[Spider Gwen ABDL] Something's wrong... I think...

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 30, 2021

Gwen Stacy is just trying to balance her student/superhero life. When Miles comes to her with a mission, she would never have thought it would go so wrong... At least she thinks something went wrong...

Chapter 1
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Gwen was sat at her desk studying for yet another exam. College was a fucking nightmare for regular students. And she had the added stress of being a superhero on top of that. She grabbed another stick of celery from her lunchbox. 

"Of all the things I'd need to eat to keep you guys happy" she muttered, feeling her symbiote moving slightly. She sighed. A small price to pay for never having to buy clothes ever again I guess she thought. How any version of Peter managed to do this student/superhero shtick so effortlessly was beyond her.

She slammed the book shut. "I need to unwind" she whispered. It wasn't fair that she couldn't just play her drums. MJ probably would've just let her practise but unfortunately the rest of her dorm wouldn't appreciate it. 

She hopped out the window, her symbiote transforming into her Ghost-Spider suit as she swung her way around New York. MJ would be pissed that she just disappeared but screw her. Gwendolyn Stacy was her own woman. 

She felt the sharp pain in her head and looked down into an alleyway beneath her. 2 men robbing a guy around her age. "Just another day in paradise" she said, jumping down to the robbery beneath her. "Don't you guys get tired of being locked up?" she asked. 

"It's MMPH" The first guy was cut off by a web covering his mouth, as was the second guy. Yada Yada heard that line a million times she thought. Not even 10 seconds since she hopped down, the would be robbers were tied up in her web, stuck to the building. 

"Uh… thanks?" the guy said. 

"No problem dude. Maybe try avoiding the alley ways next time" she said, jumping up and swinging away. I wonder if Harry's free… or maybe I could visit Miles… she thought. 

"I wish I could just take a day or two off from life…" she muttered. Have a whole day where she wasn't needed to save people. Where she didn't need to attend college. She could just laze about and do whatever the hell she wanted. "Fuck, even if I only had to deal with one or the other then it'd be great" 

She stopped swinging only when she reached the top of the Empire State Building. Kind of cliché for us Spidermen and women she thought. The sun was starting to set, giving the whole city a warm red tint. "Adulting is hard" she groaned, sitting on the edge of the building. 

"Is it?" 

Gwen looked behind her to see Miles behind the fence. "Yeah it's been too stressful recently. But I'm guessing your visit isn't going to make it any easier" she said. 

Miles shrugged. "I don't know yet. Spider Ham got a weird reading from a universe we haven't been to yet" he jumped the fence and sat beside her. Gwen took off her mask. 

"What do you mean by weird reading? You're being way too vague" she said. 

"Well… it's POTENTIALLY a threat to other universes. We know that much. But we don't have a clue what it's doing yet. Came to see if you’re interested in the mission" he said. 

Gwen groaned. "How long will it take? I'd rather not miss an exam" she said. Miles chuckled. 

"Your last exam is tomorrow right?" he asked. Gwen nodded, twirling a strand of hair between her fingers. "Great, we can leave just after it then" 

She sighed. "Fingers crossed it's nothing major I guess" she muttered, putting her mask back on. Most girls her age were more worried about partying all night after exams.


Gwen threw her bag onto her bed. “And finally finished” she smiled. At least for another couple of months anyway she grabbed her lunchbox of celery. She considered hopping out the window, but given she might be gone a bit longer she decided to at least tell MJ. She popped her head into MJ’s room. “Hey, I’m going to a friends house. Don’t worry I’ll be back for practice tomorrow” she said.

MJ glanced up at her and scowled. “Okay? I’m not your Mother” she grumbled, scrolling through her phone. Gwen snorted.

“Maybe you should stop acting like it” she chuckled. “You literally rang me last week in a panic because I wasn’t a half hour early for practice” she said. MJ glared at her and flipped her the bird, but Gwen could also see a light blush on her face.

Maybe she’s finally warmed up to me she thought, waving goodbye. As soon as she was outside, she ducked into an alley. Her symbiote turned into her spider suit and she jumped, clearing the building. Miles was already waiting for her on top of it. “Let’s get this over with” she said.

Jumping between dimensions wasn’t really something she’d ever get used to, although her symbiote was more to blame for that. She removed her mask and devoured another stick of celery. “You’re bloody lucky your powers aren’t this high maintenance” she said.

“When did you become such a drama queen?” Miles chuckled, taking out a piece of paper. Gwen stuck her middle finger up at him. “So, according to this universes Peter Parker… we’ve to head to the address here” he said.

