed in frustration as he shook the phone.

After another minute of fruitless random guesses Daniel typed in “1234” and the phone unlocked. He stared at the screen for a second as if it was mocking him. After all the frustration and desperation Emmy hadn’t changed the default passcode. He took a few seconds before remembering that he was trying to make an escape.

Daniel didn’t know who he should call. Should he call the police or would that be melodramatic? He wanted to leave but wasn’t being allowed to but it wasn’t like Emmy seemed like a bad person, just a bit odd. He could call his work or a friend but then what had happened here would become known to people who he really rather remain in the dark.

With his heart beating twice as fast as usual Daniel touched the screen for the emergency services. He pressed two of the numbers and then hesitated over the third. He still felt like he would be wasting their time. He bit his lip as he repeatedly changed his mind about whether to go through with it...

“What are you doing?” Emmy’s voice made Daniel jump.

Daniel turned his head and saw Emmy standing in the doorway to the living room. Her arms were folded across her considerable chest and she was staring daggers towards Daniel who wilted under her glare. He dropped the phone back into Emmy’s bag.

“I was just…” Daniel started.

Emmy marched into the room and sat on the seat Daniel was in front of. She leaned forwards and wrapped her arms around Daniel’s middle. His limbs flailed a little as he was hoisted into the air and laid across Emmy’s lap. Normally she sat him on her knees but this time he was facing the floor with his cousin’s knees in his middle.

Daniel squirmed and tried to pull himself away from Emmy but one hand against his back was enough to essentially hold him in place. It only became clear to Daniel what was about to happen when he suddenly felt his pants and underwear get yanked down. He froze up in shock as his mind flashbacked to being in this exact position when he had been a child.

Before Daniel could prepare for what was about to happen he felt a sudden smack on the exposed skin of his butt. He let out a little yelp as Emmy’s hand went back and then spanked him again. This was more humiliating than the potty, the feeding and even the crawling; to be spanked like an infant made Daniel feel smaller than ever before. He could justify everything that had happened as being necessary when the house wasn’t meant for someone his size, but there was no reason for this other than punishment.

“Please don’t!” Daniel begged as the third and fourth spanks stung his rear end. The embarrassment of being a grown man and having this happen to him outstripped the pain.

“You. Do. Not. Use. Other. People’s. Things. Without. Permission!” Each one of Emmy’s loud words was punctuated by a fresh spank.

Daniel was sure his rear end must be extremely red. He could feel the heat dancing across his skin each time Emmy pulled her hand away. He had never seen her like this, sure she had been cross at him before but this was something he didn’t think she would ever be capable of, she had been such a nice girl when she was younger.

“I’ve tried being hospitable for you.” Emmy sighed sadly as her hand rested against Daniel’s butt, “Why must you make these things so difficult?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Daniel practically wailed.

“I think maybe you need a nap.” Emmy said as she roughly pulled up Daniel’s underwear and clothing, “Maybe you won’t be so fussy afterwards.”

Daniel couldn’t help but feel he was being treated like a small child as he was lifted with ease by his younger cousin. Emmy rested Daniel against her chest with one arm under his stinging butt and the other around his back holding him in place. Daniel was forced to essentially nestle between Emmy’s breasts as the tall woman stood up and moved towards the stairs.

There was no way for Daniel to know what was coming. The spanking had shocked him to the core and he felt like his mind was paralysed as he was carried up the stairs. He winced with each step as his bruised bottom pressed into Emmy’s arm. He was taken into his bedroom but thanks to being carried as he was he had faced behind them the entire way.

“Ah, yes, I hope these new bars prevent any further accidents as well.” Emmy said as she lowered Daniel to the ground.

Daniel turned around and gasped at what he saw. His first instinct was to run away but, as if sensing his sudden discomfort, Emmy grabbed hold of his hand. He had expected a couple of low horizontal bars similar to a hospital bed. Something you would have on the top bunkbed for safety. What he saw in front of him was not what he pictured at all.

“What do you think?” Emmy asked as if Daniel’s shock wasn’t apparent, “It was a lot of work.”

“It’s… It’s a crib!” Daniel gasped. At least his attention had been taken from his stinging rear end.

“Don’t be silly. It’s just your bed with a few extra bars.” Emmy pulled Daniel forwards and to the edge of the bed.

It was a crib and nothing anyone said would change that reality. The bars were tall and vertical, there wasn’t much room between each one and they were around every side of the bed. The only side not currently caged in was the side facing the room. On this side the giant metal bars had swung open. Daniel was gently encouraged to move forwards with some little pushes in his back.

Daniel couldn’t resist the prodding in his back for long. He stumbled forwards and climbed into his bed for the lack of other options. The first thing he noticed was the leather cuffs coming from all four corners of the mattress, and if that wasn’t alarming enough behind the bars at the head of the bed was what looked like an IV stand. Daniel suddenly got the claustrophobic feeling of being an animal in a cage.

“I’m not staying in here!” Daniel gasped as he shimmied towards the edge of the bed.

Before Daniel could reach the edge of the mattress the side of the crib clanged closed and clicked into place. Emmy stepped back as Daniel reached the bars a fraction too late. His hands grasped at the individual poles and tried to pull them, he had less than no effect.

“Seriously, you need to calm down.” Emmy shook her head, “You’re overreacting.”

“Let me out!” Daniel shouted anxiously, “I… I don’t like this!”

“It’s for your own good.” Emmy said patiently like she was talking to a toddler, “We don’t want you falling out of bed again.”

