Look young for your age

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Chapter 6
The Nightmare Ends

Chapter Description: Beth has some fun at Amanda's expense

The end of this nightmare was a mere 5 feet away. While Ellie held my toddler size body. We hit a snag. Beth had beat us to her grandma’s house. She is what stood in our way of ending the quest.

“Beth get out of our way so we can visit your grandmother and get Amanda back to normal” said Ellie

“No. I am sure Amanda doesn’t remember this but she used to babysit me when I was little. I hated her. She wouldn’t let me do anything I wanted.” Said Beth

“So…most babysitters don’t.” said Josh

“True but she was the first. My parents spoiled me. Amanda made me realize that I couldn’t get everything I wanted. Since then my life has been a mess. I recognized little Amanda from old pictures of her Ive seen. So I knew this was my opportunity to get revenge. Now Amanda how old are you?” asked Beth

I quietly responded “1.”

Ellie felt my body get lighter and smaller as it became easy for her to hold me now.

“Beth stop this. Amanda doesn’t have that many age lies left. We don’t know how far it will go” said Ellie

“Awe but she is such a cute little baby. I am sure she wont mind if she was…Amanda how old are you?”

I don’t know how with my such small body or the fact I wasn’t able to talk. But I managed to say “5 months old”. As I said it my body shrank practically out of the costume I was wearing. I was now a chubby, bald headed, toothless baby.

“I don’t think she can lie anymore Beth. Let us see you grandma.” Said Zach

“I don’t care. I want to see if little baby Amanda will disappear into nothingness.” Said Beth

“Beth please. Let us see your grandmother.” Pleaded Ellie

“Beth, this is crazy. If your grandma knew what you were doing she would…” said Zach

“What. I am her sweet grand daughter. She lives to spoil me.” Said Beth

“This is crazy. Let us through!” said Ellie

“No in fact…Amanda how old are yo…” said Beth but before she could finish her question she was interrupted.

“What is going on?” said Mrs. Rudor who was at the front door.

“Nothing grandma. Just hanging with my friends.” Said Beth.

“Oh…and who is this cute little baby” said Mrs. Rudor going over to me.

“Actually Mrs. Rudor. This is Amanda. She was a 23 yr old old who lied about her age and you placed a curse on her where she became the age she claimed to be.” Explained Ellie

“I thought she looked familiar. I guess she hasn’t figured out how to turn back.” Said Mrs. Rudor

“That’s why we are here. We figured you could help but Beth is trying to stop us by asking Amanda how old she was knowing what would happen.” Said Ellie

“Is that true?” asked Mrs. Rudor

“But you don’t understand she…” Beth tried to explain

“I don’t care. How many times have I told you to not mess with the gift I give someone. Perhaps your little sister Lucy should have a baby sister for a bit” said Mrs. Rudor who wasn’t happy at her grand daughter.

“Please not again! Ill be good.” Pleaded Beth

“Just go home and hope I don’t put you in diapers tomorrow” yelled Mrs. Rudor

“But I have plans!” said Beth

“Go!” said Mrs. Rudor

Beth quickly left to go home looking worried.

“Are you really going to put her back in diapers again” asked Zach

“I haven’t decided. No on to why you are here…ah yes little Amanda. For her to turn back. Ask her what her real age is. She should be able to say 23. When she does, she will return to normal. Come inside so no one sees.” Said Mrs. Rudor

We all went inside and I was put on the ground with my large toddler sized clothing.

“Ok…Amanda what is your real age?” asked Ellie

I don’t know how due to babies this young cannot talk. But I said “23”.

Like that I started to grow. But into an infant with my hair growing in and my teeth returning. Then into toddler hood. More hair and teeth and the costume fit again. Then into childhood with the babyfat vanishing as I grew older. The costume also began to get tighter. I went into the bathroom and gave Ellie back her old costume and she gave me back the one I originally wore. About 3 minutes later I walked out the bathroom back to my old 23 yr old small body self.

“Amanda maybe you shouldn’t lie about your age and leave Halloween to us real kids.” Said Ellie

“Oh I will after having such a Halloween I don’t think I can even pretend to be a kid” I said

“Good then my gift did its work.” Said Mrs. Rudor

“If you can call it one. Ellie, Zach and Josh thanks for helping me.”

“No problem” said Zach

“But you didn’t get much candy due to you trying to help me” I responded

“Its ok, there is always next year.” Said Josh

We talked for another few minutes and headed our separate ways. I went to my car and they went to their houses. I drove home thinking about my experiences and the magic that is Mrs. Rudor. I still felt sorry for taking my new friends’ Halloween. Of course when talking about my Halloween I left out the magical part since no one would believe.

The next day I bought a bunch of candy and put them into 3 trick or treat buckets. I gave them to Ellie knowing she would give them to Josh and Zach.

“Amanda we told you. You don’t have to do this.” Said Ellie

“I insist. Think of it as a reward for your help last night” I said

“Well I cant say no to candy. Neither can Josh and Zach. Oh by the way drive by Beth’s house.” Said Ellie

“Why” I asked

“You will see” said Ellie

I got into my car and did as Ellie suggested. There wasn’t much to see. I saw a young girl who must have been Lucy, Beth’s 5 yr old sister. I didn’t think much of it til I notice who she was playing with. She was playing with a girl who had to be maybe 10 months old. She was wearing a pink dress and a diaper with a bow in her little amount of hair. She did not look happy.

“Funny I thought I heard Beth only had one sister.” I said thinking to myself before remembering what Mrs. Rudor had told her grand daughter.

“I guess Beth’s plans were cancelled” I said to myself with a smile as I drove off.



End Chapter 6

Look young for your age

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2014


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