“You’ve already been in contact?” she asked, one eyebrow raised behind her mask. She didn’t recognise the address, although given how everything seems to change names frequently in dimension hopping, that was hardly a surprise.

“Not me, but Spider Ham has” Miles pulled a phone out and opened a maps application called Googol Maps. “We’re not too far” he said, taking his mask off and covering his suit. “You might want to change too. I’d rather not run into any criminals looking to pick a fight with this universes Spider hero”

“Hmph, you not wanting to be involved in a fight? Now there’s a surprise” she quipped back, her symbiote turning back into her everyday wear. They leaped off the building into an alley below and were soon just outside the destination address. “Not a soul in sight…” she muttered. This place looks familiar… but so many things are different… Gwen thought.

They knocked on the door. “Hello? Is anyone home?” Miles said. They waited but got no answer, so Miles raised his voice a little. “Uh, Peter Parker sent us here. He said you needed help with something"

The door unlocked and Gwen had to hold back a gasp, as this dimensions George Stacy answered pistol in hand. "Got any proof of that claim son?" George asked. Miles showed him the note and George holstered his gun. 

"Come on then. I'll fill you in" he said, letting them into his house. He didn't waste any time, striding up the stairs. "We first noticed a weird pulse of energy about a week ago" he walked to the end of the hall. 

"I happened to avoid it when I was with Peter, but most others on the planet were affected" he said, grabbing the door knob. "I'm warning you now, this is some real 'what the fuck' territory here" 

George opened the door to reveal a nursery. Gwen's jaw hit the floor at what she saw. Sitting in front of a massive crib was this dimensions version of her. Except she was like a big baby. She was in a wet diaper and drinking a bottle of milk. "Uh?" she smiled, letting milk trickle down her chin. 

Gwen managed to regain her composure. "What?!? What kind of universe is this? What am I doing in a diaper?" she said, raising her voice with each word. 

Her counterpart giggled and started sucking her bottle. "She's just like women all over the planet. Most are regressing slower than my Gwen did, but they're showing no signs of stopping" George said. 

He walked over and checked her diaper. "And what's worse, I'm pretty sure anyone that wasn't 30 foot underground like I happened to be with Peter was affected in some way. As far as anyone else is concerned, nothings wrong" 

George picked his daughter up as though she were as light as an actual baby and brought her over to the changing table. "But I thought Gwen was still Spider Woman in this universe?" Miles said. 

George nodded. "She is. And it makes diaper changes fucking difficult when she can swat me across the room" he said, pointing to a rather large hole in the wall that had been out of their view before. The diaper came off, and Miles looked away blushing. 

Gwen noticed this version of her had a belly button piercing, something she’d been considering the last couple of weeks. Gwen blushed as her counterpart let out a massive belch and spittles of milk flew out, landing over her hair and face.

George finished changing his daughter and sat her back on the ground. “You see, here's the problem. We need to investigate the site where this energy pulse originated. Only I and the Mayor currently have access to the place… and I can’t leave my daughter alone anymore”

Gwen’s shoulders slumped and she deadpan glared at him. “Are… are you seriously telling me I was dragged along for this to babysit… myself?!” she spat, lips pursed. George scratched the back of his head and chuckled.

“Well, I can’t really find many people who can take a hit from a Spider hero. She barely tapped me and I got a giant bruise for my troubles. She needs to be restrained by someone who can actually take a hit from her” he said. Gwen looked to Miles.

“Uh… Not it?” he nervously laughed. I take the time to help out and my mission is changing my counterparts diapers. Great she thought.

“Alright. Fine. And when we get back to my dimension, YOU owe me a big fucking favour” she spat. She turned to George and threw her hands up. “What else does she need besides diaper changes and entertainment?”

George snorted. “Well I’ve already fed her so nothing else… unless she manages to make a mess and needs a bath, but that’d be your fault” Gwen’s eye twitched as he smirked at her. “And I think that’s out cue to leave son” he said, grabbing Miles and pushing him out the door. Gwen resisted the urge to punch a wall and turned back to her mentally regressed counterpart.

She crouched down beside. “So uh.. Gwennie I guess? Fuck, time travel paradox has nothing on this level of confusion” she muttered. ‘Gwennie’ didn’t even look up at her as she continued to drink the last of her milk. Gwen looked around the room. There was at least a TV to watch.

She grabbed the remote beside it and turned it on. The familiar Sesame Street theme played, although it was of course now called Sesame Road. Gwen could only stare at the children's show, seeing grown women being treated as nothing more than oversized toddlers.

