Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 16

Chapter Description: In desperation Daniel looks for a way out... To his shock, he finds one.

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Daniel awoke with a start. He wondered for a second what had suddenly disturbed him but when he felt a pressure in his bladder it quickly became clear. The crib’s bars were still raised and Daniel used them to pull himself up on to his knees. The diaper crinkled invitingly between his legs. He didn’t want to wet himself but he didn’t think he had much choice.

With a resigned sigh Daniel closed his eyes and relaxed his muscles. There was but a moment of hesitation before the floodgates opened up. He held his breath almost subconsciously as the warmth of his urine splashed around the padding. The pee soaked into the diaper and quickly started spreading up the front and round towards the back. So filled with liquid Daniel worried that the diaper might leak as he seemed to wet without ending. He shivered as he felt the stream slow and stop, there were a few last spurts before it felt like he was finished.

Reaching down with a hand Daniel cupped the bottom of his diaper. The heat seemed to radiate out at a level that he was surprised he wasn’t scolding himself inside. Daniel finally let out the breath he seemed to have been holding forever, his heart hammered and Daniel had to try and calm himself down.

There was no way to tell how long Daniel had been in the room nor how much longer he would have to remain before he was let out. He slumped back down and felt the recently warmed diaper press up against him. It wasn’t the worst feeling in the world physically but mentally it was awful.

Daniel laid back down. He wouldn’t be able to go anywhere until Emmy came back so he was stuck there regardless of whether he was tired or not. His mind turned back to his escape attempt. Daniel had to hope the front door hadn’t been locked but that would be irrelevant if he couldn’t find a way out of the crib. The bars towered over him and seemed unclimbable but there had to be another way out.

Sitting back up Daniel tried each and every bar on every side of the crib but they were all as sturdy as each other. Looking around Daniel could see that climbing over the top and dropping to the floor without alerting Emmy would be almost impossible, he couldn’t go through the bars either. So if he couldn’t go over or through that left the young man with one other option.

Daniel looked down at the mattress with a frown. He scurried to the corner and tried to pull the edge up. It was difficult but he was able to get the springy mattress up enough to see underneath. His heart leapt as he looked down at a set of regular wooden bed slats. That was his way out!

As Daniel stared in delight at his key to escape he heard heavy footsteps approaching the door. He quickly let go of the mattress and let it drop back into place. He laid down with his head on the pillows just as the door opened. He did the only thing he could think of to seem as innocent as possible, he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Daniel prayed his act was fooling his giant cousin as the footsteps approached the bed. There was a silent pause that was almost too much for him to take, when he felt a hand suddenly press against his diaper he, by some miracle, managed to suppress the urge to jump.

“Oh, baby, you wet the bed!” Emmy said excitedly.

Daniel made a show of stirring and waking up. He could see Emmy’s beaming face as she pressed the hot padding against his body. Belatedly he realised that by pretending to still be asleep Emmy had assumed he hadn’t woken up to wet himself. The thought of doing something so humiliating made Daniel want to correct her but he didn’t dare, the more helpless Emmy thought he was the better his chance to escape.

“And you kept your pacifier in for your whole nap. You really are trying to impress me!” Emmy said as the bars of the crib came rattling down.


The rest of the evening passed in the same way the previous ones had done. Daniel was fed dinner whilst sitting on Emmy’s knees. His pacifier was plucked out of his mouth and replaced with a bottle of milk which thankfully didn’t taste strange. He was then spoon fed what could only be described as baby food. After dinner he was taken into the living room and sat on the couch forcibly snuggled up with Emmy as she watched television. Daniel’s mind was elsewhere, he couldn’t stop thinking about the escape attempt to come.

Fortunately Emmy didn’t question why Daniel was so distracted, in fact she seemed to welcome it. Daniel just looked at the television and sucked his pacifier, he was torn between excitement to get out and nervousness about the attempt. It felt like time dragged on and on before Daniel was finally lifted on the couch by Emmy.

“Time for beddy-byes for this little baby boy.” Emmy said in a sing-song way, “Right after we change that wet diaper.”

Daniel frowned. He wriggled slightly and gasped as he realised he had indeed wet his diaper. He couldn’t remember if he had done it on purpose or not, he had been so distracted with his escape plans that he hadn’t really paid attention. If anything was going to further his desire to get out it was a scare like this, if wetting himself had become normal to the point where he barely noticed it he had to get out as soon as possible.

On the changing table Daniel was laid down and his diaper opened up. Emmy hummed happily as she pulled out some wipes and cleaned Daniel up. The young man was pleased when Emmy didn’t try to masturbate him or attach the vibrator, it was a relief when the new diaper as taped closed. Daniel was put into a dark blue onesie that was decorated with stars and crescent moons all over.

“Have a good night, baby.” Emmy said as she raised the side of the crib and locked it in place.

Daniel chewed on the pacifier and rolled over to face away from his cousin. He heard her leave the room and the door get pulled closed. He heard Emmy going back downstairs and took a deep breath, it was time to wait. He didn’t want to try and get out of the crib until Emmy went to sleep and Daniel was sure he would have a real chance.

