Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 19

Chapter Description: Daniel's brief sojourn away from his cousin wasn't destined to last long. He is taken home in an embarrassing way and finds that things have changed even more.

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Daniel’s banging stopped and he slumped forwards until his head hit the door. He could immediately feel himself tearing up, he could barely stifle the sob that immediately caught in his throat. It had always been a fear but now it felt like it had always been an inevitability. He smacked the door with his palm, he didn’t expect it to open now but his frustration and despair had to be expressed one way or another.

“Where did you think you were going to go?” Emmy asked as she stepped out from the kitchen nook where she had been hidden from view.

“Please…” Daniel said despairingly, “I don’t want this.”

“That’s OK.” Emmy replied as she walked across the room, “You may not want this but your big sister knows what you need.”

“You’re insane.” Daniel sighed. It was just a statement of fact. He had known this before he had tried to escape of course but it felt like it needed saying.

“Come on.” Emmy said, “It’s time to go home.”

The word “home” made Daniel shake. He didn’t realise Emmy had got right behind him, he was still pressed against the door but two hands under his armpits pulled him away and he stumbled backwards into a big hug from Emmy’s massive arms. He couldn’t stop the waterworks now and he started crying as he felt those arms tightening around him like a python.

“Shush, It’s OK, baby.” Emmy said softly, “You’re safe now.”

Daniel was fully crying as Emmy’s hug was released. Her hands didn’t leave him though, she simply grabbed him around the sides and lifted him into the air. His legs kicked out uselessly and he crinkled with every little movement. He was lowered into the same chest harness Emmy had used to carry him on their shopping trip. His head was pressed back against those two massive breasts that he had nursed from and they effectively served as cushions holding his head in place. His arms and legs swung around but there was nothing to grab or kick loose, he was as stuck as an actual baby would be. He slumped in defeat as Emmy made her way towards the door to the hallway.

“I must thank you for looking after my little one.” Emmy said as she pulled the door open and saw Martina waiting on the other side.

“It was no problem.” Martina replied, “But you really need to be more careful. It was just luck that this was the door he knocked on.”

“It won’t happen again.” Emmy replied, “When’s your little one due?”

“Should be any day now.” Martina replied with a big toothy smile, “This was actually a good test run.”

As the two tall women laughed Daniel sniffled helplessly. He looked out at Martina with hurt, the betrayal tinged with horror that someone else was going to get trapped in this situation. He wished he could warn whoever was soon to be arriving but he had no way to do so. As Emmy started making for the doorway he suddenly felt a surge in panic.

“No! Wait!” Daniel cried desperately, “Please, don’t make me go back! I’m not a baby!”

“Will you need any help?” Martina asked over Daniel’s anguished wailing.

“No, I’ll be fine.” Emmy replied.

Daniel had to bring his hands up to shield his eyes as Emmy stepped out into the sunshine. It was because of this that he didn’t see Emmy reaching up with a pacifier that went straight between his lips. This wasn’t just a regular pacifier though as it had straps that wrapped around Daniel’s head and were fasted behind him. He tried to shout but he was effectively gagged and he could already feel his tongue going numb again.

“I’ll speak to you soon.” Martina called out from her porch as Daniel was carried out towards the road.

“Yes, we’ll have to arrange that coffee morning soon.” Emmy replied cheerily as if this wasn’t an incredibly strange situation.

As Emmy started walking down the road Daniel finally went limp and just quietly sobbed as he lost himself in his own misery. After everything he had been given one chance to escape and he had run straight into the clutches of a woman who apparently was in on Emmy’s plan. He cried at his bad luck and he cried at the knowledge that he was going back to Emmy’s house and he had no idea if he would ever get a chance to leave again.

“Hush those tears.” Emmy said as they walked down that long and empty road, “You’ll have something to really cry about when we get home.”

The threat did nothing to help Daniel who desperately struggled against the harness he was strapped to. He could barely move and all his thrashing did was push him further back against Emmy’s chest. His head separated the Amazonian woman’s breasts until he could see them on either side of his vision.

It felt like the walk back to the house took no time at all compared to the original escape. Daniel felt like he had ran for an hour that night but Emmy’s house appeared in the distance after seemingly no time at all. The taller woman’s longer strides ate up the ground far more efficiently than Daniel’s awkward waddle had.

As Emmy carried Daniel over the threshold and closed the door behind her Daniel felt like his last chance for freedom had disappeared. As if to exemplify this feeling of defeat Daniel released his bladder and flooded his diaper. The padding was pressed up against his body and he felt every moment of the creeping warmth as it spread inch by inch across the absorbent padding.

“I’ve tried to be nice.” Emmy said as she kicked off her shoes and put her bag down, “I’ve tried to help you stay nice and safe and this is how you repay me?”

“Emmy, please…” Daniel whined.

“I don’t want to hear it.” Emmy said, “It’s my fault. I’ve clearly been too lax. That’s OK, we won’t make that mistake again.”