Gwen sat down beside Gwennie, who promptly sat in her lap as she was enthralled by the show. Damn! Am I really this heavy?! Gwen grunted, shifting Gwennie around to make herself more comfortable. She sighed. “Maybe I should have just made Miles stay”

Gwennie clumsily clasped her pacifier and put it in her mouth. Gwen felt her tense muscles relax as she sucked on it. Resigned to at least let the girl watch TV, Gwen pulled out her phone. “At least some games still work here” she muttered, opening up Candy Crush Saga.

She basically tuned out Sesame Road as she played on her phone. But eventually, Gwennie grew bored and moved off her lap. “Hehehe” Gwen turned her head to see Gwennie shaking a rattle and drooling on a teething ring. “Pfft” Gwennie’s diaper vibrated.

“Oh no” she groaned, watching as Gwennie’s diaper started to sag more and more. "Should've guessed thing wouldn't go smoothly" she lifted Gwennie up onto her changing table. 

When George said she was strong, he wasn't joking. Gwennie kicked Gwen's shoulder and she winced as she was shoved back. "Yeah I'm not dealing with that" she said, shooting webs at Gwennie's hands and feet. 

She struggled and whined behind her pacifier but her baby brain couldn't understand how to get out of the webs. She started to sob. Thinking quickly, Gwen shot web at Gwennie's rattle and started shaking it, doing her best to change the diaper one handed. But once she needed to put the new one on, she let go of the rattle. 

Gwennie meanwhile managed to figure out she was actually stronger than the web and freed herself. She crawled away, climbing the walls and onto the roof. Gwennie spat her paci out and stuck her tongue out at Gwen. 

"I can play that game too" Gwen said, jumping to the ceiling and pulling Gwennie off. She struggled to get her to sit still but eventually managed to get the diaper on. Gwennie pouted and glared at her. 

Despite the hassle of the change, Gwen actually felt kind of bad for her counterpart. She sighed and picked Gwennie up, hugging her. "We can't have you running around nakie Gwennie" she said, tickling the bottom of her feet. 

Gwennie giggled at the tickling and hugged Gwen back. Huh. This is kind of nice Gwen thought as she ran her fingers through Gwennie's hair. She put Gwennie's paci back in, which she eagerly took. 

"Must be nice to just be so relaxed" Gwen mumbled as Gwennie sighed happily. Although I don't think I'd want to be so stress free that I don't even care where I take a shit she snorted. 

About 2 hours into her babysitting herself, Gwen was actually enjoying it. She chuckled as she watched Gwennie try to figure out why the cube wasn't fitting in a circular hole. She could practically see the gears turning in Gwennie's head. Just then, her Spidey sense went off. And by her whine so did Gwennie's. 

They had no time to react as an invisible force gently pushed them and everything else in the room. "Whoa" Gwen whispered. Gwennie hugged her and kept whining. "Shh shh Gwennie, it's alright" she said, gently rubbing her back. 

"Hope that was a good sign" she muttered. She comforted her counterpart for another half hour before George and Miles came back. "The hell happened?" she asked, bouncing Gwennie in her arms. 

George limped in. "We're not entirely sure still. But that Doctor Octopus guy was messing with some sort of machine. Peter said it'll take a while to figure out" he said. He sat down at the edge of Gwennie's opened crib. "At least we've more to show for it than a bruised leg" he chuckled. 

Gwennie stayed hugging Gwen. "So what now then?" she asked, turning to Miles. "Do we just go back and wait to be called?" 

Miles shrugged. "Not much we can do until we know what the thing is" he said. George took Gwennie off her hands. 

"At the very least, Peter thinks we've stopped whatever was happening. No more women are regressing that we could tell" he said. 

Gwen took out her last stick of celery and ate it. George snorted. "Well shit. I wish my Gwen was that willing to eat vegetables instead of corn dogs all day" he said. 

"Celery is just an exception for me. I need cellulose for dimension jumps or my powers are weaker for a long time" she said. 

"Speaking of which, we should probably be heading back" Miles said. They said their goodbyes and climbed out the window and onto the roof. "So, you had fun changing diapers?" Miles smirked. Gwen slapped his shoulder. 

"You owe me dinner after that, cheeky prick" she said. Miles chuckled. 

"Alright. I'm busy tonight so how about tomorrow night? Your pick of restaurant" he said. Gwen put her hands on her hips and raised one eyebrow. 

"Either you're getting better at this flirting game or you're too dense to know you're flirting" she said. Given Miles' blush, she took the latter as the answer. "But I'll absolutely take the offer, since I did ask for it" 

Miles pulled his mask on. "Then it's a date… shit… I really need to work on wording" Gwen laughed and her symbiote turned into her suit. 

