The Sanctity of Knowledge

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Chapter 4
Part 4

“What’s happening to me?!  Why do I keep getting younger?!” she thought as Miss Shaw carried her out of the bathroom and towards the school nurse’s office.  As they made their way to the nurse’s office through the throng of students passing in and out of classrooms, Alexa was struck by how small she felt.  The lockers, which seemed imposing before now might as well have been skyscrapers.  Some of the students she saw looked old enough to be her mother or father, at least to Alexa they did.  Everyone looked so mature compared to her. 

Upon reaching the nurse’s office, Miss Shaw opened the door and brought Alexa inside.  A thin, blonde-haired woman in her late 20’s walked into the waiting area and upon seeing Alexa immediately realized what had happened.

"Oh, no! Did someone have an accident in her pants?" she asked with a frown, speaking to Alexa in a tone and manner befitting her age.

Alexa attempted to answer through her intermittent sobs, but Miss Shaw interjected before Alexa could muster a response.  "She did, Rebecca, unfortunately.  It wasn't just a little tinkle, either. She completely soaked herself."

Nurse Rebecca looked surprised. "Really? And she's in the second grade? Let me look her up in the school database. Hmmm, that's odd. According to her bio she's barely five years old! Now it makes more sense that she had a big accident like that. It's far more common here with little girls in Pre-School and Kindergarten!"

Despite her situation, Alexa still held on to the last shred of dignity she had and was determined to not let go of it.  Something in the recesses of her mind was screaming at her, telling her that this wasn’t the way it was supposed to be.  People weren’t supposed to be making decisions for her.  She was supposed to be the one deciding what was best for her!  Having two women openly speak about her as if she wasn’t in the room shamed Alexa to her core and the embarrassment was too much for her to bare.  Then again, she had heard it with her own ears.  She was five years old!  But that couldn’t be right, could it?  Hadn’t she……wasn’t she someone different not too long ago?  Alexa attempted to interject, but the only words that came out of her mouth (with a slight lisp) were "But I fought I was in second gwade..."  Alexa’s contribution to the conversation went unnoticed as Nurse Rebecca and Miss Shaw debated what to do with the teary-eyed little girl who stood in between them. 

"Well, she obviously can’t stay in those clothes and we can't send her to Kindergarten in wet panties and shorts." Miss Shaw explained.

Nurse Rebecca began to prepare the examination table in the office, taking out a disposable underpad from a drawer below the table and unfolding it. "I can clean her up and put her in a spare pair of overalls and a t-shirt that I have.  I always keep a few clean pairs of clothes on hand…..” she explained, laying the underpad down on the examination table.  “What I don’t have is clean underwear, but I do have these…..” she said, as she opened another cabinet below the table and took out a crinkly, plastic package.  Alexa’s eyes widened at the sight of the package.  It depicted a little girl in pigtails, hands on her hips and beaming with pride, her Disney Princess Pull-Up on plain display.  Alexa realized what Nurse Rebecca was talking about.  She was going to put her in Pull-Ups!

"NO!!" Alexa screamed in protest, her emotions overcoming her as she started to throw a tantrum. She may have wet herself, but she did not need Pull-Ups!  "Imma big gurl! Don't need those...pwease……!"  Alexa began to cry again as she attempted to pull away from Miss Shaw, who easily held her in place.

Now, this wasn’t the first time Nurse Rebecca had to convince a child to wear Pull-Ups back to class after having an accident, so she went with her tried and true method of persuasion.

“Alexa, honey……..I know you’re embarrassed about your accident, but if you aren’t going to let me clean you up and put a Pull-Up on you, you’ll have to go to daycare.  You don’t want to go to daycare, do you?  You aren’t a baby, right?” she asked, kneeling down on the floor beside the beleaguered little girl and drying her eyes with tissue paper.

Alexa’s crying abated as she stared off into space for a few seconds, weighing what the nurse had just told her.  That’s when Rebecca decided to deliver the coup de grace.  “Oh, and if you go to daycare, you’ll have to wear diapers…….” she warned, emphasizing the word “diapers” with a tone that made it sound as unappealing as possible.  It had its intended effect, as Alexa’s eyes widened at the thought of having to be put in diapers like a baby. 

Nurse Rebecca took a Pull-Up out of the package and held it in front of Alexa.  “See?  It’s just like regular underwear, honey.  Nobody will know you’re wearing them and if you have to go potty you can pull them down, just like your big girl panties!  You’re still a big girl if you wear them, right Miss Shaw?”  Miss Shaw nodded her head in agreement, playing her part in convincing Alexa to accept wearing the absorbent garment. 

Alexa looked at the Pull-Up, still weighing Nurse Rebecca’s argument against her own embarrassment towards having to wear them.  After a few moments, she wiped her eyes with her hands.  “Ok…….I’ll wear them…….” she said in a tone that was self-pitying and pouty all at once. 

Nurse Rebecca smiled, putting her hands under Alexa’s armpits and easily lifting her off the ground.  “There’s my big girl!  Now, let’s get you cleaned up so we can send you back to kindergarten where you belong, ok sweetie?” 

Nurse Rebecca placed Alexa on the underpad, removing her shirt and leaving her in just her soaked panties.  Alexa crossed her arms in front of her chest in an attempt at modesty as Nurse Rebecca removed a few wet wipes from a nearby package.  “Now, let’s get these icky panties off of you……” she announced as she laid Alexa down on her back.  Alexa felt so vulnerable and exposed.  She really didn’t want the nurse to see her naked, but she also didn’t want to spend another second in her panties, which by now had become cold and clammy against her skin.  Nurse Rebecca carefully slid the panties off of Alexa and tossed them into a nearby trash can.  Alexa realized she was now completely exposed and her eyes began to tear up again as the intense feeling of vulnerability she was experiencing began to overwhelm her.  She whimpered as the cold wipes made contact with her skin as Rebecca began cleaning her.  After a few minutes, Alexa was completely clean.  Nurse Rebecca stood her up, then held out the Pull-Up, inviting Alexa to step in them.  Alexa stared down at the Pull-Up, hesitating as she still struggled to accept having to wear something so infantile.  She turned to Nurse Rebecca, a look of concern on her face. 

“I…….can still take them off if I hafta potty, right?” she asked, stepping into the Pull-Up with her left foot, then her right. 

Nurse Rebecca nodded reassuringly.  “That’s right, honey.  They’re just like regular underwear, see?” she said, demonstrating by pulling them up to Alexa’s waist, then back down again.  “Go ahead, Alexa.  Pull them back up, just like you would with your big girl panties.” 

Alexa reached down, grabbed the Pull-Up’s front and rear waistbands, then pulled them back up to her hips.  Nurse Rebecca was right, they did work like normal underwear!  Alexa sat back down and noticed how soft the Pull-Up felt against her skin.  

“Good job!  I told you they were just like your big girl panties, silly girl!” she said, tickling Alexa’s tummy and causing her to let out a giggle.  “Now, let’s get you in some clean clothes and I’ll take you to Miss Vaughn, ok honey?”  Alexa sat on the examination table as Nurse Rebecca dressed her in her new outfit: a plain-white t-shirt with “Dalian Academy” emblazoned across the front and a pair of blue overalls.  Nurse Rebecca then turned her attention the little girl’s hair, putting it in pigtails after brushing it.  The ensemble was completed with a new pair of shoes and socks and with that, Alexa was being led by the hand through the halls towards Miss Vaughn’s Kindergarten class.



End Chapter 4

The Sanctity of Knowledge

by: BackToBabyHood | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 19, 2021


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