Look young for your age

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Chapter 4

Chapter Description: Things get very interesting for Amanda

About 15 minutes into trick or treating with Ellie, Zach and Josh. I had begun to actually have fun. If someone had told me I would spend Halloween Trick or treating but this time as an actual kid and enjoy it. I wouldn’t believe them..not just about being a kid but enjoying it. Usually someone would be terrified of the fact that they might have to go through puberty again. But due to how much fun I was having, I began to actually start to forget about the truth is if I was truly a 9 year old.

“Thanks again for letting me tag along with you guys. I am actually having fun” I said as we left the house we have just visited

“No problem Amanda. I am glad an “adult” like yourself wouldn’t mind hanging out with kids like us” said Ellie

“Hey at the moment she isn’t an adult. She is a kid like us..actually a year younger” joked Josh

“Hey I may be smaller but I am still an adult inside” I said sticking out my tongue.

“Not if you continue acting that way” said Zach

“Yeah Amanda. Why would you do that. Adults don’t do stuff like that. Kids do.” Said Ellie

I had not idea why I even did that. It was such a childish reaction. I guess it was a side effect of being a kid again. It was the only childish outburst I had done so I just shrugged it off.

A few short minutes later we were at the next house. We rang the doorbell. Where kind woman answered the door.

“My what do we have here. A cop, Batman and a princess” said the woman

“I am Elsa from “Frozen” “ I responded

“Of course you are. Ellie, Josh and Zach who is your little friend?” asked the woman

“Of this is my cousin Amanda. She is visiting me for Halloween” replied Ellie

“And Amanda how old are you?” she asked

For some reason…I guess out of habit of lying about my age even though if I said 9 it wouldn’t be much a lie. Well in either case I replied 8.

“Oh, are you having fun with your big cousin” the woman asked

I replied “Yes”, we then got our candy and left the doorstep.

“Hey Amanda why did you say you were 8. If you said you were 9 it wouldn’t be a lie since in your current situation you’d be telling the truth” said Zach

“I don’t know. I guess force of habit. I am so used to lying about my age that even at the current situation. I have to.”

“That makes absolutely no sense. Plus was your costume always that baggy?” asked Ellie

“Yeah, I know it was baggy because of your situation but it appears even more so…as if…” said Josh

“…as if you were even younger then when you were before we got to the house” said Zach

I quickly ran to the nearest car and they were right. For one thing my costume did in fact look even baggier then before. My reflection no longer showed a 9 yr old but an 8 yr old.

“Looks like the spell will continue as long as you lie about your age.” Said Ellie

“This night is getting crazier. So if lets say I was 7 years old I would become 7!” I asked but things got even worst. I felt a weird sensation as I saw my reflection become quite younger.

“Amanda, you gotta be careful. Looks like even making a statement will do the job. Try and not say anything relating to an age or else we might need to get you in diapers.” Said Amanda

“What should we do?” I asked covering my mouth due to my high pitch voice

“The best thing to do is to go see Mrs. Rudor. Maybe she will reverse the curse or something” said Josh

“I cant continue to be out like this. I don’t know how long I can continue to wear this costume especially the next time I lie about my age I could be without it.” I said.

“Look I live not that far from here. My mom has kept all my old costumes from the past for some reason. If you think you handle it. We can go there and then to Mrs. Rudor’s house” said Ellie

“Sounds good.” I said

Ellie was right, she was maybe 5 minutes from where we were.

“Stay outside while I check to see if my parents are home. It will be hard to explain why we are with a 7 yr old” said Ellie

While Ellie went inside to check to see if her parents were around. Me, Josh and Zach waited.

“So Amanda how does it feel to be an actual real kid?” asked Zach

“Fine I guess as long as I return to normal. I hated it when I went through puberty so I am not looking forward to go through it again.” I said

“Yeah I can see why. My older sister is 14 and she is already a pain. Maybe one Halloween Mrs. Rudor will put her in diapers or something” joked Josh

“Yeah that would be pretty funny.” Said Zach

That was when the front door opened and Ellie stepped out.

“Ok coast is clear. My parents are in their bedroom watching tv. The attic is on the other side of the floor. So you shouldn’t be spotted.” Said Ellie

Ellie then led me up to her attic where she showed me boxes of her old Halloween costumes from her first to the previous year.

“Ellie why did your parents keep this. You are an only child?” asked Josh

“I guess to remind them of when I was little. Im sure this costume will join the others.” Said Ellie

Ellie went through the boxes and pulled out a Snow White costume that looked to fit me. She also grabbed a backpack and filled it with costumes ranging from 9 months to 6 years old.

“Just in case. You have another urge to lie.” Explained Ellie

“We might even need diapers” joked Josh

“Lets hope not. I wouldn’t want to be more of a burden then I am already am. By the way why are you helping me? I had never met you before tonight.” I asked

“We just felt like we should. What if it was one of us or someone we cared about. We would want someone to help them.” Said Ellie

Ellie led me to her bedroom to change out of the costume. It easily fit me as she said she wore it a few years ago. When I left the bedroom, I heard a strange voice.

“And who you might be?” asked a woman

“Uh mom this is Josh’s cousin Amanda. She is visiting and we are taking her with us trick or treating. She had to use the rest room and we were near by.” Said Amanda

“Oh and Amanda how old are you?” Ellie’s mom asked

Again the urge to lie about my aged had kicked in. Ellie tried to stop me but it was too late. I had said I was six years old. I of course felt the costume feel a little loose but luckily not by much as I didn’t grow much between 6 and 7. So Ellie’s mom didn’t notice my change in front of her.

“How sweet. You know Ellie wore a similar costume when she was around your age. Now Ellie Im sure Josh’s parents don’t want him and Ellie out too long so make sure you are aren’t out too much longer” said Ellie’s mom

“We will” said Ellie

The four of us then left Ellie’s house and headed towards Mrs. Rudor’s house.

“Amanda you really have to be careful of what you say. Or else that baby costume I brought will come in handy” said Ellie

“I am sowwy. Its this darn curse. Its making me want to lie” I said realizing my lisp from when I was 6 had returned. In fact after feeling around with my tongue I realized my two front teeth were missing.

“Nice lisp.” Joked Zach

“No time for jokes. We should head over to Mrs. Rudor soon or we might have to carry you Amanda” said Ellie

We headed towards Mrs. Rudor’s house trying to avoid anyone they might know to prevent me from again lying about my age. We were just a block away when we hit trouble.



End Chapter 4

Look young for your age

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2014


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