"I better go before you make a bigger fool of yourself. See you tomorrow Miles" she said, activating the portal back to her dimension and stepping in. Gwen was immediately falling from a great height, not that it mattered to her. She swung her way through New York, landing on top of her dorm building by midnight.

She still felt a little dizzy from the travelling, trying to not stagger like a drunk. “Man you’re never happy. More celery for me I guess” she muttered. She tip-toed towards her room. It wasn’t likely many people were asleep, or even in their rooms for that matter, but she didn’t want to wake the few who might be asleep.

“You’re back late” Gwen jumped when MJ spoke. “I hope you’re actually gonna wake up for our practice tomorrow Gwen. Betty and Glory won’t have another free day to do it and the gig is in 5 days. We’re on at 11PM at that” she said.

“Well sorry Mom” Gwen teased and making MJ glare at her. “I’m sure 9 hours of sleep is more than enough. Relax, I’ll be there” she said. MJ huffed and shut her door. Gwen got back to her own room and shut her door with a sigh. “Who’d have thought I’d be changing my own diaper like that?” she whispered. That ‘Diaper Universe’ was definitely the most unique one I’ve seen she thought. She frowned as she thought back to that pulse of energy she’d felt.

“There’s no way any version of Doc Oc would want to turn women into giant babies… so what was it supposed to do?” she wondered. As she thought back on the feeling, she could almost feel it again…

Deciding it wasn’t worth staying up all night thinkin about, Gwen flopped on her bed. Her symbiote turned into just a t-shirt and panties. Gwen put her thumb in her mouth and started sucking it. Peter will be able to help… I’ll only have to go back if they ask me to… zzzz

She drifted off to sleep, unaware of anything being wrong...


Gwen stretched as she woke up. Haven’t slept that well in years she thought, taking her thumb out of her mouth. She sat up on her bed rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She frowned when she heard a crinkling. Pulling off her covers revealed a wet pull up and plastic mattress protector. For a split second, her heart rate increased. Then it went back to normal as she just stared at her pull up.

“That Diaper Universe is really getting to your head girl” she muttered as she got out of bed. Sure, I had to change other me’s diaper. But why would my pull ups being wet in the morning make me react like that? Gwen slid the wet pull up off and put it in her bin. “Just the usual clothes today” she said as she put on her daytime panties. Her symbiote did what was asked of it and she was in a skirt and…

“Wait… this is my old school uniform” she whispered as she looked in the mirror. She put her thumb in her mouth and started sucking it. “Is… isn’t it? I’m definitely in… high school…” she stared at her reflection. Something just feels off about saying it out loud but… it’s true isn’t it? I AM in high school. Just because I’m in a dorm with college students doesn’t make me one

“Oh, you’re dressed already? Great” Gwen turned to see MJ standing in her doorway. “We’ve got about 2 hours to practice so come on” MJ said as she went back to her room, noticeably in a better mood than last night. Gwen had to admit, she couldn’t understand why the college girl was so pissed off at midnight. It’s not like she had any exams on today, and Gwen definitely didn’t.

Gwen looked down at her clothes. “I meant casual clothes, not my uniform” she said. The spiders crawled all over her body and turned into a regular hoodie and skirt with leggings. She took her thumb out and grabbed her phone, following MJ. 

I really need to kick that habit… she thought. At least nobody else seems to care

She got in MJ's car in the front seat and buckled herself in. "You know I could have us there in like 2 minutes if you'd just let me swing us through the city" Gwen said. MJ glared at her. 

"Last time you did that, I got sick and couldn't sing during practice" she said. Gwen blushed and chuckled to herself. The drive was thankfully a short one though. Only about 15 minutes. 

"Make sure you go potty before we start. I'd rather not clean up again" MJ said. Gwen frowned but made her way to the bathroom anyway. Why did she call the toilet potty?... She thought. But the more she thought about it, the less out of place it seemed. 

"I mean sure… I may have gotten a little too excited during a song last time and had an accident but that's all it was. An accident" Gwen grumbled as she walked into the bathroom. She blushed as she sat on the potty, stall door wide open. “What was so wrong with MJ calling it the potty?” she whispered.

That was the word she’d used for it her whole life, so why the strong reaction? Gwen sat on the potty and pulled her… pull ups down? “But I was wearing… pull ups?” she groaned as her head started to hurt. Wasn’t I wearing panties just 2 minutes ago? She thought.

