Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 6

Chapter Description: Daniel finds it is easy to be clumsy when the house he is staying in is so large. After being embarrassed on Emmy's "alternative toilet" he is forced to further lower himself just to get around.

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Daniel’s face reddened as he started pushing down with his tummy muscles. He couldn’t believe what he was about to do. Squatting on the floor of the bedroom on his potty with Emmy watching him, he was seriously about to defecate in the plastic training device. This felt like it would’ve been an impossible situation just a couple of days ago, now the potty was just the toilet he used.

With a deep breath Daniel pushed down and started pooping. The log slipped out of him easily and splashed into the puddle of urine he had previously created. With the fullness in his bowels not abating he pushed again and felt a second turd drop into the potty. When he was finally done he looked up at Emmy who was positively beaming at him.

“Could I get something to clean up with?” Daniel asked through the shame in his throat. The smell was quickly contaminating the air around him.

“Sure, give me a minute…” Emmy said as she left the room.

Daniel felt so embarrassed. He could imagine his colleagues asking how his vacation went, he certainly wouldn’t be able to tell them the truth. All he could do was remain on the stinky potty whilst waiting for Emmy to come back. Emmy soon returned but it wasn’t with a roll of toilet paper like he expected, instead she had a plastic packet in her hands.

“What are those?” Daniel asked as his cousin came closer.

“Some wipes to use.” Emmy replied with a shrug.

As Emmy put the plastic container on the ground Daniel was able to see that they weren’t just “some wipes” but were actually baby wipes!

“Can’t I ju-” Daniel was about to ask for toilet paper but Emmy was already walking out of the room and humming a tune. She stopped just as she disappeared around the doorway.

“Once you’re done rinse the potty out and leave it in the bathroom. I’ll clean it after breakfast.” Emmy said before walking away.

Daniel was left on his own. He was naked on a potty he had just used with some baby wipes left to clean himself up with. Yet again his thoughts went to leaving as soon as possible but the reality remained that unless he was let out of the house he was essentially stuck there. Trying to fight the panic and claustrophobia that being trapped in the house gave him he opened the wipes and got to work cleaning himself.

It wasn’t as easy a task as he had hoped. Unlike on the toilet where he could lean forwards a little and clean himself the relative smallness of the potty made that impossible. In the end he had to drop on to his hands and knees and reach behind him. At least he was getting some privacy for this, he thought to himself as he finished the task.

Once Daniel was finished he dropped the last used wipe into the potty he got dressed and then picked everything up without looking at it. He held everything at arm’s length but still felt a little nauseous to be doing this. He took the potty into the bathroom and looked at the sink, it was an understatement to suggest it was a little too tall for him. The previous morning’s accident was still fresh in his mind as he took the trash can and upturned it again.

Today’s parkour attempt made the previous day look like child’s play. Daniel climbed on to the trash can and used that to get up to the edge of the bathtub. He looked down anxiously, if he slipped into the bath he would be stuck like a spider. Having to call for help because he was stuck in something two days in a row didn’t seem appealing.

Daniel managed to lift the potty up and get up to the sink. He was feeling out of breath from his naked acrobatics. He turned his face away in disgust as he opened the faucet and filled the potty with water. He then lifted it and poured it sideways to empty it into the toilet. Against all the odds he had managed to clean out the potty successfully!

With a strange pride Daniel dropped back down to the floor and put the potty down. He smiled as he looked down at his successful job and then started walking out the bathroom. He took a step and then turned his head just in time to walk straight into the edge of the door.

“Argh!” Daniel exclaimed in pain as he stumbled back from the door. He felt for sure he would have a bruise from that.

Just like when he fell out of bed in the night Daniel heard footsteps rapidly approaching. Emmy turned on to the landing to see Daniel clutching his head.

“Oh my, what happened?” Emmy asked as she rushed over to Daniel and dropped to her knees. She wrapped Daniel in a hug.

“I just… I walked into the door.” Daniel replied. He was engulfed in the hug, his hand forced against his head by Emmy’s significant chest.

“You’re full of accidents aren’t you?” Emmy asked rhetorically, “You know, I think you should crawl around unless I’m carrying you.”

Emmy finally released the cuddle. Daniel frowned, it took him a moment to really work out what his host was saying. After a few seconds he smiled and chuckled a little, Emmy’s face remained unchanged.

