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Look young for your age

by: Tazz Last updated Oct 31, 2014

Amanda has always gotten away with how young she looks especially on Halloween. But what happens if it becomes real. Kind of a sequel to a Halloween story I did a while back called "Halloween's Past"

Trick or Treat without the treat

by: Tazz Last updated Oct 27, 2011

Luke and Melinda have bought magical age candy for themselves on Halloween, but what happens when it is accidentally handed out to trick or treaters? (Note this story will be told through different points of view for the first 2 chapters)

April Showers bring baby showers

by: Tazz Last updated Apr 13, 2008

In a certain family, the women are spring witches. Every year on the first day of spring, all the woman gain a power to turn people into things based on a theme. And this year its babyhood

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RE: Visible Time site is no more

Tazz Oct 9, 2022

if given the resources Id probably create something simular. maybe not have images or videos. just info, links, etc. there is a way to access ...

Found info on a comic/story hybrid with ar

Tazz Sep 17, 2022

while digging around found out there is a german comic/story called Lurchis Abenteuer (Lurchi's adventures). Its about an anthro salamander and ...

Unseen AR in Star Trek: Lower Decks

Tazz Sep 12, 2022

season 3 episode 2: The Leasy Dangerous Game The characters talk about Vendome (another crew member) transfered to another ship. They mention ...

AR is 1st episode of Netflix's "The Sandman"

Tazz Aug 25, 2022

In the episode Morpheus (basically the god of dreams, sleep, etc) is captured and put into a glass prison by a man who seeks for him to resurect ...

Casper comic with ar (we also need to bring images here)

Tazz Aug 2, 2022

I found this. Casper the friendly ghost #2 (1991). Casper investigates the cause of a whole nearby town town into babies. Sadly no process. He i ...

New Boss Baby netflix series with AR in first episode

Tazz May 19, 2022

Boss Baby: Back in the Crib is a followup to the sequel movie "Family Business". The first episode shows Ted (aka Boss Baby as an adult) has bee ...

RE: AR alert (will air in May)

Tazz Mar 31, 2022

though can find some videos if you look hard enough

AR alert (will air in May)

Tazz Mar 31, 2022

The HBOMax cartoon "Jellystone" (a mordern take on Hanna Barbera characters like Yogi Bear) will start its second season May 17th with all episo ...

Minor ar/ap in Pixar's Turning Red (spoiler)

Tazz Mar 12, 2022

After her mom goes giant Red Panda and goes on rampage. MeiMei does the ritual to restore her mom back to human. In the realm of their ancestors ...

AR/AP alert in Trolls: Trollstopia

Tazz Mar 1, 2022

In the Peacock exclusive show. There is an episode called "Big Sis B". R & B invent a de-aging machine to make Poppy's cupcake new again. Course ...

airdate and new episode title for ar episode of new smurfs cartoon

Tazz Jan 22, 2022

Its been confirmed the episode which is now called Smurfy Daycare. will air in the us (on nickelodeon) on febuary 4th

AR alert in kids show "Santiago of the Seas"

Tazz Jan 13, 2022

In the episode "The Curse of the baby pirate" bad pirate Bonnie is turned into a baby after going after a treasure. Turns out the treasure chest ...

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