“You gone yet Gwen?” MJ asked, walking up to her in the open stall. Gwen shook her head when she heard a hissing noise. “Well it’s better than you not noticing you’re sitting in a wet pull up” she said. Gwen sat there until the hissing stopped. “Okay you should be good” MJ said.

Gwen stood up and MJ grabbed the toilet roll beside her and wiped Gwen clean. “I could have done that” Gwen grumbled, pulling her pull ups on. MJ threw the toilet roll in the potty. Toilet roll… but potty?... Why don’t I say potty roll? She thought.

“I know, I’m just making sure you wouldn’t leave anything behind” MJ said. “Now come on, I’ll wash your hands” she said, leading Gwen to a sink. Gwen pouted through the whole thing. Great, now my thumb will taste soapy

MJ held her hand and led her out of the bathroom. Practice went… normal enough. MJ made a remark about her being grumpy and tickled her, but it was otherwise the exact same as last week. Gwen smiled at the thought of being tickled again. “Alright, I have to go now MJ. What time’s the gig at?” Betty Brant asked.

“We’ll be on at 6PM” MJ said. Wait didn’t she say 11 earlier?... No… Of course she didn’t. 11 is WAY past my bed time. She’d never let me stay up that long, even if I was fighting someone Gwen sighed and got up from her drums. She paused. Didn’t I want to play them at my dorm earlier?...

Before she could continue that thought, MJ grabbed her hand. And led her back out to the car. “Oh, do you need a change before we start driving?” MJ asked, lifting Gwen’s skirt to reveal her pull ups. This… feels wrong… but she’s done it for years… right?

“Nope, you’re clean” MJ said. Gwen grinned. Hell yeah I’m clean! I’m not like that dumb baby me in the Diaper Universe, shitting whenever and wherever I want she thought. MJ helped Gwen get buckled up in the back seat of her car. “So Spidey, how about we go get some corn dogs?” MJ asked. 

“Please!” Gwen said, probably a little louder than necessary. MJ snorted as she started her car up. “If only I could get you to eat vegetables and fruit like you do corn dogs” she said. Gwen stuck her thumb in her mouth and sucked it.

“I eat celewy like a cown dog!” she said, lisping her r’s. MJ chuckled.

“And you don’t exactly have a choice there Gwen” she said. MJ focused on driving, leaving Gwen to her thoughts. It’s not my fault corn dogs are awesome! She thought. She stared out the window at all the buildings. I wonder how Gwennie will react when she gets her mind back… she smiled at the idea of her counterpart throwing a tantrum at being back in diapers.

Gwen flinched when she felt her drool land between her boobs. Ugh, hate when that happens… MJ will clean it up she thought. She frowned. Somehow that sounded weird in her head, but she also knew MJ would absolutely help her clean herself. She’s given me enough baths, why would cleaning my drool be any weirder?

When Gwen looked down at her breasts, a large bib was now covering the gap her drool had fallen through. She shrugged. Drool was weird. It had ways of getting places it shouldn’t. MJ parked her car and helped Gwen out of her booster seat.

But… I don’t need a booster seat… she thought. “Oh Gwen, you’re such a drooly mess” MJ said, taking Gwen’s bib and wiping her hand down. “How did you get drool between your breasts?” MJ laughed, using the bib to clean it up. Gwen shrugged and MJ scoffed. “Come on then” she said, taking Gwen by the hand.

Suddenly remembering they were getting corn dogs, Gwen started skipping beside MJ. She giddily bounced as MJ bought her 5 from the vendor. She had the first eaten by the time MJ had her own bought. “Careful Gwen, you’ll give yourself a tummy ache” MJ chuckled. Gwen blushed but started eating her second one just as fast.

MJ brought her over to a bench and sat down beside her. Gwen swung her legs as she ate. She flinched when MJ yelped. “One of yours?” MJ asked, holding out her hand with a spider on it. Gwen giggled and shook her head, which made MJ start frantically shaking her hand to get it off. “I swear I don’t get how you can stand hundreds of them crawling around you all the time”

Gwen giggled again. “You get used to it” she said, feeling the symbiote crawling on her back. She started her third corndog. “By the way, my friend Miles is bringing me out to dinner later” she said. MJ raised an eyebrow. “It was a favour after he left me babysitting in another universe” she said. Why am I telling her this? MJ knows all about this. I’m pretty sure I told her everything when she tucked me into bed last night...

“Sounds like a date” MJ said. Gwen giggled.

