Look young for your age

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Chapter 3
A Halloween Shocker

Chapter Description: Amanda discovers what had happened

I don’t know for sure when it happened. I could swear it was when the old woman had closed the door but I had a feeling it was when I left the property. Either way it happened. At first I had not notice anything was different. I left Mrs. Rudor’s house heading to the next house on the street. I had run into the kids I had met earlier when I started noticing things.

“So did Mrs. Rudor give you a special treat?” asked Josh

“Not, just candy like other adults but she did act weird” I responded honestly for the first time that evening

“Well that is how her treats work usually. She will say something weird and something she wouldn’t normally know.” Explained Ellie

It was true. She knew my secret of how I am not really a kid but a small adult masquerading as a 10 yr old to trick or treat. My guess was she just knew your mom and she had told about me.

“Are you sure she didn’t do anything?” asked Zach

“Yeah something is off about you. I don’t know what but something is different than the last time we had seen you.” Said Ellie

“How so?” I had asked. I mean I did not know what they could mean. I didn’t feel sick or anything. My costume did feel a little loose in my chest area but that was about it. I of course didn’t say that since why would a 10 yr old girl would think her chest area would be filled.

“Its something about your face and….I could have sworn you were a little taller a few minutes ago. I don’t know” said Josh

“Yeah he is right. Earlier you were about my height but now you look a little smaller.” Said Ellie

“People don’t shrink. Maybe it is your imagination.” I replied

“The thing is…sometimes they do. Mrs. Rudor is some kind of a witch.” Said Zach

“There is no such thing as a witch” I responded because this was real life. Witches did not exist

“No…she really is. She likes to cast spells on people to teach them a lesson on holidays. I once heard a boy was forced to relive Halloween’s from his past…as far back as when he was still in his mom’s womb” told Ellie

“I don’t believe in ghost stories” I said still not believing what they were telling me.

“Well you should. I now see there is something different. You look…younger?” said Josh

I then looked in a car’s rear view mirror and at first I did not notice anything different. But I noticed my face did look a bit younger…like I was really a kid. In fact my face looked like when I was really a 9 year old. The age I claimed I to be when I met the old woman.

“Oh my god you are right. I look as if I am 9 years old” I said in shock

“I don’t get it. When Mrs. Rudor does her spells they aren’t minor ones. They aren’t off by a year. Its by at least a few depending on the person’s age.” Said Josh

“Yeah, why would she only make you a year younger. Usually when she does it to a kid its to put them back in diapers or something. There is no reason to make them only a year younger.” Said Ellie

I knew the truth. Mrs. Rudor had not made me only a year younger but 14 years younger. But they still thought I was a 10 yr old like them. I had to tell them the truth. Maybe they would know how to undo this. Looking young for my age was one thing but actually being that young was another.

“Guys the thing is. I am not really 10.” I explained

“What do you mean? You look…or rather looked like any other 10 yr old girl” said Zach

“No…fact is I am really 23 years old.” I told them

“Yeah right. You didn’t look any 23 yr old we have ever seen” said Josh

“No really I am…or rather was. I am really small for my age and always had a youthful face. If you don’t believe me. Look at my license” I said showing them my license

“Oh my god she is right.” Said Ellie

“But why do you trick or treat?” asked Zach

“I figured if I looked the part…why not” I responded

“I guess Mrs. Rudor figured if you are going to lie about your age maybe you should be the age you claim to be” said Josh

“How do I undo this? I cant actually be a 9 yr old. I have a job…a life.” I yelled

“Usually Mrs. Rudor’s spells last til either midnight or when the person learns a lesson or if it went beyond it can go” said Zach

“If the spell worked based on you claiming you were this age maybe telling the truth will do the same.” Said Ellie

“But I already said my true age and I don’t feel any different” I responded.

“Maybe you have to be asked first. How old are you?” asked Josh

“I am 23!” I said hoping that would work. I then looked in a car mirror to see if I looked normal again but it didn’t.

“Ok that didn’t work. Luckily usually this doesn’t last forever…” said Zach

“What do you mean usually?” I asked

“Depending on the situation people have remained the age they became. It really depends on what was the reason for the “Treat” they receive.” Said Ellie

“Hey lets do an experiment. Ill ask how old you are. Say 10 and maybe you will get older. At least you will not be in the single digits if it works.” Said Josh

“I guess it couldn’t hurt. Being 10 is better then 9.” I responded

“Ok…How old are you?” asked Josh

“I am 10 years old” I responded…I was hoping for a slight growth but alas nothing happened. I was still a 9 year old.

“I guess it isn’t as simple as saying you are older. Most of the time Mrs. Rudor’s spells aren’t easy to fix.” Explained Ellie

“So I am stuck as a 9 year old.” I said sounded upset

“Look maybe at midnight you will turn back. Plus you always looked young for your age so maybe if you do remain 9 you can pull off being older then you look.” Said Zach trying to cheer me up

“Looking like a kid is one thing but actually being one is another.” I said

“Look its 8:35, if the spell does wear off at midnight, you have less then 3 and half hours left to be a kid. Til then you want to join us trick or treating. If people ask Ill just say you are my cousin who is visiting said Ellie

I did not like the idea of remaining a child and hanging out with others but with the given situation I had no choice.

“I guess that doesn’t too bad. Lets hope that you are right and that this is temporary. My first childhood was a nightmare considering how I didn’t grow much.” I agreed

“Then its settled. By the way what is your real name?” asked Ellie

“Amanda.” I answered

“Well Amanda if you are going to spend Halloween as a child, we are going to make sure it will be the most fun you will ever have” said Zach

I didn’t know how a night like this could be any fun. But what I didn’t know was the night had only just begun as I would soon find out.



End Chapter 3

Look young for your age

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2014


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