It was an anxious wait. Daniel listened out for any and all movement from downstairs but it just wasn’t coming. He had to fight off sleep and it was just as he thought about giving up that he finally heard the heavy footfalls of Emmy coming up the stairs. With his heart in his mouth Daniel waited until his cousin walked down the landing and into her bedroom. He waited for what he assumed was fifteen minutes and then took a deep breath.

Daniel rolled on to his front and then crawled to the corner of the mattress. He pulled up the edge and squeezed between the edge of the mattress and the bars of the crib. The wooden slats underneath were loosely placed and Daniel started sliding them together creating a small gap. Daniel grunted as he worked his way over until he was holding the mattress above his head. Once he dropped underneath the bed he would have to commit to the escape, there would be no going back.

“Here goes nothing.” Daniel muttered around his pacifier as he lowered himself down.

It was dark and dusty under the bed but as Daniel lowered himself down he could feel the freedom calling out to him. He crawled across the bedroom floor quickly, one of the benefits to staying on all fours was it made his movement a lot stealthier. The only noise he made was a soft crinkling from his waist. He couldn’t reach the handle to the closet so couldn’t get his bag, he would have to continue as he was.

Daniel reached the bedroom door and saw it had been left unlatched. He finally felt like he was getting a little bit of luck as he slowly opened the door. The landing was dark, there didn’t appear to be a light on in the whole house, not even in Emmy’s bedroom. Daniel realised he was biting the latex bulb of his pacifier really hard, he was surprised he hadn’t chewed right through it.

The stairs were the next obstacle for Daniel. He stood at the top and looked down, it felt like a mountain that he had to climb down. He slowly started to lower himself down the first giant step. It was difficult to do it without making noise but he slowly worked down one step at a time. He didn’t care if it took most of the night as long as he wasn’t found out.

By the time Daniel reached the bottom of the stairs he was out of breath and sweating. His thin onesie stuck against his skin as he paused briefly to catch his breath. As he leaned against the wall he relaxed his bladder without a second thought and wet his diaper. As the warmth flooded around his crotch he shivered, he closed his eyes and waited for the flow to stop. He justified his accident by saying he would find it easier to escape if he wasn’t totally uncomfortable.

Daniel tip-toed across to the front door and looked up. In the darkness it was impossible to see whether the latch had been placed on the door, Daniel could only pray it had slipped Emmy’s attention.

Daniel looked around and saw a tall table against the wall. He pulled it over towards the door as quietly as possible, every time one of the legs scraped on the floor he stopped and winced expecting the light to come on and Emmy to come down.

“OK… OK…” Daniel repeated to himself under his breath. Freedom was so close he could taste it.

With a little difficulty Daniel got on top of the table and stood up on shaky legs. He put both his hands on the giant door handle and twisted. With bated breath he turned the knob and prayed. There was a click and the door opened a crack allowing the cool night air to come in through the crack. Daniel could hardly believe it, he pushed the door open fully and saw the outside world.

“Concentrate.” Daniel whispered around his pacifier. This wasn’t the time to make a stupid mistake and give himself away.

As carefully as Daniel climbed on to the table he now lowered himself back to the floor. He slowly pushed the table back against the wall and then stepped out on to the porch. He had to stop himself just running away instantly, he took hold of the edge of the door and slowly swung it closed. Every second he remained missing would help him.

Daniel heard a click as the door closed fully. This was it. He was now free of Emmy and the madness of the house. He didn’t care that he was dressed in such an embarrassing way, he needed to flag down the first car he saw to get him out of here and could worry about explaining things later. He would ask to be taken to the police station, Emmy clearly needed help.

In the quiet of the night the crinkling of Daniel’s diaper seemed even louder. He walked to the end of the garden path and opened the gate, the road outside the house stretched out in both directions but there was no sign of any people. That didn’t deter Daniel though, he was free of Emmy’s long reach and he would walk all the way home if he had to. Just the thought of his own bed was enough to make him smile broadly.

Daniel started jogging away from Emmy’s house. He quickly found that this was going to be even harder than it looked. Daniel didn’t have any shoes or even socks on his feet and after just a couple of steps he realised what a problem that would be as a stone poked into the bottom of his foot. It didn’t matter, he had to put as much distance between himself and the house as possible.

Daniel headed away from the shops he had been taken to earlier in the day. He assumed that if Emmy discovered he was gone she would think he would go the way he knew, besides there hadn’t been many houses down that way.

The road was long, straight and almost completely silent. Daniel slowed to a walk as he looked behind him, the house was a tiny speck in the distance. He chewed on his pacifier as he contemplated his next move before belatedly realising he still had the paci in. He spat it out, it was attached to his onesie so it dropped down and bounced against his belly. Whatever, it could stay there, it wasn’t like the rest of his outfit was any better.

Daniel wasn’t sure how long he had been walking for or how much ground he had covered when he finally saw a light in the distance. He felt his heart soar, this was his escape. A person who could hide him, a phone he could use to call the authorities and a way to go back home. He could’ve started dancing!

Daniel hurried to towards the light and saw that it was a large house that was similarly proportioned to Emmy’s. He finally slowed down as he reached the bottom of the porch steps. There was a sign next to the door announcing the building to be a bed and breakfast. He took several deep breaths, he expected there to be a lot of humiliation at first but he would have to endure that for the greater good.

Knock. Knock. Knock.


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End Chapter 16

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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vended · Feb 26, 2024

Intriguing turn of events

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