“That’s what he said too. He’s just too dense to realise when he’s flirting” she said, starting on her fourth corn dog. She noticed MJ staring at her and smirking. “What? Honestly MOM, I swear that’s how it happened” Gwen giggled. Shit why did I call her Mom? Maybe she’ll think I was being sarcastic again...

MJ scoffed. “Honestly GWEN, I think someone has a crush” she teased, poking Gwen. Gwen blushed as she finished her fourth corn dog. I mean… yeah, I guess I do. Mom’s always been able to read me that easily… shit did I do it again? She thought.

But… why is that weird? Sure, MJ isn’t my real Mom, but I always call her that… don’t I?

“Maybe...” she muttered. MJ wrapped an arm around her and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“He’d better have you back before 8PM. I’m not dealing with you in the morning because you only got 10 hours of sleep” she said. Gwen snorted and hugged her back. Can’t even blame her for that. I do get cranky if I’m not in bed by 8 she thought, remembering her last temper tantrum from a week ago. MJ reached down beside the bench and pulled up a large bag. Did she have that before?

“I’ll tell him to make sure to change your diapers as well. Wouldn’t want you embarrassing him in public” she said. Diapers? But I’m… potty training… Is that a diaper bag?! Gwen pouted, finishing her last corn dog.

MJ lifted Gwen’s skirt again and stuck a finger in the bottom of her diaper. “Still dry! Maybe we’ll be able to start potty training you soon Spider brat” MJ praised, poking Gwen in the arm. Gwen stuck her tongue out, but in her head she was having a mini panic attack.

Is the Diaper Universe affecting me?! I should be in pull ups already! Will Miles even know how to change a diaper?!... Of course he would, he’s changed mine before. WAIT! What was he thinking leaving me to babysit my counterpart yesterday? Surely Gwennie’s Daddy could have called us a babysitter… but then why would I be there?

Gwen held her head. Nothing was making sense right now. “Spider brat? That’s a new one”

Gwen snapped around to see Miles standing behind their bench. Before Gwen could say anything, MJ stood up and handed him her diaper bag. “I know she’s practically a bottomless pit, but try to not make her sick from eating?” MJ said. Miles chuckled nervously, taking the bag after a moments hesitation. MJ turned back to her. “See you tonight Gwen” she said, walking back to her car.

Miles waited until she was out of earshot before turning to Gwen. “Spider brat?” he chuckled. Gwen shrugged, but then remembered her panicked state from just a few seconds ago.

“Miles! Do you see anything weird about me right now?” she asked. He looked up and down her body a few times before Gwen realised he probably didn’t see her diaper.

“Uh, you’re in your school uniform?” he said. Gwen frowned and looked down. Ugh! Why are you doing that! She thought. She lifted her skirt with one hand, seeing a white diaper stained yellow.

“Hey Miles…” she said, staring at her diaper. “I think I need a change” she nervously brushed her hair behind her ear. Miles looked a little confused.

“And… that’s weird?”

Gwen shook her head. Of course that wasn’t weird. Or maybe it was and she just couldn’t remember? “I don’t know! But I’ve been feeling like this all day. Maybe we should go see Peter in the Diaper Universe?” she asked hopefully. Why do I call it that?...

Miles stared at her for a second, then picked her up. Gwen sat in his arms as he felt her forehead. “Well you’re not having a heat stroke” he muttered. Gwen scowled, but just as she went to speak, Miles put her pacifier in her mouth. She glanced down and saw it was connected to her uniform by a strap. Was that always there? 

She pouted behind her paci and started sucking it, wrapping her legs around Miles’ body. “I’m tewwin’ you Miweth! Thomething wong abou’ me!” she whispered harshly. He carried her off to a random alley and scaled the wall to the roof with her.

“Alright. Let me get this straight. You’re saying that when we were in the… Diaper Universe, something happened to change you. But you don’t know what it is and nobody else can see it either?”

Gwen nodded. “Uhuh! I wath pwayin’ with the othew Gwennie an’ we fewt a wiewd ena… enej… we wewe pushed by thomething invithibwe” Gwen said. Poopie! How do you say it? Enewgee? Engenwee? No… she thought. Miles stared at her for a few seconds.

“Gwen, I think your imagination is just too active right now… Tell you what. If you feel like something else has changed and you want to go to that universe’s Peter, I’ll bring you. No questions asked. Deal?” he said. Gwen sighed and nodded, holding out her pinky finger.

“Pinky pwomithe?”

Miles chuckled. “Pinky promise” he said, taking her pinky in his. “Now, you want me to carry you or can you swing by yourself?” he pulled his mask down. Gwen giggled, her symbiote turning into her Spider suit.

