You are never too old to go trick or treating

by: Tazz | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 18, 2005

Bobby always was told he was too old to go trick or treating, soon he will find out that is never true

Chapter 1
Halloween Night

Chapter Description: You are never too old


Chapter 1:

Halloween Night

My name is Bobby, I’m 17 years old and today is Halloween and I was both looking forward and dreading it for many reasons. The reason I was looking forward to it was because I always went trick or treating on Halloween as far back as I could remember, sure 17 yr olds shouldn’t be Trick or Treating at that age, they should instead be going to parties and other things teens in High School normally do, but not me I always go even if it meant being harassed the next day at school by my friends who caught me because I believe you are never too old to go trick or treating. The part about going this year that I dreading the most was the fact that this year would be my last. Just a week ago my parents who giving me their reasons on why I shouldn’t go, their main reason was that next year I would be at college and it would ruin my reputation if I still went. After arguing for a day of whether or not I could go I made compromise with my parents that after this year I would stop. Next became the biggest problem, getting someone to come along with me. I didn’t want to go alone because if I was caught and became an outsider I wouldn’t be the only one. I called as all my friends I had and they all said the same thing:

“I cant believe you are still going trick or treating, man what a baby.”

I would tell them that they were never too old to trick or treating but they still thought it was a thing that only kids or people who still believe in Santa should do.

Deep down inside I knew they were right but I after making a dozen calls I was finally convinced to get my friend Jacob to come along. I was able to get him along after promising that if they get caught by their friends I would take the fall and say that he was there to make fun of me. I met him at his house at around 7pm and we both agreed to wear devil masks so it would be hard to recognize us plus we wore heavy clothes so that we could easily hide the candy if we had to.

“I don’t believe you talked me into doing this. We could be at Jasmine Loocher’s party but instead we are going trick or treating” said Jacob.

“Look on the bright side this will give us a break from the pressures of being a senior in high school.”

“Yeah but we could be having more fun at the party. We could easily have escaped the pressures at the party with people that are age and instead we are doing something that kids half our age do.”

“How about this at 8:30 we will stop and go to Jasmine’s party, we will only have missed a half hour and if they asked of where we were we would just say that you promised that you would take your younger brother out and you didn’t want to do it alone and asked me to tag along.”

“Alright but if we get caught, you take the fall.”

“Fine with me now lets go.”

After spending a half hour of trick or treating I to see notice two things, one I was surprised to see that Jacob was actually having fun doing something that a kid would normally do and second we did not run to any of our classmates at all. But then mine and Jacob’s biggest fear became a reality, down the street there was three of our closest friends most likely on their way to Jasmine’s party and we did not want to be caught trick or treating.

“Great now we are going to get caught thanks to you” said a both angry and nervous Jacob

“Quick hide” I said

As our friends got closer and closer we were looking around for a hiding spot and to our luck there was none that was good. Then came something that caught both our eyes. It was a store we have never seen there before. It was called “Halloween Fantasies”. We didn’t care, all we needed was a place to hide for the moment and before they could see us, we rushed into the store. It looked like there was no one inside, so me and Jacob just stood in the store waiting the coast to be clean for us to get out without getting caught.

“Look I don’t care what you say, I’m going to the party as soon as we can leave” said Jacob

“Alright, I might as well join you, maybe this was a bad idea“.

“Hello Bobby and Jacob I have been waiting for you” said a man who just appeared out of no where from behind the counter.

“Where did you come from and how did you know our names” I asked in a shocked tone

“It doesn’t matter where I came from or how I knew your names, the question is why did you come to my humble store?” Asked the man

“We came in to get away from some friends of ours so they would see us trick or treating even though we are 17.” I said

“Because trick or treating are just for kids and not people planning on going to college soon“. Said the man

“That’s what I said” responded Jacob.

“To me you are never too old to go trick or treating. You could be 17 or even 78 and you wouldn’t be too old for trick or treating. Trick or treating is an event where everyone who does it has the opportunity to pretend they are someone they are not and get rewarded with candy or coupons or pennies.” Said the man

“That’s what I have been saying, but everyone still thinks Halloween is a holiday that is mostly for little kids who still believe in Santa and stuff. While no one agrees with me. I just wish that I had something that could let me and maybe Jacob have the fun of trick or treating without having to worry about being caught and it look very weird for years to come.”

“Well you two are just in luck, I have something that may solve your problem.”

“What a time machine” joked Jacob

“Well sort of, its magic candy that lets you relive your childhood. There are two flavors chocolate makes you a kid, and vanilla makes you older, that’s for one is really just to turn you back.”

“You expect us to believe that eating a candy would make us young enough to go trick or treating?” Said Jacob

“I don’t expect you to believe me right away but if you don’t believe me just try one.”

“What do you have to do I asked wondering if the man was telling the truth.”

“You simply just take a candy and say the magic words....”

“Abra Kadabra joked” Jacob

“Why no, the magic words are trick or treat. Then poof you are now the normal age for a person to go trick or treating,”

“Bobby lets get out of here, I don’t see our friends out there anymore the coast is clear.”

“Not right now I want to see if this guy is telling the truth about the candy, what could happen if we try one and it doesn’t work.”

“We could get poisoned and die.”

“Come on the man doesn’t seem like that kind of guy, lets do it.”

“Ok, but if we get horribly sick you are a dead man.”

“Alright. Sir, we would like to get some of that candy you told us about.”

“What is the magic word.” asked the man

“Trick or treat” Jacob and I said

The man then gave us each a bag of the candy with about 100 of each of the two flavors. Then we both took out a chocolate piece out and put it in our mouths and swallowed it and said the magic words “Trick or Treat”. Then right before our eyes we began to shrink out of our costumes. We lost all signs of our teen hood from our facial hair, to our muscle tone and everything else a kid wouldn’t have. Then after a minute we were transformed into a couple of 8 yr olds wearing oversized costumes.

“Oh my god it actually worked I said in almost disbelief”

“I know this is unbelievable but there is a problem. What about our costumes. They are big on us. What are we supposed to be shrunken monsters” said Jacob

“Don’t worry I have costumes in the back that you could wear absutly free. Think of it as a Halloween gift.” Said the man

He then went into the back and took out a couple of costumes that would defiantly fit a couple of 8 yr old boys. There was a pikachu and a pirate costume to wear. Jacob insisted that I wear the pikachu since in a way I was always a child in heart. We thanked the man and headed out to go trick or treating, [/color]



End Chapter 1

You are never too old to go trick or treating

by: Tazz | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 18, 2005


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