Daniel moaned as he was taken down the hall and into the kitchen. He felt the harness slackened and was slowly lowered to the ground. No sooner had his bare feet touched the cold floor than he was scooped back up again. Emmy took him to one of the dining table chairs and laid the desperate man across her lap.

“It doesn’t have to be this way!” Daniel begged. It felt so cruel to have been free for such a brief time before having it torn away from him.

Daniel could only squirm as he watched Emmy open up her shirt and expose one of her pendulous breasts. He knew what was coming and yet still tried to turn his head away. It felt so wrong for Emmy to do this but he was unable to stop her, he was completely outmatched physically. One of the woman’s massive hands took his head and turned him to face the nipple that already had milk glistening. It was a foregone conclusion what happened next.

Daniel’s face was pressed against Emmy’s warm skin and her perky nipple poked past her lips and into his mouth. The taste of Emmy’s skin, sweat and milk mingled on Daniel’s tongue as his lips automatically closed around the teat. It wasn’t long before he was sucking away and feeling milk squirting into his mouth.

“Good boy.” Emmy said softly as she held Daniel’s head in place, “You have a nice feed whilst your big sister decides what to do with you.”

Daniel didn’t like the threatening tone in Emmy’s voice, nor did he like the way she called herself his “sister” but he sucked harder and was rewarded with even more milk. He was trembling uncontrollably. He swallowed the milk that kept filling his mouth, it felt like an inexhaustible reservoir and no matter how much he drank he would have more.

“I just don’t know why you’re so… ungrateful.” Emmy sounded disappointed but Daniel couldn’t see her head over her breasts.

Daniel’s belly was full of his cousin’s milk. He tried to pull his head away but Emmy just pressed him closer. He let out a little moan but Emmy didn’t care, Daniel was going to feed from Emmy until she decided he was finished. As if desperately trying to make room Daniel’s bladder gave way and he felt a rush of heat streaming into his diaper. He could feel his cousin’s hand on his padding as it quickly warmed. He blushed when he heard Emmy chuckling.

Daniel felt like his tummy had pushed out twice as far as normal when he finally felt Emmy’s hand on his head relaxing. He pulled away from the nipple and had a small trail of watery milk slipping from the corner of his mouth. His mouth hung open as he panted for air. He could already feel his stomach churning as it struggled to digest the torrent of milk it had been fed.

“A nice little snack for my baby.” Emmy said as she cradled Daniel’s limp form.

Daniel couldn’t believe everything he had just imbibed could simply constitute a snack. His belly was so packed it felt like he had eaten a multi-course meal. When Emmy stood up just the small movement within his body made him belch loudly, the taste of milk filling his mouth sickeningly.

Daniel didn’t ask what was going on as he was carried back up to the room that had become his nursery. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get out of Emmy’s grasp, he was just so full he was essentially a ragdoll in her arms. He groaned as he was set down on the floor of the bedroom. Emmy went over to the wardrobe whilst Daniel struggled to not just flop over on to his side.

Whilst he was left alone Daniel saw that the bedroom door was still open. Despite the clear hopelessness of his situation he just couldn’t stop himself. He flopped forwards on to his hands and knees and started slowly crawling towards the exit. His belly was so full it felt like it was practically dragging along the carpet.

“I’m really going to have to keep an even closer eye on you aren’t I?” Emmy said with a sigh as she simply stepped over to the door and pushed it closed, “Luckily I have the perfect clothing for such an… adventurous baby.”

Daniel moaned as Emmy pulled off his clothes. Soon he was lying on his back in nothing but his wet diaper. His arms and legs writhed on the carpet but he just didn’t have the energy for more. Even when Emmy approached him with some clothing he couldn’t do a thing to prevent her dressing him. A onesie was pulled over his head and down between his legs, this felt different to the other onesies he had worn though.  He heard the snaps being fastened and tried to close his legs together only to find he couldn’t, it felt like there was a pillow between his thighs.

“That’s it, baby.” Emmy said as she put her hands on her hips, “Crawl around like a good boy.”

Daniel didn’t want to comply. He wanted to stand up but as he tried to get to his feet he found himself repeatedly falling back on to all fours. The mass between his legs was rendering him incapable of getting up. As he continued to try all he ended up doing was slowly shuffling forwards along the ground. He groaned in frustration.

“Perfect.” Emmy said as Daniel gave up and fell on his front. His full belly complaining loudly.

Daniel was soon back in Emmy’s arms and being taken back downstairs. He was completely helpless and knew it was unlikely to get better any time soon. He was carried through to the living room where he found yet more unwanted surprises. He moaned as he saw that his cousin had indeed been busy, she must have surmised he wasn’t going to get far.

“Do you like what you see?” Emmy asked, “I realised that one of the reasons you ran away was because you’re bored. Well, I decided to fix that. I was going to introduce you to it all gradually but clearly you are lacking for enrichment.”

On the floor in the living room was a variety of new toys and baby furniture that all seemed scaled up just like everything else in the house. It was the item in the middle of the room that really drew Daniel’s attention, it was also what Emmy was taking him over to.


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End Chapter 19

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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