“I can thwing mythewf!” she said, still sucking her paci. It occurred to her how strange it must look to have her mask on over her paci. But it didn’t do any worse a job at hiding it as it did her diaper. “You nevah cweaned me!” she pouted.

Miles scratched the back of his head. “Uh… sorry about that. I’ll change you when we get there?” he didn’t wait for an answer, jumping off the building and swinging away. She jumped off and chased after him.

“Dummy head fowgot ta cwean me” she grumbled. Soon however, she’d forgotten all about her wet diaper as she was swing through the air. “Hahahahehe!” she giggled, flipping over a building. Miles was still a little bit ahead of her, but she had no idea where he was taking her.

They landed on a random building overlooking the statue of liberty, a table with a chair and highchair already set up. Gwen’s legs quickly gave way and she fell on her butt, making her giggle as she smushed her wet diaper against the ground. Her symbiote turned her suit back into her standard pink Hello Kitty t-shirt, allowing some of her pee to leak out from her diaper.

Miles sighed. “Guess I should have changed you then” he muttered. Gwen took her paci out to stick her tongue out at him, and put it back in straight away. He took out a changing mat and had her crawl over to lay down on it.

Gwen blushed as he changed her diaper. Why am I blushing? It’s not like he’s not seen me nakie before she thought. Miles balled up the old diaper and put it down beside them with a wet plop. “Yucky” Gwen giggled.

“Very yucky” Miles smiled as he put a new diaper under her. She giggled again as he tickled her tummy. “There. All clean again” he said as he taped the diaper up. Gwen held her arms out and he picked her up, putting her in the highchair. “You ready for din-dins?” he asked. There was a big metal thing in the middle of the table hiding the food.

“Yeah!” Gwen said, bouncing in her seat. Miles took the metal lid off and her jaw dropped. No less than 15 corn dogs, 5 sticks of celery, and a large bottle of milk on her side, and what looked like chicken on his side. She spat her paci out. “Yay! Corn doggies!” she cheered, finally able to speak properly again.

Miles handed her the corn dogs and celery, putting them on her highchair tray, and Gwen wasted no time in devouring them. She was already on her third corn dog by the time Miles got her bib on. And she definitely needed it between the drool and corn dog scraps. Miles chuckled at her, eating his chicken much slower. “Why’s your chicken a funny colour?” she asked, stuffing a stick of celery in her mouth.

“It’s cajun chicken Gwen. It has a lot of spices added to it. And no, you can’t try it. I got in enough trouble with MJ for bringing you off yesterday, I don’t need you getting a tummy ache and getting me in more trouble” he said.

Gwen stuck her tongue out again, this time pushing food out of her mouth. Not that it mattered to her as she picked the scraps up and put them back in her mouth. “Baba?” she said, looking at the bottle still on the table. Miles grabbed it and squirt a bit on his wrist.

“Still too hot. Finish your corn dogs and celery first” he said. Gwen giggled as she felt her crotch start to get warm and tickle her. “You are just a little fountain” Miles said. She giggled, though she didn’t understand what he meant by fountain. Sometimes my diapie just gets warm! I’m not doing anything!

She’d finished her last corn dog and stick of celery soon enough. She could already feel her symbiote becoming more active with the extra cel… cellulose? Whatever that means she thought.

Miles wiped her face down with her bib and unlocked the highchair. He sat her in his lap and she lay back into his arm. “Ready for your milk Gwen?” he asked. She nodded vigorously. He held the bottle up above her. “Open the hangar, here comes the airplane! Nyooowm”

She giggled and opened her mouth, sucking the milk down as fast as she could once her lips latched onto the rubber nipple. Silly Miles, you’re supposed to do that with baby food! Not a baba! She thought, giggling to herself again.

Miles checked his phone. “Already 7PM Gwen. Once you finish your milk, I’ll bring you back to MJ” he said. She pouted and cuddled closer to him. They sat there for maybe 5 minutes before Gwen finally finished her baba and Miles sat her up to burp her.

She let out a loud belch, sending spit flying in front of her. “Ohh that’s better” she whispered. Miles stood up with her.

“So, you want to swing by yourself again or you want me to carry you?” he asked. She thought about it for a moment. Then an idea came to her.

“Piggyback ride!” she giggled, climbing around to his back. Miles chuckled.

“Alright then, hold on tight” he said. Miles sprinted off the building and started swinging through the city. It was no different than how she swings through the city, but it was nice to have someone else do the work for once.