“You’re joking, right?” Daniel finally said, “Tell me you’re joking.”

“Why would I be joking?” Emmy smiled down at Daniel as if he just wasn’t getting the logic of what she was saying.

“But… No, I simply won’t.” Daniel waved his hands out in front of him.

“I’m just thinking of your safety.” Emmy said softly, “Look at the accidents you keep getting into.”

That was unfair, Daniel thought, it wasn’t like these accidents were his fault after all. He fell into the toilet because using a potty was something toddlers did, not adults like him. He tried to forget the fact he was now using the potty anyway. He fell out of bed but that was just because it was unfamiliar to him, it wouldn’t happen again, especially since Emmy was putting the bars up. Sure, he had walked into the door but everyone did things like that now and again.

“You can’t expect me to do that!” Daniel exclaimed. His face was flushing red.

“Fine.” Emmy held her hands in the air, “It was just an idea. How about you go downstairs and watch some television whilst I start making the changes to your bed.”

Daniel was actually shocked. He was adamant about not crawling around like a baby and yet he had expected Emmy to somehow talk him into it. It was a small victory but it was still very surprising. After a couple of seconds Daniel finally turned around and started walking down the landing towards the stairs, he kept expecting to be called back but Emmy remained quiet.

Daniel reached the stairs and looked down uncertainly. The stairs were a lot longer than most he encountered and with the big steps it was actually a little daunting. He considered getting on his hands and knees and going down backwards but after Emmy’s suggestion of crawling he felt like he couldn’t do that. He had to do his best to go down normally.

The steps were treacherous. Daniel had to hold on to the bannister with both hands and had to lean precariously forwards to make each step. He knew he must look silly so he concentrated on moving as fast as possible so that Emmy didn’t see him like this. She seemed to think he was just some kid who needed looking after and he had to show he was just as capable as she was.

“Daniel!” Emmy’s voice was sudden and insistent. In the silence of the house it made Daniel jump.

Daniel jumped and his grip slipped on the bannister just as he was moving a leg to take a step down. He teetered dangerously with eyes wide open, he tried to grab the safety railing again but it was out of reach of his flailing arms. He fell forwards and knew there was no way to catch himself. He closed his eyes as he fell down the stairs.

There were a series of loud bangs. Daniel’s world turned upside down as he fell head over heels several times. His momentum meant he dropped all the way to the bottom of the stairs and slid a couple of feet away. He felt a little banged up but seemed to have escaped without any serious injuries.

“Oh my goodness! Are you OK?” Emmy poked her head over the bannister at the top of the stairs and saw Daniel at the bottom, “Don’t move!”

Daniel wanted to say he was fine but he did as he was told and remained still as Emmy hurried down the stairs. She carefully looked Daniel over with a worried look on her face.

“Are you alright? Where does it hurt?” Emmy asked.

“I’m fine.” Daniel said as he pushed himself into a sitting position.

“What happened?” Emmy asked.

“I was just going down the stairs and then you called my name and I lost my balance.” Daniel said. He couldn’t help but look at the tall woman accusingly.

“I called your name?” Emmy repeated with a frown. She shook her head, “I was starting to get your bed’s rails ready. I didn’t say anything.”

“I heard you!” Daniel exclaimed. He distinctly remembered her voice as being the reason he turned around.

“I’m sorry but you’re mistaken.” Emmy stood up to her full and considerable height, “But that settles it. You are going to have to crawl around here. You’re too small and I don’t want you getting hurt.”

Daniel scrunched up his mouth and frowned. He wasn’t too small, everything else here was just too big! It didn’t seem fair and just like every other time something happened here Daniel looked for a way to escape. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the bolt on the door was still in place. No one was getting out that way.

“I’m not crawling.” Daniel finally stated flatly as he turned to face Emmy.

“I’m sorry, Daniel.” Emmy held up her hands as if to say she had no choice in the matter, “I can’t send you back home all broken and bruised.”

Daniel perked up at the mention of home. He bit his bottom lip. Emmy didn’t talk about him leaving much, if he had been outside the situation and looking in he would’ve realised how strange that was but in the moment he just latched on to that word: Home. Part of Daniel was screaming to continue resisting and that to do anything else was crazy but the other part of him was saying to go along with Emmy’s crazy instructions and then just ghost her when he finally left. She would get sick of him being there soon, he was sure of that. The busses would be rolling through again from tomorrow as well. All he had to do was play nice. He already drank from bottles and used a potty, was crawling that much worse?