“I won’t!” Daniel rattled the bars in front of him.

“Of course you won’t, silly.” Emmy chuckled, “The bars will stop that!”

Daniel felt panicked and when he realised the bars were too strong for him to bend or break he started looking for alternative methods of escape. He was surrounded by the white metal poles. As he swivelled around he heard Emmy starting to leave the room. He suddenly didn’t want her to go at all, he was sure that if she left the room he would be well and truly stuck in here.

“Come back!” Daniel called out pathetically.

With no other option Daniel looked up to the horizontal bars on top of the vertical ones. Without a second thought he grabbed two of the poles and started climbing. The temporary crib sides were as big as everything else in this house and he had to shimmy quite some way. About halfway up and already struggling for grip he saw Emmy turn around.

“Daniel!” Emmy sounded cross but Daniel couldn’t stop now.

Daniel saw Emmy starting to walk back towards the bars and he tried to climb even faster. As he shimmied the sweat that had formed on his palms made his grip harder to maintain. As he looked out at Emmy and her stony expression his hand missed the bar and he teetered backwards. His arm spun a couple of times to try to balance himself but it was a lost cause.

“Oof!” Daniel exclaimed as he landed flat on his back and winded himself.

As Daniel wrapped his arm around his abdomen and tried to take some deep breaths he heard the side of the crib open. He felt Emmy taking his hand in hers and thought she was checking to see if he was hurt.

“I’m OK.” Daniel gasped as he tried to recover.

“Silly boy.” Emmy responded tartly.

Daniel suddenly felt his hand held against the mattress and a leather cuff wrapped around it. His eyes shot wide open as he looked around and found his wrist cuffed to the bed, even as he was processing what was happening his other arm was being taken. Daniel tried to pull his arm away but Emmy’s grip was just too strong. He could only watch as his hand was fed through the restraint, he was struck by just how small his arm looked compared to Emmy’s.

“W-What are you doing?” Daniel said with a little more force now that he had recovered his breath.

“I didn’t think I’d need to use these.” Emmy shook her head in disappointment, “But you’re being a very bad boy. You could hurt yourself climbing on your crib like that!”

Bad boy? Crib? Daniel had already thought his cousin was a little out there but now he thought she might genuinely be insane. He twisted his body to try and keep his legs out of Emmy’s reach but with his arms restrained there was little he could do. Emmy’s hand found one of his ankles on her third attempt and it was soon fed through one of the leather hoops. Daniel’s fourth and final limb was soon restrained in a similar way.

“You don’t have to do all this!” Daniel felt his emotions bubbling over. What little control he had of the situation had evaporated in the last few minutes.

“I clearly do since you tried to climb out of your crib just now.” Emmy stood back after she had finished tightening the final restraint.

“I don’t need a crib!” Daniel yelled in frustration, “Stop treating me like a baby!”

“A baby?” Emmy frowned, “Don’t be silly. I’d never do any of this to a baby.”

Emmy turned around to leave. Daniel pulled as hard as he could on the restraints that held him down but none had any give in them. He tired himself out pulling, he was going to call out for help but he noticed that the side of the crib was still open. It seemed that Emmy would be coming back. He let his head flop back on the pillow and closed his eyes. He had no idea what to expect next.

When Emmy came back a few minutes later it was with three new items. Firstly there was a package of baby wipes but Daniel barely gave them any attention because the other items scared him greatly. A clear bag full of a white liquid with a plastic hose coming out of the bottom and a pair of scissors.

Daniel started breathing heavily as he wondered if he was about to become the victim of some crazed lunatic. He winced as Emmy stepped closer, she was still smiling as if this was all completely normal. She started to lower the scissors and Daniel could no longer watch, he turned away and held his breath.

“Gosh, you’re being so dramatic.” Emmy chuckled.

Daniel had half-expected the cutting implement to be buried into his body but instead it was lowered to his pants. Emmy slipped one of the blades under the clothing and started cutting. Daniel stared with wide eyes from Emmy to the scissors now cutting up his pants and then back at Emmy.

“What are you doing?” Daniel tried to sound casual. He tried to sound like he wasn’t as worried as he was.

“Well, you can’t sleep in your clothes can you?” Emmy asked hypothetically, “Don’t worry, we have plenty for you to wear here.”

Daniel felt the blunt edge of the scissors glide up his pants leg. Soon the clothing became loose and Emmy cut the last strands to pull it away from Daniel’s body. Daniel’s underpants followed. Once again Daniel was exposed to his cousin who showed no sign of anything odd happening, her casual attitude to everything seemed to strangely calm Daniel a little.

Daniel’s shirt was cut off his body leaving him naked. Emmy collected the shredded remnants of Daniel’s clothes and dropped them on the floor next to the bed. She was smiling as she looked down at Daniel.

“L-Look, this is all… I mean, it’s been lovely to see you but…” Daniel really wished he had stayed at home, “Maybe it’s time I went home. I… I don’t want to be a burden.”

“But we’ve only just started to have fun.” Emmy smiled.

Daniel watched Emmy perch herself on the edge of the bed. She reached down between his legs and gently cupped his balls. Daniel bit his lip as she gently rolled her fingers and stroke his sack. It wasn’t long until he was letting out a moan of pleasure and he was embarrassed to see him growing hard despite everything.

“You don’t want to leave.” Emmy said with a calm certainty. Her fingertips ran from Daniel’s balls up his lengthening shaft and back down again.


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End Chapter 7

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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