They landed on an escape stairs, which had Gwen confused for a second. But… I live in a dorm… Ugh, don’t be a dummy head Gwen! You live with Mommy in her apartment

“You’re early for once” Mommy said from the kitchen. Miles hopped in through the open window. “Did you have a good time Gwen?” she asked. Gwen nodded.

“Uhuh! I gots corn doggies, and celery, and a big yummy baba!” she said. Mommy snorted. I guess it’s really no different than what she’d feed me Gwen thought.

“See MJ? I told you I’d have her back in time” he said as Gwen climbed around for him to hold her properly. She sucked her thumb, listening to the two of them talk. 

“Would you mind playing with her until her bed time? I’ve to finish baking brownies here for a charity” she said. Miles walked up to MJ and kissed her cheek. Why’d he do that?! Gwen pouted.

“Anything for you” he said. Mommy slapped his shoulder. “Hey!” he chuckled.

“Behave. It’s a little early for that sort of thing” Mommy said. For what sort of thing? Gwen quietly sucked her thumb as Miles brought her into her nursery. He let her down on her hands and knees to crawl.

Maybe… maybe the Diaper Dimension did something else to me? She took her thumb out and squatted. “Miles, are you sure the diaper universe hasn't had any side-effects on me?” she asked, looking back at her now heavily wet diaper.

Miles sighed and looked her over again. “Hmm, yeah, certain” he said. Gwen felt her tummy grumble. “We can go run some tests with Peter if you want” he said, intending on making good on his pinky promise to her.

“Poopy” Gwen whispered, moaning as she pushed her poop into her diaper. Oh that feels good! She thought. A line of drool slipped down her chin.

“You want me to change your diaper first?” he asked as he struggled to not chuckle at her.

“J-Just a minute…” she gasped. So… horny… she thought, squeezing her legs together. “Mnn ❤…” she sat back on her poop, smearing it everywhere. “I need to make cummies after my poo-poos ❤” she giggled dumbly as she grabbed the nearest stuffie to start humping it. Gwen make cummies! Gwen not a little baby like Gwennie! Gwennie no know what cummies even are!

She huffed and panted as she humped, before finally climaxing in her wet and messy diaper. “Gwen wuv cummie time” she mumbled with a dumb smile. She was drooling all over now, but she didn’t care.

“So? Should I bring you to Peter Gwen?” Miles asked. Gwen shook her head no. That’s probably just what was wrong. I didn’t make any cummies this morning she thought.

“I think I’m good now” she said, putting her paci in her mouth. Miles shrugged and started helping her build her blocks into a tower. She laughed as she knocked the whole thing down. When it finally came time for her diaper change, Gwen smirked. When Miles reached down to get a new diaper for her, she took the opportunity to climb to the ceiling like Gwennie had. She took her t-shirt off and dropped it on Miles. “Nakie Gwen!” she cheered.

Of course, he had her back down on the changing table quickly with the promise of picking out the sleeper she’d wear to bed. “Hmm… that one!” she pointed at a black and white one that looked like her Spider suit, except it was fleece. “Hey!” Gwen pouted, remembering she was the one who changed her clothes anyway when the symbiote changed her into the sleeper. The t-shirt disintegrated into spiders and reconnected with her.

Miles laughed out loud just as Mommy walked in. “Alright Miles, you go to my room. I’ll put Gwen to bed” Miles pinched Mommy’s butt as he walked past, making Mommy purr. “Go on, get! I’ll be there soon” she said. Mommy picked Gwen up and tucked her into her crib.

“So… you think Miles would make a good Daddy?” she asked, putting Gwen’s paci in. Gwen pouted. “I know sweetie, your Daddy is Captain Stacy. Mommy’s just talking about a pretend Daddy, like Mommy’s your pretend Mommy” she said.

Gwen stared at Mommy. “Uhuh! I wuv Miweth!” she whispered loudly like a toddler would. Mommy giggled at her, planting a kiss on Gwen’s paci. Mommy handed her a few of her stuffies.

“Well then, Mommy had better get to work on that” she said. “Goodnight sweetie. You’ve got a big day in daycare tomorrow” Mommy said. She turned the night light on and closed the door.

Gwen hugged her teddy bear and sucked her pacifier. Yeah… The Diaper Universe didn’t do anything to you Gwen. Gwennie was just a little baby. You’re a big girl who makes cummies...

Content that everything was as it was supposed to be, Gwen turned to her side and smiled. “Daycawe” she mumbled sleepily. Just before Gwen drifted off to sleep, she swore she could hear Mommy and Miles wrestling...



End Chapter 1

[Spider Gwen ABDL] Something's wrong... I think...

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 30, 2021


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