With a sigh Daniel dropped forwards on to his hands and knees and started crawling towards the living room. His face was bright red as he scampered forwards with his butt in the air.

“Good boy.” Emmy praised her guest.

Daniel didn’t look back as he struggled up on to the couch and sat down. He took the remote control and switched on the television. He was watching the news and had the strangest feeling. Outside these windows there was a real world going on, it was easy to forget whilst stuck in this house. Daniel considered asking Emmy if they could go for a walk or something. On second thought he dismissed the idea, all of these embarrassing requirements were bad enough at home, he hated the thought of going out in public and being humiliated.

As Daniel flicked through the channels that morning he heard banging from upstairs. He was grateful to have some time alone, at least nothing bad could happen whilst Emmy was distracted upstairs. He looked at the windows and saw they all had locks on them, it seemed they were very thick too. Sometimes this house felt more like a prison than a home. Daniel shuddered and tried to ignore the growing sense of foreboding.

Around lunch time the banging upstairs stopped and Emmy came back down. She indicated that it was lunchtime which wasn’t coming a moment too soon for Daniel who was feeling very hungry after missing breakfast that morning. He slipped off the couch and took a couple of steps.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Emmy waggled her finger and then pointed down to the floor.

Daniel sighed with resignation as he slowly lowered himself down. He blushed tremendously as he started crawling on his hands and knees. It made everything around him seem even bigger and he had the horrible feeling that he was like a pet to his cousin.  He tried to tell himself he was reading too much into everything but the side of his brain setting off alarm bells was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

Daniel crawled all the way out to the dining room. He waited next to a chair until Emmy arrived and sat down, she reached over and picked Daniel up. Daniel’s legs kicked out as the hands unexpectedly held his sides and lifted him up to sit on his cousin’s lap. He didn’t try to protest, he was worried of what punishments he might receive if he was disobedient.

“Just some simple stuff for lunch today. I’ve tired myself up setting up your bed.” Emmy chuckled. As she laughed her knees bounced up and down causing Daniel to bounce a little. He had to hold her arm to stop from toppling over.

On the table were two bowls of soup but only one spoon. It seemed that Emmy feeding Daniel was now just expected, he was reasonably confident he wouldn’t feed himself again whilst he was here. He kicked himself for spilling his food on that first evening.

The soup was very nice and Daniel slurped up each spoonful he was fed. He sighed as his food was finished and Emmy ate some of her own. Daniel could only remain on his cousin’s knee patiently. He was determined not to say anything unless he was spoken to for fear of being given the pacifier again.

It was crazy how Daniel had been here for such a short period of time but Emmy had turned Daniel’s life upside down. So many that things that would’ve been unthinkable just days ago had now been almost normalised. Using potties, crawling being fed on Emmy’s lap... This all seemed like something a baby would do rather than an adult.

Daniel tried not to think about it and soon he found himself reclined as one of the large baby bottles was lifted up. He let the latex teat enter his mouth and reflexively started drinking. He stared up at the ceiling and tried to stop himself comparing this treatment with the way a baby would be treated. He wasn’t a baby! He shouldn’t have to keep reminding himself of that fact!

Daniel felt some milk run down his cheek just as he finished the bottle. His belly had swelled up yet again, he felt like a balloon that had been overfilled and was almost ready to burst. He gasped for air when the bottle was pulled away.

“I need to check on something.” Emmy said as she gently lifted Daniel down to the ground, “Why don’t you crawl into the living room and wait for me.”

Daniel didn’t need to be told twice. He flopped on to all fours and immediately heard his tummy rumble in complaint. Emmy walked out of the room as Daniel lethargically started crawling. He felt almost like a cow with the way his belly seemed to sway with each reluctant movement. In some ways he was glad he was expected to crawl because walking didn’t feel possible at the moment.

Daniel went back into the living room. The television was still on as Daniel reached the couch, he started trying to climb up on to the soft seat but soon realised it would be impossible without throwing up the soup and milk. With a groan Daniel dropped back on to his butt. He leant against the bottom of the couch and let out a loud belch. He looked around the room, he spotted Emmy’s bag sitting on the floor next to the armchair. He did a sudden double-take.


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End Chapter 6

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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